10 Best Bitcoin Survey Sites to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2022

Participating in paid internet surveys is a fantastic method to get additional money. Students, stay-at-home parents, and anybody trying to make extra bucks are fond of it. But is there a method to be paid to do internet surveys to get free bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? Yes, there is, is the response. With the rise of online survey platforms, users may now get free bitcoin and other crypto assets in return for completing surveys and engaging in diverse activities, including playing games, scanning receipts, and web searches.

Which online survey sites pay in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

While most of the paid survey sites will offer PayPal money or Gift cards for rewards. However, here are some of the top online survey portals that accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods that we have come across.


Pawns.app is a “Get-Paid-To” service that lets anyone make money online by taking paid surveys for bitcoin, PayPal money, or Amazon Gift cards. Pawns.app clients use this data for various business tasks, such as researching prices, protecting trademarks, and distributing content.

Each survey you complete will get you credits in your Pawns balance. You take more surveys to make more money in Pawns app. This will increase your IPRoyal Pawns.app account’s balance. You may take your money out after you hit the $5 payout threshold. The payout can be made using Bitcoin, but that can differ from country to country.Β 


There are various methods to make money using FreeCash (formerly known as Free Skins). This is one of your most excellent alternatives if you’re seeking fast methods to earn free Bitcoin. There are numerous surveys available here, and several paid offers that you may accept. And you may participate from most nations.

The payment threshold for FreeCash is a mere $0.10 if you withdraw your funds through Coinbase, which makes it especially appealing if you want to earn Bitcoin by doing surveys and other online microtasks. After cashing out, you instantly get your money. Another option is to pick another kind of payment. Although each payment method has different payout criteria, they are often simple to meet. Additionally, if you sign up through the link below, your account will immediately get a bonus of 100 points.


For several reasons, Timebucks differs somewhat from most of the websites on this list. It provides many traditional ways to make money, such as surveys and offers. Still, it also includes some unexpected ways to make money, such as being paid to watch material online or following other people on social media.

Additionally, it might result in some good additional money if you encourage others to join. The fact that you may join and always find a method to make money here, regardless of the nation in which you reside, is fantastic. While some of the techniques don’t pay very well, some do. But it provides excellent prospects if you take the time to explore the site. The payoff threshold for this is just $10, and you may choose from several alternative payout options (see the complete list above). Your preferred wallet may be used to receive payment. So if you are interested in Bitcoins, it is a site with several alternatives.


A Bitcoin GPT site called Honeygain doesn’t indeed provide surveys as a method to make money. Nevertheless, I still choose to include it on our list since it is one of the simplest methods to earn Bitcoin for free because you may start earning right away simply by having the software installed. Simply download Honey Gain to your computer or mobile device, and you’ll start earning money by distributing your excess internet bandwidth. Thus, it might be a terrific and straightforward method to make money if you have limitless internet access. You may get paid in Bitcoin or via PayPal after making $20. You may get a quick payment if you receive it in the cryptocurrency JMPT. You will immediately get a $5 welcome bonus into your account if you sign up using the link below.


Daily surveys and paid opportunities abound at Superpay.me. However, it may be a little challenging to use at first, so give the platform some time to get familiar with you. It has a lot of potential if you get to know it, and in addition to the offers and surveys, it also has a fantastic free cash competition you can participate in. Payment options include PayPal, Wise, Skrill, and Bitcoin. For the majority of prizes, Superpay.me offers a shallow payment barrier since you may be paid as soon as you earn $1; this is not true for Bitcoin, however. You must wait until you have earned $30 before receiving payment in bitcoin. No matter where you reside, you may join Superpay.me. However, you should know that particular nations have more alternatives than others.


One of the quickest methods to earn free Bitcoin is with Surveytime, which pays you immediately once each survey is finished. You may participate from any country and get $1 for each survey. Naturally, the number of surveys provided will differ from one nation to the next. However, altogether, it is a highly user-friendly and quick-paying survey site.

Just be aware that Surveytime’s Bitcoin reward program supports not all countries. But depending on the nation you are in, you may get compensated using gift cards or PayPal after that.


Peer2Profit is not specifically a technique to earn Bitcoin by doing surveys, but you may get passive income by just having it installed. In this manner, you may make money here while working on some of the other websites on our list or doing Bitcoin surveys. All you need to do is install the program, and you’ll start making money anytime you’re online by sharing your new internet. When you earn $2, you may be rewarded in one of the many other cryptocurrencies, cash, or one of the many payment choices it provides.


Another top GPT website is InstaGC. Along with additional alternatives like Figure Eight jobs, joining up for websites, viewing films, placing sports bets, and more, it includes a respectable number of paid surveys. Although the site is accessible worldwide, the number of possibilities may differ from one nation to another. You may receive payment in addition to Bitcoin via Litecoin, Ethereum, and various gift cards. However, you first need to earn and withdraw a minimum of $50 in other incentives before you may get payment in Bitcoin. Once you have $10 earned, you may withdraw in Bitcoin.


A get-paid-to website called Cinchbucks is essentially accessible anywhere in the globe. However, the number of earning options you will have may vary based on the nation in which you reside, but it generally gives a reasonable number. You may get money by participating in surveys and offers, inviting friends, purchasing online and receiving cash back, finding discounts, and playing games.

Although it is not the most accessible site, it may be a terrific method to get free Bitcoins if you have a little patience. Once you have earned $10, the payment threshold for bitcoin, you may request a payout. You may also decide to receive payment by gift cards or PayPal.

Rewarding Ways

Rewarding methods were developed by the same business as Superpay.me and are highly comparable. It includes a significant number of paid offers, several survey possibilities, a free cash competition, and it might be a little challenging to use at first. It is straightforward to observe that the same business is responsible for both websites. 

Due to the comparable prospects, it may not be a good idea to sign up for both Superpay and Rewarding Ways. If you don’t want to join too many websites. To be honest, there aren’t many distinctions between what they offer. You have the same payment choices as on Superpay.me for rewards, including Skrill, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Additionally, in this instance, the payment threshold for Bitcoin is $30, so it takes a bit longer than other incentive systems, where you may immediately be paid after earning $1.


You can start earning bitcoins by completing surveys, downloading applications, or playing games. This demonstrates that you don’t need to be an internet guru to start making a few extra hundred dollars a month. Once you get the hang of it, you may earn additional hundreds of bitcoins each month with minimal work. The procedure may take some time and patience.



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