Keeper Review: The Best Cybersecurity and Password Protector

If not every second, every minute a person becomes a victim to ransomware attacks. This mainly happens because of poor password protection. Cyber crimes have increased a lot and you ought to protect your device and infrastructure to safeguard your data. 

I am here with the Keeper review to share my knowledge on how the tool safeguards your device and data.

I have tried and tested the app, and based on my experience, sharing the Keeper review.

Keeper Introduction

keeper review homepage

Keeper is the best password manager and cybersecurity platform to protect individuals and businesses. Using the Keeper password protector, you can keep your passwords protected at one place. This gives you a sigh of relief and removes the pain of remembering passwords for every login. 

You can kick-start with the Keeper free trial that doesn’t ask you for your credit card information. So, you won’t get billed automatically once the free trial ends. After the free trial is over, you can manually subscribe to a paid plan and get access to all the features.

The Keeper tool provides full control to organizations across every device helping them achieve complete security & transparency.Β 

Why Should You Choose Keeper Security?

As the name implies, Keeper keeps your passwords and infrastructure access protected from vulnerabilities. 

keeper reasons to choose

Zero Trust and Knowledge Security 

Working with the Keeper tool is easy and no brainstorming is needed. You can trust the tool with full visibility to protect your organization or family against cyberthreats. It works on every device for every user seamlessly. 

Complete Prevention and Protection

keeper security services

Identity breaching is a common phenomenon where hackers steal your or organizations identity. Keeper ensures to protect against such threats and breaches keeping your identity safe.Β 

With complete security and compliance, your organization is protected round the clock from any breach.

The security tool safeguards your business against ransomware attacks with real-time protection. It provides you with secure access to your infrastructure.

Quick Setup

The system is easy to use and can be deployed quickly. Whether you are an individual or a business, Keeper security services are for everyone. It is fast, and affordable.

Insights and Reporting

keeper insights reporting

With SIEM integration, the tool helps you get powerful insights into the security at all endpoints. It supports RBAC, 2FA, FIPS 140-2 encryption, HIPAA, FINRA, SOC, ITAR and more.


keeper trusted partners

Don’t just take my words. If you don’t believe me, then it’s okay, but Keeper has been rated 4.6 by Trustpilot and 4.9 by AppStore. Other apps and websites like G2, PCMag, Google Play Store, GetApp, Gartner, and Spiceworks have rated Keeper as a leader in security.

How To Sign Up For Keeper Free Trial?

Let me show you how to try and test Keeper’s free trial. I have attached step-by-step screenshots to help you understand how the tool works for password and data protection.

The very first step requires you to register as an individual or organization. First click on Try It Free.

keeper free trial

Now choose whether you want to register as an individual, organization or MSPs.

keeper choose plan

Enter your email address and click on Get Protected. You don’t need to submit your credit card information.

keeper enter email

The system will ask you to set a master password. You need to remember only one master password to access the vault and save all other passwords in it. Accept terms and agreement, and click on Next. 

keeper set password

You will receive a verification code on your email. Check your email and enter the code in the box.

keeper email verification
keeper verification code

Wow, you just created your Keeper account for free. You are welcome to the Keeper vault, and here’s a sneak peek into the dashboard.

keeper dashboard

You now must have understood how to start Keeper free trial. Now I will show you how to buy Keeper paid plan. For instance, I am going to buy Keeper Unlimited plan starting at $2.91/month.

keeper unlimited plan

Click on Buy Now, and follow the same steps to verify your email address.

Now choose the subscription term plan for either 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years. You can choose recommended add-ons like secure file storage and BreachWatch or continue without add-ons.

The next step is to check the order summary and choose the payment method. You can opt to pay via credit/debit card or PayPal. As you can clearly see that the price for 1 year is $34.99, but when you choose the plan for 2 or 3 years, the price will decrease.

Also, when you use my affiliate link to purchase Keeper plans, you get an additional 30% discount. So, after applying the discount, you get $24.49 per year. I have chosen 3 years plan, so the total cost would be $73.48 for three years.

keeper 3year plan

Now add your card details like I did, and complete the checkout process.

keeper authorizing card

Once your purchase is complete, you will be redirected to a Thank You page.

keeper thankyou page

Check your email for a confirmation link and log into your Keeper dashboard.

keeper confirm email

Once logged in the Keeper dashboard, the first thing it would ask is to import your existing passwords by clicking on Next, or you can do it Later.

Next, the system will ask you to create Keeper Records, which you shouldn’t miss to do. Let’s see how to do it.

keeper records

To create a record, click on the Create new button highlighted in Yellow on the left-side of the dashboard.

keeper create new record

By creating a record, you can save passwords, create separate folders to segregate passwords, and save payment information like credit or debit card details. You can also create a shared folder to share the credentials with your trusted partner.

keeper add a record

Clicking on Record will show you multiple options like Login, Payment Card, Contact, Address, Bank Account, File Attachment, Photo, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, and Database.

keeper record options

By default the system chooses Login, but you can change it using the drop down menu.

