Best Surveys for PayPal Money – Get Paid in PayPal for Doing Paid Surveys

You have various payment options to withdraw your rewards while doing paid surveys online, including cash, goods, Bitcoin, and gift cards. Many individuals like doing surveys for financial rewards. PayPal is one of the simplest methods to get payment from survey websites. 

But not all survey sites provide cash rewards, and not all provide PayPal payment. So that you can simply concentrate on them if you choose this reward.

Earn PayPal Money by Doing Paid Surveys on these Best Survey Sites

pawns app by iproyal is a β€œGet-Paid To” service that allows anybody to make a passive income online by taking paid surveys. clients utilize this data for various commercial activities, such as pricing research, trademark protection, and content distribution.Β 

The amount you earn depends on the traffic you share. Pawns give you PayPal money gift cards the more you use the app while you’re online.

You can withdraw your funds as soon as you meet the $5 payout threshold. The payment method includes PayPal. A popup to choose your country will appear. In a foreign country, you may make a variety of payments (and also different virtual gift cards). After selecting a payment option, you may have to wait one or two days for clearance (typically, an email notifying you of a payout request will be delivered to your inbox; click on “VIEW REWARD” to continue). The cash-out amount will appear in your account when you click “REDEEM” to begin the withdrawal procedure.


One of the more recent GPT sites, (formerly, provides many paid surveys in most nations. You may also discover alternative methods to make money here if you reside in a nation where surveys are scarce. The website is simple to use and offers excellent payment options. 

It is one of the quicker PayPal survey sites since you may be paid by PayPal as soon as you earn $5, and you often get your money within a few hours after requesting payment. Freecash also provides additional fantastic reward options, such as Bitcoin, gift cards, or game skins if you’re like that. Additionally, if you sign up through the link below, you will immediately get 100 additional points.


In addition to offering several daily chances to do paid surveys, PrizeRebel also offers a variety of other methods to earn money. You may do quick online paid jobs, and accept various offers, such as joining up for websites, playing online games, installing applications, etc., all of which can result in respectable payouts. Additionally, it offers free competitions and promotional coupons that might give you bonus points. Overall, PrizeRebel is a top website for making additional money and a terrific platform. Most places in the globe allow you to join up, however, the options you have may vary based on where you reside. 

The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are the countries with the most significant opportunities. However, there are excellent prospects in many other nations, so even if you reside in another nation, joining up may still be worthwhile. PrizeRebel offers an extensive selection of gift cards and PayPal as a payment method. When you earn $5, you may already request a payment using PayPal, and you’ll often see the money in your account less than 24 hours afterward.


Regarding paid survey and reward sites, Swagbucks is one of the industry leaders. It provides many daily possibilities to earn additional money and has more than 20 million members. If you like shopping online, watching movies, entering competitions, playing games, and using other means of earning money outside surveys, it also has some excellent cash-back offers. 

You may only join if you reside in one of the nations mentioned above since it is sadly not accessible internationally. But it is an excellent site to join if you reside in one of these nations. Additionally, suppose you sign up through the invitation link below. In that case, you’ll get a sizable $5 welcome bonus, which will give you a head start and bring you closer to the payout level, which will not be difficult to attain with all the options Swagbucks provides. Swagbucks provides a variety of gift cards in addition to PayPal payouts as a reward option.


YouGov offers survey panels in a variety of nations and languages. The polls are exciting to participate in since they mainly cover significant hot themes in your country. An outstanding feature of YouGov is that they often put the findings of the polls and research they perform on the website, allowing you to see the general findings and the media’s coverage. Compared to the time spent on each survey, it pays relatively well. 

It may not have as many daily possibilities as sites that provide other methods to earn, but for a site that just accepts surveys, it has a lot of them. Be aware that YouGov does not always pay using PayPal. As each nation has various payment levels and methods, you must verify for your own, but even those that do not provide PayPal have other excellent benefits.


PaidViewpoint is a survey panel that is incredibly simple to use. The only activity on the website is surveys. PaidViewpoint differs somewhat from other survey panels in that all of its surveys are brief and include simple multiple-choice questions. The sole available payment option is PayPal, and processing takes around 3 days after you’ve requested a payout. The only survey panel that ensures that you will always be able to complete a survey and be paid is PaidViewpoint. 

As a result, it differs from other panels, where you often need to provide answers to a few questions before learning whether you are qualified. Even though PaidViewpoint is accessible everywhere, just a few surveys are available in specific nations. Every day, everyone may participate in a quick profile survey that pays a little, but not all nations have access to important surveys that pay more.

Most polls are conducted for English-speaking nations, particularly the US. It is not a site you should join if you reside in a country where English is not spoken.


All nations may purchase FeaturePoints. However, the number of opportunities will differ based on the nation in which you reside. However, you may discover decent employment prospects in many nations. For instance, you may make money by completing paid surveys, watching movies, downloading applications, and receiving cash back when you purchase online. Due to its excellent software, it is also straightforward to use when on the road. 

One of the most remarkable things about FeaturePoints is the payment options. PayPal is not only available as a payment option, but you may also be paid by PayPal as soon as you reach $3 in earnings. Gift cards and Bitcoin are additional compensation options.


PointClub is a cutting-edge survey website with a lively and appealing layout. Many surveys are available in the nations above, but there are also some chances in other nations. It offers a great bonus system where you can earn more from surveys if you log in daily. You are eligible for a 100% bonus. You have the option of picking from more than 80 gift cards in addition to paying using PayPal. 

PayPal has a higher payment barrier than some other sites on our list, but it also gives a $5 sign-up bonus, which will give you a head start and get you closer to the threshold right away. As a result, it won’t take long to meet the PayPal payout level. If you reside in one of the nations with solid prospects, PointClub is a website worth checking out since it has excellent customer support and a fantastic user experience.


There are various methods to make money using TimeBucks. In addition to paid surveys, there are other methods to earn money online, including offers, watching movies, reading emails, seeing information, and even specific activities like cryptocurrency mining. 

Although not all possibilities provide incredibly high returns, you may still discover some excellent and others quite enjoyable to participate in. One significant aspect of TimeBucks is that it is accessible anywhere. 

The number of surveys or offers you get may vary based on where in the globe you reside, but a lot of the other options are open to everyone, which is fantastic. After a week, once you have met the $10 payout level, the payment will be made automatically. Just be aware that Timebucks no longer pays out directly to PayPal, so if you only want to get paid through PayPal, you will need to take an additional step and do it via AirTM (one of their other payment methods). Use one of the other websites on our list if this seems too much of a headache.


One of the websites that provides a variety of opportunities to earn is InstaGC. You may get money in addition to conducting paid surveys by doing other chores, including watching movies, playing games, joining free trials, downloading applications, betting on sporting events, and more. Despite being accessible to all nations, there may be differences in the options available. 

Most prospects are for nations that use the English language, but there are also some good opportunities in other nations. It takes some time to study the site’s layout and identify the most excellent prospects, but with a bit of patience, it may still be a site to take into account. With InstaGC, you may get paid not just via PayPal but also as soon as you earn $1, which means you can receive payment exceptionally rapidly.


Online paid surveys occur in a wide variety. Thus, a quick search for “genuine paid surveys PayPal” may not necessarily provide the best results. Look for a site with a greater success rate if you attempt to earn additional cash via surveys. You will get several emails with links to do surveys, regardless of the websites you choose. 

Even if having multiple email addresses increases your earning possibilities, you might consider using a different email address only for your survey profiles. By doing this, you may avoid filling up your primary email account with unnecessary messages.



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