10 Best Web Data Scraping Tools 2023 Compared

The year 2022 is destined to be one of data scraping. Businesses compete against one another using large amounts of data from a diverse range of consumers.

So, whether it’s their consumer actions, shared social media content, or celebrities they follow, all are looking for scraping solutions. As a result, you must invest in developing your data assets to be successful.

Numerous firms and industries remain vulnerable to data breaches. According to a 2017 poll, 37.1% of businesses lack a Big Data strategy.

Among the remaining businesses that are data-driven, only a tiny proportion have achieved some kind of success. One of the primary causes is their limited understanding of or a complete lack of data technology.

As a result, data scraping software is critical for establishing a data-driven business strategyβ€”scrape websites with Python, Selenium, or PHP.

Additionally, it is advantageous if you are a good programmer. This article will cover data scraping tools to automate the scraping process.

What are the Benefits of Web Data Scraping Tools❓

I ran a site scraping software through its paces and took the following notes. Specific solutions, such as Octoparse, give scraping templates and services, which is a significant benefit for businesses that lack data scraping expertise or are unwilling to spend time online scraping.

How To Select A Data Scraping Tool❓

It depends entirely on what you wish to scrape and the desired results. As with a chef’s knife, inspecting a data scraping tool before enabling an outfitted cooking environment is critical.

To begin, invest some time in researching relevant websites. This does not require you to parse the web pages. Simply browse the site pages completely. At the very least, you should know how many pages to scrape.

Second, pay close attention to the HTML structure of the page. Certain web pages are not written consistently. Having stated that, if the HTML structure is incorrect and you still require content scraping, you must adjust the XPath.

Thirdly, select the appropriate data scraping tools. These are my observations and opinions about scraping tools. Hopefully, it will shed some light on the subject.

10 Best Data Scraping Tools on the Web

#1 Octoparse

octaparse data scraping tools

Octoparse is a free and feature-rich web scraper. It’s quite nice of them to offer endless free pages! Octoparse resembles the human scraping process, making the entire scraping process incredibly simple and smooth to handle. It’s acceptable if you have no prior knowledge of programming.

Regex and XPath tools can be used to aid in exact extraction. It’s typical to come across a website with a messed-up coding structure, as humans build websites, and human beings make mistakes. In this instance, it’s easy to overlook these outliers during data collection.

Even when scraping dynamic pages, XPath can resolve 80 percent of data missing difficulties. However, not everyone is capable of writing the correct Xpath.

This is unquestionably a life-saving feature, courtesy to Octoparse. Additionally, Octoparse includes pre-built templates for Amazon, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. Scraped data will be exported to Excel, HTML, and CVS, among other formats.

Guidelines and YouTube lessons pre-built, built-in job templates, unlimited free crawls, Regex tools, and Xpath. Whatever you choose to call it, Octoparse has more than enough incredible features.

Regrettably, Octoparse does not yet support PDF data extraction or direct picture download (only can extract image URLs).

#2 Mozenda

mozenda best web data scraping tools

Mozenda is a data scraping service that runs in the cloud. It has a web console and an agent builder that enable you to run your agents and view and organize results.

Additionally, it allows for exporting or publishing extracted data to a cloud storage provider such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, or Microsoft Azure. Agent Builder is a Microsoft Windows tool that enables you to create your data project.

Data extraction occurs on optimized harvesting servers located in Mozenda’s data centers. As a result, this uses the user’s local resources and protects the user’s IP addresses from being blacklisted.

The tool includes a full Action Bar that makes recording AJAX and iFrames data simple. Additionally, it offers documentation and pictures extraction.

Apart from multi-threaded extraction and intelligent data aggregation, Mozenda includes Geolocation to avoid IP blocking and Test Mode and Error-handling to help you fix errors.

Mozenda is somewhat expensive, starting at $99 for 5000 pages. It requires a Windows-based computer to work and experiences difficulty when dealing with huge web pages. Perhaps it is why they charge based on scraped pages.

#3 80legs

80legs easy web scraping tools

80legs is a very configurable web crawling tool. While it is intriguing that you may customize your program to scrape and crawl, caution is advised if you are not a tech-savvy individual. When customizing your scrape, ensure that you understand each step.

The tool can retrieve massive volumes of data and provides an instant download option for the retrieved data. Additionally, it’s rather remarkable that the free plan allows you to crawl up to 10,000 URLs per run.

80legs makes web crawling technologies more affordable for small businesses and individuals on a shoestring budget. To obtain a large volume of data, you must configure a crawl and a pre-built API. The support team is inefficient.

#4 Import.io

import scraping tool

Import.Io is a cross-platform data scraping platform that works with most OS systems. It features an intuitive interface that is simple to master without the need to write any code.

You can click on any data that appears on a webpage and extract it. The data will be saved on the company’s cloud service for days. It is an excellent enterprise choice.

Import.io is a user-friendly application that runs on nearly every operating system. Thanks to its basic layout, simple dashboard, and screen capture, it’s rather simple to use.

