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Are you looking for a platform that will allow you to get reliable data from the Internet’s millions of websites for your business? Bright Data is your best bet.

As you are probably well aware, Bright Data is a market-leading data collecting technology that collects structured and unstructured data from many websites.

With its advanced technologies and proxy networks, you can gain access to typically inaccessible sites.

Bright data satisfies all your data collecting requirements by unblocking specified websites, ensuring you have access to all necessary information.

Bright Data, on the other hand, does not offer a free version. You must pay for each of the company’s services. However, you can take advantage of its seven-day free trial. In this article, I’ll explain how to obtain a complimentary trial of Bright Data proxy.

Bright Data Free Trial Introduction

bright data free trial

Bright Data is an Israel-based proxy selling and data collection company. It was formed in 2014 by Ofer Vilenski and Derry Shribman.

Using these proxies is a great way to scrape accurate data from the web without worrying about being blocked or tricked.

Additionally, you may compare costs from around the world. Residential IP addresses safeguard your brand by preventing content theft.

We adore Bright Data’s proxy browser extension, which instantly turns you incognito on your computer, allowing you to explore the world without interruption. It’s simple to use and requires no code.

Additionally, they will delete any data about you that have been gathered from public information on the Internet.

You only need to complete a form, and they will delete any information associated with your email.

bright data products

Let us discuss its customer support. Their customer support is outstanding. They are available 24/7/365, and any questions you may have will be addressed and answered immediately.

One of the features we liked best about their customer support is that they have a dedicated email for reporting incidents of employee harassment. In such instances, you may email them.

Bright Data delivers on all of its promises; nevertheless, the company’s prices may be one drawback. However, given their superior offerings, we believe the company is worth a go.

How To Sign Up For Bright Data Free Trial?

At Bright Data, you may simply begin your 7-day free trial. Each Bright Data proxy offers four different plans.

If you’re interested in purchasing home proxies, navigate to the Residential proxies page.

Click on Get Started Now and complete the essential fields.

bright data icon
Staff Pick

Verify card for $1 and get $5 in credits

Start a Free Trial of Bright Data Residential Proxy and get $5 for adding your card to activate your account.
134 People Used
5 Only Left
(Use Code – CBT15)
bright data signup

Next, create a password for bright Data after you sign up successfully.

bright data create password

After setting a password, you will be able to access your dashboard. KYC is required first.

bright data account success

The Bright Data account manager will contact you by email to ask for the required information and to schedule a video call for the KYC.

Your use case must be explained to a Bright Data representative during the KYC process.

Several use-cases are forbidden. Therefore, if any of those apply to your use case, you will not be approved to use Residential Proxies or Mobile Proxy Network.

The approval process takes time.

If your application is approved, you can access your Bright Data dashboard. You will be able to manage your proxy settings there.

How to Avail 10% discount on Bright Data?

How Do You Get a 10% Off Bright Coupon Code for Bright Data?

You can get your 10% discount on Bright Data’s annual plans by following the steps below.

Step 1: Here is a link to our special discount. Click on the link to access Bright Data’s pricing page directly.

bright data plans

Step 2: Under the “Yearly Subscriptions” area of the price section, you’ll find various annual options. Choose the option that is most appropriate for your work and budget. Once you’ve determined your ideal strategy, click “Start Now.”

bright data login

Step 3: The website will prompt you to connect to your account to complete the transaction. You may do so here if you haven’t already registered an account.

You can create an account by providing your name, email address, and phone number.

Step 4: After successfully logging in or creating an account, select your preferred payment option and fund your account to complete your transaction.

bright data accepted payments

Congratulations! Your Bright Data discount has been applied successfully.

Add Money to your Bright Data Account

A Bright Data account must be funded with money before you can use its services. There should be funds available in your Bright Data account since all plans are “Pay as you go.”

Add a payment method under “Billing.”

bright data dashboard
bright data add payment

You will be charged $1 for verifying your identity when you add the card. If you activate your card, you can receive a $5 bonus when you sign up.

How To Create Residential Proxy?

