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15 Best Mobile App Monetization Platforms In 2023

You, as the owner (developer) of a mobile app, want to make money from it. There are a lot of ways to make money online with your mobile app. Still, using mobile advertising is the easiest way to make your app profitable. Sharing the list of top app monetization platforms that can help you make money by monetizing your app platform.

When app developers join a mobile ad network, they can sell ad space to advertisers as a passive way to make money from their apps.

If you want to make an app, you need to think about how to make money from it. You can spy on other mobile app competitors by using top Mobile VPN apps and hiding your IP address.

Even if you are good at programming and marketing, you won’t be able to become a successful app publisher without a good app monetization plan.

Top 15 Mobile App Monetization Platforms

Monetization services make it easy and simple for mobile app developers to make money from high-quality ads. Here’s a list of the top six platforms if you’re still not sure which one is best for your project.

1. Google AdMob

google admob app monetization platform

Google AdMob is one of the most well-known networks for mobile apps. It’s used by millions of ads.

You need to make room for ads in your app. Then, advertisers bid on your ad spots. The system picks the ads that make you the most money and that your users find interesting.


  • Google AdMob is one of the best mobile ad networks because it has a thorough system for verifying ads and making sure they are safe.
  • Because your app works well with Google Analytics, you can track how users interact with ads.
  • The platform is also appealing because you can change the length of the broadcast and the number of times it is shown.
  • You can deal with many ad networks at once by using ad network mediation.

2. AdColony

adcolony mobile ads

This all-in-one publisher monetization platform combines premium advertisers from Fortune 500 companies, proven technology, and high fill rates. It has the best display, video, and rich media ads that make money for app publishers and make the user’s experience better.


  • Optimizing automatically
  • Support for multiple languages
  • It gives each client their own manager.
  • It comes with many different kinds of ads.

3. Chartboost

chartboost homepage

Mobile developers like Chartboost, because is the most popular network for cross-advertising solutions. It is a platform that lets game developers monetize their games by selling adverts in their games to other developers.


  • The income from each project can be seen.
  • It is easy to put together and use.
  • You can make ads and campaigns that are aimed at many different groups and audiences.
  • A lively way to advertise
  • The platform is easy to use and doesn’t cost much to advertise on.

4. Unity Ads

unityads homepage

Unity is an advertising network for mobile apps. Playable ads can be bought here. These are commercials that include interactive elements and are interactive.

The feed includes a video and a small version of the game. Users are prompted to download the app at the bottom with a call to action (CTA).


  • If a game is made on the Unity platform, there is no need to use any other SDK (Software Development Kit).
  • There are a lot of formats that can be used.

5. Tapjoy

tapjoy mobile advertising

You can make money from your app with the Tapjoy service by giving users rewards for installing it. The user gets a reward for installing the app or watching ads.

Tapjoy is what you need if you’re a mobile app developer in the gaming industry. It is used to make money off of mobile games. It’s a mobile ad network with a lot of features and options that you might not expect.


  • It’s an ad unit inside an app that makes money by giving users rewards for interacting with ads.
  • It is the basis of how apps make money today. It gives publishers with readers all over the world a flexible and effective alternative.
  • It lets app developers make money from their apps by making sure users enjoy views, which makes users more interested in the apps.

6. Meta Audience Network

meta audience network

We will round out the list by including one of the best platforms for monetizing apps. Find out how Meta Audience Network can help you reach people who use other mobile apps besides Facebook and Instagram.

There are various options such as native position, banners or inserts, video inserts, and video with bonuses. When users click on Facebook ads in their apps, publishers receive a small portion of the money.


  • The ads are shown on a different type of screen.
  • Placements on Audience Network cost less than those on Facebook and Instagram. So, the average CPC goes down.
  • So, over time, you will be able to buy more spots and reach more people.

7. AppLovin

applovin monetization platform

This platform for making money from apps has everything we need to grow our apps. It uses predictive algorithms and machine learning to find the perfect match between a user and your app. It links the apps to users all over the world and gives them a personalized experience.


