10 Cheapest NVMe Cloud Server hosting 2023 – Best Prices

I looked at a lot of cheapest NVMe cloud servers and came up with a list of the best. Cloud servers powered by NVMe offer great value for money, fast page load speeds, 100% uptime, and all the features you need in one package.

A fast web hosting server improves the performance of a website, which makes it easier for users to have a good experience and boosts conversion rates. It is even possible to make your site run even better if you host it on an NVMe SSD server.

Web hosting providers are now using Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) technology. Flash and solid-state drives (SSDs) use NVMe as a way to store things.

There is a lot more speed and data transfer rate than there used to be with hard disc drives. NVMe is a new storage technology, so it works well as a bridge between NVMe and traditional storage devices.

A lot of web hosts use NVMe discs to store data faster. Speed: In fact, it is much faster than a standard solid-state drive (SSD).

The majority of web hosting companies currently use SSD or SATA drives to store their files. SSDs have taken the place of Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) in the past.

The Best & Cheapest NVMe Cloud Servers You Can Rely On In 2023

#1. Contabo VPS

contabo homepage

With the motto “Customer is King,” Contabo GmbH, a web hosting company based in Germany, was born in 2003. Thus, they spend a lot of time and energy to make sure that every customer gets the best support, no matter how much money they have.

They are spread across five continents: three in the US, one each in Europe and Asia, and two across the world.

VDS XL plans start at $119.99 a month for high-end specs (VDS S). Such a low price is out of this world. In addition, two more storage discs can be added to expand the storage space that has been set aside.

These NVMe VDS servers not only have great performance, but can also grow on the fly when it comes to data storage, bandwidth, and IPv4 addresses.

The four virtual dedicated servers that are available now each have their own configurations: NVMe SSDs ranging from 180GB to 480GB, RAM ranging from 24GB to 64GB, and 3 cores to 8 cores of physical CPUs. You can choose the one that best fits your needs.

In addition to hard drives, Contabo can also set up dedicated servers with NVMe. As a bonus, NVMe can’t be used to start the computer, so it’s very pricey.

The price of Contabo isn’t as good as it could be for small or big businesses. It’s not free, but we think the price is fair because you get VNC access, IPv4/IPv6 compatibility, AMD CPUs that can run at full speed, no extra traffic fees, a lot of space, and bandwidth, and the ability to host virtual machines.

In addition, their DDoS protection and SSL certificates are enough to protect your data from being stolen. You can also ready our Contabo review to see how to set up and onboard.

#2. Vultr

vultr cheapest NVMe servers

Vultr is a new cloud computing company whose all of its services are available through cloud networks. This is different from many of the other NVMe hosts we have looked at.

As of now, the company runs 17 data centers and a lot of servers around the world. It was founded in 2014. In the last few years, they have set up more than 40 million virtual servers for more than 200k customers all over the world.

If you pay just $6 a month, or $0.09 per hour, you get 32 GB of NVMe storage, a single computer with a single-core, and 1GB of RAM.

This is one of eight. In the cloud, you get 48 GB RAM, 12 CPU cores, 768 GB SSD storage, and 8 TB bandwidth for $256 a month.

#3. InMotionHosting

inmotionhosting homepage main

As NVMe storage is new and expensive, your main concern should not be the price when you choose the best NVMe hosting for your blog or projects.

Your main concern should be speed and security. If the service doesn’t live up to the promises it made at the start, what good is it? If you need web hosting, you should think about InMotionHosting.

NVMe SSDs have been added to all of InMotion’s shared hosting servers, except for the Core plan. There is a “4GB RAM plan” that starts at $29.99 a month. You can get this server for just $19.99 per month when you can pay for 3 years in advance. At that price, you can host unlimited sites and store infinite data. As a bonus, it comes with a free domain name and SSL certificates. It also has 6x the UltraStack speed.

If you want, you can park as many subdomains and databases as you want. They have even faster speeds than you could have dreamed of.

In addition, Boldgrid gives you a free website builder and an SSL certificate. Most plans come with a lot of other freebies, like SSH access and 20x speeds. They also work with different languages, have 400 one-click apps, free zero-downtime migrations, and speeds of up to 20 times.

