How to Choose the Best Proxy Server? – 5 Smart Tips for 2023

Isn’t it overwhelming to choose a proxy server? We’ll help you out. Check out these tips for choosing the best proxy server. 

People often think of the internet as a big genie that can answer stupid questions like “how can I” or “what kind of mushroom am I?” Only a small number of people have thought about how it works.

This is why, unfortunately, many people get hacked every time they click on a picture of a cute dog or an ad that says you can win $300,000 overnight if you just click on it.

Have you ever thought about what happens when you use the internet and why proxies are essential?

This article will give you all the information you need to make the right decision. Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

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best proxy server

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between you and the Internet. Let’s say you lived in Britain in the 1800s and wanted to ask the queen for something. You’d have to give your request to the monarch’s right-hand man, who would then tell her about it.

In this situation, a proxy server is the internet’s right-hand man. It is a kind of the middleman between the web address you asked for and the rest of the internet. The server also sends you any information it gets from the web address.

Most people want to know why they should use a proxy server instead of just going to the website directly. It’s easy.

A proxy server does a lot more than you might think. In addition to being a way in, they offer security and privacy. A proxy server, for example, acts as a firewall and stores data in a cache so that it can handle common requests more quickly.


types of proxy servers

Before looking for a proxy, it’s important to know that there are different kinds. Knowing how each one works, you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Here are some examples of different kinds of proxies:


This is a type of proxy server that a lot of people use. This proxy server could even be called “the singing bird.” The reason is that it informs websites it is a proxy and gives the web server your IP address so that the web server knows who you are. This proxy is used by many businesses, schools, and even public libraries because it is easy to set up.


As the name suggests, an anonymous proxy lets you stay anonymous. It doesn’t tell the sites you visit your IP address. This makes it harder for people to steal your identity and keeps your browsing habits secret. Do things like “Hot chicks in your area” make you mad whenever they pop up on your screen?

If you hate seeing marketing content based on your location, you would love this type of proxy. This is because it can stop a site from sending you ads tailored to you. For example, a news website will send you stories about your area if it knows where you are.

But a site is less likely to use specific ad targeting methods if the server is anonymous.


This is one of the safest ways to look at web pages. The IP address that a High Anonymity proxy server gives to the web server changes often. This makes it hard, if not impossible, to figure out where the traffic is going.


A simple change here makes it similar to a proxy that hides your identity. Instead of hiding your IP address completely, it gives out a fake address that makes it look like you’re working from a different place. This server will help you if you want to browse a site that limits what you can see.


benefits proxy server

If you are still unsure as to why you should use a proxy server, consider these reasons:

1. Improve internet security

It’s probably not a surprise to hear this, but the internet is no longer safe. It’s a crazy place out there, and hackers could take advantage of you if you’re not careful.

Proxy servers are helpful because they can encrypt web requests to make them safer. They can also stop sites known to contain malware from getting into your device.

2. Privacy

No one likes to be watched. If you often look at private information on the Internet, you need the proxy to browse more privately. Some proxy servers can either completely hide your IP address or change it so no one can find out who you are.

3. Managing internet usage

If you are a parent or an employer, you may feel the need to watch how your kids or employees use the internet. When kids use the Internet, they may sometimes see things that are bad for them.

In the same way, some employees could use the company’s network to look at websites outside of the company. With a proxy server, stopping them from going to specific websites is easy. You can also keep track of all web requests and see what sites people have been going to.  

4. Circumventing restrictions

Have you ever tried to go to a website you couldn’t because you were in a particular place? It’s so sad, isn’t it?

Well, proxy servers make it easy to change your location, which lets you get to the content that is usually blocked. For example, if you want to watch YouTube videos that aren’t allowed in your country, you can use a YouTube proxy instead.


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things to keep in mind proxy server

Are you ready to choose a proxy? Consider these tips as you make your selection:


There are different kinds of proxy servers, as stated earlier. The best one for you will depend on your needs. There are, of course, pros and cons for each type of proxy. To avoid selecting the wrong type of proxy, decide what you need it for.


There are lots of companies and businesses offering proxy servers for sale, so if you are looking to buy one, you will undoubtedly be bombarded by offers. Most of them are not reliable, though. Some sellers sell low-quality proxies that don’t work. 

Because of this, it is essential to stick with companies that are legitimate and reliable and provide high-quality servers at affordable prices.  


Pricing is an essential factor to consider when selecting a proxy server. You should certainly consider this, even if it isn’t at the top of the list. As a first point to note, free proxy servers may not work as well as paid ones. As the old saying goes, nothing good comes for free. 

It’s certainly true regarding proxies, even if it’s not entirely true. It’s unlikely that a free proxy will not come with encryption or security risks. 

The price is essential but shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. Proxy servers can be pretty expensive but are well worth the money. Just make sure that the proxy server’s price matches its performance.


What do other users think? By reading the reviews of other users, you can make the right choice. But there’s one problem. How do you find true user reviews?

You may discover much too late that the review is a fake if you come across one that appears too good to be true. For this to not happen, go to popular forums such as Quora, where users share their stories. Getting honest feedback will help you make an informed decision.


At first glance, this might not seem like a big deal. Why do you have to think about the service provider’s dashboard before buying a proxy server? It’s easy. No one wants to have to call Customer Support whenever they want to check their usage stats or buy more proxies.

Check to see if the service provider has a dashboard and what kinds of features it has. This way, you’d be able to have a smooth time.

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What is the best proxy server configuration?

The most important element of any proxy server configuration is the port settings. The port settings depend on your ISP and other factors. Normally these are 80, 8080, etc.


It seems pretty easy to get a proxy at first glance. However, it is not as easy as it seems. This article will hopefully guide you in the right direction. 

Here’s hoping it helps!

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