11 Best Performance Marketing Software

Many of the most effective marketing initiatives are driven by performance. Whether the desired conversion rate or the number of newsletter subscribers, the focus is on the final outcome. This is the core concept of performance marketing.

The Performance Marketing Association describes performance marketing as “an all-encompassing phrase for online marketing and advertising programs in which advertisers and marketing businesses get compensated when a certain activity is achieved, such as a sale, lead, or click.”

Most businesses rely on a performance marketing platform to monitor all of these activities. We will discuss what a performance marketing platform does, if it may benefit your organization, and the most effective performance marketing software currently available.

What is performance marketing software?

Performance marketing software is a technology that enables businesses to better comprehend the performance and productivity of their campaigns.

It enables performance marketers and affiliate networks to quickly track, analyze, and optimize their digital initiatives, ensuring that objectives are attained and recurrent difficulties are fixed permanently.

The attributed data can be displayed in a variety of measures, including CR, CTR, eCPM, EPC, and anything else pertaining to performance. Automation, monitoring, and fraud detection are the top three advantages.

Top Performance Marketing Software and their pricing

1. Offer18

offer18 performance marketing software

Offer18 is a “Award-Winning” Performance Marketing Solution with comprehensive tracking features for Affiliate Networks, Advertisers, and Agencies.

Offer18 enables digital professionals to create their own affiliate network, optimize their campaigns, and utilize all of their traffic sources to produce ROI with the help of powerful technology solutions.

Offer18 is not only designed to track and manage campaigns but also to maximize their success. It is the most adaptable SaaS platform in Performance Marketing with a lengthy market presence.

With enhanced features, the facilities are more economical. And the incorporation of innovative technologies that your present service provider may be lacking.

Offer18 is enhancing its offerings with an emphasis on cost-effectiveness. The enhancement of advanced features utilizing the most recent technology. The most recent revolutionary features include a powerful offer syncing API, Smart Offer, and Anti-Fraud Tool.

Advanced targeting options allow consumers to effectively utilize their traffic. Smart Offer enables users to conduct several campaigns within a single offer.

Users are able to have a better understanding of their performance and how to optimize it with the use of an advanced report view that includes different filters and visually appealing images. Leading brands continue to migrate from their previous technology providers to Offer18, demonstrating their confidence.


  • Startup– $49/Month
  • Professional– $149/Month
  • Enterprise– $349/Month

2. Trackier

trackier platform

Ad Networks, Agencies, and Advertisers use the Trackier, an award-winning Customizable Performance Marketing Platform, to manage publisher partnerships.

It aids organizations in tracking campaigns and affiliates on a vast scale. Trackier includes a multitude of useful features, including fraud detection, targeted control, traffic optimization, conversion-based pricing, and many others.

These capabilities enable you to automate, measure, and optimize all marketing efforts in a single location and achieve the performance marketing industry’s advancements.


  • Pro – $299/Month
  • Agency – $499/Month
  • Enterprise – Custom

3. Cake

cake homepage

Cake offers a performance marketing solution that enables marketers, affiliate networks, and affiliates to manage measure, and enhance marketing performance in real-time.

Multichannel Marketing Solution computes the true cost of client acquisition across channels according to the consumer’s lifetime value and improves the effectiveness of promotions and multichannel activities throughout the customer journey.

Pricing: Need to contact them. 

4. Tune

tune partner platform

The industry’s most adaptable solution for building, maintaining, and expanding partner programs and networks. With hundreds of workers and a headquarters in Seattle, affiliates and advertisers, the leading performance networks, and global brands choose TUNE.

TUNE is a partner marketing platform designed to construct, manage, and expand partner networks and programs. This fully customized and adaptable SaaS platform facilitates mobile and web marketing relationships.


  • Bootstrap– $499/Month
  • Startup– $879/Month
  • Scale– $1,500/Month

5. Everflow

everflow affiliate tracking software

Everflow is a monitoring and intelligence-enhancing technology. Marketing for success has gotten complex, and Everflow helps firms stay ahead of the curve. Everflow manages large sizes with Google Cloud, analytical drill-down, reporting, and Smart Switch.