#4. KnownHost

knownhost vps server homepage

Anyone who is in need of NVMe VPS hosting at a good price should check out KnownHost. Yes, that makes sense. People know about KnownHost because of how well it performs for the price.

There is a lot of trust in it from people who use it after less than 20 years. It’s because of this that customers of KnownHost can be found in more than 150 countries around the world.

NVMe SSD hosting is the best way to host your data. NVMe is so much faster than any previous SSD storage option that they don’t even compare.

As a result, KnownHost has a wide range of NVMe VPS packages, because they want to provide the best service possible.

Starting at $12 a month and going up to a custom plan, they have a package for everyone. There’s something for everyone. VPS plans with NVMe also come with a lot of freebies.

NVMe VPS Hosting Affordable Plans KnownHost

If you sign up for a fully managed hosting plan at the start of each month, you’ll get NVMe storage for $44. You may be surprised how much easier it is to run your business with a fully-managed VPS server. They can make your life easier than you thought possible.

As a business owner, a designer, or someone else whose work depends on web traffic, one would often worry about the smooth operation of their site.

#5. Hetzner

hetzner vps homepage

For more than a decade, Hetzner has also been a German web host. Hetzner is a hosting platform that has all of the features and offerings that you would expect from a platform like this one.

You can get a Level-1 NVMe web hosting server for €1.60 a month, which is about $1.89. The server includes unmetered data transfer; 10 GB of storage; 50 subdomains; 10 FTP users; two weak backup periods; and free SSL encryption. (But that is not NVMe).

Unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, 99.9% network availability, DDoS protection, and virus scanning are all included in the plan. Also, shared servers can be upgraded later if you need to.

Take a look at Hetzner dedicated cloud hosting. They have up to 10 pre-made cloud packages. This is the CX11, which costs €4.15 per month for a 1v CPU, 2GB RAM, 20GB NVMe space, and 20TB bandwidth. You can choose from two data centers (Germany or Finland) when you buy the CX11.

16 virtual CPUs, 32GB RAM, 360GB storage, and 20TB data transfer make the CPX51 cloud the most powerful one on the market today.

#6. A2Hosting

a2hosting 20x fastest web hosting

There was web hosting companies like this one for a long time. A2Hosting started out as a web hosting service over two decades ago. As long as it has been reliable and quick, it has earned the trust of its users. All kinds of customers have used A2Hosting to host their websites.

This hosting company has WordPress-optimized shared hosting, SSD shared hosting, virtual private servers, reseller plans, and dedicated hosting, as well as other types of plans. In the beginning, the plans cost $2.49 a month each. They are cheap.

The NVMe storage plan is the most recent one from A2Hosting, and it costs more. The NVMe web hosting service is a lot faster than the standard SSD servers that are used. It’s only imaginable what a hosting company could do with NVMe hosting if it could offer 20x faster speeds than its competitors who use traditional SSD connections instead.

By using the turbo features, you will get better SEO rankings and fewer people will leave your site. NVMe technology has 3x faster read and write speeds, 20x faster page loading, and 9x better traffic handling.

These things make it more appealing. Most likely, A2Hosting is the web hosting service that is the most reliable and fastest.

#7. VPSServer

vpsserver homepage

It’s been a long time since VPSServer hasn’t been delivering bad service to its customers. It has data centers on five continents around the world.

Over 50,000 people around the world trust it, and it runs on the most up-to-date technology. VPSServer’s VPS hosting services are powered by NVMe SSD drives, which are the most up-to-date.

VPSServer’s speed is due to the fact that it uses the most up-to-date hardware. Another thing is that it has a high rate of I/O and a 99.999% uptime.

Servers can be chosen based on your needs. You can choose a standard server, one that has more memory, or one that has more CPU power. NVMe VPS servers that start out with 1GB of RAM, 1 CPU core, 10GB of NVMe SSD, and 500GB of bandwidth usually cost $2.99 a month on average. These servers usually come with 500GB of bandwidth and 1 CPU core.

It costs $899.99 per month to run a high-end virtual machine that has 192GB of memory, 32 Cores, 4800GB of space, and 12TB of data transfer.

Power-hungry tasks need packages that are optimized for CPU and Memory, which are pricey.

