10 Best cPanel Alternatives and Competitors in 2022 and Beyond

We all know the popularity of cPanel. The simplicity that cPanel offers is why most web hosts prefer it. But you should know that several other cPanel alternatives and competitors offer the same functions.

Do you want to buy a cPanel license? It starts from $15/mo, the most suitable plan for individuals, freelancers, and small businesses. However, installing a $15/mo cPanel on a VPS that costs less than $10/mo may sound pretty costly for an entry-level guy.

After working on many servers for various purposes, we found a list of top control panel software. These web hosting control panels do almost everything that cPanel has to offer. However, a feature or two may be extra or missing.

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  • Customizable
  • Install plugins to add more features
  • Litespeed/Openlitespeed add-on available

Summary: cPanel alternatives at a glance

cPanel is a bit expensive for resellers, so I have prepared a list of inexpensive cPanel alternatives and competitors. You might want to try out these cPanel alternatives.

Product NameFree VersionPremium Version
Plesk (web admin VPS)Free Trial Available$12 per month (10 domains)
CyberpanelFree$11 per month (5 domains)
RuncloudNot available$6.67 per month (1 server, UL apps)
ServerPilotNot available$5 per server + $0.50 per app
VestaCPFree$3 per month (SFTP CHROOT)
DirectAdminFree$2 per month (10 domains)
WebuzoNot available$2.5 per month
AjentiFreeNot available
CentOS web panelFree$1.49 per month

List of 10 Best cPanel Alternatives and Competitors

#1. Plesk


Plesk is known to be the most potent cPanel competitor. Many hosting companies prefer Plesk over cPanel.

There’s a centralized control panel to manage multiple sites from one dashboard. The dashboard allows you to manage your server and prospects from one place.

Whether you are a hosting provider, developer, or agency, Plesk is for you. With over 100 Plesk extensions, you can get your favorite tools with one click.

Most of the sites run on WordPress, and therefore Plesk has a complete toolkit for WordPress.

It doesn’t matter which cloud provider you choose; Plesk works with every cloud provider. This includes AWS, GC, Vultr, Linode, and DigitalOcean.

#2. Cyberpanel


Cyberpanel is an open-source, flexible, and secure control panel. It is the best cPanel alternative with almost the same features as cPanel.

You can choose to go with the free Cyberpanel or paid one. The paid Cyberpanel includes Cyberpanel Cloud and Cyberpanel Enterprise.

The free Cyberpanel comes with a free LiteSpeed Cache. If you want a premium LiteSpeed Cache, you should purchase Cyberpanel Enterprise.

  • The free Cyberpanel allows unlimited domains and allows one-click WordPress installation with LSCache.
  • With one-click SSL, you can now secure all your sites. The free Let’s Encrypt SSL is allowed for all websites.
  • The real-time ModSecurity defends your site against web attacks and keeps your site safe & secure.
  • Using the Git Manager, you can use GIT webhooks to deploy code updates from your repositories.

#3. RunCloud


If you want to build a website on Cloud services like DO, AWS, or GC, you can use RunCloud. It offers a free trial to quickly build a website on the cloud with its graphical interface.

You can start the free trial with no credit card required and cancel it anytime. At RunCloud, you will find all the tools to run your website along with your team members on the side. You can give access to team members to manage your server.

Server Management tools help you configure your server and security updates. Now, you can have peace of mind with regular backups and secure storage.

#4. ServerPilot


ServerPilot helps you create and manage WordPress sites by deploying a DO, AWS, Azure, or GC server. You can connect your server to ServerPilot, add SSL certificates, and keep your site secure.

Don’t worry about the speed, as ServerPilot offers Nginx, Apache, PHP-FPM, MySQL, HTTP/2, and Brotli.

Regarding security and support, the ServerPilot support team is there to take care of your site.

With one click, you can install WordPress and get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL on your site.

#5. VestaCP


Like the cPanel, VestaCP also has a Softaculous app installer to install more than 400+ apps. Updates to the latest version of VestaCP can be done with one click from the Updates tab.

The interface is easy and fast and makes your site load faster. The GPL license ensures open-source code can be modified if needed.

The web interface is available in more than 20 languages which makes it popular across the globe.

The in-built site analytics system shows every piece of information you need for your site. It shows the number of visits, clicks, hits, and more.

Managing backups could never be easier as you can exclude some files or anything you want. All these core features are free, but you have to pay for additional plugins.

#6. DirectAdmin


A powerful web control panel to manage your servers around the world is DirectAdmin. It is the easiest to use control panel and also the fastest one.

The control panel in-built manages your site stability and recovers from crashes automatically. The support is best, and all your questions are answered quickly. If you think the price would be costly, then you are wrong. DirectAdmin offers flexible pricing solutions.

With the DirectAdmin control panel, you will never be left behind and always be up to date with the latest technologies. The interface is multilingual, so you can install a new language pack in a few clicks.

#7. Webuzo


If you are looking for a multi-user control panel, then Webuzo is the best cPanel alternative. With this, you can manage all your websites, emails, databases, and more.

Whether you are a website owner or a reseller, Webuzo is for you. Many web hosting companies around the world use Webuzo for their clients.

The interface is straightforward and supports various servers like Ubuntu, CentOS, and AlmaLinux. For hosting providers, Webuzo offers automation tools to manage servers.

It is a stack full of necessary software like Apache, PHP, MySQL, Python, etc. You can install Webuzo on cloud servers, VPS, and Dedicated Servers.

#8. Ajenti


Ajenti is a lightweight admin panel with fast remote access to everything. You won’t have to look for PuTTY downloads and can access the panel from anywhere.

The panel is entirely responsive and extensible with Python and JS. It offers bundled plugins for system configuration and management.

