10 Best Chatbot Platforms In 2023– Automate Customer Support

Did you know that in 2020 firms reported a drop of up to 70 percent in call, chat, and/or email queries after introducing a chatbot via chatbot platforms or virtual customer assistant?

Chatbot software has taken the customer service and support sector by storm. And why not?

With the help of chatbots, organizations have successfully improved their support process, managed several incoming chats, and boosted their base of satisfied consumers.

Chatbot has helped businesses minimize issues like excessive lineups and offered a seamless support experience for customers. These benefits inspire other firms to invest in the best chatbot software to obtain the same results. 

However, as the trend for chatbot technology develops, we see more possibilities arriving in the market, making it challenging for new prospects to pick one for their website. To help you overcome this difficulty, we’ve identified the 15 top online chatbot platforms in this blog.Β 

List of 10 Best Chatbot Platforms/ AI Chatbot Tools

Now that you understand the various types of chatbots available in the market, it is time to evaluate the best chatbots for your organization.

Our ranking of chatbots is based on which brands offer this functionality and enable users to provide the best real-time customer service. Let’s get started:

1. ProProfs ChatBot

proprofs chatbot platforms software

The ProProfs Chatbot is the ideal solution for automating your business’s customer service process, qualifying leads, and closing sales. 

This chatbot software focuses on creating human-like interactions that expedite lead decision-making.

You do not need coding knowledge to implement this chatbot on your website. This application may be up and running in minutes with a simple installation process.

It facilitates the creation of conversational chatbots with branching logic. This will allow you to maintain customer engagement on your website.

In seconds, its process and appearance can be modified. Modify the existing chatbot templates provided by ProProfs Chat to develop a workflow that suits your lead generation, sales, and customer service requirements. 

This chatbot builder allows you to design interactions with a drag-and-drop interface, making the configuration procedure straightforward.

2. ChatBot

chatbot ai bot

ChatBot by LiveChat is also one of the top chatbot applications for internet businesses. This chatbot can assist you in developing a customer experience that sells and assists clients at every stage of their relationship with your brand.

You may design bespoke greetings for every visitor to your website, nurture them by providing them with suitable bargains and product suggestions as they browse your website, then convert them into customers. 

You can also distribute qualifying leads to your sales representatives to reduce the sales cycle and turn leads into clients more quickly.

ChatBot also provides its users with a visual builder for creating, testing, and refining their chatbots. You have the flexibility of dragging and dropping chatbot elements according to your preferences. 

In addition, ChatBot may be integrated with many platforms, allowing your business to communicate with clients’ messages from other channels.

3. ManyChat

manychat homepage

ManyChat is a sales and marketing solution designed for organizations that want to increase their pipeline leads and sales. Their bot is simple to configure because they offer a drag-and-drop interface.

You have access to several templates that facilitate the beginning of the chatbot creation process. 

That implies you no longer need to spend additional time constructing your chatbot. It can also be easily integrated with third-party platforms such as Shopify, Google Sheets, ConvertKit, and Zapier.

4. Freshchat

freshchat by freshworks

Freshchat also offers its consumers chatbot services. Their chatbot is powered by artificial intelligence. You may send automated responses, digitize IVRs, scale your business, and increase your agents’ productivity.

In addition, Freshchat’s chatbot enables you to provide clients with real-time solutions and cut reaction time for your organization, ultimately resulting in customer satisfaction. 

You also have the option to configure APIs that activate your chat window and retrieve visitor information for lead storage.

You may also create your polyglot bot by simply adding bot conversations in any language. Thus, your bot may converse with website users in their native language.

5. Chatfuel

chatfuel homepage

Chatfuel is one of the market’s leading chatbot suppliers. The brand is synonymous with providing instant services so its users can deliver 24-hour customer assistance. 

The chatbot enables users to qualify leads in real-time and send the relevant information directly to your mailbox.

This chatbot can also assist you with setting shopping cart reminders in your eCommerce store, capturing leads, and nurturing them by delivering product recommendations. At the same time, they browse and encourage them to make a purchase. 

The chatbot is simple to configure and use, especially for those without coding experience.

6. Botsify

botsify-no code chatbot platform

Botsify is also one of the top chatbot systems you can investigate. As an AI chatbot, Botsify provides a quicker reaction time, which results in more quality leads and even increases your customer retention rate.

You can accomplish this by establishing many chatbots and assigning each one a unique duty. 

This allows you to rapidly construct a chatbot for your sales, support, and marketing teams. In addition, users can switch from bot help to human support in seconds.

Botsify also enables you to communicate with your consumers in their native tongue, as it can speak 190+ languages. Additionally, it may be used as a Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and SMS bot.

7. Mobile Monkey

mobilemonkey homepage

Mobile Monkey is a multi-channel chatbot, yet another new name on the chatbot market. It allows you to connect with multiple platforms and collect consumer inquiries in a single location.

Thus, you will be able to qualify more leads for your business, direct visitors to the appropriate location, and collect the relevant information that allows your firm to personalize the client experience on the website.

In addition, this chatbot allows you to engage in a real-time conversation or forward the customer’s question to an email if it cannot handle it immediately.

8. BotsCrew

botscrew homepage

Like other market competitors, BotsCrew can link to numerous platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, website widgets, SMS, and more. 

It enables your organization to deliver support across several platforms. This allows you to retain client happiness and save time for your representatives to manage crucial support inquiries.

Unlike some alternatives on the market, this one learns from each interaction it has. In addition, no technical skills are necessary for this task. 

It even interfaces with other platforms, such as Slack, Zapier, WordPress, and Zendesk to enhance the user experience.

9. Aivo

aivo chatbot

Aivo is a customer service chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that tries to personalizing the assistance experience. 

This bot is powered by a semantic engine that enables your company to communicate with customers in different languages. In addition, it supports emoticons, autocorrect voice messages, and much more.

A code-free platform enables your business to develop a customer experience and promote products based on a visitor’s browsing behavior. It even provides security and data privacy features to assist users and clients in protecting their data.

10. Drift

drift custom chatbot

Drift’s chatbot services are well-known in the SaaS market. It enables you to communicate with your consumers around the clock and ensures that their commonly asked queries are answered in real-time. 

The tool facilitates simplified lead qualification and increased sales efficiency. You can effortlessly qualify interested leads and automatically send them to your preferred CRM platform.

In addition, Drift enables you to streamline your customer care queue, allowing your support personnel to devote more attention to issues that require more technical expertise. 

It even detects returning consumers and provides quick recommendations based on their browsing history.

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Conclusion: Which Chatbot Platform Should You Choose for Your Online Business? 

Even now, with so many incredible possibilities, it may be difficult for you to find one that meets your requirements.

 However, as previously noted, you must determine which chatbot technology is optimal for your business. Then and only then will you be able to invest in the most appropriate chatbot software for your organization.

Once you’ve determined the type of technology you’d like to integrate into your website, the following step would be to select the technology that performs the best in that industry. 

Consider ProProfs ChatBot, Zendesk Chat, and Intercom, for instance, if you require a chatbot that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and even enables the usage of a live chat operator service.

Consider apps such as Botsify, Tars, and Pandorabots if you are looking for chatbot software based on machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

I hope this helps you choose the most effective chatbot software for your organization.

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