Clickadu Review: Best Monetization Platform For Publishers

Publishers looking for a multi-ad format network can join the Clickadu premium ad network. Read Clickadu review and you will know why it is one of the best alternatives to AdSense.

About Clickadu

clickadu review homepage

For Publishers

Ad Network:Clickadu
Commission type:CPM
Payment Threshold:$10 – $1000
Payment Frequency:Net-15
Available Payment Methods:PayPal, WebMoney, Paxum, Payoneer, ePayments, Wire Transfer
Referral Commission5%
Contact Details:Support (
Joining Link (aff):!/auth/signup/

For Advertisers

Ad Network:Clickadu
Advertising formats:Push, Popunder, Video, Banner, SKIM, Instant Text Message
Cost:CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, SmartCPA, SmartCPM, RTB
Minimum Topup:$100
Available Payment Methods:PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Credit Card
Top VerticalsTools & Utilities, Push subscriptions, Gambling & Betting, Nutra, Finance Apps, Games, Sweepstakes, Dating, Shopping
Daily Impressions4 billion
Joining Link (aff):!/auth/signup/

Clickadu has been serving advertisers and publishers since 2014 with its exceptional monetization services. With millions of daily conversions and billions of daily impressions, Clickadu is one ad network to look out for. 

Whether you have mobile or web traffic, you can monetize both channels with their multi-format ads.

Who Should Join Clickadu?

Ad Formats


  • On Time Payments
  • High Paying CPC
  • Good Reputation
  • Easy to Use


  • Approval Process

Clickadu has been serving advertisers and publishers since 2014 with their exceptional monetization services.

Price:$ 50

Clickadu is a cost-per-click ad network with decent features you would love to test. The network is best for:

  • Publishers who want to monetize their site traffic with multi-format advertising.
  • Even if you have a small website, but receive massive traffic. 
  • If your account is not approved by Google AdSense, then Clickadu is the best alternative.
  • Boost your ad revenue by combining other ad networks with Clickadu.

What Are The Requirements for Joining Clickadu?

To join Clickadu as a publisher for web and mobile traffic monetization, you should meet the following requirements:

  • Your website should receive more than 5000 daily visitors. You can read publisher terms & conditions here:
  • No prohibited or illegal content is allowed on your website. 
  • The approval process is manual, and it takes atleast 24 hours for your account approval.
  • Once you have signed up and logged into your Clickadu account, you need to copy and paste the meta-tag into your website. This is to verify site ownership.

Publisher Payout

Payouts are processed twice a week for publishers. The minimum payment threshold is $50 and is paid on NET 7 and NET 14 schedules. Once your account reaches more than $50, you will start receiving your payouts.

If your performance is better, you can become a premium publisher. Clickadu has special benefits for premium publishers. Premium publishers can withdraw their money on-demand. 

Below are the different payout methods with their threshold:

  • PayPal: $50
  • Web Money: $50
  • Paxum: $50
  • Wire(Bank Transfer): $1000
  • Crypto: BTC, BTG, ETH, LTC β€” $65

Why Should Publishers Join Clickadu?

clickadu reaons to choose

There are many benefits as a publisher that you won’t get in other ad networks. 

  • The registration process is quick and simple.
  • The approval process takes only 24 hours.
  • The Clickadu interface is easy to use.
  • The minimum threshold is $50.
  • Supports different withdrawal methods like PayPal, Bank transfer, and more.
  • Payouts are processed on time.
  • The platform is secure ensuring the safety of publishers.
  • Multiple ad formats are supported including the latest one SKIM.

Multi-Format Advertising

Clickadu differs from AdSense in the way that it provides 360 Ad coverage. AdSense does not allow publishers for push and pop advertising, whereas Clickadu does.

