GeneratePress Review 2023: The Fastest WordPress Theme?


What’s better than the amazing WordPress themes available in the market? That’s why we are here with GeneratePress review to help you make the decision precisely.

Do you want to take your business online, or already have one, but are quite unsatisfied about the way it looks? There might be one major change you need and that is to choose the best theme to represent what you are selling on your website. 

How many of you think that a theme is all about a good-looking website? I am there will be many of you. However, choosing the right theme has a lot to do with your reachability and online popularity.

This is the reason why most people, or experts, tell you to go for the one that shows the best result for any website. The result is not just about the presentation but your overall online performance.

Let’s begin the GeneratePress review and cover most of the things we can in this article.

Bottom Line UpFront: GeneratePress Review


GeneratePress is renowned as one of the fastest themes you will ever find on WordPress. Well, does it mark the words of what the market says? Let’s figure that out right here with a complete theme review.

Ready? Hope is on board with us.

First off, let’s begin with one of the most common questions asked – what is GeneratePress? Sure, most of you just see it as a theme but is there anything else?

To put it simply, GeneratePress is a popular and highly-rated WordPress theme that comes with multiple purposes and uses. It was first launched 5 years back and since then millions of websites are being launched using this theme.

GeneratePress is known for its small and clean coding that makes it easier for even a newbie to edit their website as per their choice.

Don’t forget its excellent performance that has impressed many of its users. Moreover, with a size of just 30Kb, you will find that this theme is pretty much the smallest and light WordPress theme you ever come across.

When you visit the page, you will take off those 5 stars 90% of users have given it and these users are more than 2,00,000.

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GeneratePress Review: Features At A Glance

generatepress features

Now that you know how popular GeneratePress is, it’s time to know what sets it apart from other WordPress themes available in the market. So, to see that, we would have to dive deep into the features of the theme. Let’s have a look at premium features offered in this GeneratePress review.

Amazing Page speed

A bad loading time often affects your performance in the web world. GeneratePress doesn’t let that happen to you because it right away shoots out hurdles that trouble achieving a high-speed score. This theme is known to offer a 100% page speed score that ensures the visitors don’t find it tiring to visit your website and look for the right information.

Provides a compatible solution

If you are an amateur who doesn’t know anything about coding, GeneratePress is the right theme for you. Yes, it does follow the highest coding standards but it also offers you the freedom you need because it allows you to play nicely. Also, you can take help from the top-rated plugins and get the work done in no time.

Easily accessible

You might think it is restricted to the type of user. However, this is not true with GeneratePress because it follows WCAG 2.0 standards which simply means you are not left out from having the best of this theme. It offers its services in more than 20 languages and works worldwide for the international community. Hence, doesn’t allow any barrier to stop you from anything.  

Advanced-level layout

Yes, you would have to follow the rules but there are advanced-level rules with all primary options available. You can play with the theme layouts and get the right websites ready in no time. This is something they wouldn’t leave a chance for disappointment.

Excellent theme builders

You won’t have a problem using GeneratePress even if you are confused about the design or don’t know how to build one. Its amazing Theme builder collection with block editor and dynamic elements will blow your mind. This gives you the freedom to build your dream website without any hassle.

The styling features

From color, typographs, to hook theme styles, this theme is here to make your changes just the way you like them. It gives you the right to do the experiments and have the control gear in your hand. Also, there are wide options to choose from so you don’t have to compromise with anything.


GeneratePress is truly one of the lightest and fastest WordPress themes we have ever come across. After conducting several tests based on speed, accuracy, and plugin qualities, we have realized how amazing this theme is for the users. Its performance is literally top-notch. This one offers fresh work no matter what type of hosting you may use.

As a result, what you may have is an amazing environment to work in. You will not have any plugin by default so if you want one, you would have to get it on your own. The free version is good for the new website but the premium version is amazing if you are getting it for a company with professionals all around.

It’s definitely the best choice for you if you don’t want the mess of dealing with professional coding language. It’s easy to use and the speed leaves no point of doubt. It may not remain 100% on tough internet but goes like 98% which is still amazing.


generatepress support

GeneratePress is one of the finest solutions you will find on WordPress and that is not just about its performance or features but more.

When it comes to serving the best to its customers, GeneratePress doesn’t take customer service for granted. That’s why it has one of the best support systems.

GeneratePress support system can be summed up as a fast and flexible solution for anyone who is finding trouble in working.

It tries to resolve your queries on the same day as it tries to entertain about 98% of complaints/problems every day.

You can go straight to the support forum, send out an email, or raise a ticket whenever you find it hard to deal with a situation. Also, not to worry because everything is documented for analysis and record-keeping.

In the next section of GeneratePress review, I will cover the pricing plans. So hold tight as you can grab an amazng offer.

GeneratePress Review: Pricing

generatepress pricing

“Yes, GeneratePress is all good but how much does it cost?” you may ask. Well, down there are the prices of GeneratePress.

However, before that, you must know that this theme is also available for free. The premium version is for those who want to take their website one step ahead.

So, here are the prices, have to look

Yearly plan

This one costs you $47/month and comes with all the features, tools, and services for 1 year. That means you would have to update the plan after 1 year.

Lifetime plan

The lifetime plan comes with a one-time payment of $224. There are all premium features that you can use with up to 500 websites with no trouble of payment after every period.

The good thing about GeneratePress is its 30-days money-back guarantee. So, if you don’t find it worth the money you are spending, you can ask for it back within 30 days no matter which plans you pick.


Is GeneratePress free?

GeneratePress is WordPress’s one of the best themes that come in bot-free and paid versions. The free one is an amazing choice for fresh websites or businesses, however, if you want to have something amazing, go for the paid ones.

How do I install GeneratePress?

You can do that simply through the WordPress dashboard where you can go to the Appearance -> Themes and install GeneratePress. Then you can activate the theme and edit as the way you like it. There is also a demo part that lets you see how your website would look if you go for it.

How to use GeneratePress?

Simply install GeneratePress on the WordPress dashboard, activate it and it’s all good to use. You can create a new page/post, go for the GeneratePress Blocks categories and choose the one you like. Once selected, you can start building with content blocks to create the design of your choice.

How to activate the premium version?

From your GeneratePress dashboard, go to the Plugins and upgrade your plan by selecting a go-premium option. It will take you to the billing center. Pay and upgrade.

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GeneratePress is undoubtedly amazing for users who prefer their website to work on WordPress. This GeneratePress review shows that it is a reasonable, fast, reliable, and amazing-looking theme for your website.

Why don’t you go with the free version and see how amazing it is?

However, the free version may not give you the stand-alone point that’s why the premium one is here with the best of it. 

I hope the GeneratePress review was helpful and informative. I use Generatepress for all of my sites, so you can trust on my word.

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