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Best Ad Networks of All time

rollerads ad network

RollerAds is a high-performance advertising network that may increase your ad revenue through its proprietary optimization algorithms and anti-fraud system. They offer the best targeting options (GEOs, Language, Platform, Carriers, OS, Browser, and IPs) at the most affordable price with a $0.001 minimum bid.

You can deposit funds by many payment methods, including Wire Transfer, PayPal, Paxum, credit card, etc.

The following options are available for targeting:

  • Desktop / Mobile
  • Browser
  • Subscription Age
  • Zones
  • OS version
  • GEO
  • White / Blacklists
  • Day Parting
  • Budget
  • Capping
  • Zone Exclusion
  • Feeds

S2S tracking macros provide adequate conversion tracking, allowing you to determine which zones are doing best with your offers.

You can target individuals based on their subscription age and exclude zones to work with only high-performing traffic sources.

Setting up a campaign takes a few minutes, and assistance is available via instant message if you need assistance.

PropellerAds offers a variety of traffic for various ad formats, including native advertising, interstitials, push ads, and popup ads.

There are 350 million actual users of the advertising network’s push traffic.
Two service kinds are permitted on the platform.

Fully Managed (campaigns are administered by managers, and the advertiser can watch and supervise the process) and Self-Service. One of the ad networks that offer broad targeting choices and automated ad optimization is Propeller Ads.

With the platform’s anti-fraud technology, you can access a worldwide audience of over 250 million real monthly users and be confident that your ads are being shown to real consumers.

Targeting options include:

  • User activity targeting
  • Operating system
  • Geographical location
  • Mobile carrier
  • Device & Connection types
  • Day partying
  • Browser & Language
  • Frequency capping

The network offers both CPC and CPM pricing methods, which, if you maintain a high CTR, can result in lower-traffic costs.

Ensure that you are always displaying the most engaging advertisements to your audience by using the platform to test multiple variations of your creatives.

RichAds is an advertising network for performance marketing with push, popunder, native, and display traffic. Adscore verifies RichAds’ traffic quality. Any fake or bot traffic is stopped.

This advertising network generates more than 4 billion ad impressions everyday and covers more than 200 countries worldwide.

The performance team aids in the initial launch of productive advertisements. There are efficient onboarding procedures, ad creative production, and campaign management for clients.

Clients of RichAds can take use of automatic actions, intelligent targeting choices, pre-built whitelists, customizable bid settings, and API integration.

Push advertisements offer 100% visibility and the highest CTR.

With RichAds, while the majority of the campaign creation tool remains the same regardless of the ad type, there are a few modifications.

These are mostly to the creative layout and the cost model for the budget.

For Push, the unit of measure is CPC, for Pop, CPM, and for Native, CPM.

While you cannot just duplicate a campaign to a different ad format, the ease with which a new campaign can be created makes this the next best thing.

This makes scaling campaigns with many ad formats a breeze.

The beauty of the RichAds platform is that the patented ad technology and advanced algorithm work the same way across all ad formats to provide your campaign with the highest-performing visitors.

Clickadu is a push advertising network that employs the Push Ad and InPage Push Ad formats for adult and general-interest verticals. With a significant number of active publishers and strong eCPM values, advertisers will find a substantial volume of traffic in over 240+ countries.

In addition to having over 2.8 billion daily ad impressions and 3.3 million daily conversions, one of the cool things about Clickadu is that most ad formats, including Push Ads, are available on all pricing models. For your campaigns, you can pick between CPM, CPC, SmartCPM, and SmartCPA.

The advertising network includes the following targeting options:

  • SmartCPA or CPC does not offer frequency plus capping
  • Targeting countries and carriers
  • Ad delivery method + campaign schedule
  • Budget maximum per day and total campaign budget
  • The OS type + the OS version
  • Types of devices + devices
  • Not Proxy + Proxy + All
  • The browser and the language of the browser
  • Lists of white and blacklisted IDs
  • Test settings with the early efficiency checker (for CPC and SmartCPA)
  • Anti-Adblock zones can be used to get traffic

New advertisers are assigned a specialised account manager who may assist them in optimising the performance of their campaigns.

