How To Use To Buy Domains & Host Sites 2023?

Buying a cheap domain and hosting a WordPress site is no more a tedious job. You can buy both domains as well WordPress hosting at at an affordable cost. 

In this post, I am going to show you how to purchase a new domain name and host it on WordPress using the SeekaHost control panel.Β 

SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Overview

seekahost wordpress hosting overview

SeekaHost claims to offer the cheapest WordPress plans starting at $1.49 per month. You can host your WordPress site at WordPress control panel at one click. 

With over 5 years of rigorous testing, you get high security and speed features. Bloggers can enjoy hosting their blogs with affordable WordPress hosting plans. 

The latest WordPress hosting control panel lets you install WordPress in less than 60 seconds. 

The use of the latest technologies and SSD servers ensures high speed and high performance. 

One dashboard to manage your domains and hosting. Within the dashboard, you can get server usage data and access to the knowledge base. 

Live chat support by SeekaHost WordPress experts is always there around the clock. 

SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Plans

seekahost wp hosting plans

If you are looking for the cheapest WordPress hosting plans, then you can get it at SeekaHost. There are four plans to choose from Starter, Standard, Growth, and Premium. 

Starter: $1.49/month

This plan lets you host 1 WordPress site with 2 GB space and 10 GB data transfer. The plan offers one-click WordPress installation, free SSL certificate, free WP site migration, malware scanning, DDoS protection, daily site backup, and unlimited site tracking. 

Standard: $5.50/month

You can host up to 3 WordPress sites with 15 GB space and 30 GB bandwidth. All the other features are the same as the Starter plan.

Growth: $8/month

Host up to 5 WordPress sites with this plan with 50 GB space and data transfer. This plan along with all the Standard features offers WordPress support. 

Premium: $12/month

For more WordPress sites, you can choose the premium plan and host up to 10 WordPress sites. The plan offers 100 GB space & bandwidth along with free remote support. 

How To Buy A Domain Using

To start a WordPress blog, you need to first buy a domain name. If you already have a domain name, then you can continue with the same. I would recommend you to purchase a new domain as it is cheaper at SeekaHost.

Domain registration at starts at $5.99 per year. You won’t find this domain price anywhere else. 

Steps to Register a Domain Name

Visit the official website and enter the domain name in the domain search box. Click on search to find the domain availability.  

seekahost domain search

The search engine will find out the domain availability. Proceed with Add to Cart if the domain is available. 

seekahost domain addtocart

In the checkout process, you have to first create a new user account if you are a first time buyer. So register a free account and login to the SeekaPanel.

seekahost free account

After logging into the control panel, you can find the domain price. You can choose additional services like privacy protection or proceed with the domain purchase. 

seekahost domain purchase

Enter the basic information like name and email and click on Next to continue with the payment.

seekahost basic info

In the last step of domain purchase, choose the preferred payment method. Now click on Order now and your domain will be purchased. Check your email for domain purchase details.

seekahost domain payment

With these small and easy steps, you can register a domain name at control pane. You can check your registered domain in the Domain Names. 

seekahost domain list

Now that you have a domain name, you can now buy WordPress hosting. 

Steps To Buy WordPress hosting from

In the same control panel, you can buy a WordPress hosting plan. This makes it easy for you to manage both domain and hosting. 

seekahost buy wordpress

Go to the Hosting plans and in the drop down, you will find WordPress hosting. Click on it to see all the packages. For a single website, you can choose the Starter plan or else go with the Standard plan for more websites.

seekahost wp hosting plan

The standard plan offers more space and bandwidth, so it is most recommended. Click on Choose Plan and complete the payment process. You can choose the same payment method as used for domain purchase.

seekahost create site

Once the payment is done, you can find your site listed in the Websites & Blogs section. 

The next step is to get your site online by installing WordPress. Click Add WordPress site and enter the domain name in the HTTPS field. 

seekahost add site

Enter the blog title and toggle visibility bar as active. Finally click on Add WordPress site and you will get WordPress installed on your domain.

I will now show you how to change the nameservers and activate SSL.

How To Change Nameservers and Set Up SSL?

After WordPress installation, you need to configure the nameservers correctly. First modify the nameservers and then install SSL. 

To copy the nameservers ns1 and ns2, go to the settings where your domain is listed in the Websites & blogs.

Click on the Action button and copy the nameservers as,

seekahost action

After you have copied the nameservers, go the domains list.

seekahost copy nameservers

Click on the Action button right next to your domain name. 

seekahost domain action

On the right-side, you will find Nameservers. Click on it and choose the custom nameservers option. 

seekahost change nameservers

Paste the nameservers in the respective field and click on Change Nameservers. 

seekahost custom nameservers

Your nameservers are updated successfully. You can now activate SSL on your WordPress site. 

Go to the SSL settings and click on activate SSL padlock. Within few minutes, your SSL will be activated automatically. 

Simply activate the SSL padlock and within 30 minutes SSL will get activated on your site.

seekahost ssl padlock

Check your email once you are done with the above settings. You can see WordPress username and password. 

You can now login to your WordPress dashboard and customize your site. Install a free or premium WordPress theme and plugins to launch your WordPress site in minutes. 

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In this tutorial, I have explained how to launch a WordPress site with the control panel. offers cheap domain registration and WordPress hosting plans. Enjoy your fast and affordable WordPress sites with the control panel.

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