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πŸ’° 20 Best iGaming Affiliate Networks For Affiliates In 2023

Promoting poker, casino, and sportsbook is the path to success in the iGaming sector, and joining an affiliate network is the wisest move.

You may begin earning affiliate earnings with one of the top seven iGaming affiliate networks in no time. You do not need any of your products since you will sell the products of reputable poker, casino, and sportsbook businesses, as well as gaming e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.

This post will examine the top iGaming affiliate networks.Β 

Top 20 πŸ’° iGaming Affiliate Networks

1. Casino Horse

casino horse igaming affiliate networks

Casino Horse is a dedicated gaming website offering fair evaluations of the top online gambling establishments. 

The website was built by its knowledgeable staff of iGaming writers, editors, developers, and more as a resource for gamers. 

Before reading reviews, selecting the best casino sites, and joining up, users explore several categories.

2. Bookmaker-Ratings

bookmaker ratings gambling

Bookmaker-Ratings’ ratings are produced and updated regularly, and a detailed understanding of the caliber of bookmakers throughout the globe is provided to bettors.

They also rate bookies based on various factors following publicized guidelines and are open to all users. They primarily serve CIA nations and Eastern Europe.


betting network

Sports and betting aficionados all around the globe have had access to’s internet services since 1994. A vibrant and enthusiastic sports community that discusses wagering options from around the world may be found on the website.

4. BetOnValue

betonvalue homepage

Visitors may get the most accurate odds information on the web at BetOnValue. They have access to odds from 165 bookies and betting exchanges worldwide, which they can examine and compare.

5. Affiliate Future

affiliate future homepage

Through its affiliate network and technologies, Affiliate Future offers efficient marketing solutions. It runs on a pay-per-performance model, providing marketers with a low-risk setting to expand their online businesses with the potential for a high return on investment. 

6. KasinoHai

kasinohai homepage

The most popular iGaming website in Finland is KasinoHai, where users can get special bonus deals and read many informative articles on casinos and other related topics. 

Customers may utilize several bonus calculators to get the finest deals accessible to them as well as intelligent sorting tools to select a casino that matches their preferences.

7. Better Collective

better collective homepage

A sports betting media company called Better Collective creates instructional platforms for the iGaming sector. 

They want to make sports betting and gambling enjoyable, open, and fair for the worldwide community of online gamblers via their products. Affiliate marketing accounts for the lion’s share of the group’s income.

8. AskGamblers

askgamblers homepage

Another significant affiliate website that presents the potential for business promotion is 

You can discover up-to-date information about online casinos on the website, along with the most excellent casino evaluations and ratings from our team of industry professionals and actual casino patrons. 

With more than ten years of expertise, AskGamblers is a website that has won several awards.

9. SlotsCalendar

slotscalendar homepage

When new games are released, SlotsCalendar notifies users and adds the dates to the calendar. Then they attempt to get a game demo. 

They will play it and learn how it works once they have that. After that, they will be able to present you with detailed information on that game, such as the software provider, RTP, reel layout, volatility, jurisdiction, devices, and even bet level. 

Additionally, a thorough review covers all aspects of the game, such as how to use extra features, why to play, what the jackpot is, etc.

10. Bojoko

bojoko homepage

Players may access online casinos via Bojoko. Casino lovers and iGaming enthusiasts may share their casino tales here. 

While users read casino evaluations and use clever sorting features to select the ideal website, provide ratings, and write reviews, casinos may build free listings on the internet to promote their brands.

11. Affiliate Guard Dog

affiliate guard dog homepage

One of iGaming B2B affiliate marketing pioneers is Affiliate Guard Dog. They demonstrated their effectiveness by uniting a vibrant iGaming community and assisting businesses in finding quick and straightforward solutions to certification and other problems.

12. AffPapa

affpapa homepage

Operators may log in to AffPapa and search for affiliates according to their desired geographic areas, product categories, compensation structures, monthly visits, etc.

13. GPWA

gpwa gambling network

The Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) was established in 2001 to make it easier for affiliate members to work with other online gaming affiliates throughout the globe and to fortify ties with affiliate networks. There are over 15,000 business members of GPWA.