You may manage your influencers, in-app ad placements, and media buying channels in addition to tracking your affiliates.

It also enables you to process payments directly from the platform. Everflow also interacts with your Shopify store, allowing you to process payments directly from the platform.

Smart Switch enables you to configure rules for blocking fraud and improving your content at the placement level. Additionally, the EverXChange function enables you to explore new partners.

The customer service team is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with anything.


  • Starter– $395/Month
  • Traction– 50k+ Click
  • Value added services– $750/10Hrs

6. Voluum

voluum tracker

Voluum is a monitoring service for partners that provides a cloud-based ad tracking platform that allows you to monitor the performance of your campaigns and provides optimization suggestions.

With a Voluum analysis solution, you can track the efficacy of your advertising offers, collect data from these campaigns, grow your affiliate performance, and make your ads more effective.


  • Discover– $69/Month
  • Profit– $149/Month
  • Grow– $449/Month
  • Agency– $999/Month

7. Affise

affise platform

Affise is the marketing solution that empowers you to achieve success. Everything you need is right here, including creatives, conversions, and publishers, and it’s easy to manage and evaluate. Instead of paying for clicks, many firms employ Affise’s conversion-based costs to advance their business.

The feature of referral benefits pushes affiliates to recruit more relevant individuals in order to qualify for rewards. With a single click, the software can do all billings and calculations.

Additionally, it allows you to add your own custom tracking domains. You can add a single tracking domain or many tracking domains and then choose a default domain for each offer individually.


  • Scale– $499/Month
  • Custom– Contact Sales

8. Binom

binom tracker

Binom is a self-hosted monitoring forum. In terms of click-processing and report-building speeds, it reigns supreme. A tracker is the most important tool for an affiliate marketer. It influences your conclusions.

It is essential to eliminate tracking problems, as ROI might be lost owing to sluggish redirections and inconvenient design.

It includes capabilities such as real-time tracking, conversion tracking, and traffic source analysis, among others. It is an efficient, user-friendly, self-hosted tracker that makes it simple to begin tracking affiliate campaigns.


  • Binom License– $69/Month

9. Post Affiliate Pro

post affiliate pro affiliate marketing software

Post Affiliate Pro comes in handy for affiliate monitoring and is utilized by a large number of businesses globally. Post Affiliate Pro enables you to develop and manage your own affiliate network from top to bottom, with commission structures and settings that are fully configurable.

Post Affiliate Pro is compatible with over 200 CMS networks and payment processors. In many aspects, Post Affiliate Pro is light years ahead of its competition. Given how long they’ve been doing this, this is hardly surprising.

It offers unparalleled flexibility for launching affiliate programs, a comprehensive range of capabilities, and, for each of these features, a variety of user-specific configuration options.


  • Pro– $97/Month
  • Ultimate– $197/Month
  • Network– $477/Month

10. Scaleo

scaleo lifetime deals affiliate program

Scaleo is a customer-focused, detail-oriented, and innovative company that develops fantastic affiliate marketing tools for you. It offers a group of professionals with over ten years of experience in technology monitoring and affiliate software development.

It is an outstanding solution for affiliates, marketers, and networks joined with an accomplished team in 2015.


  • Professional– $299
  • Enterprise– $499
  • Custom– $999

11. ClickMeter

clickmeter homepage

Clickmeter is an easy-to-use link management service. Helping marketers, agencies, affiliates, and publishers boost clickthrough and conversion rates through the management, tracking, and monitoring of marketing links.

Through an online dashboard or API interface, users have access to a portfolio of services, such as click tracking, short links, branded domains, A/B testing, and dynamic traffic redirection.


  • Medium – $29/Month
  • Large – $99/Month
  • X-Large – $349/Month


Selecting the most suitable performance marketing platform is now easy with our list. 

Performance marketing blends strategy and technology to optimize campaign performance. It is entirely measurable and trackable, right down to each click.

Utilizing a performance marketing platform helps facilitate the management of all ongoing partnerships and campaigns. Effective performance marketing can result in win-win situations for all parties.



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