10 Affordable Dedicated Servers in South Korea

South Korea is quickly becoming a leading force in the world of technology and business. However, many companies are still reluctant to set up shop there because of the high cost of dedicated servers.

Setting up a dedicated server in South Korea can be incredibly expensive, especially for small businesses just starting.

There is an affordable and reliable alternative to setting up your server. With their service, you can get a high-quality dedicated server for a fraction of the price. Let us check out the list of some of the best cheap dedicated servers in South Korea.

Best Cheap Dedicated Server in South Korea

#1. A2 Hosting

a2hosting dedicated server

Pricing: $105.99 per month, approximately

A2 Hosting is one of the best providers of dedicated servers in the market. When choosing Korean Hosting, make sure that you decide A2Hosting – they offer a global data center option, so no matter where in Asia or Earth yours is located, it will be close by.

The lower latency means faster load times on websites, which means more visitors experiencing what’s inside instead of waiting patiently while everything loads up behind them one page at a time… isn’t this why people buy internet service?

#2. OVHcloud

ovhcloud homepage

Their powerful dedicated servers are designed and assembled on-site by their team of experts. Built using the latest components with scalable designs to suit your most demanding business needs, they can be customized for you in 120 seconds! Host critical websites or applications inside private maximum security sites that will keep data secure from breaches while maximizing performance through the best available equipment OVHcloud have got all this covered.

Pricing: $ 56.75 to $ 752.84 per month, approximately

#3. 2sync

2sync homepage

Pricing: Custom

The Korea Telecom (KT) IDC is Asia’s premier data center, housing some of the world’s finest servers. Located in Seoul and established over 15 years ago by Hye-Hwa Service Company Ltd., it provides a comprehensive suite of services for all your system needs.

From hosting information providers such as CP on their nationwide networks to providing customized work environment management systems so enterprises can focus more efficiently than ever anywhere within the country!

#4. OnePanel

onepanel open source

Pricing: $149 to $2609 per month, approximately

When you need to manage servers, OnePanel is a complete management system with features for monitoring individual ports and submitting support requests.

You can also view bandwidth usage reports or reboot your server any time of day, no matter what hour it may be! Their IPv6 implementation depends entirely on where they are located and availability.

But if this isn’t possible, don’t worry because there’s always an additional IP feature available that allows buyers extra flexibility when purchasing their desired location(s).

#5. Kdatacenter

kdatacenter fast servers

Pricing: $89 to $390 per month, approximately

Kdatacenter’s dedicated servers provide you with the raw horsepower and I/O strength to process processor-intensive workloads. All of their offerings come standard, so they can take care from the start (and end) to meet your needs as they arise including configurable CPUs and RAM SSD bandwidth options!

They’ve got a data center located in Seoul, Korea. These powerful computers run smoothly 24/7 without any problems or delays due to their highly reliable hardware, which makes them one step ahead when providing quality service worldwide.

#6. Temok

temok managed cloud dedicated servers

Pricing: $99 to $195 per month, approximately

Temok’s dedicated servers offer more stability, performance, and control than shared hosting or virtual servers. The company Temok specializes in private “bare-metal” hardware with Microsoft software installed for any business need – from websites to clouds!

All features are backed by their 100 % Uptime SLA that they’ve delivered more consistently than any other premium host; never stop striving until your satisfied customer is left laughing at how well things went down while using their service(s).

You can rest assured knowing this team has got what it takes when you put all those worries into them during customization

#7. Dedibay

dedibay homepage

Pricing: $ 168 per month, approximately

Dedicated servers in South Korea by Dedibay provide an optimal environment for hosting your website. They offer quick connections with CN2 or BGP routes, depending on what you need most at the moment.

Their mental cloud servers can be found in T3/T4 data centers which guarantee 99.99 % uptime via a 24/7 tech support team available 365 days per year through a ticketing system & online chat service, so there will never be any downtime disrupting traffic flow!

#8. Serverwala

serverwala dedicated servers

Pricing: $241 to $870 per month, approximately

They have 100 % to give your site an all-time high ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Their dedicated servers in South Korea are powered by some of South Korea’s fastest internet providers, who boast extreme IX bandwidths and more than enough connections at DE-CIX or NIXI exchanges – all combined for maximum coverage across multiple regions.

With 24/7 technical support available around the clock via phone call + video chat options whenever necessary, there won’t be any issue that cannot be taken care of immediately.

#9. Hostrunway

hostrunway dedicated server hosting

Pricing: $399 to $999 per month

Hostrunway data center in Seoul offers 24/7 customer service, vast interconnection opportunities for the security of digital ecosystems within South Korea, and an uptime of 99.99 %.

The facility has 647 square feet per cabinet floor load capacity with three backup cooling systems that provide N+1 redundancy to protect against any interruption from power outages or natural disaster damage. This ensures mission-critical applications can be hosted safely without worry about downtime!

#10. Dedimax

dedimax homepage

Pricing: EUR 14.99 to EUR 34.99 per month, approximately

Dedicated servers give you the best possible performance for your application in a safe and secure environment. It is easy to find what plan will suit both budget and requirements with their dedicated server plans.

Big data, hosting web apps, storage gaming WordPress or Joomla sites are covered at Great Britain’s fastest-growing clouds provider.


When choosing a dedicated server provider in South Korea, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. It’s essential to ensure that the provider has a good reputation and can provide the customer support you need.
  2. Compare pricing between different providers before making a decision.
  3. Be sure to ask about any particular features or services the provider offers that could benefit your business.

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