13 Best ISP Proxy Providers Worldwide – Affordable Under $100

Both datacenter and residential proxies indeed have their downsides. If that’s not an issue for you, you can do your work with any proxy that can do the job. But there are tasks that you can’t sacrifice the slow speed of residential proxy servers or the easy detection of datacenter proxies.

Well, ISP proxies are there to help. Proxies from both datacenter and residential proxies are combined into one. The result is a super fast and undetectable proxy that can be used to surf the web.

Since we use proxies very often for several tasks we do, we know which things work and which don’t work well. Many people buy their ISP proxies from bad providers, so to help you avoid this, we’ve put together a list of places where quality ISP proxies can be purchased.

Topmost ISP Proxy Providers 2022

#1. Oxylabs β€” Reliable ISP Proxy Provider

Innovative Proxy Service to Gather Data at Scale Oxylabs review

Oxylabs is one of the best providers of proxies in the market. Oxylabs have proxies in many different types of proxy. The market’s ISP proxies are called “residential static proxies.” They are some of the best in the business.

If you want to use the service, it has more than 100K ISP proxies in its pool. You don’t have to worry about the proxies changing the IP address you get from them. As a result, they are great for account management and other tasks that need you to stay logged in.

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A key advantage of this service is that it doesn’t charge based on how much bandwidth you use, as opposed to the regular residential proxy service, which charges based on how much bandwidth you use; this service doesn’t charge based on how much bandwidth you use.


  • 24/7 live support Instant help
  • Auto-retry system
  • High success rates
  • Unlimited bandwidth & domains
  • Country & ASN filtering
  • 100M+ ethically sourced residential proxy pool


  • Pricing is a bit steep
  • No pay-as-you-go option
  • Only monthly commitments

You will be charged based on your IP address. The service is one of the best out there, and you can start using its proxies right away.

#2.  Bright Data β€” Best ISP Proxies

Bright Data Residential Proxy

Bright Data may be one of the best providers of ISP proxies, but it’s hard to say for sure. If you want to use a proxy service, this one is thought to be the best.

If you use it, you can’t find out about its proxies because they are fast, reliable, stable, and unnoticeable. The fact that their ISP proxies promise 100% uptime is also enjoyable.


  • Flexible and customizable proxy servers
  • Various Locations
  • Authentication method
  • Customer Support


  • No Unlimited Bandwidth
  • A Bit Expensive

You can buy and use ISP proxies from this site for as long as you need them without them being changed. It has more than 600,000 proxies in its pool now. Unlike other types of proxies, only a few countries are supported, and more than 70% of the IPs are from the United States.

All of the proxy devices are patent-protected and meet all rules. With a subscription, you can use the Proxy Manager tool and have as many simultaneous sessions as you want.

Prices for this are determined by the amount of space you use and how many IPs you have A pay-as-you-go service is also available from the service. You can choose to buy proxies for a few months or even for the whole year.

#3. Blazing SEO Proxies β€” Premium ISP Proxies

blazing seo homepage

Blazing SEO ISP proxies combine the power of residential and the speed of the datacenter for the best speed and ban-reduction. The United States, Britain, and Germany can use this service right now.

It has partnerships with eight of the best companies in the world to make sure there is as much redundancy and diversity in ISPs as possible. Blazing Proxies does not limit how many connections you can make simultaneously or how much bandwidth you can use.

Proxies from this provider let you use proxies just like you would use one from an Internet service provider, but the IP addresses used are residential IP addresses. This means that the proxies don’t come from end users but rather the ISPs.

#4. YourPrivateProxy β€” IP Replacement Supported

your private proxy homepage

YourPrivateProxy may not be as popular as it used to be. However, when it comes to ISP proxies, static residential proxies are some of the ISP proxies that are out there.

These residential static proxy services will keep the same IP address for as long as you need it and your subscription is still active. When you change your IP address, it costs money. It’s also possible to change it when you re-subscribe at no extra charge.

There are a lot of different subnets and cities that you can get for their ISP proxies, which makes it hard for your target website to completely block you if they find out that you’re using a proxy service and block you from everything.

There are a lot of websites that this provider’s proxies can be used. They can be used for gaming sites, classified ads, social media, and sneaker websites.

#5. Netnut β€” Direct Connectivity With ISP

netnut free trial

When it comes to connecting directly to ISPs, the Netnut proxy service made this a thing in the proxy market. It is one of the oldest proxy providers in this way.