#8. RoseHosting

rosehosting homepage

Since Rose Hosting was founded in 2001, it has been providing web hosting services from its data center in the United States, where the company is based. SSD hosting and VPS hosting from RoseHosting are thought to be some of the most reliable and stable in the web hosting business.

NVMe plans have very fast input and output, free data migration with white-glove service, full root access, weekly backups, firewall, and security hardening, a free SSL certificate, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, as well as great customer service.

One CPU core can be used, and non-volatile storage can go from 25GB to over 400GB. This allows a wide range of businesses to quickly launch their projects.

All users can benefit from NVMe SSD plans, even if they don’t have unique needs. At $32.95 per month, it has 1 gigabyte of RAM and 25 GB of storage. It has a single CPU, and it has 2 TB of bandwidth. There are also a lot of discount deals almost all the time, as well.

You can choose from a variety of SSD NVMe shared hosting plans that start at $7.15 a month and go up to $24.95 a month.

Besides 4GB of RAM, you also get 300GB of bandwidth, 50 email accounts, 50 FTP accounts, and a hosted domain.

All of this comes with cPanel, Litespeed web server, softaculous for easy script installation (up to 439 scripts), and WordPress, Magento, and 2 MySQL databases.

#9. GoDaddy

godaddy homepage

As long as there has been a company called GoDaddy, there has been a way to host a website. GoDaddy was founded in 1997 and now has more than 82 million domains registered and more than 20 million customers around the world.

As of now, GoDaddy is the world’s biggest domain name registrar.

People on the internet are always talking about how good GoDaddy’s services are. They have won the hearts of a lot of people because they have unlimited traffic, no downtime, and high-tech security. They also have a price that isn’t too high.

There are shared hosting plans that start at $5.99 per month and VPS plans that start at $4.99 per month. There are also HDD dedicated servers that start at $129.99 per month, and NVMe dedicated servers that start at $139.99 per month.

You can get SSD NVMe dedicated hosting from GoDaddy only if you want to store things on NVMe drives.

#10. Ramnode

ramnode nvme cloud servers

VPS platform RamNode is a fully managed cloud VPS platform that only hosts VMs that are powered by cloud technology. With less than a decade of experience, it has become a well-known name in the business.

RamNode is one of the best providers of NVMe hosting. They have fast hardware and networks, custom firewalls, and a large number of data centers.

The company has five data centers in Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, and the Netherlands to make sure that their customers can get the best service anywhere in the world.


Going from HDDs to SSD was one step forward. Moving to NVMe is another step. NVMe hosting is a hundred times faster than hosting a SATA-connected HDD or SSD.

NVMe and SSDs are both types of non-volatile memory. In other words, even if the power goes out, the data will still be there. Volatile memory protocols, on the other hand, don’t have this feature. When the power goes out or is cut, the data is lost.

The two types of servers both employ non-volatile memory. How are they different? There are both SSDs and NVMe, which are storage devices that use solid-state storage.

It’s also a good thing that NVMe is an Express protocol because it has a hardware interface that is faster and more stable. All of the SSDs that used SATA interfaces have been replaced by NVMe cloud servers, and SATA interfaces are now a thing of the past.

FAQs on Best NVMe Cloud Servers

What is NVMe Cloud Server?

NVM Express is commonly abbreviated as NVMe. NVM, or nonvolatile memory retains its data after power loss and gain. Solid-state drives and spinning disks are examples of non-volatile memory.

Why is a cloud server needed?

A cloud server is isolated from your environment, so it is stable and secure for business users. Your cloud server will not be affected by cloud servers on other cloud providers, and vice versa. Cloud servers cannot be overloaded by another user, unlike physical servers.

My Verdict – The Best NVMe Cloud Server – Contabo VPS

Finally, the choice of which hosting platform to use is up to the person who wants to use it. People’s preferences, needs, and budgets all play a role in what to buy.

Performance is better because of NVMe technology. NVMe storage can help you get the most out of whatever plan you choose.

Even though it is a little slower than older servers, a regular SSD hosting server is a lot faster than its NVMe counterpart.

The best and cheapest NVMe hosting providers are found through our review. They offer shared, virtual private servers, cloud, or dedicated servers that will meet your hosting needs. The decision is yours alone.

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