10 Best Affiliate Tracking Software For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular online methods for generating additional cash and promoting your brand or items. Conversion is crucial to your success in affiliate marketing, therefore you must aggressively encourage your visitors to purchase things through your affiliate links.

As long as you are prepared to put in the effort to develop your affiliate marketing methods, the earning potential is enormous.

While it can be a burdensome chore to maintain your affiliate program in addition to your regular duties, you must monitor its progress and evaluate the statistics to prevent a decline in your income.

Utilizing affiliate tracking software platforms, you can accomplish all of the above and more.

Ten of the best tracking platforms are listed below:

1. Everflow.io

everflow affiliate tracking software

Everflow is perhaps the most comprehensive and user-friendly affiliate tracking tool available. Everflow offers some of the most sophisticated campaign management and reporting capabilities available. Additionally, starting at under $200 per month, Everflow is one of the most affordable alternatives available.

 Its defining characteristics include:

  • Graphs and reports displaying live data Notification system with advanced features.
  • Response times are super fast.
  • Media buying tools that are advanced.
  • Mobile and desktop traffic were handled gracefully.
  • APIs are fully exposed all the time.
  • Traffic is partitioned privately.
  • An analytics and reporting system with multiple dimensions.

2. LinkTrust

linktrust performance marketing

This digital marketing and affiliate tracking software can monitor leads, ads, calls, sales conversion, and networks. It effectively monitors and optimizes the success of your internet affiliate marketing efforts, allowing you to run a successful campaign.

LinkTrust’s modifiable interface permits tracking of all offline and online advertising kinds via pixels, server postings, cookies, CPA, CC, mobile traffic, and Pay-per-call

Other features include: 

  • RTA (Remote Traffic Agent) by LinkTrust.
  • Lead the distribution and management of products.
  • Managing affiliates.
  • Management of campaigns.
  • Validating leads in a customizable way.
  • Lead management, fraud detection.
  • Reporting in real-time 
  • Tracking mobile devices  

3. AffTrack

afftrack manage affiliate network

AffTrack is the only corporate SaaS solution that enables an infinite number of clicks. Since 2009, it has been utilized by multiple large affiliate networks, making it more than just another affiliate tracking system. This program’s incredibly mobile-friendly UI makes tracking on the go a breeze.

Its prominent features include: 

  • Detection of proxy servers (free).
  • Real-time analytics in 100%.
  • Interfaces that are brandable. 
  • Management of suppression files. 
  • Tools for invoicing and billing. 
  • Granular access to data. 
  • Manager of files. 
  • Affiliates and advertisers are unlimited. 
  • Targeting devices. 
  • Tracking from the client-side. 
  • Using geotargeting. 
  • Referral program for affiliates.

4. HitPath

hitpath multi channel tracking platform

HitPath enables businesses to easily credit their digital marketing campaigns’ multiple variables. It is utilized to analyze intelligent, measurable consumer engagements.

It is one of the most user-friendly monitoring software on the market, and is quick and productive, enabling real-time affiliate tracking. In addition, free training and 24/7 support are provided for this product.

Other features include: 

  • Management of affiliates.
  • Campaign tracking in real-time.
  • The module on accounting.
  • Accelerator for cross-pub campaigns.
  • The interface is easy to use.

5. Impact Radius

impact radius marketing platform

Impact Radius, founded in 2008 by the founders of Savings.com and Commission Junction, has generated considerable excitement since its inception. Impact Radius facilitates the recruitment, tracking, and payment of all your partners.

Huge corporations, such as Coinbase, use the platform for affiliate management and partner programs, as do well-known marketing automation SaaS startups, such as Drip or Leadpages.

Its key features include: 

  • Direct affiliate tracking, onboarding, contracting, reporting, and reporting automation.
  •  Tracking calls.
  •  Promo code monitoring. 
  • Search engine-friendly links. 
  • Options for tracking include FTP upload, Pixels, Data Post, REST APIs, and Mobile SDKs. 
  •  Integration with Salesforce.com and CRM.
  •  Analyzes in real-time.

