Best Australia Dedicated Server Providers of 2022

Choosing the best Dedicated Server Providers in Australia can be difficult with many available options. Not all Dedicated Server Providers are created equal. Many providers offer low-quality servers, limited features, and unprofessional customer service.

I have tested and reviewed the top Dedicated Server Providers in Australia to help make your decision easier. I only recommend the best providers who offer high-quality servers, great features, and excellent customer service.

List of Best Dedicated Server Providers in Australia

#1. Streamline Servers

streamline servers dedicated server providers australia
  • Price: $10 to $320 per month, approximately

A global team of technicians fully protects their network. These devices run in-line on the networks to provide real-time inspection and block malicious traffic before reaching your service.

Streamline Servers


Gaming Server


Custom software allows you complete control over everything from user access levels down to operating system installations without disrupting or inconveniencing.


Any other users! With their vast experience available 24/7 throughout 365 days (including holidays), they’re there for anything from helping fix common problems like updating drivers manually via IT administrator console interfaces; to reactive support during emergency incidents such as DDoS attacks when nothing else works anymore to strategic planning sessions about how best leverage our resources.

#2. Mammoth Cloud

mammoth cloud server

Price: $25 to $260 per month, approximately

Their Cloud servers come pre-installed and ready for use. Choose from Windows, Linux, or cPanel to deploy your VPS hosting in seconds!

Operating out of Next DC’s facility near Sydney, Australia, with physical infrastructure housed inside a datacenter that is UTI Tier III -certified both design and construction.

Each CloudVPS can be deployed either into their public clouds (which offer greater accessibility) or customer owned virtual private cloud servers).

With 24/7 monitoring available through full outsourcing options should you require them too. You’ll have complete control over everything happening on these powerful computers right down to the buck.

#3. BinaryLane

binary lane servers

Price: $135 to $225 per month, approximately

BinayLane offers a variety of servers for any need. From the traditional Windows or Linux-based systems to pre-installed images with CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian on them, you can even use an ISO file from your computer if that suits you best.

The environment is physically secure (NextDC S1 facility), carrier-neutral (hosted in Australia), and redundantly powered, so there won’t ever be downtime at our service again, thanks BinaryLane’s dedicated machines come with complete root login credentials as well as SSH installed right away without having too much work ahead before getting started.

#4. Serverwala

serverwala dedicated servers

Pricing: $300 per month to $650 per month, approximately

Their Australian Dedicated Servers are fully configured with best-in-class hardware and 24/7 customer support. Constant business growth leads to traffic spikes on the website, which results in increased outreach for shared resources, but this does not affect your site’s performance because of their Bare Metal Solution.

The powerful servers provide smooth running capabilities even if there is high user activity or an increase within one day all without interruptions. Thanks again for using RAID 0 storage options, as well as extra perks like being able to buy different types at an additional cost should they be needed.

#5. MilesWeb

milesweb homepage

Pricing: AUD $199 to $260 per month, approximately.

With their team of experts, you can migrate your website without any downtime. They make sure that it works flawlessly in their hosting environment.

They’ll move all the required files from old dedicated providers into new ones powered by high-quality enterprise-grade hardware from leading players like Dell, HP, and SuperMicro.

There’s no limit as to how many sites/websites may host with them; also, if this is shared or reseller Webhosting, then there is absolutely nothing wrong in changing over those servers too now because they offer better speed & unmatched performance just like what one would expect outtaus’).

#6. OVHcloud

ovhcloud homepage

Their powerful, dedicated servers are designed and assembled on-site by a team of experts. Each one is built with the latest components so they can be customized to suit your most demanding business needs in under 120 seconds.

Australia’s data centers provide maximum security for all types or websites that you want to be hosted here while also being fast enough not to cause any delays during peak times like day trade periods when other providers may struggle due to having overworked hardware alone (which happens more often than people think).

Plus, host them inside one of their private facilities where only certified technicians handle access requests, ensuring nothing gets compromised by outside influences.

How I Choose the Best Australia Dedicated Servers?

