Cheapest Dedicated Servers in Europe (Germany, Finland & UK Locations)

Businesses need to keep their data safe, but many don’t have the budget for expensive security measures. Not only is your data vulnerable without proper security measures, but you’re also risking fines and lawsuits if it falls into the wrong hands.

A cheap dedicated server in Europe is the perfect solution for businesses that want to keep their data safe without breaking the bank. Here is a list of some of the cheapest dedicated servers in Europe.

So, let us begin.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Huge enterprises who want scalability to manage large traffic surges on their website, or that need to host several sites, will have access to greater bandwidth with dedicated hosting. In general, the bigger the firm, the more information it will need to keep, which makes more storage capacity desirable.

Unlike shared hosting services, regular dedicated hosting plans often exclude maintenance, management, and security. Large firms are more likely to have the in-house resources and team members necessary to administer these additional services themselves. Overall, dedicated hosting is more costly than shared hosting.

Dedicated Server Locations in Europe

The most popular locations in Europe for a dedicated cloud server are:

  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Paris, Italy
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Luxembourg

Out of all, Frankfurt and Helsinki are the most popular choice among system administrators.

Best Cheap Dedicated Server in Europe

1. Contabo Dedicated Server

contabo homepage main
Contabo offers dedicated servers in Frankfurt, Germany. These powerful servers starts from $149.99 per month and goes up to $279.99 per month.

The cost mentioned above can be further increased by adding more storage, RAM and control panel subscription during the configuration. These bare metal dedicated servers give you full control over a powerful hardware remotely. Since the servers have very good resources to handle high-end tasks, it gives you the top-notch performance.

There is choice between an Intel Xeon E5 processor or an AMD EPYC processor. Though, the model and version of the server is right there on the pricing plan, there is no confusion about the server having old-processor. I also have a list of AMD-based dedicated server providers that you must check out. AMD processors are the best one’s for remote gaming by utilizing the power of RDP and high-speed internet connection.

2. Scaleway

scaleway dedicated server in europe

Scaleway is an expert in dedicated servers, with over 20 years of experience. They have to provide a variety for every business case and they’re recognized as one company that can offer extreme reliability alongside best-in-class redundancy out there today – all from their continuously growing park which currently stands at more than 100k+ assets under management!

3. Kimsufi

kimsufi server

Kimsufi has a long history of providing top-notch hosting services to customers around the world. With servers now powered by OVHcloud’s datacenters in North America and Europe as well as its fiber-optic network, Kimsufis is able not only to provide high quality but also quick responses for any problem you may face while using their product!

4. NexyLan

nexylan hosting

Dedicated hosting from Nexylan has the guaranteed resources, 100% dedicated to your project at all times. They have their servers in France, managed by their team and you can control them directly through an interface on N-Admin for a few clicks!

With customer service ultra-responsive 24/7 they know that if there were ever any issues they would want us addressing right away so these problems don’t escalate into major events – which means reaching out will only take 7 days per week (or anywhere between 9 am – 5 pm) depending upon how much time each day allows).


ikoula homepage

IKOULA offers you a wide choice of dedicated servers that can meet any need and display varying prices. Their professional-grade equipment is designed for those who want to perform at their best, offering simplicity with reliability & performance in mind – no matter if it’s online or offline access!

The Power range has standard KVM over IP as well so even when offsite there will still be everything needed right on hand including screens/keyboards/mice etc.

6. EUserv

euservs homepage

EUserv’s root servers provide you with optimal space for your configuration of all hosting services i.e., email, Webhosting, and VPN databases.

But also many more divided into different server series starting from an entry-level one or building a business at one “rock solid ” dedicated enterprise-grade service offered by them in their marketplace called Misurfi.

This is suitable especially if this would be something new to get started on because it has features like automatic failover between multiple locations within seconds should any region go offline due to some unforeseen disaster risking losing data otherwise stored there.

7. OneProvider

oneprovider homepage

Their hardware raid feature allows you to have a specially designed computer that is capable of managing and presenting multiple hard disks as if they were one single drive, even though each disk has its separate location.

You may request this by ticket if it isn’t available in the cart already, but there are some limitations depending on which model/location combination (SKU) unit your server happens to come equipped with – so contact them first before making any decisions!

The company also offers various other security features like firewalls placed strategically throughout all locations where they do business.

8. SKDedicated

skdedicated server

They use sustainable and renewable power sources to reach a PUE of 1.1 by using 100 % eco-friendly methods in their data center, which is why all servers are equipped with Enterprise Hard disks for data integrity protection.

They have super-fast internet speeds that will allow you to access any website or application within seconds – no matter where it’s located across the world (or even locally).

Their friendly support staffs are always available if anything comes up during your tenancy. They’re happy to help remotely too so don’t hesitate to ask them questions anytime day/night 24 hours per amazon gift card.

9. AlphaVPS

alphavps homepage

Take your business to the next level with their powerful and affordable bare-metal servers in Sofia, Bulgaria. They have rapidly deployable solutions that can be customized within an hour of purchase!

Get started today by contacting one of their award-winning support teams who’ll get you up and running quickly while also providing exceptional customer service around 24/7 – they’re here for when things go wrong or if there’s anything else needed at any time (day & night).

10. DediStart

dedistart european servers

DediStart dedication to customers is reflected in the fast response time of their 24/7 support service. They offer a great degree of flexibility with low-cost dedicated servers, which can be customized according to your needs and preferences through options like SSD storage or more memory without changing anything else about it!

With so many providers nowadays offering one thing (or sometimes nothing) but bad service, it’s refreshing when you find someone who cares about each client individually.


hapih host vps cloud hosting

Hapih Host stand behind their dedication to providing the best hosting experience possible. Their staff is available 24/7/365 days a year for any issue that you may run into with your account or website online!

Their top priority is ensuring high availability of services by maintaining rigorous automated systems so they can’t impact user satisfaction negatively when something does go wrong which it doesn’t often because they’re such fun perseverance experts here who value teamwork a lot.

The benefits of a Dedicated Server?

Businesses may choose the security features they want for their websites or apps with dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting provides more flexibility for enterprises with stringent security needs.

Businesses that are obliged to comply with data protection requirements benefit greatly from dedicated hosting since they do not need to be concerned with possible regulatory violations by the host or other businesses utilizing the server.

1. Data security:

Dedicated hosting decreases the probability of data leaks. A firm using a dedicated server will not jeopardize other companies if their website is compromised, nor will they be vulnerable to the breach of another business.

2. Customizability:

 A dedicated server enables more customization, including micro-segmentation of a network and deployment of specialist applications. The flexibility to personalize security settings is very advantageous. Shared hosting, on the other hand, is more constrained; not all companies on the server may need or require the same level of customization.

3. Improved performance:

Dedicated servers may provide superior application performance since they are not overburdened with many workloads from multiple enterprises.

Businesses whose apps and websites demand frequent e-commerce transactions or video streaming will benefit from having access to all of the server’s resources. Additionally, they will be less likely to lose customers or money due to sluggish page load times.


We have come to the end of our list of cheap dedicated servers in Europe. I hope that this guide has helped you in your search for the best Dedicated Server for your business. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to put them in the comment section.

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