It started as an ISP-based proxy provider with direct connections to ISPs through its partner Divi Networks to give its clients access to static residential proxies.

Because the proxies have direct connections, they are some of the fastest ISP proxies. You can keep them for as long as you want.

Netnut has support for most of the countries in the world when it comes to where you can use the service. Price is based on how much bandwidth you use or how many requests you can send. Choose what you want when you sign up.

#6. TheSocialProxy β€” The Best Tool For Managing Social Media Accounts

the social proxy isp proxies

There is a service called TheSocialProxy called a “mobile proxy.” However, the proxies the service gives you can be called ISP proxies, so they can be used. This is because if you sign up for their package, you get your modem and sim card, which will route your requests through.

Your IP address can stay the same for a long time if you don’t make it change. Interestingly, the service allows you to rotate your IP address. You can do this from the user dashboard or by making an API call.

Because you have a dedicated modem, you get a lot of speed, and their proxies aren’t easy to spot. This makes them some of the best tools for automating your social media. You can use them on any social media site, and they work with the most widely used social media automation tools on the market, so you can use them all.

#7. LeafProxies β€” Sneaker ISP Proxy Provider

leaf proxies broadband isp

There is a service called LeafProxies for people who want to use ISP proxies to steal sneakers. This service was made for sneaker proxies and has proxies in the residential, datacenter, and ISP groups.

You should use its ISP proxies if you want a good blend of speed and anonymity. The service has an excellent rental period for sneaker proxies, which is the best thing for them.

Even after it has its regular monthly proxy service. It still allows you to set up daily and weekly proxies. Virginia is where their servers are in the United States. The service also has a server in the United Kingdom.

It is essential to know that this service is only suitable for sneaker proxies because it locks them between locks.

#8. BartProxies β€” Provides Full Subnet IPs

bart proxies homepage

Other than BartProxies, this is another proxy service that focuses on sneaker servers. The service can get ISP proxies from it. You can even get ISP proxies from a specific ISP with this service.

A Sprint Internet Service Provider has been the only one to use the service. One thing you’ll also like about this service is that for each package it has, you can see which sneaker sites you can use the proxies on. This does it a service only for sneaker sites, so they don’t give you a guarantee if you use the proxies for other things.

Full subnet ISP proxies are available if you want to buy more than just regular ISP proxies from the service. You can get about 255 in a single package from the service. How much are they?

The price is $1125, and they are suitable for two months. Their prices for monthly proxies start at $50 for 25 proxies and go up from there.

#9. Surge Proxies β€” Sneaker Proxy Provider

surge proxies homepage

SurgeProxies is very different from the other providers above. In contrast, SurgeProxies only sells ISP proxies, the only type of proxy they have.

You get unlimited bandwidth and a fast proxy speed from this service, which would make you more likely to get chosen.

Again, just like BartProxies and LeafProxies, Surge Proxies is only suitable for sneaker sites like those two. You can use them for other things, but there is no promise that they will work.

Surge Proxies is one of the sneaker proxy providers that doesn’t give refunds. This starts at $70 for 25 proxies, and the only place it works is in Virginia.

#10. Space Proxies β€” Fast ISP Proxies

space proxies homepage

Space Proxies also sell ISP proxies, and they are one of the best providers. The service has three different ISP proxy packages. Each one has a reason why it is best to use it.

These are the retail ISP in the United States, the Premier ISP in the United States, and the London ISP in the United Kingdom, among other things.

The service can help you get weekly, monthly, and two-month proxies and proxies for a year. Their prices can be said to be fair, and their proxies can be trusted.

In the same way as the other four places, Space Proxies is also set up for sneaker snatching. If you know that you need ISP proxies for other things, you should use Bright Data, Netnut, Blazing Proxies, Oxylabs, or one of the other providers.

They also sell residential and captcha proxies, so you can buy them from them and ISP proxy servers.

The Social Proxy is another high-rated proxy service you can use to get good ISP proxies.

However, this proxy service specializes in datacenter proxies. Because it uses infrastructure to host its proxy servers, this service still has good quality ISP proxies.

The speed of the Social Proxy ISP proxies is about the same as the speed of their datacenter proxies, which is one of the fastest in the proxy market.

If you need to use proxies, they have a lot of the same features as residential proxies, so they’re good for some situations

#11. Soax

soax residential mobile proxies

When it comes to high-quality ISP proxies, Soax is one of the best proxy service providers in the market right now.