Here are the supported ad formats by Clickadu:

Banner ads: Traditional ad format that appears like an image in two sizes.

clickadu banner ads

Popunder: Clickadu previously focused mainly on popunder that appears under the main window or tab. 

clickadu popunder

Push Notifications: Upon subscribing to push notifications, users receive notifications on desktop & mobile even if they don’t browse publishers’ websites.

clickadu push notification

InPage Push: This is dissimilar to push notifications and doesn’t require user subscription. It appears when a user browses publishers’ websites.

clickadu inpage push

Instant Text Message: This type of ad format works very well for all mobile devices. A user receives a message upon clicking on the screen.

clickadu instant text message

Video Pre-Roll: This is a video ad and is displayed before the content. This works on both mobile and desktop with supported formats including MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, and FLV.

clickadu video preroll

SKIM: This is actually a link inserted on an element. Upon clicking the element by the user, an ad appears on the screen. Publishers get high CPM rates for SKIM ads.

clickadu skim

Is Clickadu the best AdSense alternative?

AdSense has some strict policies for accepting publisher applications. The traffic requirement for AdSense is huge compared to Clickadu.

Signing up and using AdSense is a bit tricky, whereas Clickadu has a simple registration process. AdSense does not support multi-ad format, but Clickadu now has multiple ad formats. 

We all know that nothing beats AdSense, but Clickadu has some advantages over AdSense. If you become a premium publisher at Clickadu, you can request on-demand payouts. I am not sure how many payment methods AdSense supports, but Clickadu now has crypto payments too. 

How To Register As A Publisher on Clickadu?

I joined Clickadu in under 5 minutes, so even you can. Simply follow my steps, and you can join the Clickadu ad network quickly.

Step 1: First visit the Clickadu official website and as shown, click on the Register button. 

clickadu publisher signup step1

Step 2: As you are a publisher, you need to choose the Publisher option. Click on Register again to continue with the registration process.

clickadu publisher signup step2

Step 3: If you are an individual, choose to register as an Individual. Now, enter your first name, and last name, choose your country, and enter your city and address.

You also need to submit your email address, skype name, and website name. This is required to test your site traffic and update your account status on your email. 

clickadu publisher signup step3

Step 4: You will see a Thank You message. Check your email for an email activation link.

clickadu publisher signup step4

Step 5: In the email received, click on the Activate my account button.

clickadu publisher signup step5

Upon clicking the Activate button, you will be redirected to a new tab. You now have to log in to your Clickadu account.

Step 6: Use the username as your email address and password as provided in your email.

clickadu publisher signup step6

Step 7: Once logged into your Clickadu dashboard, you can explore your account.

clickadu publisher signup step7

Step 8: You need to prove site ownership, so head on to adding the HTML code to your website. Copy the HTML code and paste it into the <head> of your website.

Step 9: After you have added the meta-tag to your website, go back to the Clickadu account and click on β€˜Prove ownership’.

clickadu publisher signup step8and9

Step 10: Your site ownership verification is complete and the Status would be pending. You will receive an email from Clickadu in 24 hours regarding your status.

clickadu publisher signup step10

Clickadu Pros and Cons


  • Apart from pop-up and pop-under ads, Clickadu has more ad monetization formats.
  • Weekly payouts for every publisher with a minimum threshold of $50.
  • A 5% referral commission for referring every new publisher to Clickadu.


  • Your account won’t get approved if your site has explicit content. 
  • Minimum traffic on your site should be 5000 visitors per day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Clickadu a safe ad platform?

Clickadu uses a machine learning algorithm to detect bot traffic and fraudulent activities. If any publisher is found to fake traffic, the account gets banned.

Is Clickadu the best AdSense alternative?

AdSense is the king of all ad networks, but yes Clickadu does have some advantages. The process of approval is not hefty with fewer traffic requirements.

How do publishers get paid?

Clickadu processes payouts in NET-7 and NET-14 days. The minimum threshold amount is $50 via PayPal to withdraw the commissions.


My verdict on the Clickadu review is straightforward. The site traffic requirement is not very huge, so if your site is live for some time, you will get approved.

The registration process and site verification process is simple and quick. If you still have some difficulty in the process, you can ask me in the comments section.



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