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8 Best iGaming Ad Networks For Publishers & Advertisers 2023

iGaming ad networks are the most successful, pushing advertising campaigns in the appropriate countries. In this sector, it is difficult to discover a dependable ad network, thus we have compiled this list for you.

Most people throughout the world enjoy gambling, but have you ever wondered what is so special about this activity that people are willing to risk everything?

Gambling, a game based on the human propensity for ‘greed,’ is something that gives you something without any effort on your part. Listed here are the leading iGaming ad networks below.

This is entirely dependent on luck and chance. listed below are a few of the hundreds iGaming Ad Networks to make money online.

Best iGaming Ad Networks

In addition to casinos in your area, there are numerous online gambling sites where you can try your luck and win money while being at home. This time, we will discuss a few gambling advertising networks that will assist you in attracting more clients to your gambling website. Let us investigate them..

1. PMAffiliates

pmaffiliates sports affiliate program

PMAffiliates is the official affiliate network for the Parimatch brand and one of the most lucrative revenue prospects for iGaming affiliates. You can monetize your traffic through PMAffiliates in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

By joining this high-paying affiliate program, you will receive benefits such as a powerful and well-known brand, special direct offers, a broad product and niche portfolio, and many others. You may create passive income effortlessly with PMAffiliates. One hundred dollars is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn.Β 

There are three commission models, including Hybrid, CPA, and RevShare. It is globally recognized and offers multiple payment options, including YandexMoney, Qiwi Wallet, Skrill, bank transfer, and Webmoney.

2. AdBoosters

adboosters best gambling ad networks

Looking for something to add a commitment to your website’s marketing campaign? AdBoosters is an expert in this sector and offers the best staff for expanding your website’s network. Find the greatest price that fits your business plans and use the best advertising to attract as many people as possible. 

You can make money from your website or blog quickly and easily with AdBoosters campaigns. Promote the campaigns you want and get paid for every goal you reach, like getting people to download an app, buy a product, or visit a web page. Each lead gives a direct economic benefit that you can check at any time on your control panel.

If you also manage social networks or know how to be a community manager, choose from the campaigns available for social networks to make the most money from your social media.

AdBoosters is for people who are busy and want to make money. If you put in the time and effort, you can make a lot of money. There are many ways to make more money. Sign up, look around, watch the tutorials, and ask our managers anything that will help you make money with your time.

3. Advertising365

advertising365 network

Would you like to make your website one of the best in the world? With Advertising365, your campaign will be delivered into 100 countries worldwide in their local language. Therefore, you should be the leading website in thousands of networks to reach the most potential customers.

4. MarketAds

marketads homepage

The MarketAds ad network is there to guarantee that you will have the highest quality ads for your gambling website. They offer the best advertisers with 24/7 customer support. A website advertising campaign can also be controlled by you. MarketAds is a fast-growing network that guarantees you profit and satisfaction.

MarketAds has an online advertising network for pop-under ads that publishers can use to make money from their websites. Allows advertisers to target based on demographic, geographic, site-specific, and contextual targeting features. MarketAds works with websites that have both adult and non-adult content. Both advertisers and publishers can use the CPM pricing model.

Thus, to have your website at the top of the list, you need an advertising network that will work their heart out to create the campaign you’ve always wanted.

5. 7SearchPPC

7searchppc traffic factory

Today, 7SearchPPC is the name that always tops the Ad Networks world. That’s the only reason why we put it first on our list of the best advertising networks for gambling.

Here, 7SearchPPC is a better choice because their main areas of focus are Dating, Gambling, Adult, and Porn.

7SearchPPC lets advertisers pay per click and gives publishers an alternative to Google Adsense. They send high-quality direct traffic to Advertisers and help them increase their ROI and reach.

They also help publishers make money from their websites by giving them ads that do well. 7SearchPPC has a large network of traffic sources and offers advanced bidding and analytics. They also offer alternatives to Adsense for small websites.

So, if you are thinking about the best ad networks for gambling ads, 7SearchPPC is a good choice.

6. Web-exit

web exit igaming ad network

Most of the time, Web-Exit links brand advertisers with Affiliate Publishers. It’s used by a huge number of people in more than 34 countries.

When it comes to Online Gambling Advertisements, web-exit has a large number of fans. All of this is because it has earned the trust of the people who watch it.

7. Exponential

exponential homepage

Exponential is an ad network that only works with content about gaming and gambling. This means that they have their own rules for the services they accept.

For example, to get registered as a publisher, your website should get at least 500,000 visitors per month. All things considered, Exponential would be a great choice for the Online Gambling Ads.

8. Google Ads

google ads homepage

Google Ads can be used for gambling ads, but there are some rules. For example, your site for gambling must be legal in every way.

It should be fine according to the rules of the site’s home country. The most important thing is that some countries have very strict rules about Online Gambling Ads. Because of this, you can’t use Google Ads to advertise gambling sites.

How does Online Gambling benefit from Digital Advertising Networks?

Digital advertising networks act as a go-between for the advertiser, which is the online gambling site, and the publisher, which is the website where your gambling ad will be shown. They can help iGaming operators run an ad campaign efficiently across thousands of publisher websites.

They send your ads to the right people by using their large number of gambling networks. This is done by having an ad server send your ad to the publisher’s website. It sends a code to the website of the publisher that calls the advertisement.

The ad server of the digital ad network lets the campaign be targeted, tracked, and a report on it made. Publishers get a cut of the money made from ads.

Pricing options for digital advertising networks are usually as follows:

  • Cost-per-mile (CPM): Advertisers pay this amount for 1,000 views of their ads.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC): A method of online advertising in which advertisers pay when their ads are clicked.
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA): The pricing model indicates that advertisers are charged for specific acquisitions.
  • Cost-per-view for video (CPV): Each time a video ad is viewed, the payout is triggered. The majority of ad networks charge based on CPV at 30 seconds.


Which ad networks are best for iGaming?

PMAffiliates is a lucrative ad network for iGaming. The network allows traffic monetization in various countries including India, Malaysia, and more Asian countries.

How to make money with iGaming?

If you have a website or blog that talks about casinos and gambling, then you should join iGaming ad networks. By joining these platforms, you can run ads related to the gambling niche and earn high CPM commissions.


Choose the one you like best from the top gambling ad networks and enjoy the traffic to your website. Among the best ways, affiliate marketers can earn more money is to use gambling ad networks by starting a WordPress blog in the gambling niche. So, choose ad networks that have been checked out and you can make money online.

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