15 Best LinkedIn Scraping Tools 2023– LinkedIn Scraper API

If you don’t want to waste time, money, or energy, read our article on LinkedIn scraping tools. A B2B Sales Automation strategy often starts with LinkedIn, the most complete and up-to-date professional database.

You can use these tools to start your 100% automated and efficient lead machine.

List of 15 Best LinkedIn Data-Scraping Tools

Bright Data

bright data scraping

So, Bright Data is a good choice for LinkedIn scraping because they are a well-known data scraping company that can help you. With LinkedIn datasets, you can use ready-made ones or make your own.

You can get the public web data that is important to you very quickly with Bright Data. A demo can be set up for you to see, or you can start your free trial today.

It’s easier to use their LinkedIn scraper to automate and speed up the process of collecting the data you need to promote your brand and find new leads.

Data scraping is one of the things that they can help you with. They also have a top-notch proxy infrastructure, which goes well with web scraping.


phantombuster data extraction

In business, it’s essential to be able to scrape LinkedIn profiles. Phantombuster knows this, and they have a service that does this. They know what LinkedIn scraping tools will allow you to be anonymous on LinkedIn and still get the data you need from the site.

They think they can help their customers get all the data they need, including email addresses. Make sure to try out the “LinkedIn Sales Navigator Search Export Phantom” to get and export data from the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool.

If you need to talk to them at any point, you can talk to them directly on the website. We think that being able to start with them for free is a good thing.

Meet Alfred

alfred linkedin scraping tools

For LinkedIn and CRM sync, meet Alfred, who is very useful. This means that you can not only get the information you need to connect with leads that are important to your brand, but you can also export this information to your CRM very quickly.

They have a free trial that lasts for two weeks, which we think is enough time to figure out if they are the right tool for you or not.

They can also help you keep track of your LinkedIn contacts and leads, so you don’t lose any important information or get overwhelmed by the process, which can be hard to do.

They only scrape the kind of LinkedIn data that will help your brand rather than just scraping anything that comes their way.

Their company is confident they can help their clients build and keep a powerful LinkedIn network. They also like that they have a chat box where you can talk to them before you start.

Dux Soup

dux soup lead generation

Dux Soup is another great tool for scraping LinkedIn because it has a Chrome extension. This means that you can connect to the tool right away, and you don’t have to download anything on your computer to use it. It will connect to your LinkedIn profile and let you scrape, visit, and send messages to your prospects and leads right from LinkedIn.

As a bonus, it also gives its customers a tool that will automatically do things on their LinkedIn profiles. It looks like human behavior so that LinkedIn won’t be able to find you. This service will cost you $9.92.

They have a free plan and a free trial, so if you want to get to know a company before you sign up, this is going to be a good choice.


scraper api web scraping

ScraperAPI is one of the best LinkedIn scrapers in the proxy industry because they have access to over 40 million IP addresses worldwide. They can also help you with an uptime guarantee of 99.99 percent, so you can be sure your site will work.

This means that there is a good chance that your connection won’t go down in the middle of a fight. Even if you have an issue outside of regular business hours, you can talk to a natural person who can help you. This is because they have unlimited bandwidth and professional help available around the clock.

If you use LinkedIn and scrape information from it, you won’t ever have to worry about being blocked. This way, you can find the right leads for your business and make the most of the wealth of information that is on LinkedIn.


scraping bee social media scraping tools

It can make a big difference if you have a lot of proxy servers. ScrapingBee is another good LinkedIn scraper that helps a lot.

It’s clear that if you’re a big brand and want to get a lot of leads for your business, you’re going to want to scrape a lot. They think they can do this.

As well as having a vast proxy pool and geotargeting and automatic proxy rotation, your proxy connection will change up for you and you don’t even have to think about it.

You can read about how they can help you on their website. Whether you want to get specific data or just do general web scraping, they have a lot of information for you. Whether you run a small or big business, this is a great tool. It doesn’t matter.


octaparse scraping tools

Octoparse is one of the best and most intelligent web scraping tools, including LinkedIn. It is also straightforward to use.

You can get the information in three steps: find the data, choose it, and export it. It can help you turn LinkedIn pages into a database that is easy to find.

There are many ways to export data from databases, including SQL Server, MySQL, Excel, JSN, XLSX, and CSV.

It also helps to have API keys to store the data on a different platform. Octoparse has many things that a good internet scraper should have. These include cloud-based platforms, scheduled scraping, rotating proxy servers, and more.

Plus, you don’t need to use a proxy with this scraper because it can change its IP address. You have to pay a small fee of $75 a month to get this tool. It also has a 14-day trial period with some rules. This LinkedIn scraper works on both your computer and in the cloud.

