10 Best Dedicated Servers with 16 GB RAM

It would be best if you had a powerful server to handle your website traffic, but you’re probably unsure which one to choose. With so many options in the market, it can be hard to decide which dedicated server is right for you.

I’ve researched for you and compiled a list of the best-dedicated servers with 16 GB RAM. Whether you’re looking for a Windows or Linux server, you can find a server of your choice.

So, let us check out the list, but before that, let me explain the benefits of a dedicated server.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a remote server utterly devoted to a single user, company, or application. It is installed, managed, and hosted by a hosting, cloud, or an MSP or Managed Service Provider.  

A dedicated server is not shared with other customers, applications, or services. A dedicated server offers the same functionality as an in-house server but is owned, controlled, and maintained by the backend provider. The user/customer connects remotely to the dedicated server through the Internet to access various server-based services.

In addition to hosting applications and services, a dedicated server may also be used for data storage and backup services. A dedicated server may also be used internally to host and provide specific services, such as implementing dedicated file and network servers.

10 Best Dedicated Servers with 16 GB RAM

1. Contabo – $11.99 / month (Cheapest)


Contabo is a German corporation that was once known as Giga-International. It focuses mostly on Virtual Private Server (VPS), Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), and dedicated server hosting. Contabo’s VPS hosting services range from $6.99 to $34.99 per month.

In addition to shared hosting, VDS, and dedicated servers, there are further alternatives. While the pricing for shared VDS and dedicated plans is nothing special, VPS is inexpensive.

2. ServerBasket

serverbasket dedicated servers with 16 gb ram

Pricing – INR 7999 per month, approximately

ServerBasket has leased many data centers in geographically dispersed, secure locations. India, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Malaysia are a few of its server locations.

Multiple nations on continents such as North America, Europe, and Africa are home to other data centers operated by the provider.

The data centers have a dependable hosting architecture with state-of-the-art network facilities, such as completely updated firewalls and intrusion detection system (IDS) programs to identify and prevent unwanted system intrusions.


hostkey review homepage

Pricing – EUR 80 per month, approximately

HOSTKEY offers Tier III data centers with 42 units per rack in New York, Moscow, and Meppel, giving you access to three enormous markets with a single point of contact.

Every server is constructed and inspected by hand by a team of specialists. In addition to 24/7 assistance, their completely redundant solutions provide customizable racks and full remote access.

HOSTKEY excels in offering fully-tailored hosting solutions that satisfy all sophisticated server requirements. Regardless of the project’s complexity, they will do it in a timely and competent way.

You may use private or lease-licensed software from cPanel, NGINX, or Microsoft using HOSTKEY. Once selected, they will quickly install and deploy the program on your dedicated servers.

You may lease networking equipment at affordable prices for complicated tasks. Their network professionals will assist you in configuring and maintaining these machines.

4. HostExpert

hostexpert virtual dedicated server

Pricing – EUR 23.8 per month, approximately

Hosting plans for virtual dedicated and dedicated servers are provided by the Host Expert. The VDS plans are categorized as Personal, Business, and Infrastructure.

The entry-level Personal Basic VDS plan includes two vCPU cores, 80 GB of disk space, 2 GB of RAM, and one IP address. The Basic plan in the Business category contains two vCPU cores, 20 GB of disk space, 2 GB of RAM, and one IPv4 address.

The cheapest plan in the Infrastructure category has four vCPU cores, 32GB of disk space, 4GB of RAM, and one IPv4 address.

5. NameCheap

namecheap cheap hosting

Pricing – Xeon E-2234 with 16 GB DDR4 at $62.88

NameCheap is mainly recognized as a domain name registrar, but it also provides inexpensive web hosting.

NameCheap is best known as a domain registration and maintenance service, but it also provides web hosting. It was founded in 2000 and initially offered domains at affordable prices and superior customer support. Today, they administer over 11 million domains for over 3 million customers.

It offers SSL certificates, privacy protection services, and more, in addition to domains and comprehensive web hosting packages. The company believes that everyone must have an Internet presence. Thus, they provide inexpensive access to all the tools required to operate a website.

NameCheap’s hosting plans provide a 100 percent uptime guarantee and a quick, dependable service.

Their 16 GB RAM servers offer ample resources for even the most demanding applications. And with their world-class support team available 24/7/365, you can rest assured that they’ll help you every step of the way.

6. MilesWeb

milesweb homepage

Pricing – INR 9666 (for 16 GB server)

MilesWeb provides adequate service and excellent customer service. However, some concerns with global loading speeds and complicated terms of service made me nervous. The uptime guarantee is not a true guarantee, and the return mechanism is quite complex.

India’s MilesWeb is a very young hosting firm. It is less than 10 years old and boasts a sleek, contemporary interface that is far simpler to use than some of its rivals. Support is offered in English, and registration is possible even if you do not reside in India.

MilesWeb offers a broader selection of datacenters than other Indian hosts. You may host your website in India, the United States, Canada, Singapore, or the United Kingdom.

7. InterServer

intersever web hosting

Pricing – $114 per month

InterServer is an affordable, full-service web hosting company focusing on providing high-quality customer care through different channels 24/7/365.

InterServer provides several hosting solutions, including shared VPS, dedicated VPS plans, and colocation services for those wanting to operate their physical infrastructure. All InterServer plans have a comprehensive set of tools that make creating and managing a website and an online presence simple.

Their buildings are extensively protected with biometric access points, backup power, HVAC systems, and elevated floors to prevent servers from flood damage.

These capabilities enable InterServer to guarantee 99.9% uptime and 100% power uptime. The data centers are manned by professionals and security personnel around the clock every day of the year.