A fast-growing proxy service provider is very good at what it does. This fantastic residential proxy service is very good at what it does.

Soax Proxy’s main selling point is its large proxy pool and wide range of locations. They have servers worldwide, and there are more than 8.5 million proxies on them.

Their wide range of locations makes geo-targeting perfect because users can use proxies from selected Internet Service Providers (ISPs) worldwide.

Another reason Soax Proxy is better than other proxy providers because they have a clean IP pool. They are the proxy service provider with the cleanest proxy pool in the market.

This is because their proxy pool is constantly being updated, and bad proxies are removed. A Soax Proxy subscription plan costs $75 a month for 5GB of storage.

#12. Astroproxy

astroproxy homepage

Astroproxy is a well-known proxy service that sells good-quality ISP proxies. The Russian proxy service is known for its cheap proxies and has the most inexpensive ISP proxies you can get, too.

When people sign up for an Astroproxy ISP proxy package, they can buy it for as little as $3 for 1GB of data based on their plan.

It’s fair that Astroproxy has geo-targeting features because only 12 countries can use their proxies.

When compared to the high-end proxy services like Bright Data and Soax, this isn’t excellent news.

They also have a downside: It’s unclear how big their proxy pool is because it isn’t shown on their site.

Astroproxy is a good proxy service, except that it doesn’t work in all places. It’s suitable for web data scraping and managing multiple accounts.

#13. Proxy-Seller

proxy seller private proxies

Proxy-Seller is a good proxy service for people who want to steal sneakers. It only works with people who want to buy or sell sneakers. Proxy-Seller sells proxies for both datacenter and home use.

One of the packages they offer is called an ISP proxy package. A lot of people think these ISP proxies work so quickly that people think they’re in the middle of a data center.

However, Proxy-Sellers are considered unmetered residential proxy services since they use no bandwidth.

Because they charge $25 a month for 10 ISP proxies, they are also considered one of the most affordable proxy service providers.

The main problem with Proxy-Seller is that they don’t cover a lot of places and aren’t good at geo-targeting. Only in the United States can you find their proxies in the area of northern Virginia.


What Are ISP Proxies?

It’s called an ISP proxy because they use residential IP addresses to route requests. These proxies, however, are hosted in a datacenter. In some ways, you can think of ISPs as a hybrid proxy that gives you the best of both worlds.

ISP proxies give you the privacy of residential proxies because they use residential IPs and the speed of datacenter proxies because they are hosted in a datacenter.

This makes them suitable for tasks that need to be hidden but don’t want to slow down. ISP proxies have only been around for a short time compared to the residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies.

What Is The Best Use Case Of ISP Proxies?

It’s possible to use ISP proxies for many different things because they are fast and also undetectable. If you don’t want to pay for them, you might not need them. ISP proxies are a little pricey. Sometimes, data centers and residential proxies are the best for the job.

In this case, what are the best things to do with ISP proxy servers? They can be used for things like sneaking around and playing online games. They can also be used to stream videos and audio online for sites that can quickly tell if they are coming from a datacenter proxy. You can also use them for other things that residential proxies would be great for, but you don’t want to give up on speed.

Are ISP proxy servers illegal?

When you use ISP proxies, you need direct access to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), so they can give you the IPs you need to do your work. However, looking at how some providers get these IPs, you’ll see that some cut corners and use other methods to get them.

This is true, but the providers we talked about in this article use ethical methods to get the IP addresses they use for routing client requests, and as such, they can be legally called so. Also, it is essential to know that in most parts of the world, proxy use is OK. However, you should ask a competent lawyer for help because we are not legal advisers.

How Do ISP Proxies Differ From Residential Proxies?

The IP address source of residential proxy servers and ISP proxy servers are the same: residential IPs given to people by their ISPs. How, then, are they different?

The main difference is how the IPs are found. Because the services get the IPs from ISPs or their partners, they have control over them and can give them to their customers for a long time.

There are two types of residential proxies: those that get their IPs from people who use them and those that get them from P2P networks. The result is that the services don’t have any control over the speed or active status of the IPs.

Most residential proxy providers offer their service as rotating proxies because they don’t know if an IP address will go down in the next minute or not. This is why.


If you want the best of both worlds, ISP proxies are the way to go. They give you the best of both worlds: datacenter and residential proxies.

This is even though the number of ISP proxy providers has grown over the last few years. There isn’t anything close to the number of providers in the residential and datacenter proxy fields, though; the providers above are some of the best in the ISP proxy market.



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