Before launching a campaign, seek advise on traffic levels, top-converting geographies, and bid values.

The platform offers some intriguing cost models, like SmartCPA for conversion-only billing and SmartCPM for second-price auction billing.

Adsterra is an intelligent and adaptable digital advertising network that has been in operation since 2013. It now has over 30 billion monthly ad impressions globally, Mobile and Desktop traffic, and over 12,000 Direct Publishers.

Adsterra provides a variety of advertising types, including Popunders, Web Push, Banners, Direct Link, Native Ads, Vast (video), Social Bar, and Interstitials. It is most well-known for Popunders and Web Push.

In addition, they offer a variety of cost models, including CPM,CPO, CPI (PPI), CPA,Β  CPC, CPL, and RTB.

AdsTerra’s top-performing verticals include dating, gaming, utilities, e-commerce, gambling, binary & cryptos, sweepstakes, pin submissions, and sports betting.

With Adsterra, your ad campaigns gain a quick start, an intuitive one-page setup, transparent and faithful moderation, a comprehensive multistep system to protect you from unsuitable visitors, and a host of other benefits.

Adsterra provides a variety of advertising types, including Popunders, Web Push, Banners, Direct Link, Native Ads, Vast (video), Social Bar, and Interstitials. It is most known for its Popunders and groundbreaking Social Bar (Push Ads 3.0). The latter is a fully configurable ad format that is independent of operating systems, browsers, and subscriptions, may take any form, and offers a 10-30 percent greater CTR than Web Push.

DatsPush focuses solely on Push traffic and appears to be one of the world’s largest push notifications advertising networks. Before launching push network, the founders successfully developed technologies that assisted in the development of other advertising networks for performance and affiliate marketing. It is DatsPush’s responsibility to provide as much live push notification traffic as possible to the advertising.

The minimum bid price for push notification advertisements is $0.001. There are several targeting choices available. Payment models: CPA β€” receive a fixed payment for each subscriber; Revshare β€” receive payment for each ad click made by subscribers.

DatsPush provides advertisers with numerous targeting options. So that they can choose the browser, platform, country, area, and type of device. Audience and IPs can choose between blacklist and whitelist options.

The platform’s average cost per click varies depending on geography. However, with average bids beginning at $0.005, DatsPush promises to offer some of the market’s lowest costs.

  • Minimum deposit requirements are low
  • Coverage of the entire world
  • Bidding model based on CPAs

AdMaven supports a variety of mobile and desktop ad formats. Banners, Push Notifications, Full-Screen Ads, and Direct Links are available. Lightbox, between advertisements and banners.

CPA, CPI, CPL, and CPS are the performance models in addition to CPM CPC.

AdMaven provides different targeting choices, simple integration, and account administrators.

The Ad Maven advertising network delivers high-quality traffic. It entails more than 1 billion extremely effective consumers. Over ninety percent is made available through direct agreements with publishers.

Unique in that it includes file-sharing, sports, and video-streaming sites, the publisher network is highly effective for verticals such as:

  • Coupons
  • Betting
  • Sweepstakes
  • Dating
  • Nutra
  • Software
  • Casino
  • Mobile Apps
  • Extensions

The network’s performance more than lives up to its reputation.

In addition, you will have extensive reporting tools, API access, different targeting options, and on-demand account management.

Ad-Maven is a safe bet for both novice and seasoned affiliates, as well as an excellent network for CPA offers.

EvaDav is the Evolving Advertising Network, giving exceptional value to Publishers and Advertisers with daily impressions of 2 billion or more.

EvaDav deals in native, in-page, push, and popunder advertisements using CPM and CPC pricing structures. It serves more than 2 billion impressions every day and provides a variety of payment alternatives, 24-hour customer service, and account managers.

Utility helps connect the campaigns of 2M+ advertisers with over 200M+ unique users, sustaining the inventory’s growth.

In addition, they feature a tremendously simple and straightforward UI that makes putting up campaigns quick and painless.