  • It makes connections with people who use it for a long time.
  • It also has a way to check the performance and find ways to improve it.
  • It adds more value to your app by giving you better ways to make money from it.
  • Also, it gives all the impressions a chance to increase their earnings.

8. Fyber

fyber digital turbine company

Fyber is a mobile growth platform that makes new ways to make money from ads that the top mobile app publishers trust. It gives advertisers the chance to bid in real-time without having to use RTB (Real-Time Bidding) technology.

As Fyber’s FairBird solution lets traditional ad networks whose SDKs don’t support RTB take part in mock bidding, they can simulate real-time mode by estimating price based on historical data.


  • It comes with a special group of professionals who work together to add SDK to the apps of partners.
  • Its AutoPilot system lets ad revenue sources be automatically optimized.
  • Its products offer an alternative that gets better results by making it easier for top brands, mobile audiences, and mobile-first advertisers to connect with each other.

9. Appodeal

appodeal mobile app

Appodeal is an app monetization platform designed for app developers. Its goal is to save developers from having to solve problems related to making money from mobile traffic. So, the developer has to spend their time doing their usual work.


  • It can keep a log and turn on test mode.
  • Admob integration.
  • Placements that let you track an ad and handle it based on where it is.
  • Easy-to-use analytics system
  • A large number of controllable parameters are in the Dashboard. 

10. Leadbolt

leadbolt mobile advertising

Leadbolt is a well-known app ad network for advertising, attracting users, and making money from mobile traffic. It works with different ad formats and has many loyal users.


  • Support for GDPR is available.
  • Using the advertisement data it gets from the ADK, it can make a unique banner layout.
  • You can use a personal account with a dashboard and simple filtering to see analytics.

11. PubMatic

pubmatic homepage

Publishers, users, and advertisers can collaborate using PubMatic, a programmatic monetization platform. Publishers and buyers of digital advertising can monetize and maximize their ROI with the help of this platform.


  • It comes with a number of filters, such as options for defining the device, the location, and the user to the target.
  • It uses widely available bidding technology and lets the terms of monetization be improved while getting the best price.
  • GDPR support

12. InMobi

inmobi real connections

It is a global platform for making money from apps that helps increase the return on investment (ROI) in mobile marketing and advertising. It helps marketers, brands, and app owners find ways to attract users at different points in their use of the app.


  • It comes with a server that has a lot of advertising and configuration options.
  • The SDK lets you preload ads that will be shown later.
  • SDK collects data about where you are.
  • It sends information to the server that can be controlled by the server.

13. AdForm

adform flow marketing

It gives users the tools they need to learn from campaigns and come to the right conclusions. It looks at how its users act and tries to figure out how its ads will get people to click on them.


  • A keyword phrase or search word can be added to a personal ad.
  • Integration with AdMob.
  • SDKs are available for Unity and Android.
  • Geolocation is accumulated from the app.

14. Google Ad Exchange

google ad manager

Media advertising inventory can be bought and sold via Google Ad Exchange, a technology platform. The price of the inventory is determined by real-time bidding. 


  • Publishers are able to access a number of other features, like blocking, preferred deals, and filtering.
  • Ads that are more engaging are a result of its advanced targeting technology.
  • It allows you to receive payments from anywhere in the world in a timely manner.
  • Access to demand across multiple advertising networks and demand-side platforms is provided. 

15. OpenX

openx homepage

OpenX Mobile is a mobile ad exchange that gives more than 900 premium app publishers access to advertisers from all over the world and a wide range of ad formats and integration options.


  • With access to premium mobile demand, publishers can use private marketplaces and open auctions to boost their sales.
  • Even though it can handle rich media ads, it is still optimized and light for mobile.


The best mobile ad network for your business will be the one that meets your needs. How you choose to make money from your app depends on a lot of things, like your niche and the technology you need.

To keep customers happy, developers will have to find the right balance between making money and giving customers a good time. Because of this, ways to make money from apps must be open and fair. In the long run, this will only help you.

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