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12 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs To Make Money In 2023

Nobody can deny that beauty is a source of strength. Beauty affiliate programs are the best way to make money online for beauty bloggers.

A study found that conventionally handsome persons have better professional chances. It’s easy to see why the industry that drives beauty is so powerful.

There are numerous aspects to the beauty industry. It comprises not only color cosmetics but also hair styling, perfume, skincare, tools, and much more. 

Furthermore, while the business has traditionally catered to women, men’s beauty brands are increasing.

The beauty industry is big, but how big is it? As of 2020, it was $483B; in 2021, it will be $511B; by 2025, with a compound growth rate of 4.75 percent worldwide, it will be $716B. By 2027, it will be $784.6B.

However, the beauty industry affiliate business is teeming with subpar programs you’ll have to sift through.

We’ve produced a list of the top beauty affiliate programs to assist you. We go over each program in-depth and give a series of advice at the end on promoting the brand you’ll be joining.

12 Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

1. BH Cosmetics

bh cosmetics affiliate program
  • Commission Rate/ Percentage: 8%
  • Cookie Length: 90 Days

BH Cosmetics is a household name in the cosmetics market, and for a good reason! 

They’re recognized for selling low-cost, cruelty-free, high-quality color cosmetics and equipment to give ladies the confidence boost they need. 

They represent inclusivity and expression and are suitable for everyone. It’s difficult to go wrong when it comes to BH Cosmetics.

You’ll earn an 8 percent commission as an affiliate with a very long cookie duration. They have a 6.46 percent conversion rate with an average order value of $38.01. 

They will also provide you with bespoke web creatives and monthly affiliate emails. They even have monthly affiliate contests with significant bonus incentives to drive affiliates further.

Why Should You Promote BH Cosmetics?

Since the BH Cosmetics affiliate program has highly competitive commission rates and the brand sells well, it is an excellent program to join. 

Quite several opportunities are available to earn with this product, which consumers highly recommend.

2. Function of Beauty

function of beauty affiliate program
  • Commission Rate/ Percentage: 5%
  • Cookie Length: 10 Days

The function of Beauty is a hair care brand that specializes in entirely customizable hair care products. 

Because it is very customizable, it is suitable for all hair types, needs, and concerns. 

All combinations are made using components acquired from sustainable sources and are devoid of hazardous chemicals and common allergies.

It has received much attention due to its high-quality products and influencer collaborations. Customers are pretty pleased with this firm and encourage everyone to try it.

Signing up as a Function of Beauty affiliate is a fantastic way to make money from a fast-growing brand. 

Because Function of Beauty takes marketing seriously, you may learn from them, particularly content production and creatives. 

Furthermore, hair care products are popular and encourage brand loyalty, making this a particularly appealing niche.

Why Should You Promote Function of Beauty?

Affiliates get a unique opportunity to work with a brand amid growth. You will not be the only one to promote them since they have a powerful online presence as well. 

You will not be the only one to promote them since they also have a powerful online presence.

yves rocher affiliate program
  • Commission Rate/ Percentage: 15% per sale
  • Cookie Length: Unlisted

Yves Rocher is a botanically inspired beauty enterprise. They have an extensive product line that includes cosmetics, skincare, body care, hair care, and fragrances. 

These products cover a wide range of beauty concerns that are appropriate for everyone. Yves Rocher products are created with environmental and financial considerations in mind. 

Furthermore, their decades of popularity have resulted in a devoted global following.

Yves Rocher associates also benefit from a substantial 15 percent commission rate. Though the brand was developed in France, it is a global player with a reputation that will be highly beneficial to affiliates. 

They’ve kept many specifics about their affiliate scheme confidential, but getting additional information is simple, and signing up is free.

Why Should You Promote Yves Rocher?

In addition to the highly competitive commission rate, the brand itself is easy to introduce and sell.

4. Olive Young

olive young beauty affiliate program
  • Commission Rate/ Percentage: 10% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 30 Days

While the beauty sector comprises trendy cultural niches, these niches have penetrated the US economy due to globalization. One such niche is K-Beauty, with Olive Young as a major player.

Every country has its top beauty supply store, and Olive Young is South Korea’s. This K-beauty heaven is brimming with the best Korean skincare, cosmetics, and hair products. 

