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15 Best Direct Click Ad Networks 2023: AdSense Alternatives

Being a part of ad technology, we know that ad clicks are rare. Despite this, consumers do click on adverts. Significantly during the fourth quarter, the number of clicks on adverts increases for advertisers. Direct click ad networks are a great way to increase traffic to your campaigns.

Compared to impressions, clicks on advertisements give marketers more contact and engagement. Consequently, advertisers agree to pay more for ad clicks. You can maximize the payout if you are associated with a solid network.

To spare you some time, I’ve compiled a list of excellent direct-click ad networks.

What are Ad Networks?

For newcomers to the industry, the number of accessible ad networks might be intimidating. You may be unsure about where to begin or how to distinguish golden possibilities from the noise. 

This was not always the case, though. While ad networks have always existed in some form, things were considerably more straightforward and less competitive before the famous internet business model. 

You may buy advertising sections, such as full-page, half-page, and front-cover ads, from the publishers of magazines and other print publications to promote your products and services. 

Typically, this entails reserving your ad position in advance with the journal and paying a flat charge for the length of the print run. 

This oversimplifies the process but helps illustrate that reserving ad space in a journal is reasonably straightforward.

What happens when you consider a website with over one million daily views and many ad slots on each page, including additional formats such as rich media, pop-unders, and native or contextual links?

Even if the publisher fills its premium ad slots in the usual manner by selling advertising space through a direct sales staff or programmatically, they will still have a significant quantity of unsold inventory. 

This remainder inventory consists of non-premium impressions, often sold to the highest bidder as packed impressions. This is where advertising networks come in!

A simple ad network aggregates supply and demand in an online marketplace to link buyers and sellers. 

They are responsible for purchasing unsold inventory from the publisher and delivering it to advertisers through impressions. They serve as an intermediary between supply and demand.

A publisher may employ two or more premium ad networks to fill all of their available residual inventory that was not sold directly, as well as a remnant inventory provider such as Google AdWords to ensure that all impressions are sold. 

This technique, known as waterfalling, guarantees that inventory is sold at the most excellent possible price. We’ve gone a long way since the 1990s when digital ad networks were initially introduced.

Ad networks may now employ modern technology to target consumers based on their interests, habits, geographic locations, etc. 

Impressions are offered using real-time bidding (RTB) systems that give inventory to advertisers through auction, in which you compete with other advertisers in real-time for ad slots. 

Then, let’s examine the ad network business models and how you can utilize them to improve your ad campaigns and begin generating income!

What are Direct Click Ads?

Direct Click includes different placements and formats, so it is more than buying the ad zone. When you use it, visitors get to your offer directly – no extra steps or creatives are needed, which makes the conversion flow shorter.

List – The Best Direct Click Ad Networks

Direct click ad networks serve as go-betweens for publishers and advertisers. They facilitate publishers’ whole ad selection process by delivering contextually appropriate advertising. 

Ad networks save publications the trouble of finding advertisers and negotiating placement and price with them. 

Therefore, Ad Networks make it easy for publishers to increase their income by showing PPC advertisements.


propeller ads direct click ad networks

With more than 150,000 publishers worldwide, PropellerAds is a reputable desktop and mobile advertising network. It is also one of the best direct click ad networks since they have been the first to adopt every technology upgrade in advertising technology.

Using a human moderation service that operates 24 hours a day, they guarantee that all advertisements are of high quality. 

They handle all sizes and types of banner advertisements. Also, there is no minimum website traffic requirement for PropellerAds, making it suitable for all publishers.


bidvertiser homepage

Bidvertiser is another well-known and reliable advertising network for small to medium-sized publisher websites. 

Bidvertiser, like Infolinks, does not demand a minimum amount of website traffic. They provide a variety of ad types, including native content advertisements (video or text), Catfish ads or in-app ads, pop-under windows, and XML feed integration. They collaborate with over 78522 network websites.

infolinks adsense alternative

Infolinks is one of the most excellent solutions for beginning bloggers and publishers since there is no minimum traffic requirement. 

It is highly adaptable, readily compatible with Adsense, and offers various ad formats. Additionally, businesses like Netflix utilize it. Currently, they have more than 350,000 publishers globally.


buysellads homepage - direct click ad networks

BuySellAds is among the most lucrative direct click advertising networks for publishers. It allows you to manage multichannel campaigns from a single location. 

Their distinctive offers include native ad content, sponsored video, sponsored posts, display banners, host-read radio commercials on Podcasts, email ad placements, and newsletter ads. 

As intermediaries, they demand a 25 percent fee.


adcash publishers

Adcash is a worldwide online advertising network that connects media buyers, affiliates, ad networks, and publishers. 

Adcash assists publishers in generating more money from website visitors with minimum effort. 

They deliver a variety of ad formats, including native and traditional display ads, for web and mobile monetization.

Microsoft Advertising

microsoft advertising

Microsoft Advertising, formerly known as Bing Ads, is the second-largest ad network participant. Microsoft Ads’ reach ranks third in the worldwide search industry. 