This is crucial if you wish to test numerous campaigns and targeting possibilities, another area in which EvaDav excels.

You will find a multitude of targeting options that make reaching your audience straightforward and efficient, as well as intelligent optimization tools that will make your inner statistician leap with glee.

There are also numerous payment options available, with a low payout barrier of $25 and a minimum deposit of $100.

EvaDav is a network that affiliates cannot afford to pass up due to its immense traffic volume, the convenience of use, and high-converting traffic, as well as its proprietary technology and respectable reward limitations.

As an established network with 12 years of experience under its belt and a global reach of 200 million unique visits each day, AdCash has some serious ad tech that can take clients’ performance to the next level.

Native ads, pop ads, interstitial ads, and banner ads are all available as well as push notifications. The major advantage of Push Ads is that the Adcash platform and tools enable campaigns to be optimized.

Through one interface, an advertiser can create global campaigns and access over 200+ leading SSPs and Adcash’s exclusive publishers.

Adcash has one of the most extensive targeting options that include:

  • GEOs
  • SSPs
  • Keywords
  • User Interests (the only platform to offer this type of targeting)
  • Connection Types
  • Website Categories
  • Carriers
  • Zones
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

You can also use their built-in advanced macros that make your ads even more relevant to your users.

Setting up your campaigns is child’s play, and you can have your entire campaign up and running in under 3 minutes.Β 

Additionally, advertisers can eliminate manual bid adjustments, whitelisting, and blacklisting of traffic sources by using CPA Target’s automatic bidding technology.

Many ad-formats are available in the ExoClick ad network. Ad formats supported by Push Notifications include Email Clicks, Video Sliders and Banners, Pop-unders, and Native Exit.

It is a global network of 6.5 million web/mobile publisher platforms supporting various ad formats. Reaching 7 billion impressions daily. Offer traffic on a CPC or CPM basis.

Exoclick provides the following benefits for publishers:

  • Process of approval is easy
  • Coverage throughout the world.
  • Approval is easy
  • Earnings are constant
  • Content suitable for adults

ExoClick provides support for queries, updates, and concerns around the clock. ExoClick clients can peruse a list of frequently asked questions, definitions, and guidelines, or they can contact support at any time for a speedy response. The vast FAQ and resource section is searchable and provides instantaneous answers to the majority of frequently asked issues.

Taboola is one of the Internet’s leading sponsored content networks. The majority of web publishers utilize both Adsense and Taboola to generate revenue. They are responsible for many of the “Sponsored Links” and “Stories you might enjoy from around the Web” sections that you have likely seen on websites such as the New York Times, TMZ, and USA Today, to name a few.

Taboola is the world’s biggest content discovery platform, offering 200 billion suggestions to over 550 million unique visitors per month on the web’s most inventive publisher sites, such as NBC, USA Today, The Weather Channel, The Atlantic, and Fox Sports.

Taboola Generate cash with targeted suggestions from their sponsored content marketplace, which includes millions of things from leading companies, on your website or mobile app. Use Taboola at no cost to manage your native advertising campaigns.

Taboola ads Key Points

  • Advertising of the highest quality
  • Ad formats that are diverse
  • Statistical data in real-time
  • Payments on time
  • Ads in multiple formats
  • Content sponsored by sponsors
  • Highest Bidding

These Push Notification ad networks will assist you in achieving your objectives and expanding your brand’s reach, traffic, subscription rates, and conversion rates significantly. Selecting the finest Push Notification Ad Network for your product, business, or services requires due diligence.

PusHub.net is an extraordinary advertising network that supplies you with the most valuable users at all times. There are numerous ad styles accessible, and PusHub will also assist you in locating the ideal audience for your brand or business.

The finest aspect of PusHub is that they have years of experience in data analysis, which makes them the ideal spot to reach the largest audience. Additionally, integrations are available, and bespoke integrations are also possible.

PusHub is one of the greatest push notification ad networks in the digital world if you are seeking the best. Using push notifications to promote your products will allow you to reach the ideal audience for your company. There are also other targeting options, such as Geo, Browser, Carrier, Device, and Operating System Targeting. Using these targeting choices, you can identify an audience that suits your needs.