Several of South Korea’s top brands and over 1,000 products are now available to the world, the country’s best-kept beauty secret. 

Olive Young clients adore the brand’s online global platform because of its cutting-edge product diversity and appealing packaging.

Olive Young affiliates have a fantastic opportunity to earn money by referring beauty enthusiasts to a platform they would have discovered without the assistance of an associate. 

For each sale, they receive a 10% referral fee and a standard 30-day cookie. With new K-beauty trends emerging every month, earning will be simple.

Why Should You Promote Olive Young?

The K-culture craze is still strong and is not going away anytime soon. Introducing Olive Young, South Korea’s most popular beauty retailer, into the online global market gives the ideal opportunity to gain quickly.

5. Sigma Beauty

sigma beauty affiliate program
  • Commission Rate/ Percentage: 10% per sale
  • Cookie Length: Unlisted

Sigma Beauty is the brand behind a slew of cult classics and is one of the 20 best beauty affiliate programs. They have devoted themselves to producing only the highest-quality cosmetics and brushes, believing that game-changing tools are the key to an effortless beauty regimen. 

They flourish through creation and invention, enhancing beautiful things with a few changes and alterations. Customers adore them and see Sigma as one of their holy grails.

As a Sigma affiliate, you would become a member of their Influencer Network and earn a substantial percentage on each sale. 

When you join the program, you’ll gain access to an extensive library of online creatives you may use for your platform. You may also contact a specialized affiliate manager if you have any questions.

Why Should You Promote Sigma Beauty?

Many shoppers across the country prefer Sigma Beauty. They’ve created an affiliate program about the perks, with a high commission and a plentiful supply of advertising materials. 

Furthermore, because they have such a trusted brand, affiliates will have no trouble advertising them.

6. Alpyn Beauty

alpyn beauty affiliate program
  • Commission Rate/ Percentage: 10% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 30 days

Alpyn Beauty Cosmetics is an American-made beauty firm that uses clean components gathered from Wyoming’s mountains. 

Their purpose is to maintain, preserve, and strengthen skin to give it a more youthful appearance. 

The inventor founded Alpyn because she identified a void in the industry for effective, sustainable skincare products. 

They make products using animal botanicals and are progressively developing a line of exquisite beauty care that is also environmentally friendly.

Their associates profit handsomely from each saleβ€”a 20 percent fee! They route their affiliate services through ShareASale, so having an account with them will enable you genuinely understand the program’s benefits.

However, the commission and positive product reviews are enough to disclose remarkable benefits.

Why Should You Promote Alpyn Beauty?

You can earn a lot of money with Alpyn Beauty affiliates as a rapidly growing brand. It’s a great time to get involved with this brand, as their commissions are high and their popularity is growing.

7. FabFitFun

fabfitfun affiliate program
  • Commission Rate/ Percentage: $8 per sale
  • Cookie Length: 30 Days

There are a lot of fun things in the FabFitFun subscription box. Giuliana Rancic founded the service, which offers incredible deals on each box. 

They’re commended for including over $200 in full-sized, high-quality beauty, fashion, and fitness products in $49 boxes. Customers adore them and have developed a devoted following. 

Though boxes only arrive once every three months, the contents of each crate are sufficient to keep them going until the next one arrives.

As a FabFitFun affiliate, you’ll earn a flat $8 commission on every referral. When you perform well, you will be awarded performance bonuses and freebies to help motivate you. 

You’ll get an affiliate discount for rating their content boxes, even if you’re just starting. You can also provide your audience with discount codes to assist you in selling more efficiently.

Why Should You Promote FabFitFun?

Affiliates and consumers alike are motivated by FabFitFun’s system. Through an exciting service, you can earn freebies and receive them simultaneously.

maccosmetics is one of the best beauty affiliate programs
  • Commission: 8% for online sales (Skimlinks), 6% for Rakuten, and 5.41% for SOVRN.
  • Cookie duration: not specified for Skimlinks and Sovrn, and 7 days for Rakuten.

Beauty bloggers adore MAC Cosmetics because the brand does all of the selling. Compared to its primary competitors, MAC ranks third in brand recognition.

