The Best Mobile Affiliate Networks – CPA, CPS, CPL, CPI

The basic objective of every profession or business is to generate a healthy return on investment. Isn’t it? We really appreciate and respect this perspective. So, how you can enhance your ROI and lead generation for your business?

A complete dashboard with actionable insights is required for future decision-making. Otherwise, your efforts will go in vain.

Do you also like to improve the number of downloads of your mobile app or game? Or you may wish to increase website traffic to increase your company’s revenue. If this is what you were looking for, you have arrived at the right place.

Being a mobile app developer can greatly increase your chances of connecting with direct advertisers or mobile affiliate networks, which will save you time and increase your earnings in mobile affiliate marketing.

The fundamental function of direct advertising is to combine the offers of multiple advertisers and present you with the most viable offer. The nicest thing is that users don’t have to deal directly with ads.

10 Best Mobile Affiliate Networks

1. iCubesWire

icubeswire mobile affiliate network

iCubesWire is a product of Quotient Four Technologies and has its headquarters in Bengaluru.

A mobile affiliate network like iCubesWire is one of the fastest-growing ones in the market. Coupons and offers are available through this network for various programs.

The company also offers affiliate partnerships with companies such as Amazon and Flipkart. Its mobile marketing solutions include:

  • Push notifications.
  • SMS marketing.
  • Mobile push marketing in-app.
  • Installation campaigns for iOS, Android, OEMs, and APKs.
  • Mobile solutions that are innovative.
  • Branding for WAP and m-sites.

The network is safe and dependable, and money is made within sixty days of the completion of a task. You may be pleased to learn that it is affiliated with more than 15000 publishers worldwide, including Go Air, Etihad, Honda, Ford, McDonald’s, Domino’s, American Express, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Kotak Group, and Tata Group, among others.

2. Mobiglide

mobiglide homepage

Mobiglide is one of the top mobile affiliate networks with extensive expertise in product development and marketing. This network specializes in numerous industries, including mobile marketing, cost-per-acquisition, trial campaigns, app installation, and innovation.

Mobiglide’s primary purpose is to facilitate social media advertising, particularly for small and local businesses.

As an affiliate manager, a business developer, and an account manager, Mobiglide deploys qualified personnel, to assist you in enhancing your portfolio, increasing your revenue, and expanding your market presence.

This mobile affiliate network emerged as the mobile leader in numerous regions of the world, including North America, Europe, Latin America, East Asia, and the Pacific.

Mobiglide enables you to acquire high-quality visitors and an essential target audience for your business. In addition, it offers over 20 verticals, 3450+ registered publishers, and over 6700 current deals on its platform.

3. Leadbit

leadbit cpa network

Leadbit is a top CPA network comprised of highly skilled affiliate managers with skills in creating and promoting websites, apps, and blogs in a variety of genres. The finest aspect of Leadbit is that it allows you to deal with traffic from all over the world and does not restrict your access to certain traffic sources.

It is an outstanding mobile affiliate network present in over 50 European, Asian, and CIS nations (Commonwealth of Independent States).

The network also provides enticing affiliate programs that are periodically refreshed. In addition, it gives a personal manager and professional technical support around the clock. Unlike other networks, it is simple to install and requires little support.

4. ClickDealer

clickdealer cpa affiliate network

ClickDealer is a GDM group company that provides advertisers, agencies, and publishers with consistent performance marketing solutions.

ClickDealer is a well-known platform that can help you make a lot of money. This network allows you to boost your passive revenue by preparing all promotional files and translating them into any language. Additionally, the company provides clients with a variety of advertising services tailored to a certain set of KPIs.

It has collaborations with more than 1800 advertisers in 12 profitable sectors, including eCommerce & Retail, Games, Health & Beauty, Software, Travel, and many others.

5. CrakRevenue

crakrevenue affiliate advertiser

CrakRevenue is a rapidly expanding CPA affiliate network that is mostly recognized for linking publishers and advertisers. Affiliates have the ability to make a substantial amount of money through a 5 percent lifetime referral program. It also allows affiliates to earn through the following three programs:

  • VIP Affiliate
  • Active Affiliate
  • Elite Affiliate

All of the previously listed options contain a Help Desk and other offers.

This affiliate network interacts with several advertisers in numerous verticals, such as Adult Gaming, Health, Cam, and Dating, among others.

If you opt for the VIP or Elite plan, this completely vertical affiliate network provides a specialized affiliate manager and enticing specials and promotions. However, an active affiliate program also allows for unexpected annual reward increases.

