Buy Cheapest Datacenter Proxy from Best Providers (No Free Option)

Datacenter proxies are the most cost-effective method of changing your IP address. They’re the preferred method for various purposes, including circumventing geolocation restrictions, gaming, automating workflows, and scraping site content.

Proxy servers for datacenters come in a wide variety of configurations. You can obtain shared or dedicated IP numbers for your usage, static or rotating addresses, and occasionally even entirely free addresses!

This article will explain the various types and assist you in selecting the most OK datacenter proxy servers from a handpicked list.

Below is a general list of all of our suggestions. However, please continue reading to learn more about each company in detail.

Datacenter Proxy Providers – Summary

  • Oxylabs – Premium dedicated proxies at the best price
  • IPRoyal – Premium Datacenter Proxies
  • Bright Data – Pay for what you use, simple
  • Smartproxy – Web scraping with hassle-free rotating proxies
  • Storm Proxies – Offers limitless bandwidth

Best Premium Datacenter Proxy Providers – Affordable Prices

Shared datacenter proxies are a substantial improvement over free proxies. They function significantly better than public lists and provide more breathing room than the freemium choices mentioned previously.

Typically, you’ll be sharing these IPs with multiple other users β€” not ideal, but likely unnoticeable for smaller websites. However, scraping search engines, accessing sneaker websites, or managing several social media profiles are prohibited.

Shared proxies are several orders of magnitude less expensive than dedicated addresses. You can choose between a static IP list with unlimited bandwidth and a rotating pool of addresses resembling residential proxies. They are priced between $0.50 and $1 per IP address or gigabyte of traffic.

#1. Oxylabs – Premium dedicated proxies at the best price with professional support

Innovative Proxy Service to Gather Data at Scale Oxylabs review

Oxylabs is arguably the most excellent proxy provider for residential IP addresses. However, it also manages a massive network of datacenter proxies β€” the world’s largest.

Oxylabs is a premium service, and although a functional dashboard, self-service functionality is limited. On the other hand, its skilled crew can fine-tune the proxies to your specifications and target. You get an account manager, a (paid) add-on for address rotation, and an API for IP replacement.

The plans begin with 100 proxies, which is excessive for specific jobs. However, demanding clients can rest assured that Oxylabs will meet their requirements.

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  • Features: Unlimited bandwidth, threads & domains
  • Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • Locations: 88 countries
  • Price: From $180/100 IPs in the US ($1.8/IP). 7-day trial for businesses.

#2. IPRoyal – Best Private Datacenter Proxies

iproyal datacenter proxies

IPRoyal is an excellent source for high-speed, anonymous, and premium data center proxies. They offer 10 Gbps bandwidth, uncompromising proxy quality, User: Pass authorization and IP authorization.

IPRoyal provides dedicated IP addresses from various locations and automatically replaces the proxy server monthly. You will get a set of customized datacenter proxies to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

#3. Bright Data – Most versatile provider on the market

Bright Data Worlds 1 Web Data Platform

Bright Data is another behemoth, possessing a massive and highly diversified network of specialized proxies. Without exaggeration, it has the potential to offer anything to anyone.

You can purchase one or ten thousand IP addresses, restrict them to specific or all domains, obtain addresses that have been cooled for some time, and then administer the proxies via an API or Bright Data’s robust proxy management. Such adaptability is quite challenging to acquire elsewhere – if you require it.

You understand the drill… When reduced to its bare essentials, the service is competitive; when not, the price soo

  • Features: Unlimited threads. Bandwidth & domains are based on the plan
  • Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • Locations: 95 countries
  • Price: $11 for 5 IPs, 1 domain & 50 GBs of data. 7-day trial for businesses.

#4. Smartproxy – Web scraping with hassle-free rotating proxies

smartproxy free trial

Smartproxy maintains a network of 40,000 datacenter proxies in the United States. Regardless of the plan, you receive full access.

There are no target constraints, and you are free to create as many parallel connections as you choose. Because the proxies rotate with each connection request, they are ideal for site scraping, and you can construct 30-minute sticky sessions for other applications.