Your existing configurations won’t be hampered and are preserved along with structure and comments. Its feature-rich API enables fast plugin development.

The Ajenti V makes web hosting set up easy and fast. Supported languages for websites include PHP, Node.js, Python, and Ruby. It also includes CLI interface tools.

#9. CentOS Web Panel


Manage your servers and application effectively with the CWP free and Pro control panel. Your server and clients’ information is always safe with the CWP Secure Kernel.

The control panel offers a modern interface, premium support, and security at its best.

The best thing is that the CWP is a free Linux-based control web panel. It can be used by hosting companies and system admins to manage their servers and clients.

Not just a modern interface, but CWP is an AI-based free control panel to manage VPS and Dedicated servers.

If you are looking for speed, CWP has a minimum of 1 GB RAM for a 64-bit system. For additional features, some add-ons make CWP the best control panel.

#10. sPanel


The last in the list of best cPanel alternatives are sPanel. It is an all-in-one control panel with in-built security features.

With SShield protection, your website is protected in real-time from attacks. This improves site protection by blocking 99.998% of the attacks.

Your data is archived daily on a remote backup server at no extra cost. You no more have to worry about manual backups.

Managing WordPress sites has never been more accessible. You can update WordPress sites and even reset admin passwords with one click.

Your site speed will be doubled with Nginx and LiteSpeed web server. SSL protection is free for every website using the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate.

The sPanel is fully managed by experts around the clock and could be integrated with any platform using API.

Factors to consider when choosing a cPanel Alternative

What should you look for in a control panel if not the cPanel?

OS support:

If your server is installed with Linux, you must first figure out the control panel compatibility. You might have Ubuntu installed, so you must ensure that the self-hosted or SaaS control panel is compatible.


cPanel offers many features like SSL installation, backups, FTP, emails, databases, and more. You can install WordPress easily in the cPanel with one click.

When choosing an alternative to cPanel, ensure you get the features you want. Don’t be in a hurry to buy anyone.


cPanel is costly for individuals and small businesses, starting at $15/mo. So, what other control panels offer at the same price is to be looked upon.

Support in any control panel is essential if you are not tech-savvy. So ensure you get the right support even if you have to pay more than cPanel.

Type of Web Hosting Control Panels

When searching for the best cPanel replacement panel, you can find two kinds of control panels. One would be self-hosted and the other SaaS.

Self-hosted (Open Source) Control Panel?

Control panels that are free to use are called self-hosted web hosting control panels. You can install self-hosted control panels on your server purchased from your Cloud VPS hosting provider.

With self-hosted control panels, you have everything in your hand. So, you can manage and operate the control panel independently if you are a tech geek or an IT firm. You can have security features and work with a team to manage accordingly.

However, the biggest challenge with such a control panel is updates and bug-fixing. Most of the time, you spend hours searching for the solution on the product forums if you encounter any. This is not the type of control panel I recommend if you’re a perfect newbie to the world of VPS hosting and web servers.

Self-hosted SaaS control panel?

As far as the production sites are concerned that run on a content management system like WordPress or Magento, a SaaS control panel is what you should be going after. A powerful reason behind this is a vast community to learn and a support team to fix bugs for you.

The payment options for SaaS control panels are easy, and you can buy monthly or annual plans. The support is unstoppable as these are paid control panels, so you have a team backing you. cPanel is one such control panel that you can go for.

Unlike the self-hosted ones, SaaS control panels are easy to install in your VPS server. This makes SaaS control panels easy to use and maintain. Also, you don’t have to worry about security and updates as there are experts to handle everything.

Client-Based SaaS Control Panel

This is yet another control panel in which you buy a subscription from a third-party application to manage your VPS server. Once you add your server’s root credentials into the third-party application, it installs a client package on your server.

With the help of the client script, your server communicates with the third-party app in real-time. You can then manage almost every function on the server from the third-party application. The pricing of such a control panel is based on the number of servers you manage using the third-party dashboard.

Need a Dedicated Server?

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Is Cyberpanel a good control panel?

Cyberpanel is definitely a better control panel when hosting sites on VPS. It is free to use with one-click SSL and WordPress installation.

Is cPanel free for VPS?

No, cPanel isn’t free with any VPS hosting but comes free with most of the shared web hosting packages.

Does namecheap own cPanel?

No, Namecheap does not own cPanel.

What can I use instead of cPanel?

I have listed out some of the best cPanel competitors like Cyberpanel, Plesk, Webuzo, and more.

What is the difference between Plesk and cPanel?

Plesk supports both Linux and Windows servers whereas cPanel supports only Linux web servers. Moreover, cPanel has a graphical interface and is easy to use.

The best cPanel alternative?

As far as a free cPanel alternative is the point of discussion, Cyberpanel would be your best option. Cyberpanel offers you a perfect set of features required to manage multiple sites on your VPS or dedicated server. You can also create reseller, admin, and user account to run a small web hosting business.

Considering scalability and business point of view, Plesk will be the top cPanel alternative that lets you have the ultimate control of your server. Also, you can sell web hosting, accommodate resellers and run unlimited websites on the server.



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  1. Hi Alex
    Thanks a lot for saving a lot of my time in finding a good alternative to cPanel. I already heard about plesk but never knew that it is a cheaper alternative to cPanel. Though I am a little concerned about security in CyberPanel. Since you’ve mentioned CyberPanel on the top of the list, I have installed it on a server for testing. Let’s see how it goes.

  2. I have used almost all the control panels for web hosting management (for hosting WordPress sites), and I feel that cPanel and Plesk are the only ones with the best features and support. You can buy a WHM license to become a hosting reseller and sell hosting to your clients quickly. However, Plesk is my all-time favorite.
    Regarding a free cPanel alternative, Cyberpanel will be the best control panel if you do not need to resell hosting.

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