Guide for Using Bright Data Mobile Proxy + Price Guide 2022

Do you know how the IP cycle works when browsing your mobile phone? Each time you use your mobile phone to search for anything, your IP address changes, and you are assigned a new IP address that another customer was using previously. This happens from time to time.

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Understanding IP systems can be tricky, but one benefit comes from playing with them. With a reliable tool, you can have all the information you need using your mobile network and how it works with the big World Wide Web. Bright Data is here to make that work for you.

How can Bright Data Mobile Proxy be a change for your company’s data research? Why not we discuss that in detail?

You will find everything you need to know about Mobile Proxy by Bright Data. Read on.

About Bright Data?

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Let’s first understand what the company is all about. Once known as Luminati, Bright Data is one prominent and number 1 consumer proxy provider. It is one competitive name in the industry of proxy providers and data centers where you can find all the data related to your project and any XYZ industry.

With the support of over 15000 users from every industry, Bright Data is genuinely known for its advanced rotating proxy services. Its fast, extensive, and can provide essential structured and unstructured data from unlimited websites. You just mention your priorities and set the target, and you will be amazed to see how it combines all the information in a personalized manner as if it is ready for you to use.

What is Mobile Proxy?

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A proxy, which most of you would be familiar with, acts as a buried between the user and the internet. Mobile proxy is the same as it becomes the intermediary that works between the user and the web pages you visit. It uses your mobile IP address to help you connect with the internet and browse through it seamlessly.

Bright Data’s Mobile Proxy is renowned for having the fastest and biggest real-peer IPs working in 3G and 4G networks. It has more than 7 million mobile residential IPs, so you don’t have to worry about getting one.

Mobile Proxy by Bright Data is pretty advanced as well. Take it from its users who state that its network and integration ways help them improve and widen their data collection with utmost support.

Mobile Proxy features

Here are the features that make Bright Data Mobile Proxy one great thing to complete your data search.

Browse without restriction

While looking for something on the internet, we come across some handy website that doesn’t work; that’s annoying. Understanding this and not letting you restrict your data research, this Mobile Proxy gives you all the freedom you need. There are no limits and boundaries, just mobile residential IPs that work worldwide.

High-resolution IPs

With Bright Data Mobile Proxy, you don’t have to worry about anonymity because its ASN system takes care of it and allows you to use the IP more freely. Not just it, it maintains the balance and verifies every online asset for you.

No Geo Blocks

Nowadays, most websites follow a Geo block tracking system that allows them to protect their content. It doesn’t come on your way to better data research. This mobile proxy comes with no geo-block website tracking system. Not to mention, it masks your IP and enables it to track by all the local websites. Awesome, right?

How to have Mobile Proxy?

Mobile Proxy is all good, but how do you start working with it? You must follow a bunch of super-easy steps and are all set to try it out yourself. Ready to use Mobile Proxy by Bright Data? Read on.

Step 1 – Sign up

  • First, you need to go to the official website of Bright Data. Select the Proxies from the top drop-down menu and then the Mobile Proxies.
  • Now, you’ll have a mobile proxy page that gives you an overview of what to expect from it. Right there, there is a button called Start Now. Click on it.
  • There you would need to fill in some basic details.
  • You need to set a password to access your dashboard on the next page.
  • Now, go to your email and verify it for further accessibility.

You have your dashboard on Bright Data, where you can start using Mobile Proxy.

Step 2 – Have a mobile proxy.

  • You can use your dashboard. On the left side menu, select the Proxies option.
  • You will have the list of proxies you will ever create.
  • On the top right corner of that page, you will see a button named ‘add Zone.’ Click on it, creating your mobile proxy.
  • When you are at the add new proxy zone page, you’ll go with the Mobile option.
  • You need to fill out a form to have a preferred proxy type.
  • Select the zone and specific geographical region where you want to browse.
  • Now, if you want a private proxy that you can access anytime, you should go with the exclusive one that gives you the right. Otherwise, you can simply go with the shared one.
  • Once that is done, simply click on the Add Zone button.
  • It will ask for your validation before creating the zone. So, click on the yes button.
  • Now, everything is done, and you will see your mobile proxy in the list on your dashboard.
  • Just make sure it is activated before you start using it.

Step 3 – Use the mobile proxy.

You have your mobile proxy ready to use, but the first step is understanding the two ways of using it.

Like residential proxy, this one is straightforward because all you need to do is add a Google extension to your Chrome and start using it. Let’s know how it works.

  • You can find your mobile proxy with a blue button to activate on the proxy page.
  • Right beside it, there is an edit button. As you click on it, it will show you the data of the mobile proxy.
  • Make sure you first copy the username and password from that data. You’ll need it to use the proxy.
  • Now, Google the Bright Data Extension. Follow the steps and attach that to your extension.
  • You will see three buttons as you open it from the top right corner of Google Chrome. Click on the ‘Sign in using password’ button.
  • Now, type in the user name and password like a residential proxy. Make sure it’s activated, and you are all set to browse from another world.
  • It’s easy to use this way, but the truth is, it can cost you way too much without you realizing it.

Social media scraping – using a mobile proxy with a social media scraping tool is a lot more convenient option. All you need is a social media scraping tool and the proxy to work with it. This will save you money and make mobile data scraping a lot easier.

The Importance of User-Agent

When using Mobile Proxy (from any provider), User-Agent should be set as a mobile device. Here’s a list of standard user-agent for mobile devices.

Mobile Proxy Pricing

Mobile proxy seems easy to use, but the truth is, it costs way too much as compared to the other proxy types. Again, Bright Data comes with reasonable rates to help you have better insights using a mobile proxy. So, what plans does it offer? Let’s see.

Pay as you go

As the name suggests, it is for people who want to pay an exact amount. This one is about paying for only the data you use via this Mobile Proxy. Have a look at the cost of this one.

Monthly Subscription

If paying per GB seems too expensive for you, a monthly subscription is a way to go. It asks you to make the payment in bulk so you can browse without much interference. Here are the plans and their prices in the monthly subscription.

Yearly Subscription

Again, this one lets you make the payment bulk as you pay every year for these proxies. However, this one comes with a gift because you will get a 10% discount when you choose to pay annually. This happens every time, whether you are a newbie or an old subscriber. Check out the costs of the annual subscription.

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Proxies are a way to go for your complete data research. It saves a lot of your efforts and time. Mobile Proxy is one such asset to have to win over your competition in the industry. But when many companies in the market have a mobile proxy, it becomes hard to choose the best one. Hence, this Bright Data Mobile Proxy guide becomes handy.

Now head to Bright Data, follow a few easy steps, and you are all set to explore the hidden world of your industry. I hope you found this article helpful. We’ll be back with more valuable pieces.

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