11 Cheap Dedicated Server in Asia (Singapore, India, Hong Kong)

Do you need a powerful, reliable, and affordable server for your business but don’t want to break the bank? Traditional servers are expensive and can be difficult to configure and manage. They also often require you to purchase add-ons and extras to get the most out of them.

Cheap Dedicated Server in Asia is the perfect solution for businesses who want all the power of a dedicated server without any of the hassle or expense. Here I have mentioned some of the most affordable dedicated servers in Asia. So, let us begin.

The most popular dedicated server locations in Asia are –

  • Bangaluru
  • Hong Kong
  • Mumbai
  • Seoul
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

11 Best & Cheap Dedicated Servers in Asia

1. Contabo – Singapore

contabo homepage main

Contabo offers the most affordable and reliable hosting services in Singapore. With their high-performance servers including shared, Reseller Hosting, WordPress or Windows Hosting you can rest assured that your website will be available for business at all times.

Their support staff is available 24/7 to assist with any issues during normal operating hours (Mon – Fri) as well through Telephone, and LiveChat options on both websites & mobile devices if needed by providing quick responses within 10 minutes.

Email messages are sent directly from their computer monitors while they work away behind closed doors ensuring nothing leaves without being addressed first hand which is what makes them different than other providers out there.

2. RedSwitches

redswitches dedicated server in asia

Host your web apps and services with a Singapore dedicated server from RedSwitches. Get up to 30 ms response times across Asia for the best performance possible.

A single-tenant environment means no distractions or interference, so you can run applications at maximum speed without being distracted by other tasks while staying secure 24/7 – all under one roof.

3. OVHCloud

ovhcloud homepage

The next-gen components of their powerful dedicated servers ensure a stable, scalable, and customizable system for your most demanding business needs.

Built with the latest technology to keep you up-to-date on all aspects of IT projects – they can scale at any time! And stay secure inside one private site that’s designed just as carefully around security measures like encryption standards.

So no one will ever be able to get access to what matters most from here either internally or externally while also having complete control over who has admittance into these areas too which means only those people involved should have full knowledge about how things work within.

4. G-Core Labs

gcorelabs cloud platform

G-Core Labs offer a variety of dedicated servers with powerful Intel Xeon CPUs and fast memory so you can deliver content anywhere, faster than your competitors.

Plus their unique feature which protects websites against bot attacks or DDoS floods without slowing down page load speed-of course even if it was previously considered too difficult for technical users like yourself.

It gives you just a few minutes during the signup process-specific instructions about what kind of server type will work well depending upon the need.

5. GoDaddy

godaddy business hosting

Their Dedicated Server Hosting has everything you need to run your mission-critical application with perfect uptime. Harness the full power of their bare metal servers, which come complete with root and admin privileges for total control over how much processing speed or storage space is available on each machine – right down to the kernel level!

6. Hostrunway

hostrunway dedicated server hosting

With their high-performance cloud platform, you can deploy your application with the assurance of reliability and security.

Their network is N+N redundant for increased stability in case one link goes down; they have a presence across different zones so that means faster response times when something does happen!

They offer DR services too which comes at no extra cost because there are two backup networks ready to go 24/7 without fail – not bad considering how expensive these things usually cost!!

Finally but most importantly: In addition to all this great work done by professionals who know what they’re doing behind.

7. HostColor

hostcolor homepage

Your business deserves the best, which is why they provide Dedicated & Managed Servers in Equinix Data Centers – Hong Kong or Shanghai.

They also have 20+ other centers across Asian countries including Seoul and Bangkok. If you need a server with specific commitments regarding transfer speeds, then don’t hesitate to contact them so that their experts can take care of all your needs.

From one easy conversation about storage solutions for I/O speed versus HDD capacity required based on what content will be stored onto this machine most often (SSD vs SATA).

8. Crypto Cloud

cryptocloud crypto payments hosting

They offer the best-dedicated servers in 50+ locations worldwide with enterprise SSD or NVMe storage. You can choose from 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 10 Gbps network speed internet connections for your convenience!