Bright Data Residential proxies can be used for various purposes, including web data extraction, advertising technology, and eCommerce.

When you use a residential proxy (in your local PC, scraping software, or a custom application), the target website (that you visit via the software/pc) recognizes you as a genuine person from the selected destination.

To begin using Residential Proxies, navigate to your dashboard and click on the Proxies menu item in the left sidebar menu.

bright data create residential proxy

Next, click on β€œAdd Zone.”

bright data add zone

Bright Data is an excellent provider of proxy services. If you have a generic use case in mind (for example, Instagram follower software), you may write it while building the zone, and it will suggest the appropriate network type.

Because we will be using Residential proxies, select “Residential” from the network types list for the time being.

bright data choose residential

It gets a little tricky here. It all depends on your usage.

bright data create zone
  • 3 –  Enter the name of the zone. Only you will be able to see it.
  • 4 – The ‘gIP’ type should be selected. You can use the same IP address for other zones when not in use. On the other hand, you can select Exclusive if you want the pool of IPs to be exclusive.
  • 5 – Even whether the IP is shared or unique; you may wish to provide the location of the IP. You will be charged the usual fee if you only require an IP address from a specific country (which has already been verified).
  • The cost increases when you have to see further to find IP addresses from a given state or location.
  • 6 – Maintain an eye on the “Monthly cost.”
  • 7 – Ports can be used for HTTP or HTTPS by the proxy network. Add a port or range of ports to the Allowlist if you wish.
  • 8 – When you have filled in all the required information, click β€œAdd Zone.”

Start creating your Zone Now.

There are two types of residential intellectual property: shared and exclusive.

Exclusive residential IP addresses give you access to a group of IP addresses. These can be used to collect data and identify target domains.

These IPs have several advantages over Shared IPs, including increased success and eliminating of bottlenecks caused by repeated usage.

Residential proxies are incredibly stable, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. By integrating it with the proxy manager, you can send an unlimited number of concurrent requests, enhancing efficiency.

Using the Bright Data Residential Proxy Extension in Chrome

Thus, at this point, I’m presuming you’ve created and activated the zone on your Bright data dashboard.

Let’s test it in your Chrome browser to ensure that it works.

To edit a proxy, navigate to dashboard >> Proxies and click on the “Edit” icon to the right of the active zone.

bright data edit proxy

1 – Copy the username into Notepad or somewhere else to keep it safe.

2 – It is possible to copy the displayed password and store it in a Notepad document. Alternately, you can change it by clicking the pencil icon just next to it.

bright data residential settings

You can download and install “Bright data Chrome Extension” once you’ve saved the details in a notepad file.

Choose “Sign in using zone password” when you click the bright data icon.”

bright data signing

Now, sign in with the username and password you copied earlier.

bright data username password
bright data choose country
  • 1 – Select a zone. It will be the name you gave to the zone when you created it.
  • 2 – Choose the country where you are attempting to get a residential IP address.

“Residential Proxy” will be activated when you click the Country name.

bright data enable disable
  • 1 – Check the proxy’s status.
  • 2 – Check your IP by visiting the external site.
  • 3 – Your browser’s IP address.
  • 4 – Switch for enabling/disabling.

Everything is set. Bright data Residential Proxy will now appear in your browser.

Bright Data Features

bright data locations

Web Data Extraction:

The web is not transparent in today’s world. Sites frequently prevent you from accessing their website for a variety of reasons.

Therefore, you will require a suitable tool if you wish to access their website to collect information. You can conduct searches on any website around the globe using Bright Data’s home IP addresses.

In a world where brand competition is fierce, it is critical to collect reliable data to provide the best service possible to your customers.

Brand Protection:

Consider that you’ve spent years building a website, designing its logo, writing its content, and finally achieving the accolades it deserves.

Now consider what would happen if someone stole your content ideas. That would be horrible.

Oftentimes, individuals plagiarise ideas from another’s website. Then, to avoid being discovered by the legitimate owner, they watch their IP addresses and adjust their website appropriately.

