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Those who need to access country- or region-restricted content can profit significantly from using an Indian proxy. An Indian proxy would be helpful for SEO auditing to guarantee that your website follows the best practices for search engine optimization inside the country.

In addition, numerous India-only web services may not be available from outside the nation due to geo-restrictions. In these instances, an Indian proxy server would be required to circumvent these restrictions and acquire full access to the desired content.

However, it is essential to understand that not all Indian proxy servers are made equal. Some may even prohibit your access to certain content, so you must be selective when choosing from our list of free, Datacenter proxies for Indians.

We have investigated the many sorts of proxy servers, and as a result, we have compiled this helpful guide. Read on for more information about Datacenter Indian proxies.

Top 15 Datacenter Proxies For India IP

Bright Data

bright data datacenter proxies

Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati, provides the highest quality services. Approximately 4 million of their more than 72 million IP addresses are Indian.

This is an extensive collection of IP addresses from worldwide, including India. They have servers located globally, and concurrency is not limited.

Minimum bandwidth requirements for Bright Data are 40GB. Therefore, although the quality you receive from Bright Data is exceptional, it comes at a price – and it’s pretty expensive. You will not be blocked while using their service, but you must pay a high monthly cost for this exceptional service.


Innovative Proxy Service to Gather Data at Scale Oxylabs review

Indian Proxies from 6M+ IPs can give your web scraping projects a boost. With a large pool of Residential Proxies, you’ll have access to IP addresses from all over India, which will help you get around blocks that are put in place for certain geo-locations.

It might be hard to grow your project if you only have a few web scraping sessions at once. With Oxylabs’ Indian Datacenter Proxies, there are no limits set on your sessions, so you don’t have to worry about bandwidth or target limits. These IP addresses in India are the best for market research and protecting brands.

People say that Indian Proxies are slow and not very good. But at Oxylabs, they offer Indian Proxies that are of the highest quality and have real IP addresses. Not only that, but Oxylabs India Proxy is easy to set up and can change IP addresses when a proxy fails.

rapidseedbox datacenter proxies for indians

RapidSeedbox delivers a highly efficient and dependable IPv6 proxy solution. This is accomplished by supplying the proxy address with an IPv4-IPv6 gateway, which enables the user to access any site with his preferred client.

RapidSeedbox also offers a public API that developers can use to query our service status and push fresh content to your seedbox.

It is the most efficient and trustworthy Seedbox provider. We provide a variety of plans to meet your needs. Our team is accessible around-the-clock to provide you with the best possible service.

The company offers two locations (the Netherlands and the United States) and up to ten thousand IPv6 addresses immediately available for use. However, they may provide far more IP addresses if contacted.


soax residential mobile proxies

In the Soax network, about 5 million proxies are available, including more than 2.5 million Indian proxies. Their servers are spread worldwide, and their open bandwidth minimum is 19GB. One of their best advantages is pricing, which begins at $20 per day for 19GB of data transfer and 300 ports.

In addition, they offer an easy and flexible payment mechanism. You can choose between daily and weekly proxies as with any other service. They differentiate themselves from the competition by offering just monthly subscriptions.

The vast majority of their IP addresses are from India, and their proxy pool is one of the cleanest on the market. Their proxies can be used for SEO audits, account registration, price tracking, ad verification, and basic site scraping.

Smart Proxy

smartproxy-residential proxy free trial

Smart Proxy has approximately 40 million IP addresses and over 9 million Indian IP addresses, making it a popular proxy. They have more than 195 locations worldwide and provide infinite concurrency. Smart Proxy requires 5GB of bandwidth yet charges only $75.

Individuals are better served by the Smart Proxy service, which is comparable to Bright Data but far less expensive. This is one of the most popular options for those who utilize Indian proxies since they provide the most significant number of Indian IP addresses on the market.

Smart Proxy allows you to run 10-minute sessions with ease. Therefore, even if you employ high-spinning proxies, this service is valuable. In addition, because these services will not be prohibitively expensive, Smart Proxy will be a superior and more cost-effective alternative to Bright Data.


proxy seller private proxies

The Proxy Seller’s servers are located in over 20 globally. They are not picky about concurrency but have a great deal of accessible bandwidth. Per month, each proxy will cost you $2.47.