14. Paynura Affiliate Network

paynura affiliate network

Paynura is a new affiliate network focusing on poker, trading, sportsbook, casino, and e-wallet verticals. 

Paynura is one of those networks that prioritizes quality over quantity, whereas most networks concentrate on many iGaming affiliate partnerships. 

Affiliates may promote select brands but at a very high-income share. Paynura began with affiliate partnerships with Skrill and Neteller before introducing poker, sports betting, and casino affiliate partnerships. 

Since they may get substantial revenue shares from their players’ deposits, iGaming affiliates significantly benefit from advertising digital wallets with other offers.

15. CPA Kitchen

cpa kitchen gambling network

You can advertise 28 iGaming companies with CPA Kitchen. Real-time data, a sophisticated monitoring system, and a personal manager are all included. 

They provide attractive CPA partnerships to market the iGaming sportsbooks, poker, and casino brands. Due to its transparency and excellent user experience, this casino affiliate network is straightforward to utilize.

16. Paddy Partners

paddy partners igaming network

This is the affiliate network of the Paddy Power firm, as the name implies. You may advertise games, sports wagers, online and mobile casinos, bingo, and more. 

You may acquire a variety of marketing tools and resources from them. Revenue splits are substantial and vary depending on the games you advertise. They are in Ireland’s Dublin.

17. iGaming partners

softgamings casino network

2012 saw the launch of the CasinoEstrella brand through the affiliate network. Brands including Lucky31, Casino Extra, and Dublin Bet were eventually included. They use the Income Access affiliate platform to monitor and document all affiliate activity.


gambling affiliatation network

In 2006, Net Business Ltd, often known as, was founded in France, which served as their primary market. They continue to operate almost everywhere in Europe. 

It is a stand-alone platform that provides a unique location for affiliates and brands in the iGaming sector to send and receive traffic.


gambling pro network

This network offers betting and gaming services globally. They provide the finest in the CPA industry, particularly in Russia and the CIS nations, with over 1,000 iGaming offerings. Expert professionals and publishers make up the team.

20. Bet365 Affiliate Network

bet365 affiliate network

For your affiliate marketing initiatives, Bet365 Affiliate Network provides comprehensive data. A variety of affiliate tools and data are available to you. 

Advantageously, your players will use the same login information and payment methods for all casino, poker, and sportsbook games they play. 

And not just one client but everyone that plays at bet365 sites will contribute to your revenue sharing.

How To Choose the Best iGaming Affiliate Network?

With so many iGaming affiliate programs available, how do you choose the best ones? Before committing, I’ve outlined some of the most important things to watch out for.

Operator license: 

Make careful to confirm a network’s license. For instance, the UK’s Gambling Commission must support any internet casino there. 

In the US, gaming control boards (GCBs) primarily govern casinos. These bodies conduct inquiries, provide licenses, and enforce law and order. 

You should exercise caution when forming a collaboration with a network if they lack the appropriate license in your nation. 

A license proves that the business is genuine and ethical.

Range and type of game options: 

Make that the casino network provides a consistent range of gaming choices and game kinds. 

For instance, there should be many chances for potential new customers to investigate; otherwise, gamers won’t be motivated to join accounts, reducing your affiliate revenue. 

They should ideally provide a wide variety of activities, including table games with several variations of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and video poker. 

More than anything else, you want diversity to discourage customers from visiting rival casinos. 

Revenue share model: 

You must confirm how the affiliate partnership’s income will be divided or, to put it another way, whether you will be paid per sale or per month. 

The primary strategy that content producers now choose is the cost per acquisition or CPA.

You should also understand how your monthly income share is formed since many networks pay out a portion of the losses new players incur.

Depending on how many individuals sign up for accounts at the casino website, others will pay a fixed cost each month.

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Conclusion: πŸ’° iGaming Affiliate Networks

It’s easy to sign up as an affiliate partner in the iGaming industry, and in most cases, you can expect to earn some additional cash with minimal effort. 

Finish the simple registration procedure, choose the finest marketing tools for you, and then sit back and watch the internet work its magic.

Nowadays, all trustworthy operators have a skillfully organized affiliates management staff that can assist you with any inquiries. The iGaming universe is your oyster apart from that.

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