With Bright Data’s home IP addresses, you may log in as a regular customer to their website and discover who misuses your original ideas.

Proxies for E-Commerce:

Sometimes competitors’ websites contain incorrect information because they are aware of your visit. They use this to maintain an advantage in the game by feeding you incorrect information.

With residential IPs from Bright Data, you can visit a competitor’s website as a regular customer while concealing your genuine identity.

In this manner, you can avoid being duped and obtain the necessary information.

Bright Data Pricing Plans

bright data proxy infrastructure

Bright Data offers a variety of pricing plans for its various services. Read on to learn more.

Prices for Data Collector: 



bright data pay as you go

Monthly subscription: 

  1. Starter- $350/month ($3.50/CPM)
  2. Production- $750/month ($3.00/CPM)
  3. Plus – $1250/month ($2.50/CPM)
  4. Enterprise- $21000/month ($1.05/CPM)

Yearly subscription: 

  1. Starter- $315/month ($3.05/CPM)
  2. Production- $675/month ($3.00/CPM)
  3. Plus- $1125/month ($2.50/CPM)
  4. Enterprise- $18900/month ($1.05/CPM)

Prices for Proxy Infrastructure: 


  1. Data Center- $0.65/IP+$0.10/GB
  2. Residential- $17.50/GB
  3. ISP- $20.00/GB+$0.50/IP
  4. Mobile- $42.00/GB

Monthly subscriptions: 

  1. Starter- $500/month 
  2. Production- $1000/month
  3. Plus- $3400/month
  4. Enterprise- $30000/month

Yearly subscriptions: 

  1. Starter- $450/month
  2. Production- $900/month
  3. Plus- $3060/month
  4. Enterprise- $27000/month

As you can see, Bright Data’s price structure is quite adaptable. If you’re not interested in paying for a month or year in advance, you can opt for the pay-as-you-go option. While their costs are exorbitant, their superb services compensate for the cost.

If you appreciate Bright Data’s services but cannot afford them, we recommend subscribing to their yearly plan, which offers 10% off all plans.

They offer a seven-day free trial if you’re still on the fence about paying that much money.

Is Bright Data worth it?

bright data reviews

Bright Data’s high prices may put off many individuals. However, Bright Data does the heavy lifting for you. From delivering correct data from websites worldwide with a single click to unblocking websites for you, Bright Data is an incredible platform.

They have a success rate of over 95% and will have solutions to any of your problems. The nicest aspect is that regardless of how much money you spend, whether $5 or $500, their customer service team treats each person equally.

Bright Data’s over 72 million IP addresses will offer you any information you require while in incognito mode. It has the ideal tools, is quick, efficient, and simple to execute.

As a result of our extensive investigation, we believe that Bright Data is worth a shot.

Additionally, it offers a seven-day free trial period for your convenience. Therefore, give it a shot before they eliminate the trial period.


Are proxies illegal?

Internet users are susceptible to hacking and having their information stolen.

Proxies are only prohibited in limited instances. For instance, when you’re utilizing proxies to access content restricted to people of a particular nation.

What is the difference between residential proxies and data center proxies?

A residential proxy server is used to conceal your identity online and cannot be traced back to you because you are using another person’s home address’s IP address.

A datacenter proxy’s actual location can be determined.

What is a token in Bright Data?

A token is an authentication technique in Bright Data. When you check in to your Bright Data account from a different device, they send you an OTP to your email, which you must enter during the sign-in procedure.

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Final ThoughtsΒ 

Bright Data is a market leader in data collection. It has aided over 10,000 data professionals over the last seven years. That is quite an incredible sum.

It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and contains a service level agreement (SLA) outlining the quality and performance level you can anticipate from them.

Their staff is made up of highly skilled engineers who are available at all hours of the day. They can assist you with Bright Data’s features and show you how to use the tools to accomplish your goals more quickly and correctly.

The best part is that they are constantly improving their website. Whatever is demanded of them, they respond by updating their website and adding new features. They have grown exponentially since they began and continue to do so.



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