You also have access to more ad formats. Using PusHub, you may achieve your objectives considerably more quickly. PusHub collects push users from premium news websites including NewsVot.com, CryptoVot.com, and numerous other premium websites.

In conclusion, if you are searching for a push ad network with a lot of features, then PusHub is among the best.

SmartyAds is a well-known programmatic advertising network designed specifically for advertisers, marketing agencies, and cutting-edge technology, among others. It possesses an intelligent RTB bidder that greatly optimizes the media purchasing process, assists customers with budgeting, and facilitates KPI attainment. It has the ability to display high-quality media, video, photos, in-app, rich, rewarded, and native push advertisements in an appealing manner to attract more website visitors.

It enables publishers and marketers to promote their offerings by notifying customers of exceptional discounts on the products they desire. SmartyAds ensures 100 percent brand safety by continuously scanning traffic with IAS, protected media, and proprietary methods. Its statistics are updated every 1.5 seconds, allowing you to design campaigns based on the most recent data and act accordingly.

AdMachine is an online advertising platform that functions as an ad network and ad exchange. Regarding the ad exchange, AdMachine’s white label solution allows you to create your own unique network. AdMachine is an entirely SaaS platform, so all you need to get started is a name, as everything is housed in the cloud.

Your own traffic selling service can be created on the AdMachine platform.

Simple and fast – All-in-one platform for selling and monetizing traffic. Contains technical and financial tools.

Traffic Inventory – Search 30+ traffic sources at once. Native, pop, and display.

Targeting – Consider advanced targeting options, including browser, OS, device, geolocation, SSP (Supply Side Platform),Β  retargeting, IP ranges, dayparts, contextual segments, and publisher sites.

Β Traffic Safety Filters – Their proprietary tools help prevent fraud, such as custom blacklists of non-human IPs and analysis of website interactions;

Real-Time Ad Exchange – Admachine.co network gives access to unique traffic sources to its advertisers.

EZmob has the potential to be a global advertising network with a global strategy and a greater volume of traffic of astounding quality. Even a person could not predict that EZmob has so much mobile and desktop traffic, which is generally satisfying for its clients.

Simply, they have 50 top supply-side partners and an extraordinary network of over 80,000 publishers in over 160 countries. With 3Bad requests each day, they may get you access to billions of impressions every month.

Self-service platform EZmob provides advertisers with extensive targeting options and a full dashboard reporting interface. A customer can begin running his ads with a $100 deposit; he can then choose the traffic sources with the highest conversion rates for his offers. In this instance, a client utilises support for major tracking solutions and a range of macros.

Outbrain is one of the most popular venues for sponsored content. It enables publishers to generate cash from sponsored content on their websites and increase traffic by promoting their material on other websites.

This advertising network boasts around 344 billion monthly impressions in over 55 countries. Outbrain offers cutting-edge technology solutions for both publications and advertisers.

Outbrain is one of the greatest options in the ad tech business for publishers who wish to utilize native advertising to monetize their websites. This ad network can provide additional benefits to publishers seeking efficient mobile monetization solutions.

With Outbrain’s native out-stream video solution, publishers can increase audience engagement, generate more income, and increase their website’s RPM. They offer compelling formats that enhance the user experience. Furthermore, Outbrain places a premium on the quality of video content.

Features of Outbrain

  • A unique method of monetization
  • Installation is easy
  • Solutions that are innovative
  • Various targeting options
  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Increases views and sessions
  • Content of high quality is exposed to more users
  • High quality traffic
  • Excellent customer service
  • Network of large sites
  • Compatibility with Google Adsense

MGID is a native advertising platform for acquiring users, monetizing websites, building new audiences, and increasing website traffic. They specialize in native ad formats (including video) delivered through MGID’s intelligent widget, under-article, in-article, header, and sidebar widgets, as well as push notifications.