Here, I have chosen the Login option to save my Netflix credential. In the Title, I have entered Netflix. 

Clicking on Next allows me to enter my Netflix login, password, and site URL. You could also add Files or photos, 2FA, or Custom Field.

keeper netflix login

You can proceed to save the credentials. Alternatively, you can choose to generate random passwords by the Keeper itself.

keeper netflix credentials

Once you click on Save, the record will be saved in the system and shown as below.

keeper netflix record

Fore more information on the Keeper dashboard, check out my complete video tutorial.

Keeper Plans & Pricing

keeper business enterprise

Business: Billed at $3.75/month per user

WHen you increase the number of users, the pricing increases. The business plan comes with an encrypted vault for each user and access from any device. The plan includes security audit, reporting, access to team members with shared folders, and 2FA via sms, TOTP, smartwatch and FIDO WebAuthn.

Enterprise: Contact Sales for Pricing

Everything that is included in the business plan is included in the Enterprise plan. Apart from that, the plan offers Single Sign-On authentication, advanced 2FA, SCIM and Azure AD provisioning, Active Directory and LDAP sync, Command line provisioning, and also Developer APIs.


keeper personal plan

Password Manager: $2.91/month

The Personal plan is for individuals like me and is very affordable. It allows users to securely store passwords with no limitation. The tool stores all your passwords, and also helps you generate and store strong passwords. You can use Keeper password protection on unlimited devices.

Plus bundle: $4.87/month

The plan offers an unlimited password manager and allows you to store your files securely. The BreachWatch Dark Web Monitoring is an additive and exceptional feature.


Password Manager: $6.24/month

The family plan is for more than one person so you could keep your complete family safe. The plan gives you 5 private vaults to securely store unlimited passwords. Along with password generation and autofill, there are many more existing features. This includes Fingerprint & Face ID, Unlimited Devices + Sync, Unlimited Identity & Payments, Web App, Secure Record Sharing, Emergency Access, and 24/7 Support.

Plus Bundle: $8.62/month

You get to manage passwords for your family with secure file storage and BreachWatch Dark Web Monitoring.


keeper students plan

There’s a whopping 50% OFF Keeper security plans only for students. Students require logging into many sites for information. Keeper can help them store these passwords safely and autofill them whenever required.

You can add up to 5 emergency contacts and give them access to your secure vault in any mishap.


keeper military plan

Keeper offers a special plan for people serving the country by risking their lives. Yes, this plan is for:

Military: Active Duty, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses and Military Family Members, and

First Responders: Police, Fire, Nurses, Doctors, EMT Doctors, and Hospital Employees (Hospital Employees in the US only).

Unlimited: $24.49/month

This plan is for a single user and allows users to log in using Fingerprint & FaceId. You can store identity and payment information, so you won’t have to fill in the details every time you make a payment online.

Family: $52.49/month

With this plan, you get 5 user access and 10GB of secure file storage. This is not the end, as there are other features like emergency access, secure record sharing, and more. You undoubtedly get unlimited password storage and identity & payment storage.

Keeper Alternatives


lastpass pricing and plans

After reviewing LastPass and Keeper, it can be seen that:

  • Keeper is much easier to use and customize the web interface. Keeper meets the needs of everyone, whether individual, business, student or family.Β 
  • Keeper has the longest running SOC2 and ISO27001 certification in the industry. Where LastPass only supports vault-level encryption, Keeper has multiple security layers at the vault, shared folder, and record levels.
  • LastPass lacks support, but Keeper provides advanced functions via SSO Connect.
  • There is no secret management in LastPass, but Keeper offers a modern cloud-based secrets manager.
  • Keeper offers node based organizational segmentation, whereas LastPass lacks this feature.


Pricing free trial 1Password

The key difference after comparing Keeper and 1Password are:

  • Keeper has better customer support with support via phone call. 1Password asks customers to contact via Twitter or forum.
  • Keeper has SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and TRUSTe certification whereas 1Password hasn’t obtained ISO certification.Β 
  • With Keeper, you can organize the credentials as folders and subfolders. Within a single, you can easily create folders and records. Whereas 1Password requires users to create separate vaults making it more complex.
  • 1Password lags cross-platform support, whereas Keeper supports all devices and operating systems.

Keeper Pros & Cons


  • Unlimited password manager.
  • Access to all users from unlimited devices.
  • Security audit and reporting.
  • Auto-generate auto-fill passwords.
  • Import all the credentials from Keeper alternatives like 1Password, LastPass, and more.
  • AES-256-bit encryption and 2-factor authentication ensure a high level of security.
  • Special discounted plans for students and military personnel.Β 


  • Haven’t found any drawbacks yet after testing and comparing it with other password protector tools.

My Verdict – Keeper Security

After trying and testing the tool, I prepared the Keeper review with full honesty. If you watch my full video, you will get to know more about the Keeper features. And I must say, the tool is extraordinary and beats all other password protection tools. 

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I hope you all enjoyed reading the Keeper review. If you liked the review, do share it with others and subscribe to the free plan or any of the paid plans.



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