Contabo Review & Contabo VPS Free Trial Offer?

Over the years, I’ve looked into dozens of VPS hosts, but have always settled on one of the big guys. Fortunately, I discovered Contabo. They perform like the big boys, but their prices are much lower. In this Contabo review, I’ve explained everything you need to know about them. With Contabo, you can get more resources on your VPS & dedicated server for less money.

Contabo specializes in web hosting plans and dedicated servers and was founded in 2003 in Germany.

Contabo was built on three fundamental principles to focus on its clients: discount prices, instant customer service, and personalization.

Next, we’ll discuss Contabo’s main products, including VPS and dedicated servers, as well as domain registration and shared hosting.

Why Choose Contabo in 2022?

Everyone will be able to find the web hosting they need, whether they are bloggers, online business owners, or affiliate websites.

Owner of two data centers, one in Germany, and one in the United States, each with 4,000, 10,000, and 1500 servers. Contabo offers hosting and server packages with competitive prices and significant discounts.

  • They offer virtual private servers, dedicated servers, object storage, and bare metal servers. There are various plans for each service to choose from based on your budget.
  • The amount of traffic a website receives is not a concern with any of the available hosting plans since you get unlimited bandwidth with the servers.
  • It is very easy to operate multiple sites like WordPress using Contabo’s powerful VPS, as it offers self-installable applications.
  • The primary function of Contabo’s control panel is to facilitate the administration of servers and websites.

Contabo Pricing for VPS

VPS Hosting

A VPS offers two kinds of storage: one type features a hard disk with an SSD boost, while the other uses SSDs exclusively. 

Within SSD, you get standard SSD or NVMe SSD storage to choose from. Contabo is one of the best VPS companies that offer NVMe SSD storage for no extra cost.

You get lots of storage space at a budget-friendly price with the conventional hard disk option, and you get faster read and write speeds with the SSD boost option.

In addition to choosing your specific plan, you’ll also need to decide how many CPU cores, RAM, storage space, and bandwidth you need for your site.

What Do All Contabo VPS Plans Include?

Your VPS environment can run either Linux or Windows, regardless of the disk storage option you choose.

All plans come with:

  • Access to the root server
  • Rebooting from the web interface is possible
  • Install and manage OSes
  • VNC access
  • There is one dedicated IP address
  • Domain name management
  • There is no limit to the number of domains

Snapshot feature for the new VPS SSD

Contabo’s new SSD VPS models include snapshot functionality as a feature. A snapshot of the current state of your VPS SSD can be made by selecting the “VPS Control” menu item in’s customer control panel. You can restore this snapshot at a later date.

To preserve the current state of your VPS SSD, snapshots are the ideal solution. Should your VPS SSD have problems after the update, you can restore the previous state with only one click.

Contabo Pricing for VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server)

Contabo Pricing for Bare Metal Dedicated Server

How to Avail Discount/Special Offers on Contabo?

Total Time Needed: 30 Minutes

Total Cost: 6.99 USD

Required Tools:– A Computer

Things Needed?

– A valid credit card or a method of payment that supports international transactions.

Steps to get a discount on Contabo:

Step 1

The current offer can be found right below the pricing for each plan on the Contabo homepage.

Step 2

Choose the configuration and you will explore various promotional offers during the setup. For example, free additional storage and waived setup fee, etc.

What services does Contabo offer?

Contabo’s services include:

  • Dedicated servers: There are six options for dedicated servers that can be customized before purchase, with the specifications detailed er. Windows and Linux operating systems with RAID storage are available.
  • VPS servers: 
  • Provides two types of VPS servers: a traditional one with SSD boost and another one with SSD only. Linux or Windows VPS plans include root access, reboot capability, control of installation and management of the operating system, single dedicated IP address, management of DNS records, and an unlimited number of domains.
  • Shared accommodation: It offers 4 “webspace” plans for shared accommodation. All of them come with a variety of web applications. Along with SSL certificates, access to multi-site platforms such as WordPress and Joomla, and DDoS protection, all of them come with a variety of self-installing web applications.

Ease of use and setup

Throughout the rest of this article, I will explain how to create a VPS account and deploy it.

If you do not have an account with them, you may be required to provide a copy of your identification as per law in certain circumstances.

Step 1: Create an Account

You can create an account by visiting the Contabo website by clicking here.

Step 2: Select A Package

The next step is to choose a VPS package from the following options after you have created an account and logged in. You might want to start with the VPS S if you’re looking to run a SaaS business or blog. So go ahead and select that option.

Step 3: Setup the VPS

Select the VPS of your choice and we will present you with 7 options. Prepayment is the first option. You can use the drop-down menu to view the different options. Contabo has the best price-to-quality ratio, as mentioned earlier. Depending on the prepayment option you select, you may even pay less than $6.99.

Option 1: Prepayment Discount

Setting up the VPS involves selecting the region. Europe is free. The snippet below shows the additional fee that may apply in other regions.

Option 2: Region

You should then select the type of storage you prefer based on your needs in the third step. Generally, you should go with the default in order to avoid additional fees. 

Contabo offers 200GB extra for free forever at the time of this writing, so it is wise to choose that option. A 50 GB NVMe option is also available instead of SSD, which is much faster than SSD.

Option 3: Storage

Choosing the image you want to run on your server is the next critical step after selecting the storage. As you can see, each option can be implemented differently depending on your choice.

Option 4: Image

You’ll also need to set up a password for root, select IP addresses, configure additional backup storage, and install SSL certificates.

Step 4: Proceed to check out and make payment

You may now order and pay for your order once you have ticketed all your options. The details about your VPS will be emailed to you. We have root passwords, VNC usernames and passwords, and login information for your account.

Pros and Cons


  • Prices that are competitive.
  • Your servers will be available at all times.
  • Self-installing applications.
  • Cpanel tutorials are available online.
  • All plans include free SSL certificates.
  • Traffic is unlimited.


  • Hosts must be purchased in order to purchase domains.
  • Limited hours of technical support.
  • There is no online chat.

My Verdict – Contabo Review

Considering Contabo’s quality VPS and dedicated servers, it is an excellent choice when selecting a company for small projects seeking significant growth.

The Cpanel is extremely easy to use, even for people without a lot of programming knowledge.

In case of doubts or inconveniences, I count on the help of professionals. The website offers several tutorials, but an online chat and longer customer service hours are needed.

With regard to the quality of service and storage resources offered by Contabo, the company offers very competitive pricing. Linux and Cpanel are included for free.


Is there any free trial for Contabo VPS?

Contabo does not provide a free trial. Their money-back guarantee lasts for 14 days. That is the only way to test their products and compare them with your current solution. If you cancel your VPS before 14 days, you will be eligible for a refund. 

Is Contabo the cheapest VPS provider?

Contabo is the cheapest web hosting provider where you can easily get a VPS for your site if you are okay with the German location.

How to Install Cyberpanel on a Contabo VPS?

I have created a video to help you host your website using cyberpanel on a VPS or dedicated server.