Bright Data Pricing (How to Choose the Right Plan)

Looking for a perfect data scraping tool can give you a headache. Some of them offer a great price while the others are great for the services you have been looking for. What if we tell you there is one tool that gives you both – great solutions at reasonable prices. Yes, we are talking about Bright Data. 

Bright Data has some great solutions for your data research requirements, but as soon as you click on the Bright data pricing, you may find it confusing to go with the right plan.  Not to worry, here is a price guide you have been looking for. So, if you find it hard to pick the right Bright Data plan for your needs, this is the place to be. 

Now, without any further ado, you need to know everything about Bright Data pricing. 

Let’s divide this into three parts to make it a bit easy. Starting with the first one:

Proxies infrastructure

To begin with, if you don’t know what type of proxy would be perfect for you, it is a safe option to go with. Proxy infrastructure gives you access to all types of proxies you get from Bright Data. Mobile Proxy, Residential Proxy, Dedicated proxy, Exclusive proxies, or ISP proxies. 

What are the plans that come under this one? Have a look. 


If you are using different proxies all at once, you would prefer to make the payment for the solutions you are using. Right? This is precisely the type of plan you need. Here, you will find different prices for each proxy type you use. The cost is:

Monthly Subscription

Here comes the subscription for the proxies you want to use. With this, you can make the payment for the entire month and start using the proxies. There are five types of plans that come with this subscription. These are:

Yearly Subscription

This one is pretty much like the monthly package, but the only difference is, as the name suggests, you would have to make the payment annually instead of every month. What is the benefit? You may ask. This one comes with a discount because you get a 10% off. Besides, you get the freedom from making frequent payments every month. 

Proxy types

Let’s discuss the prices according to the type of proxy you pick up. One thing to note here, all types of pricing come with a pretty similar pattern. You get a pay-as-you-go option that lets you pay for only what you use. Another thing, all the yearly packages come with a 10% off. 

Here are proxies and the types of plans Bright Data offers users. 

Web Unlocker

Web Unlocker is the solution that unlocks every secured website for you. No matter how restricted the data is from that website. Web Unlocker isn’t part of the Proxy Infrastructure, so you must pick the plan separately. However, this comes at pretty reasonable prices. Have a look. 

  • Pay as you go.

  • Monthly Subscription

  • Yearly subscription

Datacenter proxies

If you need to mark your IP for your data research or any other reason, the Datacenter proxy is the way to go. This is included in the proxy infrastructure, but here are the plans if you want to save on that. 

  • Pay as you go.

  • Monthly Subscription

  • Yearly subscription

Residential proxy

Although you get a residential proxy in the proxy infrastructure, why pay extra if you know what you want. This is one of the most common proxies that allow you to access the internet as if you are from another part of the world.  The prices of this proxy type are:

  • Pay as you go.

  • Monthly Subscription

  • Yearly subscription

ISP proxies

ISP proxies are a blend of both Data Center and Residential proxies. It’s like when you want to run your IP address in different parts of the world. This feature makes ISP a powerful feature of this one. 

The plans of ISP proxies are like:

  • Pay as you go.

  • Monthly Subscription

  • Yearly subscription

Mobile Proxy

Talking about data scraping and not going with social media can be a big problem. Enters Mobile Proxy that has the power to extract data from such networks using its real-peer 3G and 4G IPs. This proxy can be a little more expensive than the rest of them, but still, you get valuable data when you use it nicely. 

  • Pay as you go.

  • Monthly Subscription

  • Yearly subscription

Data collection tools

Data collection is the priority service of Bright Data. That’s why Bright Data comes with some fantastic Data Collection Tools in three forms. Namely:

  • Data Collector
  • Datasets
  • Search Engine Scraper

As you click on any of these tools, you will see a form that asks for your basic requirements. This is just to have an idea about your company and the type of work. Here you would have to ask for a quotation instead of straightaway going for a plan.

However, it’s not like you cannot have an idea about the pricing. So, here are the plans that you can expect from Bright Data. 

Data Collector

Data Collector is here to collect data from every possible source. You just need to mention your sources, and the Bright Data team will handle the rest. Now, let’s have a look at the prices. 


Full Service

Search Engine Scraper

Like Web Unlocker, Search Engine Scraper is not included in the overall Proxy Structure plans. So. you would have to purchase this one separately if you want to go with it. 

This solution scraps the valuable data from search engines like Google and gives it to you in an easy-to-understand and curative manner. 

Coming to the point, here are the prices for this proxy solution. 

  • Pay as you go.

  • Monthly Subscription

  • Yearly subscription


Dataset pricing is a bit different from all. As soon as you visit the Datasets section of the Bright Data website, you will find the button that says the ‘Request Dataset Sample’ button. This will take you to a form and ask for your basic details. Fill it out and get a quotation straight from the team itself. 

If you still want a rough idea, datasets by Bright Data pricing start with $3000. You can still ask the team for a quotation and go with it if you find the package within budget.


Starting with Bright Data may seem confusing looking at the pricing of all the services and tools it offers. But this article solves that problem for you. Now, choose wisely and start scraping the valuable data out. 

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