7 Best Buy Thailand Proxies In 2023– Top Residential Proxies

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Proxy servers in Thailand may provide you with Thai IP addresses to access geo-restricted material, establish social media profiles, or scrape local data. 

We have analyzed the most significant attributes of several proxy service providers. Each member of this list will provide reliable, well-maintained, and quick proxies. Without further ado, listed below are our top choices.

Best Providers to Buy Thailand Proxies for Scraping, and Ad Verification

#1. IPRoyal

IPRoyal Thailand proxies at your fingertips

Whenever we talk about affordable proxy providers, IPRoyal is one of the most popular ones.

IPRoyal offers the fastest datacenter and residential proxies in the market. Their proxy’s uptime is also higher than 99.9%. The Thailand proxies provide speed, trustworthiness, and anonymity for all use cases and scenarios. With a Thailand IP address, you can quickly connect to an information source of your choosing and collect data while easily avoiding any anti-scraping measures and detection.

#2. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire website homepage

The brand name might not be as well-known as other industry-leading providers, but the pricing and quality is up to the mark. Not just thailand proxies, ProxyEmpire caters to all your proxy requirements. Whether you need a residential proxy that can consider Google connections or a mobile 4G IP to scrape mobile websites, ProxyEmpire works for all use cases.

ProxyEmpire Thailand Proxies
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ProxyEmpire Thailand Proxies

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You just need to target Thailand while creating the proxy credentials. There is no extra charge for narrowing down the location to a specific city or ISP. While other proxy providers may charge 2x more for choosing a specific city for your residential proxy.

#3. SmartProxy

smartproxy best thailand proxy server

In a short period, SmartProxy has established itself as one of the top three proxy service providers. Beginning in 2018, it has more than 40 million IPs from various regions of the globe. 

Tech journals such as Techradar praised SmartProxy for its exceptional customer service and award-winning efficiency. 

This renowned proxy company offers residential proxies, datacenter proxies, specialized data center proxies, and an API for scraping search engine results. 

In addition, it provides its customers with many free proxy-related tools and add-ons.

#4. Bright Data

Bright Data Thailand Residential Proxy

Bright Data is a significant proxy network that provides the most dependable proxy network in the world, with more than 72 million IP addresses in its proxy pool. 

In addition, it offers you data collecting tools that need no coding experience. Bright Data was founded in 2014 and had its headquarters in Israel. 

It is now one of the fastest-growing firms in the IPS and proxy area, with the most extensive IP network. It offers four different kinds of proxy networks: residential, data center, mobile, and static residential proxies. 

Bright Data presently has over 750 patents, which speaks volumes about its inventive approach to intellectual property (IP) technology, which is aimed at the continual development of several exclusive goods.

#5. ProxySeller

proxy seller private proxies

Proxy-Seller is a well-known data center proxy service that is highly regarded by a large number of small-scale Internet marketers. It is a Russian firm that provides economical, dependable, and user-friendly proxy services. 

proxy seller private proxies in Thailand

Proxy Seller is distinguished by the support of the SOCKS5 and HTTPS protocols, making them compatible with various devices and providing superior security. They are one of the few proxy companies that provide IPv6 proxies to their customers. 

These new proxies have their uses and are less expensive than IPv4. In addition, they provide one of the most flexible payment methods. Proxy Seller users can subscribe weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually, and annually.

#6. SOAX

soax residential mobile proxies

SOAX proxy is a well-regarded proxy service on the market that is recognized among the top proxy services available today. 

Their performance has earned them several accolades, including the Reliability Award for having the cleanest Proxy Pool and ISP-Level GEO targeting. 

In addition, they are regarded as the proxy service with the finest mobile proxies. SOAX is an excellent proxy service for automating Instagram. 

Its mobile and home proxy pools are enormous, and its customers may use a combination of both while accessing the web. 

Their proxy pool is safe and is continually checked to eliminate any dirty proxies. Therefore, SOAX provides the cleanest proxy pools worldwide.

#7. BlazingSEO

blazing seo homepage

Blazing SEO is an American proxy company founded in 2015. It is a member of the Serious organization, which provides online scraping, data intelligence, and hosting services. 

The primary offering of Blazing SEO has dedicated data center proxies. The firm has recently expanded to include ISP, residential, and mobile proxies. 

Blazing SEO initially targeted SEO companies and other search engine marketers, as its name suggests. In 2015, the firm had already established many of the pillars of its success.

Why Might You Want to Get a Proxy in Thailand?

But why would you need Thailand proxy servers to begin with? Here are some persuasive justifications for using them.

First, a Thai proxy IP might assist you in concealing your IP address. This increases your browsing anonymity.

Second, a Thai IP address alters your location as viewed by the websites you visit. Thus, you can view information that is prohibited to Thai citizens. A proxy will allow you to view a local program or perform market research in the location without any problems.

Finally, you may utilize many Thailand proxies simultaneously. This enables you to automatically scrape large amounts of data or manage several social media profiles to expand your local presence in Thailand.

Using Thailand Proxies

Using a Thai proxy does not need rocket science. Their configuration procedure is relatively straightforward: provide the proxy name and port, and you’re done!

Thailand proxies will be compatible with most devices, operating systems, and applications regardless of your service.

Their precise setup procedures may vary, but the end effect will be the same: you will get a Thai IP address and have unrestricted access to Thai-specific material.

How I Chose the Best Thailand Proxy Servers?

After evaluating their capabilities, performance, and customer service, I selected these Thailand proxy service providers. These firms are not the only ones that offer Thailand proxy services, but in our opinion, they are the finest.

Why? First, they provide home IPs, which are preferable to data center proxy servers. The IPs are handled by servers that are robust, able to handle high loads, and guarantee a fast connection to any local destination.

They also possess the proper attributes. These services allow proxies to be targeted to the city level, offer automatic rotation, and occasionally include other tools to enhance your experience, such as a browser plugin.

Lastly, their customer service departments are among the finest in the industry. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to address any difficulties regardless of the time. 

And, unlike other services we’ve tried, the customer care representatives know what they’re talking about.

 If you’re seeking Thai proxy IPs, the proxy above services is the finest overall.

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Conclusion: Steer Clear of a Free Thailand IP Address

The Internet is rife with free proxy servers, so it may be tempting to use one without paying. Keep in mind, however, that a free Thailand proxy, particularly one that employs the HTTP protocol, is risky. 

It may record your data, display deceptive advertisements, and cause additional damage. Even if it’s an HTTPS proxy, it’s likely to be sluggish and overloaded with the websites you’re attempting to access. The result? Poor user experience and wasted time. Instead, I recommend that you pay for your proxies. You will have a safe and dependable experience, excellent customer service, and no unnecessary hassles. 

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