Best AnswerThePublic Alternatives and Competitors

Are you looking for an answer to “What is the best alternative to AnswerThePublic?” To begin, AnswerThePublic is one of the most effective keyword research tools for determining your target audience.

AnswerThePublic is a popular choice among bloggers due to its simplicity and capacity to create several relevant topic ideas. However, it is not necessarily the optimal tool for everyone.

Several reasons may influence a user’s decision to seek alternatives to AnswerThePublic. Users who desire unlimited searches may find it prohibitively expensive, as this feature is only offered as part of a monthly membership, which is 99$ per month. Others believe it is less technical and comprehensive than alternative keyword research tools.


In this article, we’ll look deeper at the AnswerThePublic alternatives and competitors, both free and paid, highlight their key features, and conclude by comparing and contrasting them.

Top AnswerThePublic Alternatives & Competitors

#1. Semrush Keyword Magic Tool

Semrush keyword magic tool is AnswerThePublic alternative

Semrush, the SEO behemoth, offers various keyword research tools, including the industry-leading Keyword Magic Tool.

Semrush, which claims to have the world’s largest keyword database, has access to over 20 billion keywords and can be used for both PPC and organic search campaigns.

Additionally, the Keyword Magic Tool is apt at determining which terms are semantically connected. This alone will save you considerable time and effort, as many other keyword research tools fall short in this area.

SEMrush added a new tool to the Keyword Magic Tool in 2020: the Mini Keyword Overview. It provides customers with keyword overview metrics directly adjacent to their keyword, which saves time when assessing keyword potential.

Semrush pricing plans
  • Pro Plan ($119.95 per month, billed monthly) – Buy Now
  • Guru Plan ($229.95 per month, billed monthly) – Buy Now
  • Business Plan ($449.95 per month, billed monthly) – Buy Now

You get the best deal when you buy an annual plan. 

Annual plans Semrush
  • Pro Plan ($1199 per year, billed yearly) – Buy Now
  • Pro Plan ($2299 per year, billed yearly) – Buy Now
  • Business Plan ($4499 per year, billed yearly) – Buy Now
With competitive analysis, you estimate the chances of outranking your competitors for your target keyword on Google’s first page.The platform does not allow you to save keywords-only export them to Excel.
Accurate monthly search volume of keywords.Google searches are the only search engines that SEMrush accounts for.
Identify related long-tail keywords by viewing keywords within specific topic subgroups.You need some prior knowledge of SEO to use Semrush.
Search for long-tail keywords and key phrases that are less competitive and easier to rank for.Filtering by the city isn’t available, only by country, which may be an issue if you need localized data.
Using the Keyword Gap feature, you can see what keywords your competitors rank for but not your site.You need a Semrush plan to access the Keyword Magic Tool.

Best for: Companies looking for a comprehensive SEO toolkit with a keyword research tool that is among the strongest and most precise in the industry.

2. Wordtracker Scout

AnswerThePublic alternative WordTracker Scout

Remember how your competitors handle keyword strategy if you’re new to keyword research. The competition might occasionally provide you with the best keyword data for enhancing your SEO approach.

While it is possible to spy around on your competitors’ websites and determine some of their keywords, this is a time-consuming and tiresome process. Additionally, you are only human and may miss a few keywords regardless of how diligently you search.

  • After installing the Wordtracker Scout Chrome extension, you have to hover over the competition’s content and press W to generate a word cloud of their top-performing keywords.
  • Their keyword generator provides access to 320 million Wordtracker keywords and another 95 million Semrush-powered search engine keywords.

Price: The keyword generator is free with a Bronze Plan for $27/month and a Gold Plan for $99/month. 

It’s easy to find your competitors’ top keywords.User queries are not available.
To guide your strategy, analyze keyword performance metrics.Neither seasonal nor cumulative month data are available.
Users with any level of SEO knowledge can use the simple user interface.While other SEO features are available, only keyword research is included in the pricey monthly subscription.
You can see opportunity metrics, search volume, and competition.First-time users could benefit from more detailed help resources.
You can find up to 2,000 keywords in just one search.Inaccurate or irrelevant data can exist.