The free plan has been discontinued. Each sub-page is chargeable. It can quickly become prohibitively expensive if you extract data from multiple sub-pages. Paid plans start at $299 per month for 5000 URL queries and $4,999 per year for 500,000.

#5 Content Grabber

content grabber homepage

As the name implies. Content Grabber is a robust, feature-rich visual data scraping application for extracting web content. It can automatically collect entire content structures such as product catalogs or search results.

Visual Studio 2013 combined with Content Grabber provides a more effective solution for those with solid programming skills. With various third-party solutions, Content Grabber provides consumers with additional possibilities.

Content Grabber is exceptionally adaptable in handling complex websites and data extraction. It enables you to customize the scraping to your specifications.

The software is only compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems. Due to its high adaptability, it may not be the best choice for beginners. Additionally, it lacks a free version. The eternal price of $995 deters those looking for a tool for small projects on a shoestring budget.

#6 Outwit Hub

outwit homepage

Outwit Hub is one of the most straightforward data scraping tools available. It is free to use and enables you to extract web data without writing a single line of code.

It is available as a Firefox add-on as a desktop application. Its straightforward UI makes it ideal for beginners.

The “Fast Scrape” tool is an excellent addition that allows you to scrape data from a list of URLs you give quickly.

The extraction of primary site data does not include advanced capabilities such as IP rotation and CAPTCHA skipping. Without IP rotation and circumventing CAPTCHAs, your scraping task may fail.

Due to the ease with which a high volume of extraction will be discovered, websites will compel you to pause and restrict you from doing further action.

#7 Parsehub

parsehub free web scraper

ParseHub is a desktop application that runs on Windows. Compared to other web crawling applications, ParseHub runs on most operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, and LINUX.

Additionally, it includes a browser extension that enables quick scraping. Pop-ups, maps, comments, and photos can all be scraped. The instructions are comprehensive, which is a massive plus for beginning users.

For programmers with API access, Parsehub is more user-friendly. It supports a broader range of operating systems than Octoparse. Additionally, it is quite versatile for scraping data online for various purposes.

On the other hand, the free plan is severely limited in terms of scraped pages and projects, with only five projects and 200 pages scraped per run.

Their subscription plan is expensive, ranging between $149 and $499 per month. Scrapes with a high volume of material may cause the scraping operation to slow down. As a result, small projects fit well with Parsehub.

#8 Apify

apify homepage

Apify is a unique data scraping software designed for programmers. You might want to give it a shot if you have some rudimentary coding skills. It lacks a click-and-extract feature. Rather than that, you must write JavaScript to inform the crawler of the data you wish to extract.

It integrates JQuery, an open-source JavaScript library. The free version allows for up to 5000 crawls every month. For developers, the pricing is free; for all other customers, the price ranges from $49 to $499 monthly.

Additionally, it has a limited data retention term; therefore, ensure that you store extracted data promptly.

#9 Zyte

scrapinghub homepage

Zyte is a smart proxy and data scraping services provider. It doesn’t matter what the project size is, Zyte can extract any data you want.

The platform makes any complex work simple, so you can focus on your team and business planning. The pricing model is flexible, so you only pay for the data you need and save on unnecessary expenses.

You are in safe hands as Zyte is GDPR and CCPA compliant with 99.9% data quality, reliability & accuracy.

Zyte’s price intelligence feature helps in tracking price for different products on competitor’s website.

#10 Dexi.io

dexi clean web data

Dexi.io is a web crawler that runs in the browser. It offers three sorts of robots: extractors, crawlers, and pipelines. PIPES includes a master robot capability that enables a single robot to manage several jobs.

It integrates readily with various third-party services (captcha solvers, cloud storage, and so on). Third-party services are unquestionably a plus for skilled scrapers. The outstanding support team assists you in building your robot.

The cost is pretty reasonable, ranging between $119 and $699 each month, depending on your crawling capability and the number of active robots. Additionally, the flow is somewhat tough to comprehend. Occasionally, debugging bots can be a pain.

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Which is the best data scraping tool?

Apart from the ones mentioned in this, Bright Data and Oxylabs are some of the top web scraping solution provider.

What is the use of a web scraping tool?

A web scraping tool crawls different websites and provides insightful data with anonymity. The tool helps in product and price comparison.


The open web is by far the most significant worldwide repository of human knowledge, and nearly no material is not accessible via web data extraction.

Because online scraping is performed by many people with varying degrees of technical aptitude and knowledge, numerous solutions are available.

There are web data scraping options for everyone, from non-programmers to seasoned developers looking for the best open source solution in their preferred language. There is no one-size-fits-all web scraping technology; it all relies on your specific requirements.

Hopefully, this list of web data scraping tools and services has assisted you in identifying the best web data scraping tools and services for your unique projects or businesses.

Numerous the scraping solutions mentioned above offer free or discounted trial periods, allowing you to determine whether they will work for your specific company use case.

Having said that, some will be more dependable and effective than others. If you’re searching for a tool that can manage data requests at scale and at a reasonable price, it’s worth contacting a sales representative to ensure that they can deliver – before to signing any contract.

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