7 Best Tips To Grow YouTube Subscribers Frequently In 2023

Today you will find so many people creating YouTube videos, but many fail to connect with the audience. This is because they don’t know how to grow YouTube subscribers frequently.Β 

Increasing the YouTube subscribers is an art and not everyone knows how to do it. To make your life simpler on YouTube, I am sharing effective tips to help you grow YouTube subscribers. 

You must be wondering how to get frequent subscribers on YouTube. Could it be by buying subscribers or are there any free alternatives?

In this post, I am sharing free ways to get more subscribers on YouTube. So, if you want to be an upcoming YouTube star, then follow these tips and get millions of subscribers.Β 

What is a subscriber?

A subscriber is someone who watches your videos, likes them, and subscribes to your channel.

It’s not just a number. It doesn’t matter if you have 100,000 subscribers or 100 million subscribers. If your subscriber views are low, 2% or 3% of your viewership, then something is wrong with the way you are advertising on YouTube.

Tips To Grow YouTube Subscribers

Begin with a great video title

grow youtube subscribers fast

Choose a relevant topic

Write your video title with a combination of keywords

Keep the video title beneath 1 minute and edit to fit the rest of the video (make sure your video doesn’t exceed 2 minutes)

Include key phrases from the topic in the title (example: “How to improve your subscribers on YouTube, 20 + smartest ways to increase YouTube subscribers”)

Consider adding some additional keywords in the title (examples: how to make more money online, how to get started online, how to build an audience, how to find customers)

Create a killer video description

People are smart. They know that when they follow videos with an easy-to-understand description, people will watch them. 

When they follow videos without description or none at all, people don’t watch them. Your video can be super engaging if it has great script and production value and has been pre-planned. 

However, if it doesn’t have these things and all you do is show people how to make money using specific tools, they won’t listen to anything you try to tell them about monetizing their content on YouTube.

Your video won’t look like the average Youtube video because it won’t look like most other videos either. 

The only thing that matters is your video does what it was supposed to do: 

  • engage viewers and increase subscription rate for you,
  • maximize income from advertising (as opposed to advertisement).

Share your content on other social networks

I’m a big believer in the power of social. I think that social media outlets are the future and we need to be less consumed by the distractions of our work and more focused on good work. 

With that, let’s talk about how to make your Youtube channel grow.

  • Use Adwords to sell your videos
  • Give away copies of your videos
  • Use mobile apps such as Viber or KakaoTalk which allow you to create group chats and share them with other users (this is actually an extremely effective way to grow your subscribers because it allows you to discuss content with like-minded people without having to go through a video). 
  • Promote yourself in other places such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Provide training videos
  • Create tutorials
  • Create user guides
  • Have some interesting contests
  • Post more often
  • Create music videos/audios
  • Ask fans to create songs
  • Make music videos
  • Get influencers
  • Share YouTube videos
  • Use YouTube Red
  • Be more active on Vine
  • Take part in live broadcasts
  • Make funny skits
  • Webcams
  • Post pictures of yourself
  • Donate money
  • Make money
  • Sell merchandise
  • Have fun!

Make your videos easily accessible

Your subscribers will only grow if you make them easy to find and keep. This article details 20 top tips to help you increase your YouTube subscribers.

When you are advertising and promoting your video or video series on youtube, you need to make sure that your video list is up-to-date. 

This will help you reach a large number of potential customers.

A video or video series about ANY subject can be seen by millions of viewers who, in the end, will help you reach all those potential customers.

It’s also wise to include a link in the description box so that people can easily visit your channel and see more videos like yours.

Always be consistent with uploading new videos

There are a lot of people out there that just don’t know how to get more subscribers. They think that they need to wait for a big promotion or special deal. That’s not how it works.

Youtube is a business and it has to make money. And it makes money by increasing the views of its videos. The trick is to upload consistently and you will achieve success. 

Don’t try to be different because if you are, you will never be successful. The rest of the world can do what they want, but your videos are here to stay forever and you need to keep up with the times so that your viewers can come back for more every day!

Engage your fans

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when trying to increase their YouTube subscribers is that they assume that this method is the only way of increasing subscribers. 

The truth is, there are so many different ways to grow a youtube channel and that’s what this article aims to do.

It’s not just about increasing your subs. It’s about growing your subscriber base, which you can accomplish by adding quality content, engaging with your fans and getting them involved in your channel. 

Engagement isn’t just something you should pay more attention to when you increase subscribers, it’s something that can be done at various times throughout the day and week.

The quicker you can engage with your viewers, the more likely it will be to keep them on your channel for longer periods of time. 

If you want to grow subscribers fast, then these are some smart ways to get them:

  • Participate in every discussion in which you posted content for a period of time (10 minutes)
  • Feedback videos (5 minutes each). 
  • Respond publicly whenever someone asks you a question or comments on your work.
  • Show off a few clips from an upcoming video series (1 minute). 
  • Share other people’s work on Facebook or Twitter (1 minute). 
  • Post stuff on Instagram or YouTube that relates to your content and makes sense for other people to see (3-5 minutes). 
  • Tweet often enough and with enough good content 3-5 times per week So, if you have time for these things regularly then hopefully growing subscribers will come naturally for you.Β 

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If you follow these tips, then you ought to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel. 

Good luck and keep visiting MacPost for more interesting posts to grow your business.

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