Its high-quality ingredients and stylish packaging make MAC a famous brand, but it is also noted for its creativity. They have long been known for their Powder Kiss lipsticks, such as their “Devoted to Chili” shade. Why? They simply recreated the usual MAC bullet container with a soft-matte finishβ€”and it worked.

MAC’s commissions can go up to 10%. (Skimlinks). One caveat: the cookie length is either not specified (Skimlinks, Sovrn, FlexOffers) or is extremely short: only 7 days (Rakuten).

Why Should You Promote Mac Cosmetics?

MAC promotions could be effective when combined with Instagram channels or Pinterest efforts. Over 120 countries sell MAC beauty products. 

By promoting MAC’s beauty products, publishers can appeal to their target audience.

9. Benefit Cosmetics

benefit cosmetics affiliate program
  • Commission Rate/ Percentage: Up to 7%
  • Cookie Length: Unspecified

Benefit Cosmetics is a beauty powerhouse with a bright future ahead of it. It’s a household name in the beauty world, and it’s the brains behind game-changing products like the Benefit Hoola Bronzer, POREfessional, Benetint, and Gimme Brow. 

They are well-liked and well-known, and they desire the assistance of affiliates.

The brand refers to its affiliate program as beauty karma: you send them love with referrals, and they return the favor with referral fee earnings. 

As a Benefit affiliate, you may earn up to 7% commission on each sale and will be provided with tools to help you earn. 

They welcome influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and anyone with an online platform who loves Benefit and is willing to split earnings.

Why Should You Promote Benefit Cosmetics?

By joining Benefit’s affiliate network, you earn easy commissions and legitimize your brand and platform. 

Consumers will feel more confident and trust you and your content with a professional Benefit relationship.

10. Sephora

sephora affiliate program
  • Commission Rate/ Percentage: 5% – 7.2% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 1 Day

If in doubt, visit Sephora! It has served as a haven for beauty enthusiasts from all around America and the world. 

It’s a household name that sells all things beauty and beauty goods from top companies.

Sephora has even risen to the forefront of clean beauty, attempting to distinguish items with clean components using the Clean at Sephora Seal. The most basic lipstick, exquisite perfumes, ostentatious lashes, and everything in between may be found here.

Large, successful brands like Sephora’s typically have modest commission rates, but Sephora’s affiliate program is unique. 

As an affiliate, you’ll be part of an industry leader’s team and receive a solid 5 percent base commission with the potential to earn more based on your performance. While the cookie life is limited, Sephora’s solid customer base and reputation are enough to earn a handsome commission.

Why Should You Promote Sephora?

Sephora affiliates get to work with a well-known beauty brand. The target audience would have contemplated purchasing from them if they hadn’t already purchased one of their items. 

When advertising Sephora, your responsibility is limited to being the final nudge.

the art of shaving affiliate program
  • Commission Rate/ Percentage: 8% per sale
  • Cookie Length: Unspecified

Men, as previously said, are also involved in the beauty sector! The Art of Shaving emphasizes this the most with its array of equipment for the perfect shave. 

They began in 1996 and have produced grooming and shaving products, mixes, and kits. They’re full of creative concepts that result in the most outstanding shave possible, and customers love them!

You’ll earn an 8% commission on every sale you refer to as an affiliate. Their average order value is $92, and their products range from $20 to $3500. 

Given how intimate a man’s relationship with his razor is, these items frequently succeed in retaining brand-loyal customers, which will significantly benefit you.

Why Should You Promote The Art of Shaving?

They offer great deals to their affiliates. An opportunity to join an iconic shaving brand and earn and contribute to the success of a company that has been in business for decades! There are a lot of opportunities available online.

12. 100% PURE

100% pure affiliate program
  • Commission Rate/ Percentage: 8% per sale
  • Cookie Length: 45 Days

100 percent PURE is committed to developing sustainable beauty products free of toxins and harsh substances. 

They’ve devoted themselves to developing pure recipes, including incorporating fruit as natural pigments in their color cosmetics. They adhere to high purity standards, protecting the health of both the body and the land.

They go above and beyond to assure that no product ingredient is derived from animals. They want all animals to be free of suffering, not just cruelty-free products. 

This is why they are committed to donating dog food with every order. Customers adore their goods and trust the brand for safe cosmetics and beautiful skin.

They are equally concerned with their affiliates! With a long cookie duration, 100% PURE affiliates receive a significant commission payout. 