8. KnownHost

knownhost dedicated servers

Pricing – $158 to $373

Since 2005, the American hosting firm KnownHost has been in operation. Under private ownership, it has become a genuinely global brand with clients in more than 150 countries.

Most of its activities remain in the United States, with three cutting-edge data centers in Washington State, Maryland, and Texas and a support office in Birmingham, Alabama.

KnownHost is especially proud of its network infrastructure’s quality and devoted, around-the-clock customer service. Each of KnownHost’s data centers is a carrier-class facility with several connections to North America and Europe’s largest network service providers.

Custom-built dedicated servers are placed at KnownHost’s Dallas, Texas, data center. The fully managed hosting solution offers many of the same advantages as the VPS options, except for IP addresses.

9. LiquidWeb

liquidweb homepage

Pricing – $169 per month if paid monthly

In return for more expensive corporate hosting, Liquid Web offers superior technical assistance. They have dubbed their support staff as “the most helpful folks in hosting” and “heroic.” This amounts to 100 percent uptime and a support response time of 59 seconds or less from trained experts.

Liquid Web employs a “Sonar Monitoring” staff in addition to its 250 customer-facing support people. This team’s only mission is to address server faults rapidly, often before the client is aware of the issue.

In 2015, the firm received a high Net Promoter Score (NPS), a metric that measures customer loyalty, surpassing Apple, Amazon, and JetBlue because of its emphasis on helpfulness.

10. RedSwitches

redswitches dedicated server in asia

 Pricing – $89 per month

Redswitches PaaS powered by Jelastic provides the capabilities necessary to create and deploy applications faster than ever before. In addition, intelligent scaling and pay-as-you-go pricing provide performance at an unbelievable cost.

Are you losing sleep over your cloud hosting provider’s unpredictability in billing? Don’t be concerned about it anymore. RedSwitches specializes in lowering cloud hosting costs by up to 80% and doubling performance by 200%.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

1. Full Control:

One of the most often cited advantages of dedicated hosting is complete control over your server. You choose the site management tool and application to install, assuming your hosting provider supports them.

2. Server Resources are not shared:

Choosing a dedicated server gives you access to the server’s resources. With a dedicated server, your server will not slow down since no other programs will use its RAM and CPU. With dedicated hosting, your server capacity is exclusive to you.

3. Flexibility:

You can constantly tailor a dedicated server’s RAM, storage space, CPU, and software to the client’s specifications. If you need a personalized server environment, a dedicated server may be your best option.

4. High Performance and Security:

How can you optimize website or application availability? It utilizes a dedicated hosting service. Shared hosting is less reliable and stable than dedicated server hosting.

It ensures you do not share your storage space with harmful software or a possible spammer. The increased security provided by a dedicated server is vital for businesses that conduct transactions over FTP or SSL.

In addition, the finest dedicated server hosting includes round-the-clock help for handling errors and complaints, which further guarantees high uptimes.

Dedicated Servers – Buying Guide

You’ve chosen to switch to a dedicated server – congrats! I am here to assist you in moving forward.

I’ve condensed everything you need to consider when picking a dedicated server — from understanding your performance needs to selecting the best hosting company — into the six most crucial factors.

1. Choose a Hosting Provider:

The ideal hosting provider functions as a partner in knowledge throughout the full decision process. They include their engineers and experts in answering your queries, and they have a large client base who, if requested, would gladly supply references. The hosting company should demonstrate passion and attention by treating your business as its own, drawing on experience and knowledge.

2. Consider Application Scalability:

How scalable is your application? Is it simple to install more servers, and will it enhance the number of end-users you can support?

Some apps are challenging to scale to several devices. It isn’t easy to ensure that a database functions on several servers since it must be synced across all.

Moving the database to a server with better processing power, RAM, and quicker storage might be simpler. Moving to the cloud might also be a viable alternative.

This allows you to rapidly clone a server to handle a portion of the demand and add it to the load balancer, therefore distributing the load over numerous servers.

3. Test Network Quality:

The geographical location of your dedicated servers and the quality of your hosting provider’s network determine network quality. The physical location of your dedicated servers directly affects your end-users; if your clients are located in the APAC area, hosting in Europe may not be the best option since data transmission will be slower.

Data delivery is also dependent on the network quality of the hosting provider. Check your possible provider’s Network Operation Center (NOC) website and test their network to learn more about network quality. The majority of hosting companies provide this option.

4. Anticipate Bandwidth Usage:

The bandwidth needs are correlated with the predictability of data flow. You might pick a bundle with your dedicated server that includes a great deal of data traffic if you are likely to spend a great deal of bandwidth but have poor predictability (or even unmetered billing). This is a straightforward method for determining the cost of hosting your dedicated server.

5. Consider Potential Downtime:

What is the effect on your company if your hosting environment fails? One of the most significant advantages of a dedicated server is that you do not have to share its resources with anybody else.

However, one server always represents a single point of failure. If you cannot grow too many dedicated servers (which would prevent possible downtime), you must assess how much potential downtime you are prepared to risk.

6. Define Performance Requirements:

Each firm has specific server performance needs. How many expected users do you anticipate? What kind of services do you want to provide with your server?

Defining these statistics will assist in identifying the number of servers and the kind of hardware required. Will your services be heavy on the CPU, memory, or disk?

This knowledge will provide insight into hardware needs. Choosing the optimal mix will have a big impact on the performance of your server.

Choosing a dedicated server may seem daunting with several factors to consider, but it doesn’t have to be. Define your company’s goals and collaborate with a reputable service provider to identify the optimal solution and position your business for long-term development and success.


There are numerous excellent options for dedicated servers with 16 GB RAM, and I have provided information on the best choices available in this article. This way, you can easily find the one that suits your business requirements. If you have any better suggestions, please do let me know. Hopefully, this article has been of help to you.

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