They believe that cryptocurrencies will become even more valuable as time goes on because of their commitment to them, they support Bitcoin just like other popular digital currencies such as Litecoin & Ethereum too.

9. Server Wala

serverwala dedicated servers

Your business success depends on the performance of your website. Server Wala Dedicated Servers in Bengaluru provide you with powerful, reliable, and up-to-date hardware that can handle high traffic without interruptions so even if it hits hard times due to spikes or campaigns.

This will not affect customer satisfaction because they reload faster than ever before! The best thing about their Bare Metal Services is how affordable they are while delivering top-tier service all around town from data centers located within proximity (just 1 hour) where demand visibility.

10. IBM Cloud

ibm cloud hybrid

IBM has the best global network to meet your needs. With over 60 data centers and 6 MZRs, they can provide a server in Singapore that will always be up-to-date with all of today’s technologies while also being highly resilient so it never goes down due to large loads or unexpected events!

11. FastComet

fastcomet fast servers

Growing your business means you have plenty on your plate. You don’t want to worry about the technical side of things either!

That’s why they offer their Singapore Dedicated Hosting solution, which includes a fully-configured and optimized server so all that is left for you are optimized when needed by their expert 24/7 Technical Support team with one quick login session from start to finish.

No more worries or stress involved in setting up new servers, just let them do this work while still getting full root access as well depending upon what type of machine(s) will best suit your needs here at ServerPits Inc.,

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a web hosting service that provides you with a whole server to yourself. It may provide you with greater control over your website and prevent other customers’ websites from affecting yours. Dedicated server hosting is much more costly than shared hosting.

Nonetheless, if your website generates a great deal of traffic or if you have other needs (such as additional security measures), you will need a dedicated server.

Some dedicated server plans are completely managed, which means that your web hosting business does routine administrative tasks such as initial server configuration, patching, anti-virus, security scanning & monitoring among others.

Other dedicated server plans are self-managed. You are responsible for server configuration, patching, and anti-virus software, among other tasks. Choose a dedicated server hosting plan from them to receive all the assistance and security you need to keep your websites online.

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Server?

There are several reasons why you need a dedicated server, therefore let’s examine them briefly –

1. Possibility of Customization:

Although the majority of hosting companies provide predefined dedicated server hosting plans, many will also allow you to completely modify the hardware placed on your dedicated server. However, I do advocate purchasing a pre-built dedicated server, since they are designed by IT and web hosting professionals to provide optimal performance at the lowest possible cost.

2. Improved Performance:

There is no other hosting provider that can outperform a dedicated server in terms of performance. The reason for this is simple: you have access to the whole server and all of its hardware. Unless you combine the resources of numerous dedicated servers, this hosting approach will provide the highest potential performance.

3. Improved Security:

Choosing a server ensures your website’s greatest availability. Shared hosting is often the best option for sites with low to moderate traffic. Dedicated servers provide more stability and dependability than shared hosting if your website gets a great deal of traffic.

With a dedicated server, you can be certain that you are not sharing space with a harmful website or a spammer. A dedicated server provides increased security, which is especially critical for businesses that conduct sensitive transactions using FTP or SSL.

4. Unique IP Address:

Every server has a distinct IP address. Sharing an IP address with numerous other websites is a feature of shared hosting. If one of your website’s neighbors is spam or pornographic website, this might result in your website’s ranking being lowered.

5. Dedicated Resources:

When you pick a dedicated server provider, you get access to all of the server’s resources. You need not be concerned about other websites monopolizing the server’s CPU and RAM. With a dedicated server, you can be certain that malicious scripts running on another website or bandwidth demand surges will not affect your server’s uptime.


There are many reasons to choose a dedicated server over a shared server. With a dedicated server, you will have more control over your server environment and resources. Additionally, dedicated servers usually offer better performance and security than shared servers.

I hope this list of cheap dedicated servers in Asia helped. Please let me know in the comment section which out of these you choose and why.

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