To exclude unsuitable providers from this list, I evaluated each candidate based on the selection criteria listed below.

In addition, as this is a guide for Australians, I have heavily focused on such factors as server location, where the firm is situated, whether or not they provide local support, and many more.

Backup Locations

Numerous servers will contain duplicate files in very separate and isolated places.

Therefore, if a center goes dark, traffic may be redirected to another place that can continue traffic distribution. This is also called the cloud and CDN infrastructure, replicating data and resources in many areas. Users of a website enjoy more security and peace of mind.

Consumers can access incredibly secure dedicated server hosting when these factors are considered.

Security Systems & Software

Even if a dedicated server provider has the most secure facilities in the world, they must also use internal security mechanisms to avoid security breaches and hacking.

Backup Power

Even in this modern-day, power outages may still occur for various reasons. In this case, what will happen to data centers? Do they cease transmitting data?

A dedicated server host will almost always have numerous power redundancies, such as diesel generators and external batteries. Therefore, they will always be able to keep your website up and continue to get visitors.

High Secure Facility

Regarding the physical storage of hardware, data centers must be protected against different dangers. Any reputable data center will have round-the-clock manned, video monitoring, fire-resistant construction, biometric access control, and bulletproof glass.


Almost all complicated online storage systems must adhere to stringent requirements and specifications. Most datacenters must comply with the PCI, HIPAA, SOX, JSOX, GLB, NIST 800-53, SOC, and SOC2 standards.

Bandwidth & Storage

One of, if not the most significant benefit of dedicated hosting is the ability to employ large quantities of bandwidth and SSD. So, whether you are just starting or want massive amounts of storage, I have selected companies that can meet the requirements of almost every website.

A decent dedicated host should provide at least 1 TB of bandwidth and 500 GB of storage space as a general guideline.

Scalability Options

Suppose your website has grown to the point where a VPS or shared server is inadequate. Congratulations! This indicates that you are doing something correctly to attract many visitors to your website.

However, increased traffic requires additional bandwidth, storage, and resources. In addition, if your website is to expand beyond its present state, the ability to add more resources is crucial.

As a result, I have listed providers who provide a variety of dedicated and bespoke plans to meet your website’s demands.

Managed & Unmanaged Options

When it comes to dedicated web hosting, you can do it yourself or select a managed service that handles the more technical elements.

So, we can assist you whether you are a skilled developer or need a more white-glove encounter. I have included hosts for dedicated servers that provide both of these choices.

Please notice that managed hosting plans are priced more expensively.

Customer Support

The complexity of hosting solutions increases with each upgrade. And as with complex systems, the greater the potential for disarray and failure.

When this occurs, it is vital to be able to contact knowledgeable and friendly support staff members who are eager to assist.

As such, I have placed a strong emphasis on (Australian and international) and a strong focus on support.

Companies having toll-free lines inside Australia are also eligible for additional points.

Wide Range Of Server Locations

Whether you are a small or big company, you must be able to provide Australian internet users with fast connections.

Having locally based or close-by servers are one method for delivering high speeds across Australia. This leads to decreased latency, which speeds up page load times.

Therefore, an Australian server would be preferable. I have also left the competition open to Singapore and the United States for diversity and cost.

Reasonable Pricing

Dedicated server hosting is more costly than virtual private and shared web hosting. There is absolutely no way to avoid it. This is because consumers are effectively leasing a whole computer for their website. Which, as you may guess, is not a cheap endeavor.

Consequently, some organizations charge high costs since many websites and businesses are compelled to pay these fees due to a lack of servers. Due to this, I have only selected reasonably priced web hosting that provides excellent value.


That’s all, folks! Hoping this information has served to push you on the correct path for moving your website to the next level. Also, remember that if you are operating an Australian-based website, you don’t necessarily have to have an Australian-based server.

With better transfer rates and CDN‘s efficient server design, consumers may easily have a server in Singapore or the USA and still receive fantastic performance.

If there is anything that you would want assistance with or you’d like me to cover anything, please let me know down below in the comments.

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