How To Start a WordPress Blog at Hosting 2023?

Blogging has huge potential and people make a lot of money with full-time blogging. Even part-time bloggers are rocking these days and making a handsome passive income every single month. If you want to know how to start a WordPress blog, then here’s a guide for you. Read this guide and start blogging to make money online.

In this guide, I am going to share with you all exclusive steps to start a blog via platform.

When I started a blog, I had no clue, so I made a lot of mistakes. To help you save your time & money, I have prepared a detailed guide.

So hop on and get ready for an exciting blogging journey with me.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is sharing your thoughts about what you love doing online through a blog. It’s all about expressing your ideas, passion wrapped into an article or a video.

Blogging is for those who want to leave their 9-5 job and start something on their own.

Some people start blogging part-time and later shift to full-time blogging.

Blogging if done seriously with the right approach could bring you a lot of money. This I will discuss in the later section of this blog.

So how to start blogging?

You can start a free blog or get your own domain name and hosting. I prefer the latter.

The best platform for blogging is WordPress. Bloggers live and breathe WordPress.

So, now I will show you how to start a WordPress blog hosted via platform.

Bottom line upfront: How To Start Blogging via


Blogging is a smart choice to get rid of your routine job and have your own business. If you have stumbled upon this post, then you have made the right choice to start blogging via platform.

Starting a WordPress blog requires quite a few things. In a nutshell, consider the following aspects of blogging:

  • Buy a .com domain name.
  • Purchase a WordPress hosting plan with good disc space and bandwidth.
  • Point the nameservers correctly.
  • Enable SSL certificate with a padlock on your website.
  • Install a WordPress theme and required plugins to kick-start blogging.
  • You are now ready to publish your first post and reach out to the audience globally.

Let’s get started now!

Steps to Start Blogging with

1. Choosing A Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is a tedious task as most of the times you would find it to be taken.

Most of you might be looking for a .com domain. People tend to buy a .com domain; however, your desired brand name may not be easily available.

Moreover, the cost of the .com domain is costlier than .net, .co, or other TLDs. But when you buy a .com domain at, it’s the cheapest.

Before you buy a domain, keep few things in your mind:

  • Don’t buy a long domain name. Keep it short between 3 to 7 letters.
  • First go for a .com domain and if not available, go for other TLDs.
  • Look for domain registrars that offer the same domain renewal rates.
  • A single dashboard to manage domain and hosting services would be great. I suggest for buying domain names and hosting.

2. How To Buy A Domain Name at

In a snap, you can buy a domain name at platform. Here are the quick steps to register your first domain at this awesome platform.

— Visit the official website. In the search box, enter the desired domain name and click on the Search button.

seekahost find domain

Registering a domain name at starts at just $5.99 per year. If you are in India, then you could kick-start your blog at just INR 440 per year.

domain name add to cart

Click on Add To Cart, and go to your cart and proceed with the checkout process.

continue to checkout seekahost

Register a free account and then login to your account.

signup for seekahost

signup process

Once you log into the domain manager, you will see the domain name. The price will be shown with some additional services like privacy protection.

purchase domain first step

You can choose Privacy protection at $4 per year or proceed without it.

domain registration step two

Enter the basic information about yourself and click on Next.

payment for domain registration

Choose the preferred payment method and click on the Order Now button.

domains in the list

Once the domain is purchased, you can find it in the domains list inside the dashboard. So, this is how you can register a domain at domain manager.

3. Purchasing a Hosting Plan at

To purchase a hosting plan at, you need the same dashboard. So keep logged in, and navigate to the hosting plans section on the left panel.

From the Hosting Plans dropdown, you will find three hosting packages. These must be PBN, WordPress, and Managed WP Hosting. Since you are starting a WordPress blog, click on the WordPress Hosting.

wordpress hosting plans at seekahost app

There are four plans to choose that include Starter, Standard, Growth, and Premium. If you want to host a single website, choose the Starter plan. I recommend the Standard plan starting at $5.5/month with 15 GB disc space & 50 GB bandwidth.

hosting plans pricing in seekahost app

Now click on Choose plan, proceed with the payment process, and complete the payment. After successful purchase, you can create your wordpress site inside the WordPress & blogs section.

So you have a domain name and a hosting in your pocket at platform. Now I am going to show you how to start a WordPress blog.

4. Creating a WordPress site in

First off, navigate to your dashboard and click on Website & blogs > WordPress sites

create wordpress site in seekahost app

Click on the Create WordPress site button.

create site seekahost

Enter the domain name, blog title, and click on Add WordPress site.

add wordpress site for blogging

WordPress will be installed automatically in seconds.

5. Pointing the domain nameserver to

To make sure your site is up & running, you need to point the domain to SeekaHost nameservers.