Proxycrawl LinkedIn Scraper

proxycrawl web crawler

Proxycrawl has a lot of scrapers available through its scraping APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). One of them is a LinkedIn scraper. In contrast to other web scrapers, this one needs some coding skills.

It is for people who don’t want to deal with Captchas and proxy management. You can use the tool to get information about users, employees, a company’s description, and more. It’s easy to use this software, and it’s a lot like making API requests.

Proxycrawl costs $29/ month and gives you 50,000 credits. You can use it for free for the first 1000 times. The cloud is one of the platforms that can be used and accessed through an API.


followinglike social media

Not only does FollowingLike scrape LinkedIn, but it is also a tool for managing social media on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, and many other sites. It lets you search LinkedIn by skills, likes, emails, posts, schools, businesses, and more.

You can also save the results of your search. In the Account Manager feature of the tool, you can use more than one LinkedIn account to get information on LinkedIn. You can also look at your account stats. Also, FollowingLink has built in proxy support.


scrapestorm ai powered scraping

ScrapeStorm is another intelligent tool for scraping LinkedIn. Ex-Google crawlers made ScrapeStorm, a powerful scraping tool that businesses can use. It has an automatic system for identifying the data points you want to find and get.

Also, you can use its point-and-click interface to get data when the automatic detection system doesn’t work, so you can use that instead.

It can export data to different formats, including MySQL, Google Sheets, JSON, CSV, Excel, and TXT, making the LinkedIn scraping process easier.

You just need to make sure it’s set up correctly. It starts at $49.99/month. You can also look at its “starter plan.” It’s free, but there are some rules. The scraper can be used on a computer.

Helium Scraper

helium scraper data extraction

Helium Scraper is a desktop app that lets you do that when you want to get data from LinkedIn. It lets you get data from all kinds of things on LinkedIn, like company profiles, individual profiles, and job postings.

It makes it easy to get information from LinkedIn because it has an easy-to-use interface. As you learn how to use the scraper, it has a simple point-and-click interface that makes it easy to learn.

With this tool, you can quickly get complex data up to 140 terabytes (SQLite can store this much data) without any problems. There are many different ways to get your data, like SQLite, JSON, XML, Excel, and CSV. There is a single-user license for $99, but you can buy it for more than one person.

You can also try out its fully functional 10-day free trial option if you want. The tool can run on a computer.


parsehub free web scraper

Parsehub is a tool for data analysts that lets them get information from web pages without writing any code. You can get free the scraper’s desktop app, but some restrictions exist. You might not care about that.

This tool is potent and can be used in many ways. However, when you use its desktop app, you must set the proxies because it doesn’t change IPs. A month of paid service costs $149. There are two ways to get the data: JSON and Excel. It can run on both desktop and cloud-based systems.

LIX – LinkedIn search exporter 

lix contact intelligence platform

LIX is a tool that can extract and scrape data from LinkedIn. It can be used on any browser and on any device. This browser extension tool doesn’t need you to download or install it, so you don’t have to. More than 11,000 people use this tool to scrape more than 11,000 search results.

There is no need to do anything else. You just have to start a search and then get all the results. It lets you save a lot of search results. If you want to use LIX, you can export search results to 10x your pipeline. It also has a tool for viewing profiles and parsing CVs.

You can export the email addresses from LinkedIn profiles in a comma-separated file. This way, you can use them in a mail merge.

Exporting company data to Excel and CSV files is also possible. Also, you can add them to your existing recruitment program. The tool costs $40 a month.

Web Scraper

web scraper data extraction

There are more than 350,000 people who use Web Scraper, which is a popular tool for scraping web pages. It lets you get information from any site or platform, including LinkedIn.

The tool has a point-and-click interface that makes it simple to use. You only need to install the extension on Google Chrome and then go to LinkedIn to scrape it.

A lot of different types of data can be found by this tool, even if you have to change it to get the results you want. It can find text and web links and code for websites such as JavaScript and PHP.

This scraper can work in the cloud; its output includes XLSX, CSV, and JSON. If you buy credits, you pay for how many pages you read. This can range from 100,000 to 2,000,000 pages.


scrab linkedin lead generation tool

You can use Scrab.in for outbound marketing, account management, and getting new leads on LinkedIn. It can automate online interactions by sending messages to specific LinkedIn profiles and visiting a social media platform.

On LinkedIn, you can choose from several filters to get leads. It’s possible to get the search results in a CSV file or send them to a different CRM. Make sure you download and set up its add-on in Google Chrome. Or, you can use it as a web app.

Its cost is based on how many times you go and how many scans you do.


LinkedIn has shown that it is hard to scrape. Most of the time, if you try to scrape it by using a simple web scraper, you will get caught and blocked. If you don’t know what you’re doing, the best thing you can do is use the LinkedIn scrapers made by experts. 

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