Best Surveys for Amazon Gift Cards – Get Extra Rewards

Amazon is, without a doubt, the leader in online shopping. Nowadays, Amazon has just about everything you could imagine. Amazon gift cards have a wide variety, making them equivalent to cash. So I’m going to showcase some of the finest and the best survey websites for Amazon gift cards so you can join and get a few bonus gift cards.

This article is for you if you want to attempt a brand-new side gig where you do surveys in exchange for Amazon gift cards. Let’s start now!

Best Surveys to Earn Amazon Gift Cards for Side Income

You may consider participating in their affiliate program and taking high-paying surveys to make extra money.Β 

You may gain money by encouraging people to sign up for a website via a referral program, commonly referred to as a referral scheme. 10% of any earnings a referral generates on the website will go to you (They will still receive full payment on their part).Β 

Lastly, you may earn money by completing surveys visible on your dashboard and being paid for (launched in June 2021).Β In select countries, you can now do surveys to earn credits. The credits may then be used to buy gift cards. They pay you in the form of Amazon gift cards which you can later use to shop from amazon. Most people use this website to take surveys for PayPal money and earn free bitcoin.

If you keep the Pawns app open while you’re online, you’ll be able to get more gift cards.


The most excellent method to get money on Free Cash (formerly known as Free Skins), a relatively new GPT site, is through completing paid surveys. However, you might discover some worthwhile paid offerings here to make additional money. Since you just need to make $5 to acquire a card, earning free Amazon gift cards is simple here. 

And it’s terrific that it offers Amazon gift cards not only for but also for many other countries. Compared to many other websites that payout through Amazon cards, it is pretty versatile since you may withdraw gift cards for Amazon UK, CA, AU, DE, FR, ES, IT, SE, SG, IN, and NL. It provides excellent compensation options like CS:GO skins, PayPal, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. 


More than 20 million people use Swagbucks, one of the world’s largest and most well-known survey websites. It is well-liked since it offers several possibilities every day to win prizes. 

You may get money in various methods except by completing paid surveys. For instance, if you want to buy online, earning cash back when you do so might provide you with some pretty good benefits and discounts. Additionally, it allows you to earn by viewing movies, playing games, introducing friends, and doing online searches. 

Additionally, it often holds free competitions or distributes promotional coupons for free money. If you sign up using an invitation link, it also offers a massive joining bonus. 

Furthermore, it offers fantastic alternative prizes if you want anything except Amazon gift cards. You may join from pretty much any country. Still, you will have excellent options if you reside in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Germany, Spain, or France.

Prize Rebel

Suppose you want to earn some Amazon gift cards and other prizes like cash paid out via PayPal or other gift cards. In that case, PrizeRebel is another unquestionably useful website to sign up for. You may make money by engaging in a variety of activities. 

By completing surveys, of course, but also by accepting other online offers, carrying out quick online chores, playing games, or participating in one of the many competitions and raffles. PrizeRebel often offers free points via promo codes that are distributed. The fact that PrizeRebel allows registration from the majority of nations is fantastic. 

However, just because you may join up does not guarantee that you will get many chances. Most chances are for countries that speak English, but many other nations will also have excellent prospects.


Panels for various nations are available from Toluna influencers. The site is generally simple to use. Many surveys are available in most of these nations, and qualifying for the surveys is simple. The platform and the surveys are both available in your native tongue. The payment options on Toluna are many. 

You must check on the platform for your particular nation to be sure since the procedures might vary from country to country. As a result, you may not be able to discover Amazon gift cards as an option in all countries. They will be for Amazon for your particular country in the nations where Amazon e-certificates are a choice, which is terrific.


YouGov offers a survey panel tailored to each nation in many languages. 

On the website, you can also see the results of the surveys they perform, which may be entertaining, making the surveys relevant and fun to participate in. Your country of residence has a significant impact on the benefits YouGov gives. 

In general, when you participate, you get points, which, depending on your country, may be converted into incentives. 

Amazon gift cards for that nation are accessible in various nations, but regardless of where you reside, you will often have various payment options.

Superpay me provides you with various daily survey possibilities and the chance to make money by viewing movies, accepting online offers, clicking advertisements, and more. 

Participation in the quarterly contest where the top 20 earners get prizesβ€”the top earner will receive $350, a substantial prizeβ€”is also automatic if you make money on the website. You may select from several fantastic incentives (including Amazon gift cards). 

Once you’ve earned $5, you can acquire an Amazon e-gift card, which you can use immediately to make purchases on Amazon. No matter what country you are in, you can access it, which is fantastic. 

The number of possibilities, however, varies significantly across nations. is more difficult to use and navigate than many other websites. 

It could take some time first to understand how it works. Thus, if you want to sign up, simply be ready to invest time learning how to utilize the site, after which it may provide fantastic prospects.

Univox Community

Although Univox Community is primarily a survey site, there are other methods to earn Amazon gift cards, like accepting offers, taking part in giveaways, introducing friends, and more. 

It has a good selection of surveys and is quite simple to utilize. You need to be aware that, despite their website claims, they don’t always welcome members from all nations. Limited membership is accepted. Thus sometimes, it is closed to new applicants. 

Therefore, if they are not accepting new members in your nation, you may just return and check again in a few weeks. Depending on how long you have been a member, you may withdraw your profits after you have earned roughly $10.

 You may get compensated with PayPal and other gift cards and Amazon vouchers. Additionally, you will get a $2 incentive just for joining up and completing your profile.

Valued Opinions

All you need to do to utilize Valued Opinions is sign up, and you will then get email invitations to surveys as soon as they become available. Although there aren’t many surveys available, it might still be a useful additional option to earn Amazon gift cards since it is simple to utilize. 

Just be aware that Valued Opinion does not provide Amazon gift cards as a reward in all countries; however, you may search for alternative gift cards that are appropriate for your location. You get gift cards from Home Depot, Target, and iTunes. 


In comparison to the other websites in our list, MobileXpression is a little unique. This is not a survey panel where you are forced to complete questionnaires actively. You may download this software, and simply by having it installed, you can contribute to studies on internet use, which can assist online services. Naturally, you won’t reveal your identity. With MobileXpression, you can earn gift cards simply for having an app loaded, which is fantastic. 

You will have earned enough points after only one week of membership to obtain a $5 Amazon gift card. Along with receiving gift cards, you will automatically participate in fantastic prize drawings each month. After 90 days as a member, MobileXpression will plant a tree in your name to benefit the environment. 

It is only accessible in a few countries and on a few devices. Although this is subject to frequent change, as of the time of writing, it is actively hiring in the US, UK, Canada, and Norway. 


If you are interested in earning rewards by doing online surveys and other small online chores, we hope you have found this list helpful and know how to start with the best platforms. 

This is not a comprehensive list of all the survey sites that provide this option, as was said at the beginning, but rather a list of the ones I have discovered to be the best if you are especially interested in earning Amazon gift cards.



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