MGID has been active on the market for more than a decade and has partnered with over 22,000 publishers who supply them with high-quality traffic. The database for push notifications is routinely updated, so MGID only sends notifications to applicable users.

Affiliates who report success at MGID report success in the following verticals:

  • Sweepstakes, coupons, and vouchers;
  • Dating
  • Finance
  • Gambling
  • Health & Beauty

Plus, with the assistance of a professional account manager, you may typically benefit from a lower CPL and improved conversion rates for your offers.

Your account manager may also assist with setup, optimization, and targeting, making MGID the ideal alternative for affiliates new to the industry.

Minimum account funding is $100, but with global targeting possibilities, a large volume of quality traffic, and account manager support, the investment is well worth it.

Zeropark is a provider of Push, Pop, and Domain traffic for affiliate and performance marketing. There are 300 million subscribers to publisher databases worldwide. Depending on the area, bids begin at $0.005 USD.

Using a series of if/then rules, the ad network allows for the automation of optimization. When the criteria are met, a campaign immediately modifies itself. Geo, device kind, connection type, browser version, OS version, mobile carrier, and keywords are among the targeting choices.

An advertiser may utilize up to ten sets of creatives per push ad campaign and distribute traffic between them. Run-of-network, Multi-Geo, Desired/Source, and Keyword-targeted campaigns can be utilized to reach the target audience.

ZeroPark provides PPV (Pop Ads) – Premium. Pop traffic can manifest as pop-ups and pop-unders. The destination page will appear either as a new window or tab on top of or beneath the currently viewed tab.

Setting up your postback URL in a comparable manner should not provide any difficulties and works smoothly with Voluum, as intended.

In addition, you get access to advanced capabilities such as whitelisting high-performing traffic sources and innovative bidding tools that allow you to see at a glance how your bids are working.

They are one of the few networks that support adult traffic, which may be selected in the campaign edit view filter.

Keep in mind that there are limits associated with adult traffic, such as no nudity on creatives or pre-landers.

You can begin running ads with just a $200 payment, and with over 4.5 million clicks accessible each month, you won’t be short on volume.

TwinRed is a well-known self-service advertising network for pornographic traffic. The company formerly known as DoublePimp has lately changed its name, and several new tools have been added.

Affiliates can anticipate the same level of service and performance from the ad network and can now utilize the long-anticipated Push notification ad style. Through the TwinRed platform, push ads are now accessible to regular advertisers through the platform’s demand and supply RTB.

This implies that until a full upgrade is complete, advertisers will only be able to create Push ad campaigns in limited circumstances.

TwinRed makes it simple to compare numerous ad placements to determine which ones perform best for your offering.
You can utilize the push ad format with several price models and assess how this compares to campaigns that previously used the pop ad format, but keep in mind that the format is currently only available on a small number of networks.

Advertisers are able to bid on over 3 billion daily ad impressions from exclusive publishers across the world and can pick from RON, Prime, and Members Area traffic sources.

There are numerous categories for advertisements, with 35 categories for the adult niche alone. In addition to comprehensive targeting and scheduling features, affiliates can choose certain pubs and ad slots to conduct campaigns on.

While TrafficStars is mostly employed as an adult traffic source, it is also effective in the following verticals:

  • Cam
  • Manga/Anime
  • Dating
  • News and Media
  • Games
  • Streaming

Through the platform’s Artificial Neural Network technology, campaign design is rapid and simple, and optimization is handled automatically.

TrafficStars provides intelligent targeting and pricing, which reduces campaign expenses while increasing user engagement.

Bidvertiser can develop high-converting advertising campaigns using the platform’s Direct Ads, Pops, and Push features.

The ad network includes more than 78K publishers and serves 450M ad impressions each day in 196 countries.

While Bidvertiser only recently added Push Ads as an available ad format, it is a nice addition that contributes to the platform’s strong conversion statistics, which average over 1.5 million daily conversions.

Advertisers can develop Push Ads for desktop and mobile users and utilize the platform’s robust targeting capabilities.

You can run both adult and mainstream traffic with a daily budget of just $20 and bid as little as $0.003 per click using the CPC model.

