Bright Data vs Oxylabs 2023: Which One Is the Best?

What do you think is the most valuable resource in the world? If we speak overall, the answer would be anything like oil. But in the business world, nothing can replace data. When data is turned into information and then insights, it can create magic for your company.

In this Bright data vs Oxylabs article, you must have a reliable tool when scraping data from the big world wide web. That’s inevitable because otherwise, you can spend weeks and thousands of dollars and still have nothing. While we are on data research, two platforms in the market have raised the bar: Oxylabs and Bright Data.

No matter what, Oxylabs and Bright Data are the best data collector and residential proxy providers. But the question is, does bright data outperforms Oxylabs? Letโ€™s figure that out in this article.

Read on for a detailed comparison between the two.

Bright Data overview

Bright Data homepage

Bright Data is one of the best data providers, previously known as Luminati. This one is quite popular amongst big businesses for data-related services like proxy solutions, sets, etc.

Youโ€™ll be impressed that more than 500 companies are already working with Bright Data to find the best data for their business decisions. These come from various industries like travel, retail, finance, etc.

Bright Data is pretty good because of its speed, the number of proxies, and the ability to offer personalized services to each user. You can only figure that out once you try your hands on it.

Moreover, more than 15000 customers talk about its professional work and excellent support. Not to worry, weโ€™ll discuss everything about it in detail.

Oxylabs overview

Oxylabs proxy website

Letโ€™s talk about Oxylabs. You can call it the biggest Bright Data competitor in the market. Oxylabs is one specialized web data gathering platform offering its services since 2015.

This one is famous for its large-scale public data collection, web scraping solutions, and other innovative services that make decision-making easier.

Like Bright Data, Oxylabs is another constantly growing company focusing on many innovative solutions for its users.

Currently, it is working with more than 300 professionals and 1000 clients from across the globe and offers more than 102 million proxies for its users. Again, weโ€™ll discuss more Oxylabs below. Keep reading.

Features of Bright Data

Features of Bright Data

Down there are some features that make Bright Data one ideal platform to start your data research. So, read on.

Fast and reliable

Since we started using it, there wasnโ€™t a time when we faced any slow-loading web page or delayed getting results using Bright Data.

Moreover, it truly stands on its words when it says they give you 99.99% uptime. That works in the most efficient way that beats up most of the good companies out there.

Works brilliantly worldwide.

The GEO location of Bright Data is quite impressive as it works in more than 190 countries across the globe. You can always enjoy unidentifiable, trusted, and profitable IP addresses no matter where you are.

Bright Data is known for its enormous HTTP, and HTTPS P2P requests that give you the private network you have always wanted. We have tested it to know how it stands to its words.

Performs various tasks at once

Bright Data is suitable for proxies and data collection. But what else? It keeps a lot of things under control. These include keeping up with the industry competition, maintaining utmost security, verification/validation, etc. It doesnโ€™t disappoint you in any of these areas. Try and see it yourself.

Easy to use

Using bright data proxies would not be a big issue, even if you are a beginner. Why? You can use multiple options to use the IP addresses for your world wide web browsing. However, if you ask us, our favorite one is Chrome Extension. Just attach the Bright Data extension to the top right corner of Chrome, and you are good to browse without any restrictions.

Excellent compatibility

Scraping data from the internet is not easy. But keeping everything aside, you first need a reliable proxy to keep the game strong that is not easy to track. In that case, Bright Data works wonders because this platform is highly compatible with your needs.

This isnโ€™t like any other proxy provider and tricks any geo-restrictions. When the geo-restricted website catches your IP, Bright Data immediately changes the address and provides you continuous work. Moreover, you won’t be able to notice this change even while browsing.

Oxylabs features

Features of Oxylabs

What features are there in Oxylabs? Letโ€™s figure that out.

GEO-targeting is top-notch

Flexibility is what everybody looks for when looking for a reliable proxy tool. Oxylabsโ€™ Geotargeting system gives you exactly that. You can have your proxy from any country, state, or city. Once you use it, youโ€™ll know what you are paying for.

A blend of the right tools

Using Oxylabs gives you access to many reliable tools that make data scraping easier for you. These often come with exceptional solutions that make every result more personalized. So, if you need the best results, you can get help from these tools.