You may also integrate active Google or Facebook advertising campaigns into Bing advertisements. Additionally, they assert a higher CTR and conversion rate than Google Ads.


taboola advertising

Taboola is a platform for native advertising. Because Taboola is affiliated chiefly with publications with more than one million monthly visits, the ad quality will be notably high. 

Taboola is a handy tool for retargeting depending on the websites that visitors have previously visited.

Amazon Associates

amazon associates

The Amazon Associates affiliate network provides over one million items, highly adaptable advertisements, and simple product integration. 

These adverts are often put at the end of material or inside content to provide a more engaging experience for visitors and present a chance for shoppers, particularly if you have to write product-centric blogs or if you have a product-centric website.

media net homepage is a Yahoo-Bing ad network. It is one of the world’s five biggest ad tech businesses by market capitalization and the second largest contextual advertising company by revenue. delivers suitable advertisements depending on the topic of your website. Multiple techniques allow publishers to monitor the success of their advertisements in real-time. 

Additionally, you may tailor the color scheme, ad subjects, and sponsors to your website.

Google Adsense

google adsense

Google Adsense is one of the oldest and most prominent ad networks. Google Adsense is advantageous for publishers since it is well optimized and offers contextual, relevant advertisements. 

You may also let Google advise your site’s optimal ad placement spots. Google Adsense is the easiest method to make money with pay-per-click advertisements.


adversal homepage

Similar to Outbrain and Taboola, Adversal is a popular blogger ad network that allows you to monetize your site via content suggestions. 

In addition to these native advertisements, Adversal also provides video and display advertisements. 

Adversal intends to be a “set it and forget it” solution for monetizing the content of your website. You need 50,000 page views each month to join Adversal.


revcontent homepage

Revcontent is a content recommendation network (similar to Taboola or Outbrain) that tries to only work with high-quality websites; as a result, they reject a large number of websites. 

Revcontent is attractive if you do not have enough traffic for Taboola or Outbrain since the minimum traffic requirement is just 50,000 visits per month. 

Additionally, the minimum payment is just $ 50. 


outbrain homepage

Outbrain is another advertising network with a similar revenue model to Taboola. In other words, it enables you to add “sponsored links” or “stories from the web,” which many prominent publications and news organizations use. 

Outbrain asserts that they collaborate with “high-quality publishers of all sizes.” Outbrain, like Taboola, often only accepts more prominent publications, so if you have a tiny website, it may not be the best choice.


ezoic homepage

Ezoic markets itself as “an intelligent publishing platform.” What makes it “intelligent”? Ezoic employs machine learning to continuously test various adverts, locations, etc., to identify the most profitable combinations. 

Using drag-and-drop, you may organize testing areas. Then, you may choose objectives and conduct exams (e.g., maximizing revenue vs. improving the user experience or striking the perfect balance).

Why Are Ad Networks Important?

Ad networks are significant for several reasons from the advertiser’s perspective:

Centralized tracking:

Profit from structured reporting. View the dashboard of your ad network to check how all your advertisements are doing.

Campaign management ease:

Advertisers may establish campaign settings (e.g., frequency limitations, budget) and cycle amongst banners without contacting independent publishers directly.

Wider reach:

You may purchase more ad slots from many publications via an intermediary than you can on an individual platform.

Time savings:

Advertisers that purchase inventory via an ad network need not contact publishers individually. Your single advertising network account simplifies ad orders.

Working with an ad network as an intermediary provides publishers with the opportunity to sell previously unsold ad space. 

The conversion of zeros to dollar signs is relatively simple. In addition to selling surplus ad space to ad network brokers, some publishers also offer premium ad space.

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Nothing can beat Google AdSense, but its not easy to get qualified for AdSense. The best alternative to AdSense is direct click ad network like AdCash.

Is Google the best ad network?

Google Ads or AdWords is an advertising service by Google allowing brands to display their ads on Google.

Conclusion – Best Direct Click Ad Networks

With the recent advancements in ad serving technology, marketers have never had a more significant opportunity to participate. In addition, when new technologies continue to emerge, things will only improve. 

The ability to set your price structure and employ a cost-effective bidding technique for your advertisements and laser-targeted segmentation has made ad networks indispensable for affiliates.

The advantages of direct click ad networks far exceed the option of approaching publishers directly. 

You must load your creatives, deposit your dollars, establish your campaign goals and targeting objectives, and watch the money stream in. 

Okay, achieving a lucrative campaign may not be that simple, but the procedure is clear and straightforward for newbies to comprehend.

In addition, since there is so much direct competition in ad networks, it is common to discover ad networks specializing in a particular sector, such as pops, adults, or push notifications. 

You are responsible for choosing which ad networks will generate high-performing campaigns for your offerings as an affiliate. 

It is possible to test the quality of the traffic on the majority of the networks on our list with a reasonably small investment.

After gaining some extra expertise, you should begin to scale up your efforts, investigate alternative traffic sources, and compare the success statistics of each campaign. You might be shocked by the outcome.

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