They offer some of the market’s most efficient datacenter proxy services, and India is one of the countries covered. Their prices vary by country since they offer IPv4 and IPv6 proxies and low-cost proxies. Their prices vary by country. However, they increase when more proxies are purchased.


proxyipv6 homepage provides a comprehensive list of Indian proxies that enable you to browse the web using an Indian IP address. Using these proxy servers is free of charge and does not require any additional software, plugins, or difficult procedures. This makes them quick and simple to use, allowing instant access to restricted internet information.

IPv6 can be an alternative IP address source for scraping search engines. Using anonymous IPv6 proxies, you can bypass geographically restricted material.

The performance or Affiliate Marketers know the importance of ensuring online initiatives conform to mandated rules. In conjunction with ad verification software, IPv6 proxies can be used to assure compliance.

proxy6 anonymous proxies

If you cannot access Indian websites due to geo-restrictions, you can utilize the list of Indian IP addresses provided by

This will allow you to access websites blocked in India. You can utilize their extensive database of Indian proxies to overcome geo-restrictions and gain access to websites in India.

They will grant you access to all sites in India, including prominent social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Additionally, their proxies are quick enough that they will not slow down your connection speed when viewing websites in India. You can use this proxy to unblock websites even with a sluggish Internet connection.

Their services can also be used for video streaming, as our proxies are fast enough to broadcast high-quality videos.


premproxy premium proxy

Access Indian websites from anywhere globally with Premproxy’s list of Indian proxy servers. A proxy server is the most effective method if you need to access Indian websites from outside India.

This service is an attractive option for those who wish to unblock a few websites but do not wish to engage in extensive Internet activity. This is the best answer for you if you merely perform basic online browsing.

However, their primary focus is on their paid Indian proxies. Additionally, they update this list regularly. Additionally, the quantity of available proxy servers, both free and paid, fluctuates often.

Squid Proxies

squid proxies datacenter proxies is a paid service with servers in 10 countries and lets up to 100 threads run simultaneously. They also let you use as much bandwidth as possible and have a fair pricing plan. For $24 per month, Squid Proxies lets you use 10 proxies.

This service is also excellent if you need an Indian proxy. They have servers in Oceania, Asia, Europe, and North America, among other places worldwide.

But comparing Squid Proxies to other proxy services, we see that they are somewhat more expensive. Generally, one can say that their prices are fair because their proxies are good.

You can use them quickly for various internet marketing tasks because they are high quality and work well. Also, this provider will let you use a fast proxy that doesn’t limit your bandwidth.


ghostealth proxies

Ghostealth is a great proxy service provider that offers mobile, residential, and datacenter proxies. It has many proxy pools, and its users can choose from more than 3 million.

All of their plans allow you to use as much bandwidth as possible. Most Ghostealth plans allow users to run about 500 threads simultaneously.

One great thing about Ghostealth that makes it stand out from its competitors is that it supports all the popular protocols, even the new ones. SOCKS5, HTTP, and HTTPS are some protocols they can use.

What Is Datacenter Proxy?

A datacenter proxy is a proxy service that enables customers to swiftly and anonymously access the internet. When connecting to a website via a datacenter proxy, your actual IP address is concealed from the website. This indicates that the website cannot determine the user’s true IP address, and thus the user can browse the website anonymously.

 Because datacenter proxies are not linked with any ISP, they are not subject to ISP speed throttling. Therefore, datacenter proxies provide a speedy and dependable Internet connection.

Moreover, because they are not subject to ISP limits, datacenter proxies provide a superior user experience. This allows users to access websites generally restricted by ISPs, such as pornographic sites. As a result, datacenter proxies provide users with anonymous Internet access with a superior Internet experience.


There are several ways to access internet data and websites from India without going there. You can choose between paid and free proxy services based on your money. There are also home and datacenter proxies that can be used.

There are also different prices for them. So, you can choose the best package based on what you need. Most Indian IPs are on the above-mentioned IPs and services, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding great Indian content.

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