With over 98 million daily ad impressions, there is a respectable amount of traffic. Adding creatives, landing pages, and tracking to the platform is simple, and you can construct your first campaign in a few minutes.

Even though there is no bot traffic with Push Ads, it’s reassuring to know that Bidvertiser takes security carefully and has procedures in place to prevent any strange traffic from affecting your budget.

Before launching a campaign, advertisers may utilize the Traffic Estimator to determine the daily ad request and minimum bid per nation on mobile and desktop.

Tracking support is provided for all major trackers, and advertisers can employ destination URL macros to fine-tune the success of their campaigns.

The advanced editing tool is a nice feature that allows you to modify each variable of your campaign, including OS and carrier targeting, quality score, and many more.

Plugrush has existed since 2007, making it an established ad network, and it is one of the only ad networks of its sort to permit explicit content.

This includes dating, games, and pin submissions, and it covers countries from the top-performing GEOs, making it easy for you to increase your profits.

In addition, Plugrush includes a campaign optimization option known as automatic rules that enables you to define particular criteria and filters that result in highly focused traffic at a cheaper cost.

Advertisers can split-test creatives and utilize the campaign creator’s extensive targeting filters to maintain a healthy ROI at all times.

There is also the opportunity to run mainstream traffic on the network, although the vast majority of affiliates use PlugRush specifically for this component of their businesses.

In addition, they have a cool campaign optimization option known as automatic rules that lets you to define certain parameters and filters that result in highly focused traffic at a lesser cost.

You can split-test your creatives and utilize the campaign creator’s extensive targeting filters to ensure that your ROI is always healthy.

There is also the opportunity to run mainstream traffic on the network, although the vast majority of affiliates use PlugRush specifically for this component of their businesses.

Bidvance is an efficient advertising network, with billions of daily impressions in over 50 countries and sophisticated targeting and optimization capabilities. They support engaging and popular ad styles that will increase conversions and ad performance.

They excel at auto-optimizations, retargeting ads, and complex capabilities including time and IP list targeting.

Although anyone may sign up, and the site is user-friendly, it is recommended that you have a substantial advertising budget to maximize its potential.

It may take some time before you see a continuous stream of conversions in your account, owing in part to the nature of the verticals for which it is optimized.

Even if you’re a beginner, it’s worthwhile to get an account because you’ll have access to a decent supply of high-quality traffic as your skills grow.

While you can utilize virtually any form of offer with Bidvance, the following verticals will yield the best results:

  • Finance
  • Software
  • Apps
  • Gaming
  • Streaming
  • E-Com
  • Gambling & Casino
  • Cams
  • Dating
  • CBD
  • Nutra

Live streaming and entertainment websites are available in some of the larger pubs. There is an abundance of ad technology that can help you increase conversions and get more of your ads seen by users who are inclined to click. If necessary, advanced users will additionally have access to the API service and XML Feeds.

It’s not only about the things that Bidvance provides. They are also an excellent source of high-converting traffic, particularly in the betting niche, and are beginning to attract a large number of prominent players.

When targeting this audience, make sure you do your research beforehand as this is a great source of conversion traffic for betting offers.

RUNative, which focuses on Native and Push, has existed for quite some time. Here are a few reasons why you should consider running your Push offers on the RUNative network, according to a group of professionals with 15 years of experience.

RUNative is a self-service advertising network and ad-exchange platform. As a relatively young participant in the Push industry, they aim to give a distinctive advertising network experience based on high-quality worldwide traffic and exclusive Push & Native placements.

Daily, RUNative generates over a billion ad impressions and collaborates with direct publishers. These websites are primarily Manga & Anime, Streaming, File Sharing, and News & Gossip, making RUNative the greatest spot to advertise Dating, Gaming, Gambling, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Crypto, and CBD.

At RUNative, which offers CPC, CPM, and CPM price structures, an advertisement can begin promoting with as little as $100. There is support for all standard payment methods, including PayPal, Credit Card, Paxum, and Wire Transfer.

List of the Best Ad Networks