How To Write A Blog Post Outline in 2023?- Best Checklist

Iโ€™m a huge fan of blogging and believe that most people donโ€™t know what they donโ€™t know about it.ย 

Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. The key to writing well is to start with a blog post outline.

The purpose of an outline is not to dictate how you say it. It is instead to organize your thinking so you can come up with a better idea before you even try putting the words down.

A good blog post outline will help you learn about an ongoing topic and show how it relates to other topics in your blog post.ย 

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Bottom Line UpFront: How To Write A Blog Post Outline in 2023?

Write about your basic topics:ย 

  • What do I want my article/blog post about?ย 
  • What should I cover?ย 
  • How should I tackle this topic?ย 
  • How do I write my introduction?ย 
  • How do I write my facts?ย 
  • Get yourself into a mindset on what those points are: Do I want my topic to be wordy or short-and-sweet? What evidence am I looking at? What are my key points?

Make sure that everything flows well from one point in your outline down through another point in your article.

Start with one point, follow with another point and end with another point until every aspect of your article/blog post flows through each other perfectly โ€” even if words are missing between each step.ย 

For example: If you start at point 1 (introduction) take note of how everything flows from here down through 2 (fact #1) into 3 (fact #2) into 4 (point #3).ย 

How to create an outline?

According to this article, the โ€œidea of an outline is to provide a structure and setup for your thoughts.โ€ The article goes on, โ€œAn outline should be a step by step process in which you write down everything that is going through your mind as it comes up.โ€

This article suggests writing out an outline before you start writing. It also gives examples of what an outline might look like.

An interesting example of an outline can be found here.

Set Your Goal

set goals for blog post outline

Whatever you write should be well-framed and with an aim to achieve the desired goal. Whether you want people to comment on your post, or connect with you via email, you should have a clear mindset.

If you have a clear mindset of what you want to achieve, then you can create your blog post outline in minutes.

Keep in mind your target audience and then compile the outline for the post. Letโ€™s say your content targets sports men and women. You can then talk about the best nutrition to help gain weight.

Research The Topic


LSI keywords play a crucial role in helping your site get recognized by search engines. So do deep research for the LSI keywords to be included in the blog post outline and within the content.

THe best way to find LSI keywords is to search in Google. When you type anything, Google will show you relevant keywords and topics that you could rank for.ย 

You can start with keyword research tools like the free UberSuggest. Or, if you have a high budget, you can analyze the content using the SEMrush keyword magic tool.ย 

Make sure you choose relevant keywords to your content with a low competition. Once you have the target keyword, you can create amazing content with an attractive headline.ย 

Prepare A List of Questions and Its Answers

A lot of questions create an eagerness in the audience to find out its answers. If you have the questions and its answers in your blog post, then you are a winner.ย 

You can easily find questions in Google search results or SEO tools like SEMrush. Just enter the blog post title, and the SEO tool will create a list of questions to be answered.ย 

The best way to get suggestions for questions is to add why, what, where with your seed keyword.ย 

You can browse forums like Quora, where people are often looking to find answers. Donโ€™t worry about the keyword volume. So, even it is low, you can include it the blog post outline.

Analyze Other Top Appearing Contents in SERPs


You have done keyword research, but you must also spy on your competitors. When I spy, it means analyzing your competitors’ top-ranking content similar to yours.ย 

When you input the seed keyword in Google, you will see a list of blog posts.ย 

By analyzing other top content on the internet, you will know the content length. Try to keep your content length at least 1000 words with a minimum of 5 questions.

You will get to know some great headlines that you can pick for your blog post. You can use the same headlines or rephrase it.ย 

Check out the examples, statistics and referrals used by the top content. This will also help you identify how popular the content is on the web and how many have written the same content headline.ย 

The last thing is to check what other blog posts are missing. This is where your blog post can win over others.

Pro Tip

In addition to outlining how long each section should be, it is also essential to include an appropriate level of detail when describing something or someone.ย 

The details should be descriptive enough so that people can visualize them. But not so detailed that they become too complicated for people who arenโ€™t experts on the subject or just looking for basic information on this topic.

This will help people relate to what youโ€™re saying even if they are looking for information on this topic and arenโ€™t interested in further details or technical explanations.

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The importance of a Blog post Outline

A blog post outline will often help you to think about your topic better. It will help you organize ideas, information or experiences logically.

A good blog post outline can help you develop and understand an idea better.

A blog post is an excellent way to give more context to your content without overwhelming them with information.ย 

An outline allows you to position the main ideas of your post and link all of the other pieces of information together in a logical sequence.

When writing a blog post, itโ€™s best to keep things simple and brief; the more details you add, the greater chance that others will get distracted by details that donโ€™t matter and miss what matters.ย 

The more detail and context there is in a post, the less they remember and get distracted by minor details that donโ€™t matter.

Every ingredient has its purpose in writing a blog post. You need:

  • an introduction,ย 
  • you need some facts (tips),ย 
  • some background information (facts),ย 
  • some hints (knowledge),ย 
  • a conclusion,ย 
  • and then some examples to support those tips/facts/background information/Hints on the subject (examples).

The process for writing out an article or blog post is similar when it comes to outlining:

If you have time: Create a simple outline; this will make it easier for you later on when it comes time to edit your text.ย 


A blog post outline is a critical part in the process of writing a blog post. The system is a sequence of steps for structuring your post into a cohesive and highly successful piece of content, helping you to avoid the common mistakes that can derail your writing efforts.

A blog post outline will help you analyze all the different types of information that youโ€™ll need to include in your blog post, as well as how to organize them in a logical, chronological order.

You should ensure that each post section has strong evidence backing it up. You should also consider how long each section should be and make sure to include an appropriate amount of text in these sections so that readers will have enough information to understand what youโ€™re saying.

For example, if youโ€™re writing about a topic related to medicine and want to add more details about how it works and why itโ€™s important for people in general, then your description should be longer than if you were talking about a football team because football is more relevant than medicine in this case.

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