After joining up, you’ll receive monthly updates and newsletters on new product launches and promotions, which you may include in your platform. 

If you stay with them for a long time and perform well, you will be eligible for exclusive brand deals.

Why Should You Promote 100% PURE?

Their affiliates benefit greatly. Not only is there an appealing commission and cookie length, but this is also an excellent opportunity to assist make a positive influence on the globe while earning a tidy sum.

13.  Orabel

orabel affiliate program
  • Commission: 7%
  • Cookie Duration: Unspecified

Orabel’s creator founded the company to provide high-quality skincare at a reasonable price while making multinational brands readily available from a single source. 

They carry 18 different brands with high-quality products in a variety of categories.

They sell cosmetics for the face, lips, and eyes, as well as nail polish. Their primary focus is makeup, but they also sell skincare and hair care goods, such as dry shampoo and high-quality hair brushes.

Affiliates are paid a reasonable 7% commission rate, with extra available once you hit $1000 in sales. 

Affiliates can receive a 15% discount on their orders through the website.

Why you should promote Orabel: They provide an easy way to access a wide range of popular American and European brands.

14. Xlash

xlash affiliate program
  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie: 30 days

For some, eyelashes are a sign of attractiveness. The longer, thicker, and more luscious the hair, the better. 

Many people use eyelash extensions to achieve the desired look, but these are costly, unpleasant, and occasionally dangerous to their health. It’s far cheaper and healthier just to grow your eyelashes, but they require some assistance from time to time. 

Xlash has developed a product to make eyelashes grow long and thick in a short period. They have eyelash and brow serums, as well as a specific mascara to go with it. Their science-backed products employ natural, mild extracts to perform the job.

Affiliates can earn a substantial 15% commission and participate in frequent affiliate contests and promotions.

Why you should promote Xlash cosmetics: Their product targets a problem many people cannot find a good solution to but are interested in.

15. Ecco Bella

ecco bella affiliate program
  • Commission: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: Unspecified

Ecco Bella has been committed to natural, organic beauty products since its inception in 1992. Many beauty brands are working toward cruelty-free practices, but Ecco Bella has been cruelty-free since its inception.

Ecco Bella means “behold beautiful,” reflecting their commitment to natural, cruelty-free beauty. 

Their invention is centered on the use of natural and pure plant-based components. They subject each substance to extensive scientific investigations and experiments to certify and authenticate its skin benefits.

They enjoy working with people who are as enthusiastic about beauty as they are. They pay a 12 percent fee on all sales to their affiliates.

Why should you promote Ecco Bella?

For the past 23 years, they have been cruelty-free and natural. Their concern for both their clients’ and animals’ lives is palpable. 

You can feel good about supporting a firm that offers such healthy items and follows such ethical methods.

How to Select the best Beauty Affiliate Programs?

The difficult step is to select an affiliate program. The program you select should be based on more than just commission rates.Β 

Consider how well the brand complements your platform, how receptive your audience is to each brand, and your personal preferences for easy content creation. Doesn’t that sound difficult?

Review Your Content

Introducing a program that blends in as naturally as feasible with your current information would be preferable. 

To accomplish this, go back through your most popular material and focus on the many topics, looks, and companies addressed.

Affiliate programs aren’t just for making money; they’re also a terrific way to boost your brand through positive connotations. 

Keeping in theme with your brand and amplifying it with the ideal affiliate network is undoubtedly the goal, making this a critical step.

Know Your Audience

After all, your audience will help you earn, and the most straightforward approach to help them make purchases is to tailor your program to their requirements and desires. 

You may learn about your audience by examining the stuff they’re most interested in, assessing audience demographics and price points, and even communicating with them and asking for their feedback on specific brands and themes.

Examine the programs in depth

You should know better which beauty affiliate programs will work best with your platform. Before signing up, feel free to ask questions to help you think things through thoroughly.

Remember that if you do not sign an exclusivity contract, you can sign up for other programs and be a part of affiliate teams for various businesses. 

However, avoid joining direct competitor companies, as this could confuse your audience if you are not careful.

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Each had its strengths and flaws, but they were all investigated and discovered to help optimize earning potential. This, however, does not mean that the affiliate adventure is over!

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