Enjoy the expertise

Oxylabs platform is pretty good at its data scrapping solutions. They provide the smoothness of having the data on your table ready with over seven years of expertise. Moreover, a team of experts with years of experience in the industry will provide you with the best solution per your needs.

Get it customized

Customizing data can be complex for the users. Understanding this, Oxylabs is here to help you by giving you a customized setup. That will make data extraction a lot easier and too unique for individuals. It knows how to meet each userโ€™s requirements, which is awesome.

The education

There are blogs, customer stories, webinars, documentation, FAQs, and more. These are here to make things easier for the users as they are educated about their actions. All this educational stuff is excellent for beginners, especially. Also, even if you are a pro, there is nothing terrible in knowing the best data scraping and relatable tools.

Pricing of Bright Data

Now that you know Bright Data’s features, here are the plans you need to have before using those great solutions. First, the plan’s cost varies depending on the type of proxy or product you choose. So, weโ€™ll only look at the residential proxy prices for an idea.

Without any further ado, look at Bright Data’s prices.

Pay as you go

This option is pretty straightforward. You have to pay for whatever data you use to access the proxy. This is reasonable and allows you to pay for what you do: nothing more, nothing extra like a monthly or yearly subscription. However, you wouldnโ€™t find this option in Oxylabs.

Bright data has flexible pricing

Monthly subscription

The monthly subscription is here for those who don’t want to spend much per GB instead of taking the safer track by paying in bulk. Hence, here you make the payment every month. What are the packages you can find? Take a look:

Monthly pricing of Bright Data

Yearly subscription

Again, an annual payment is another option if you want to make the payment in bulk. Go for this one if data research is your serious track and you want to save as much as possible. Yes, this one costs the same as the monthly plan, but the good news is you get to keep 10% more.

Yearly plans Bright Data

Pricing of Oxylabs

We will also look at the residential proxy prices because there are different prices for the product or service you pick. Oxylabs doesnโ€™t have anything like a pay-as-you-go option, which is convenient for many people. What you are left with are monthly subscriptions and yearly subscriptions. Letโ€™s see what they are.

Billed monthly

Down there are the plans that come under the billed monthly system. One thing to note here is that the prices of Oxylabs are a little higher compared to Bright Data. Have a look at the plans.

Residential Proxy Pricing at

Billed annually

Continuing those four plans with the โ€˜Billing Monthlyโ€™ option, the Billed Annually is almost the same. Like Bright Data, this one also offers 10% off if you make the payment annually. Here is the cost of all plans with a 10% discount.

Annual Residential Proxy Pricing at

The Key Differences

  • Bright data is one of the fastest residential IP proxies you will ever find. Oxylabs promise you the same, but it is more about having an extensive proxy pool.
  • Bright Data may not be the cheapest, but it is more affordable than Oxylabs pricing. Besides, Bright Data has a convenient option for the user called โ€˜Pay-As-You-Go,โ€™ and Oxylabs has no such thing but straightaway the monthly packages.
  • While we are on plans and pricing, one way is to pay for the services under Proxy Infrastructure plans. However, at Oxylabs, you have to choose the type of service or product and pay accordingly.
  • Oxylabs offers a 7-day free trial, and so does Bright Data, but that comes with a difference. With Oxylabs, you need approval from the team to try out the solutions and tools or work with the 3-day money-back guarantee. However, with Bright Data, there is no such condition to try out the free trial. You need a work email ID, and you are good to go.
  • Here comes support for the users. There is a big difference between the two platforms. At Bright Data, you interact with the team and experts in various ways. To name a few, there is WhatsApp, Telegram, Social Media, Live chat, email, and even call. Nonetheless, Oxylabs only allows an email support system and live chat option.

These are some of the significant differences between Bright Data and Oxylabs. All these are not random or minor but something that values the most for the users like you and us. So, you know where this is going.

My Verdict: Bright data vs Oxylabs

Here is a comparison of two of the best proxy and data scraping platforms in marketing. Oxylabs and Bright Data both stand out as the best in their field.

But, when it comes to going for the best one, you know your answer, considering the final verdict we just shared with you. Rest is all your choice, and if you find Oxylabs a better option, you are good to go.

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