Here’s how you find the nameservers of your WordPress site hosting.

create wordpress site in seekahost app

find nameservers for wp site

When you click the action icon after your WordPress site, you will see a screen like this that has the nameservers.

nameserver details in wordpress

Here are the nameservers that you need to point your domain.:


Copy the above nameservers, and go to Domains list and click on the domain settings.

manage domain name seekahost

On the right side of the dashboard, you will find Nameservers.

nameserver settings

Click on it, and then choose custom Nameservers. To change your nameservers, you first need to unlock your domain.

unlock domain and change nameservers

change nameserver and save

Unlock the domain and then paste the above nameservers and click on Change nameservers.

6. Enabling the SSL certificate

Now let’s proceed with the SSL certificate installation and enable it. SSL is a very crutial factor for your website’s security, your website audience trust and SEO.

If you have already pointed the nameservers correctly, you can go ahead with the SSL configuration.

Navigate to the list of WordPress sites and click on settings icon.

list of wordpress sites

At one-click, you can enable the SSL. Just go to SSL and then turn the toggle on.

install SSL certificate

Your WordPress site is now fully configured and live. You can now start your first post by installing a theme and required plugins.

7. Installing a Theme & Plugin

To log into your WordPress dashboard, you can find the login credentials in your email. To install a theme, go to Appearance > Themes, and click on Add New.

Choose a free WordPress theme or install a premium theme. I recommend GeneratePress Pro.

Click on Upload, and browse the theme file from your computer. Click on Install, and then Activate the theme.

Coming to the plugins section of WordPress, you will need some important plugins. Don’t flood your site with unnecessary plugins.

To install a plugin, go to Plugins> Add New, and choose free WordPress plugins. I recommend installing LiteSpeed Cache, UpdraftPlus, WP Forms, and Yoast SEO. All these are basic free plugins that help you get going with your first WordPress post.

8. Publish the First Blog Post

You have the theme and the plugin installed. It’s time to write your first post and publish it.

publishing first blog post in wordpress

To start your first post, go to Post > Add New and add the Title and Content.

Choose the category, and click on Publish once you’re done with the on-page SEO. Read more about On-page SEO further in this article.

Hurray! You have started with the first post and your journey of blogging has just started.

9. Advanced – Write articles with AI copywriting tools

Artificial intelligence is a trending topic. It has taken over the world with its features and benefits. In fact, it’s so popular that even most of the self-proclaimed internet gurus use this term in their marketing campaigns. So if you want to stay on top of your competitors, then applying artificial intelligence in your writing will be a great move in your blogging career.

jarvis ai free trial offer popup

AI copywriting tools can not only help you write blog posts and informative articles, they can help you generate ad copies for your marketing & PR related projects.

So, go ahead and buy plan today and write some cool articles today.

10. Level Up – Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of discovering which keywords are most relevant to your content. By doing this, you are also able to find the variations of those keywords that people will search for. You can use these keywords to optimize your content.

When you’re writing an article, it’s important to include keywords that are relevant to your content, which can help with SEO and getting found on search engines. However, it’s also important that the words you include are naturally incorporated into the text or else they’ll be obvious and detract from readers who aren’t looking for them.

Out of so many tools available to do keyword research, stick to any one of them and here’s how to do keyword research properly.

Keyword research is like the roots of your blog success. If you do it right, you find the right opportunities and develop content with a proper strategy.

11. Pro Tip – On Page SEO for organic traffic

Right after you do keyword research, you create blog topics to write content to rank for those keywords. Once you write content and publish it on your blog, it takes a while to get it indexed on Google.

Once it is indexed on Google, it lands on any SERP position for that particular keyword. There is no sureshot way to bring it to the top right after publishing it.

You gotta make everything right and wait for the search engine algorithms to rank your content. Otherwise, use a tool like Surfer SEO to analyze competiting pages on SERP and make your content more optimized for the keywords.

Above video explains how you can easily boost your rankings by imroving your content with relevant words and phrases.

Get started with Surfer SEO now!

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FAQs on How To Start Blogging

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Over 30% of the world's websites use WordPress as their CMS. Therefore, WordPress is considered as the best platform for blogging.

Can you make money blogging?

Blogging if done seriously can help you make a lot of money online. Simply choose your niche and start blogging by hosting a WordPress blog via

Is good for blogging?

The best and the cheapest platfform to launch a WordPress blog right now is that offers a single dashboard with one-click WordPress installation.

Is safe?

When you host your blog with the WordPress hosting, you can enable SSL at one-click. This helps secure your WordPress blog.


At first it seems difficult to start a WordPress blog. But I have shown you the simple steps to start your WordPress blogging journey.

Happy Blogging!

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