6. Click Inc

clickinc affiliate software

Click Inc’s user-friendly interface is ideal for individuals unfamiliar with HTML, yet the Trulink format is an excellent SEO tool because it links directly to your sales page rather than using a coded link. Insightful reports detailing commissions, graphs, and sales for the current traffic situation.

Click Inc. additionally provides you with popular administration tools that enable you to create coupons and follow up with retailers.

You can choose from the $25-per-month beginner plan, the $69-per-month standard plan, or the $149-per-month premium plan.

Its key features include:-

  • Affiliate commissions on multiple tiers can help you grow your program rapidly.
  • You can create and edit custom messages and notifications that can be sent to affiliates.
  • Your affiliates are provided with comprehensive reports. 
  • With these detailed reports and statistics, you can easily track the traffic, clicks, sales, and conversions on your website.

7. Tune

tune partner platform

More than 11,500 internet firms favor Tune Tracking Software. This software supports global brands such as Social, Living Social, and Zynga, among others, so you can rest confident that it has all the capabilities you need to run and manage a profitable affiliate marketing business.

You can also act as an advertising agency to promote your e-commerce store. Tune is free to try for 30 days, and you can test the software yourself.

Some unique features include:

  • Fraud prevention.
  • Affiliates without limit.
  • Tracking uptime of 99%.
  • API with extensive capabilities.
  • Great tracking metrics and devices. 
  • Dedicated solutions are available.

8. Voluum

voluum tracker

Voluum is among the most powerful solutions for organizing, tracking, analyzing, and optimizing affiliate marketing activities. Voluum is a performance marketing analytics tool built for marketers, in-house media buys, and agencies.

It permits the monitoring, administration, and optimization of all paid and organic traffic sources from a single platform. The capabilities of Voluum consist of AI-powered tools for traffic auto-optimization and the capacity for teams to collaborate on varied access levels.

Banking-standard infrastructure protects the security of your data and the continuous operation of your campaigns.

You can use Voluum performance tracking software to: 

  • Buy traffic that converts the best for your campaigns.
  • Separate and control traffic by devices, OS types, and geolocations.
  • Within your CPA dashboard, you can create swift black and white lists. 
  • You can track every conversion you sell.
  • Create tons of new campaigns.
  • Creating landing pages.
  • Keep an eye on each factor that can affect your funnel.  


cake homepage

Those in search of a powerful management solution to optimize and monitor their affiliate networks would do well to investigate CAKE. You can monitor your network’s overall performance and manage contacts while evaluating the findings via a handy dashboard.

Among the features of this tool are:

  •  Fraud prevention.
  •  Management of pixels. 
  •  Targeted campaigns based on device or location. 
  •  Providing real-time metrics.
  •  Clients and affiliates have individual portals. 
  •  Support is available 24/7.
  •  Referral bonuses.
  •  Prices are intrinsically based on usage and the needs of your business. You can choose between Pro, Select, and Enterprise plans.

10. Post Affiliate Pro

post affiliate pro affiliate marketing software

Post Affiliate Pro is an additional essential affiliate marketing tracking program utilized by over 2,700 businesses worldwide. Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate program utilized by eCommerce websites and online stores to increase sales and internet traffic.

This robust software is utilized by businesses to monitor, track, and evaluate affiliate performance data. This allows them to improve their market offering by working closely with their affiliates. As a result, they are able to attract more clients and make the highest possible sales. It can connect to over 170 CMS systems and the finest payment gateways.

Features are:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Themes. 
  • Provides multilingual support. 
  • Forced matrix. 
  • Tracking of links directly.
  • Types of affiliate links.
  • Fraud prevention. 
  • Banners with images, flash, and text.
  • Statistical reports on trends.


Affiliate marketing is a highly effective method for boosting profits and promoting products. With the proper tracking software, you can manage, track, and promote your services effectively and precisely. Nonetheless, ensure that you always stick to recommended practices to enhance your achievement.

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