Smartproxy is a simple-to-use service with some of the best customer support available.

The plans are dependent on bandwidth and begin at $50 per month. That is quite a sum, but it provides you with a significant amount of inexpensive traffic. If you surpass your quota, you can purchase more gigabytes without upgrading.

  • Format: There are 40,000 rotating IP addresses (every 30 minutes or every request)
  • Protocols: HTTP(S)
  • Locations: US
  • Price: From $50 per 100 GB ($0.50 per GB). Refundable within 3 days.

#5. Storm Proxies – Offers limitless bandwidth

stormproxies homepage

Storm Proxies is a well-known proxy service provider for simple scrapers. What is the reason? Rotating IP addresses at a low cost with no bandwidth restrictions.

As you might assume, the proxy quality is not optimal, but that is unlikely to be your primary concern at this pricing point. You get a large pool of 200,000 proxies with multiple rotation options: every request, every three or fifteen minutes. The first setting incorporates both residential and datacenter IP proxies.

What are you paying for, if not bandwidth or IP addresses? The amount of threads you can create is limited by Storm Proxies. The cheapest monthly package includes 10, which is relatively meager if you want to eke out an existence quickly. The limit is increased for larger layouts.

  • Format: 200.000 rotating proxy pool (every request, 3, 15 mins)
  • Protocols: HTTP(S)
  • Locations: US, EU, US + EU, or worldwide mix
  • Price: From $14 for ten threads

Best Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Dedicated proxies, alternatively referred to as private proxies, are the most expensive type of datacenter IP. These addresses are housed on premium hardware, provide the highest performance (there is no sharing! ), and eliminate the chance of your IPs being blacklisted while using them.

They’re the logical choice if shared proxies encounter an excessive number of blocks or if you require additional control or consistency.

These proxies are almost always offered per IP address and provide limitless bandwidth but do not rotate their IP addresses. Remind yourself of this. A single address costs between $0.8 and $2, depending on the quantity purchased and the location. Occasionally, non-US locations incur an additional fee.

#6. Anonymous-Proxies – Shared proxies that you can select on an IP-by-IP basis

anonymous proxy homepage

Anonymous-proxies is a seasoned provider, having been in operation since 2009. Despite its advanced age, this supplier is very much alive and well. It sells typical IP lists you can purchase for yourself or, in this case, share with a group of other users.

What sets anonymous-proxies apart from the competition (apart from its reputation) is that you can hand-pick the IP addresses you desire from a large list. That is correct: each address, complete with country, subnet, and other details. That is significantly more adaptable than anything else available.

Each IP is $1, and you receive a progressive discount as you purchase more. You can begin using them immediately after the payment is processed.

  • Format: IP list
  • Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • Locations: 28 countries
  • Price: From $10 for 10 IPs.

#7. My Private Proxy

my private proxy

My Private Proxy, or MPP Group, has been a well-known proxy provider since 1999. The company offers both private and shared proxy services.

Apart from sneaker websites, ticket websites, and PokemonGo, the company also provides specialized proxies. The MPP Group’s network is rather amazing, with over 230.000 datacenter proxy servers and dozens of subnets.

The network spans many regions of Europe as well as key cities around the United States.

MPP Group’s shared and private proxy packages have many of the same capabilities. Instant activation, IP-based user identification, and password protection are examples.

There is no limit to the number of concurrent connections; this service provides extremely anonymous IP addresses, automated control panels, and many other features.

Apart from guaranteeing 99.9% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, and non-sequential IPs, the company also provides monthly free IP replacements (for private proxies). Additionally, shoppers may return products within three days of receipt.

#8. Blazing SEO (Rayobyte) – High-quality dedicated proxies for a diverse consumer base

blazing seo homepage

Another excellent option for dedicated proxies is Blazing SEO. It has been focusing exclusively on this service since its inception and has amassed an incredible amount of IPs. Numerous of them are hosted on Blazing SEO’s infrastructure among its nine ASNs. Within 30 minutes of purchasing, the provider’s system optimizes the IPs for diversity and assigns them automatically. The dashboard provides extensive control, and an API is available to developers.

