10 Best AI Copywriting Tools In 2023 With Lifetime Deals

Artificial intelligence has taken over the world in the past few decades. AI has reached a level where most of the tasks a human does are now taken over by technology.

The best example could be in the field of website design & development and content writing. So, in this article, I am sharing AI copywriting tools to save you time with AI.

When talking about website development, one important thing is content creation. The content on the site needs to be incredibly perfect and constantly updated.

Plus, there should be a reasonable amount of content that is put up on the site. It may not always be possible to keep writing it constantly.

AI copywriting tools are a new technology that can help you to generate flawless content. AI-powered copywriting software is an AI-based technology created for writers and advertisers to create articles.

AI copywriters not only write articles but also do research, organize data, and design graphics to provide all the necessary information that the readers would require.

Top 10 AI Copywriting Tools Lifetime Deals 2023

Here are some tools you can choose from. You can choose either

– $39 lifetime deal


One more tool that marketers can use for AI-based content generation is Rytr. The software helps in writing product descriptions within minutes and also provides data on the most shared content, which will help them to generate more engaging ads.

Key Features:

  • Auto plagiarism check
  • 25+ languages available
  • Ideal for eCommerce website content creation

– $89 lifetime deal

wordhero ai copywriting tool

Wordhero is yet another AI copywriting tool in the town of AI tools for aiding you in writing content, advertising copies, and email newsletters. The most important feature of WordHero is writing advertising copy.

Having the option to generate content based on algorithms like AIDA makes it unique and powerful enough to replace your existing copywriting tool. Though the tool works great for many niches, it has a few drawbacks and may not understand for every other category/niche. You really need to spend time understanding how it works and generate what you exactly need from the AI.

Another good news is that you can still buy the lifetime deal of Wordhero from Appsumo that gives you access to –

  1. Unlimited copies forever
  2. Access to 40+ writing tools and future writing tools/templates
  3. Write sales & marketing emails that convert

– $357 lifetime deal (3 installments)


Closers AI is an AI-based tool that has been designed for content marketers. The software can be used to generate product descriptions, headlines, subhead images, etc., within minutes.

It provides data on the most engaging content that is likely to get more views or shares. This tool has more than 100 power words so they give out the best possible content

Key Features:

  • Can rephrase, expand, summarize, lengthen and shorten the content
  • Ideal for advertising content creation

– Free Trial Available


Key Features:

  • Provides SEO-friendly content
  • Presents content outlines, intros, ideas, paragraphs, conclusions, and scripts
  • Assists in creating content for social media posts
  • Provides content for advertisements


Writesonic was introduced in the year 2006 for AI writers. The software is a free tool that also offers an AI-based platform that helps in writing articles within minutes and provides data on the most shared content.

It has been developed by AWeber, an email marketing company based in Philadelphia.

This tool was introduced to make content for landing pages. Plus, this tool makes use of easy language so it becomes easier for people to rely on this tool.

Key Features:

  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Quick content that automatically fixes grammar
  • Has 24+ global languages


Anyword AI provides AI writers with a tool that can generate articles within minutes and also helps in writing product descriptions.

Anyword was introduced around the year 2012 and is one of the oldest AI-based article generators that allows you to write content without spending much time on it.

You can trust this tool at any time of the day because it has been in the market for a long period.

Key Features:

  • Frequent updation leading to quality content
  • Timely delivered content
  • Predictable performance score to display a clear picture of the article’s performance


One more copywriting tool is CopySmith that you can invest in. CopySmith AI is an AI copywriting tool that was introduced in the year 2016.

The software works by allowing marketers to write articles within minutes and also provides with data on social engagement of content, headlines, subheads images etc., which helps them to generate more engaging ads for their products or services.

CopySmith AI can be used as a free tool or it can also be used as a paid AI writing tool.

Key Features:

  • Numerous templates to choose from
  • Option to add a Google Chrome extension
  • Provides plagiarism-free content
  • Ideal for social media posts and e-commerce websites


Headlime AI is an AI-based writing tool that was introduced in the year 2016. It has been designed for marketers who want to write engaging content without spending much time on it.

The software uses AI algorithms, text mining and natural language processing techniques which help writers create original articles within minutes by avoiding plagiarism issues. Headlime can be  used as a free AI writing tool.

Key Features:

  • Amazing customer support
  • Easy to understand
  • Ability to generate long documents


Snazzy AI is an AI-based copywriting tool that helps marketers to create engaging content within minutes. The software works by identifying the keywords present in web pages or other content and then it generates similar contents with unique phrases which are likely to get more attention from readers.

Snazzy AI can be used as a free AI writing tool too. This tool is a product of OpenAI so you know that this tool is apt.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of templates
  • Content expander feature


Funnel Script is  AI-based ad writing software that helps marketers to generate engaging content within minutes. The AI copywriting tool can be used for both web pages and landing pages which will help them to create more convincing ads.

Key Takeaways:

  • Go-to option for social media content
  • Quick content generation

FAQs on Best AI Copywriting Tools

What is the best AI copywriting tool?

Jarvis.AI is the best AI copywriting tool starting at $29 per month to write short headlines.

What is AI copywriting?

AI copywriting utilizes machine learning to generate content automatically thereby saving a lot of your time. This helps you provide valuable content each time your audience is looking for something new.

Will AI replace copywriters?

AI cannot replace copywriters as even after using AI, you need to proofread the articles for any mistakes. As it is computer-generated, there might be a lot of grammatical errors that only a copywriter could identify.

Is AI copywriting worth it?

If you are a solo entrepreneur, then purchasing an AI copywriting tools might be too costly for you. But if you are an agency looking for lots of articles, then getting a tools is cheaper than hiring a pro writer.

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AI copywriting tools are there to facilitate you to get content instantly, but you cannot always rely on the tools. You should be re-reading what has been generated by the tool.

These tools are just guidelines and cannot be completely thought of as the best. The content creation tools tend to update themselves every day. This makes it easier for getting the right content.

More than the price, you should focus on the features they offer. This will make it easier for you to get the desired content.

Try out the top AI copywriting tools and impress your readers with high-quality time-saving content.

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