6. DGM Global

dgm global homepage

DGM is a spectacular international digital media platform that provides a variety of online marketing solutions, including marketing experience, high-quality supply sources, advanced technologies, and exclusive procedures. These marketing platforms all provide email, social, and search capabilities.

This affiliate network has merged with several clients to generate quantifiable digital outcomes. Affiliates utilizing this platform can extend their reach across a variety of website categories, provide video content and video commercials, and deliver demographically-targeted audiences on the Internet and mobile devices.

7. Komli

komli homepage

Komli is a remarkable platform that enables you to use programmatic buying power to make the advertising process transparent and simple. It is a vast affiliate network that partners with over 4000 marketers. In addition, this prominent digital media platform has more than seven years of experience in this industry.

You may read its evaluations; the platform has been dubbed as one of the finest mobile affiliate networks in the world because it has helped many large and small brands increase their audience reach and performance while providing them with practical solutions.

The payment process of Komli is trustworthy, net payments are made within 30 to 50 days. The best aspect of this network is its emphasis on teamwork and the importance of employee input. You may be pleased to learn that the most successful entrepreneurs of the largest firms, such as Microsoft, McKinsey, MSN, Yahoo, eBay currently head this global affiliate network.

8. MobxNetwork

mobxnetwork homepage

MobxNetwork provides a multitude of GEOs with enormous payouts and other special incentives. This CPI worldwide network comprises more than 100 advertisers as dependable global partners.

The top network helps your app or website attract substantial, high-quality traffic that generates new business leads. Unique to MobxNetwork is the fact that it provides tested and confirmed traffic sources.

9. PayV

payv revenue network

This network once went by the moniker WapEmpire; the corporation then changed its name to PayV.

PayV was established eight years ago in 2013 and has since gained widespread recognition as a reliable and secure network to a large number of affiliate networks, media buyers, and webmasters.

The business is well-known for converting global traffic based on CPS, CPA, and RevShare.

In addition, the platform gives affiliates a variety of offers to pick from, as well as an in-house tracking platform with comprehensive statistics, timely payouts, and a comprehensive customer service team to assist with any questions.

10. AdsMain

adsmain ad network

The year 2010 marks the founding and establishment of AdsMain. This digital media platform has since acquired the confidence of several business owners.

AdsMain is regarded as one of the top mobile affiliate networks for establishing a solid rapport between publishers and app developers. Moreover, all affiliates affiliated with this CPA network have received robust support.

AdsMain’s major objective is to produce money and profit for both advertisers and publishers. This network is user-friendly and equipped with a comprehensive tracking system that enables flawless payment transactions.

What is Mobile Affiliate Network?

The most effective mobile affiliate networks serve as an intermediary between mobile marketers and affiliates. This network is a sort of arrangement between specific businesses or mobile app owners active in the online sale of a product or service and affiliates engaged in posting links to the merchant site and earning a commission by giving these businesses an abundance of traffic.

Various app user actions may be evaluated and tracked, such as a total number of transactions, purchases, lead sales, and conversions, among others.

Mobile affiliate networks are not confined to the promotion of gaming, dating, utility, and music applications. Primarily, the finest mobile affiliate networks can smoothly drive traffic from ad networks, allowing developers to receive adequate compensation by selling CPI traffic and Ad networks to drive CPI traffic.

Let’s examine the advantages of these mobile affiliate networks for mobile app owners and affiliates.

Benefits of Mobile Affiliate Networks

1. For Businesses or Mobile App Owners

  • Reporting tools
  • Processing payments
  • Access to a huge publisher base
  • Technology for tracking
  • The market is relatively unsaturated, despite being highly competitive.
  • Reaching potential customers is easy
  • Traffic is growing rapidly

2. For Affiliates

  • Tools for Reporting
  • Accessing product APIs and aggregating payments
  • Facilitates registration for merchant affiliate programs.
  • Payouts are lucrative on a wide range of offers.
  • The return on investment is maximized by a higher conversion rate

Drawbacks of Mobile Affiliate Networks

  • It is time-consuming.
  • Because of the tough competition in the market, it is difficult to grow unless you have strong business connections.
  • Affiliate networks may charge you an initial setup fee or recurring membership fees.
  • There may or may not be an improvement in the traffic from affiliate marketers.
  • The number of affiliate ads you can display will be limited to smaller screens.


Don’t worry, take your time selecting the optimal option for you! The market is really expansive, so you must make wise judgments. However, there’s no doubt that the affiliate networks listed here are the best ones.

What are you waiting for? If you want your business to thrive and prosper, join any mobile affiliate network now.



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