Proxies from Blazing range in price from $1.50 to $3.50 per address, depending on the package and IP location. You can purchase as few as five addresses or as many as 5,000 – similar to Bright Data; Blazing SEO aims to please everyone.

  • Features: Unlimited bandwidth, threads & domains
  • Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • Locations: 29 countries
  • Price: From $10/5 IPs in the US ($2/IP). 2-day trial with 5 proxies available.

Best Free Datacenter Proxies

Frequently, free datacenter proxies are offered online through publicly accessible lists. They are created by crawling the web continuously and collecting open proxies from various sources. We dislike them for a good reason: these IPs are ineffective and put your data at danger. Frequently, they require more effort than they are worth.

Even if you’re adamant about not paying for proxies (or perhaps you’re just testing the waters), there are some reasonable alternatives.

The proxy providers listed below allow free, albeit limited, access to their IPs. They are far faster than open proxies, have a consistent uptime, and should suffice for the majority of smaller workloads.

#9. Razorproxy – Free rotating proxy servers that work

razorpay datacenter proxy servers

Razorproxy, a relatively new proxy provider, attempts to entice clients with a free plan. It’s quite a good deal: you gain access to a pool of thousands of IPs in the United States.

They spin automatically and do not restrict the number of threads or targets. You’re simply restricted by bandwidth; nonetheless, 2 GBs is still sufficient for intensive site scraping. This is a one-time offer: once you’ve used all your free traffic, you’ll have the option of upgrading to a paid subscription.

To obtain the free proxies, you must complete a form. The credentials will be sent to you by Razorproxy’s support.

  • Format: rotating proxy pool
  • Protocols: HTTP(S)
  • Locations: US
  • Limitations: 2 GBs of traffic

#10. Webshare – Ten Static proxies from several locations for free

webshare affordable proxy servers

In comparison to Razorproxy, Webshare provides a list of ten static IP addresses from four separate places (we got the US, Brazil, Germany, and Spain). Each month, you can utilize 1 GB of free bandwidth to run up to 50 threads concurrently.

Webshare allows you to rotate these IP addresses automatically. However, I’m not sure how successful that would be with only ten addresses. Nonetheless, it’s a great touch.

After enrolling, you’ll automatically receive your complimentary proxy list.

  • Format: IP list
  • Protocols: HTTP(S), SOCKS5
  • Locations: four different countries
  • Limitations: 1 GB of traffic, 50 threads

#11. Ghostealth

ghostealth proxies

Your activities can be tracked when you surf the internet without proxies or VPN. Your personal information β€” from browsing history to login details β€” is at risk of being compromised online.

For a quick and easy solution to keep your sensitive data secret, Ghostealth offers the best datacenter proxies for you. Their proxies offer secure internet access by encrypting all of your data and hiding your IP address.

With Ghostealth, you can browse anonymously and securely. They offer rotating proxy servers. That means that you get a new IP with each request.

With a pool of more than 50,000 datacenter proxies, you are safe and anonymous at all times with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

  • Features: Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Protocols: Socks5 & Http/s
  • Locations: US, EU, and worldwide mix
  • Price: 20$ for 100 threads

Final Thoughts: Best Datacenter Proxy Services

The primary reasons for utilizing datacenter proxies are performance and price. While residential and mobile proxies have various limitations, they are helpful for various online activities. These services have a lot to offer if used properly.

Despite this, datacenter proxies can be used to safeguard your identity while accessing the internet, even if you are not interested in web scraping or performance testing.

Staff Pick

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Nonetheless, you should exercise caution while selecting a proxy service, as many are available nowadays. Providers who can be relied upon account for a minuscule percentage.

The ten companies discussed in this article were picked expressly for their validity, as they are all well-known in their respective industries. Even though we chose a ranked list, the featured suppliers provide excellent services.



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