Best Alternatives to AttaPoll – Top AttaPoll Competitors

An internet application called AttaPoll rewards users for completing surveys on their smartphones. The user must be 13 years of age or older to join the account because of an age limitation on registration. 

Attapoll offers its services to consumers worldwide, however, due to the effective survey rates in the US, UK, and Australia, users may get considerably better results from these locations. 

Top 10 Alternatives to AttaPoll

Here is a list of the top substitutes for AttaPoll, along with some basic details. You can join each of these AttaPoll competitors and make some money while sitting at home.

pawns app by iproyal is the best alternative to Attapoll. In January 2020, the proxy service provider (formerly known as IPRoyal Pawns) launched a scheme that allows customers to work from home and earn money by taking paid surveys on their Windows PC or android phone. You need a PC or Mac and a reliable internet connection to generate income from your underutilized online resources. IPRoyal Pawns demands a little effort from you while paying much more than other companies.Β 


  • Take premium surveys
  • Available anywhere
  • Low payout threshold
  • Get paid in Bitcoin or PayPal wallet
  • Every age group

Branded Survey

A free online tool called MintVine or Branded Surveys makes it simple to do short surveys in exchange for real money and gift cards. The website was created specifically for those who wish to do surveys to earn money online. It is regarded as the world’s top community for market research, and it pays you for your insights. Just answer a few questions about yourself, and you’ll get points for each survey you finish. Once you’ve earned enough points, you may instantly cash them in for cash or gift cards. Daily challenges, polls, and goods that increase your profits are available on MintVine.


  • Offers the Most Popular Gift Cards
  • Free Registration
  • Everyday Cashout
  • Referral Program
  • Easy Interface


GrabPoints is a free website that enables you to earn free gift cards by viewing movies, responding to surveys, and completing other tasks. One of the top websites for making money online and receiving digital gift cards. Simply provide your name, email address, and other necessary information to register. You may start earning money after finishing the sign-up procedure. It is a complete online earning platform with daily assignments, bounces, and referral programs to help users earn and increase their online earnings. GrabPoints is a simple user interface and provides live feeds with evidence, allowing you to monitor profits without any restrictions.


  • Offers the Most Popular Gift Cards
  • Get Real Money
  • Live Feed
  • Referral Program
  • Fast Sign Up


With the help of the free and straightforward website UniqueReward, you may make money by engaging in your hobbies. The website offers many additional features and services to make real money and serves as an alternative to InstaGC. You only need to join up, do your duties, and get your tasks. The website provides a variety of little activities, such as reading emails, taking surveys, completing offers, and playing free online games. You can quickly collect your awards and points after doing each activity. It provides a tonne of brand-new gift cards, much like other websites of a similar kind, that you can quickly redeem with your points.


  • Play Games and Get Paid
  • Quick Login
  • Earn Gift Cards and Real Money
  • Referral Program
  • Online polling


Gain points to redeem for free gift cards. On the fastest-growing online platform, PointsPrizes, you may do surveys, view movies, or conduct web searches to earn points that you can quickly convert to gift cards. Almost every major gift card brand, including Amazon, Play Store, Steam, PlayStation, and others, is available on the website. You have complete freedom to select from any of them. The biggest feature of this website is that it offers mobile apps that enable you to use your rewards whenever and wherever you are. A referral bounce of more than 50% of your friend’s points is also available via PointsPrizes.


  • Applications for Mobile
  • 20 New Gift Cards or More
  • Keep Your Points Collected
  • Monitoring Your Rewards and Price
  • Free for Everyone


A worldwide online network for those looking to generate money online is called ClixSense. The website provides a variety of ways to make money, including paid online surveys, cashback incentives, and other online jobs. It has a free sign-up process, and after you’ve finished it, you can quickly begin your assignments and collect prizes without any restrictions. It enables you to share ClixSense with your friends and watch as your earnings increase, much like Attapoll and other websites. More than 30% of what your referrals make will go to you. In addition, it includes a daily bounce mechanism, which makes it superior to others.


  • Affiliates Program
  • My Rewards
  • Instant Cashout
  • Simple to Use Interface
  • Everyday New Surveys


The fastest-growing online platform for earning money and gift cards is called Kashkick. It provides all the same features and services as websites like AttaPoll. To earn points, you only need to do quick surveys, look for deals, watch videos, or browse the web. You may quickly collect your points after finishing each job by clicking. The website also adds a daily task system that distinguishes it from rivals. Discovering online offers and assignments immediately on your dashboard is one of Kashkick’s most intriguing features.


  • Fast Pay Out
  • Everyday Mission
  • Referral Program
  • Simple to Use Dashboard
  • Daily Offers


Free website EarnAbly makes it simple to earn prizes and free digital gift cards. It is designed to be an alternative to AttaPoll but adds many additional features and services to stand out as one of the top places to make money online. The most intriguing aspect of this website is how it pays users for doing easy activities, viewing movies, or responding to surveys by giving them quick cash and free gift cards. You may collect your points after completing each reward, which you can then use to buy gift cards or quick cash. Additionally, there is a referral program that can greatly increase your point total if you recommend a buddy.


  • Redeem Points for Payments in Cash
  • Codes for wallets
  • Simple to Use Interface
  • Daily Bounce
  • Free for Everyone


One of the top websites for those looking to earn money online is You may earn a lot of money every day by doing little activities on the website, which you can then spend as gift cards or withdraw as cash. You may register on our website for free in only ten seconds, complete your work, and get your points. Once you have earned enough points, you may exchange them for PayPal cash or a variety of gift cards. Like other comparable websites, it provides a variety of time-saving discount offers from all the top websites.


  • Suggest Friends
  • Numerous Gift Cards from Well-Known Brands
  • Daily Obstacles
  • Watch Valuable Videos
  • Free for Everyone


With the aid of the simple but effective platform Swagbucks, you may earn cash and gift cards for any online activity. One of the greatest alternatives to AttaPoll, it offers a variety of new cards and straightforward methods to get points. You may quickly make money on our platform by viewing online movies, shopping online, doing web searches, doing online surveys, etc. Each activity that is completed earns you hundreds of points, which you may collect everyday without any restrictions. Swagbucks offers referral and boost point capabilities that allow you to fast increase your cash and gift cards, much like other websites of a similar kind. You can put money back in your pocket with Swagbucks by participating in entertaining surveys and polls. In exchange for online purchases and content discovery, you may also get free gift cards and cash. Additionally, you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus from them.


  • Learn About New Offers
  • Various Gift Cards
  • Install mobile applications
  • ‘Secure and Safe’
  • Referral Program


AttaPoll is a reliable survey app where you can do surveys to get some additional cash. They pay out, however a lot of individuals regularly get rejected, wasting a lot of time. We can never know for sure whether they are rejecting individuals in good faith or using the justification of gathering free information. Here are several AttaPoll substitute applications that might provide you with comparable or even superior advantages.. 



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