The Story Behind MacPost

Macpost A premier website that talks about web hosting reviews, affiliate marketing guides, blogging tutorials and reviews of popular technology products.

vashishtha kapoor


The story has its beginning in the rise of 2015 when I started blogging just to explore the web. Being a quick learner, I always used to spread the knowledge and this is something I was enjoying the most and is a great way ahead.

This was the time when I launched my second blog ever. And that was

Ever since I launched, I felt the need of a name that could actually express my work and also looks catchy. I have always been consulting clients for branding, digital marketing, search engine optimization, server administration and web hosting choice. However, I never did a full rebranding of my site and this was the most needed step to give wings to my work.

At the time I am moving over to, here’s how my looked like:

Now that I have acquired and will make sure to serve the readers with top-notch tutorials and amazing content, I am also planning to redesign and change the logo. 

I wish to receive even more support from you all. 

Thank You
Vashishtha Kapoor