Best for: Companies looking for a powerful keyword research tool comparable to SEMrush but not as expensive. 

3. Keyword Tool DominatorΒ 

Keyword Tool Dominator homepage

While Google receives most of the credit for search engine results, it’s critical not to overlook other search engines that may provide your site with an equal amount of organic traffic.

The Keyword Tool Dominator displays the top ten most popular search terms on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Google, Etsy, and YouTube.

This is an excellent keyword research tool if you own an eCommerce business and need to produce optimized product descriptions for your website.

Price: A freemium option allows users to do up to two keyword searches per day per search engine. Keyword Tool Dominator offers an E-commerce package for $79 and a Keyword Tool Suite for $139.

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO pro or a beginner, this tool is simple to use.Lifetime payments only, no monthly plans.
Keywords that accurately reflect what your target audience is searching for.There is no search volume metric.
From each marketplace, data is updated in real-time.Only two searches can be performed per day with the freemium version.
Search engines’ autocomplete databases make it easy to find less competitive long-tail keywords.The extension is only compatible with Google Chrome.
16 different Amazon Marketplaces are available for searching.The layout is dated and basic.

Best for: businesses wishing to optimize product descriptions and other product-related content on their site.

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4. QuestionDB


QuestionDB is a direct competitor to Answer The Public. QuestionDB pulls user queries from Reddit in order to determine what inquiries users are entering into search engines.

Users frequently post more personal or in-depth queries on Reddit, and leveraging the platform is an excellent approach to finding people’s unresolved worries.

Reddit may also function as an online community for folks with more specific hobbies or ideas, so if your business falls into a niche industry, there are relevant sub-threads.

Utilize QuestionDB to generate new ideas for blog posts and other types of content.

Price: For $10/month, you can get unlimited searches with the freemium version. 

Over 48 million questions are available in our database.Sometimes, the questions aren’t related to the keyword or phrase entered.
Rather than using Google or an equivalent search engine, use Reddit to find unique niche angles for your content.You should combine it with other keyword research tools because of the tool’s limited information source and simplistic nature.
Answer users’ most pressing questions by sorting results by popularity.There are no keyword metrics available.
CSV export of relevant data is recommended.As opposed to serious keyword research, this is more of a topic guide.
Simple to use for beginners.Results for less popular or unique topics aren’t returned.

Best for: Businesses in niche industries who want to identify content gaps on their websites and create beneficial content. 

5. WordStream

WordStream as AnswerThePublic competitor

WordStream offers some of the most sophisticated keyword research tools in the search engine optimization industry and is a good Answer. If you’re serious about content and keyword research, WordStream is for you.

WordStream delivers what it says, with access to an astounding 1 trillion terms.

With this much data, one might expect the user interface to be overwhelming, but WordStream keeps things simple by presenting keywords in an attractive format. The nicest part about WordStream is that the first 30 searches are free.

Price: Free with limits or a custom price, depending on how many searches are made daily.Β 

Get instant suggestions for target keywords by installing their Create SEO Content browser extension.It may not be convenient for some users to provide an email address.
Niche Finder Tool identifies keywords with low competition.While performing searches, the site can be slow and sluggish.
Select keywords based on industry and location.Does not conduct keyword research on video, shopping, or app ads – only search engine keywords are used.
Get all the keywords directly in your inbox by sharing your email address.Similar to Google Adwords but with a different name.
CPC, Search volume, and competition are included in the metrics.Tools are often viewed as basic by SEO professionals.

Best for: Businesses that already have content on their site and want to increase their traffic with keyword research without going too in-depth.Β 

Summary of AnswerThePublic Alternatives 

While AnswerThePublic is an excellent tool for generating relevant topic ideas and deciphering users’ commonly searched queries, it is most effective in conjunction with other keyword research tools.

Consider a few of these AnswerThePublic alternatives and choose the best fit for your organization.

Whether you need assistance with local SEO, ranking on eCommerce sites, or increasing the relevancy of your blog, these keyword research tools should provide the boost your business requires to perform well in search results.



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