10 Best Native Ad Networks For Publishers & Advertisers

Native advertising platforms offer a plethora of benefits to advertisers and publishers alike. Outbrain, Taboola, and MGID are just a handful of the leading native ad networks that target internet users with native traffic and content recommendations.

And, as is customary each year, it’s time to determine who is on top, who is the new boss in town, or who is the undisputed and unstoppable king of native advertising.

Is native advertising still effective in 2022?

Another frequent source of consternation for marketers is the question of whether a particular strategy is still effective. In that instance, assuming that native advertising continues to function in 2022. And the answer is unequivocal yes.

Consider the following data on native digital display advertising spending in the United States, as provided by Statista in September of this year.

native ad networks global

Also, according to Business Insider (source):

Without a doubt, native advertising will continue to be effective in 2022. Native advertisements are an ad format to watch in 2022 because to their non-intrusive format and relevancy to content that viewers have already engaged with.

Delivering the appropriate material to the appropriate audience has long been cited as a critical component of successful digital marketing.

We advocate domain redirect advertisements, often known as zero-click traffic, to individuals interested in digital advertising formats that do exactly that. Due to the fact that it delivers the precise material that consumers look for, it is frequently referred to as another form of native advertising.

What are the best native traffic sources in 2022?

As previously stated, native traffic is in high demand, and affiliate marketers should absolutely include it when developing their advertising plans and strategies for 2022.

To make your life easier in 2022 (everyone could use a little assistance after the emotional rollercoaster of the last few years!)

The top native ad networks in 2022

#1. AdStyle

adstyle homepage main

AdStyle is a new-age native advertising network with the latest technology and unique features for publishers and advertisers to scale up their ad revenue.

Ad.Style is a native advertising network. Their system was developed using the latest and most effective ways of providing the leading, life-changing click fraud solution to assure and give clients the best traffic service in the market. They are a platform that offers the publisher a more straightforward approach in making new ways for monetizing their websites. Read along and learn more about them as Macpost give you their full and honest AdStyle Review for publishers.

AdStyle was established in 2015. Although the company’s headquarters are in Florida, the team that assists publishers and advertisers in achieving their objectives and assists customers in adopting a more visually systematized strategy to increase income is situated in Israel.

  • Auto Optimizing Lookalike Audiences
  • 40B Monthly Ad Impressions
  • 65+ Countries in the Network

There are multiple payout methods available to the publishers to choose from.

  • Direct Deposit– Transfer funds electronically from the payer’s account to the recipient’s.
  • Wire Deposit– Banks and credit unions use this method for traditional deposits. Funds are transferred electronically internationally through this service.
  • Check– A paycheck will be mailed to the address you provide.
  • PayPal– Online payment.

Advantages of Using Ad.Style native ad platform

  • You get a dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 Support
  • Net-30 payments
  • $10.00 minimum Cashout
  • Great Dashboard complete with all the metrics you will need

#2. Taboola

taboola top native advertising

Taboola is one of the main platforms for native advertising, a genuine pioneer in establishing native advertising as a necessary tool for all types of digital marketers.

However, in addition to being incredibly beneficial for affiliate marketers, it serves as a content discovery tool, bringing new and intriguing content to a wider audience.

Taboola’s diverse collection of topical information, advice, product or service recommendations, or simply intriguing, engaging, and entertaining material keeps consumers worldwide captivated. That means they may respond similarly enthusiastically to your advertisements.

Taboola in numbers:

  • The #1 discovery platform in the world.
  • Monthly unique users: 1.4 billion.
  • More than 10,000 premium publishers and brands.
  • There are more than 1000 employees working in 18 offices around the world.
  • 44.5% of the world’s internet users are connected.
  • There are 50X more books in the NY public library.

Taboola’s advertising options include:

  • Available ad formats: in-feed ads, content recommendations
  • Advertising inventory/exclusive partnerships: Msn.com, usatoday.com, dailymail.co.uk, espn.com, cbssports.com, business insider .com, cbsnews.com, weather.com, huffpost.com, nbc.com, bloomberg.com,.
  • GEO targeting: US,FR, CA, ZA,UK, DE,, BR
  • Device: Desktop/Mobile
  • Traffic sources: 99% Web, 2% in-app.
  • Top verticals: e-commerce, technology, health, finance, and dating.

#3. Outbrain

outbrain native advertising feed

Outbrain is another of the world’s top three self-serve native advertising platforms. Outbrain is trusted by the world’s largest media firms and brands to deliver their content to billions of Internet consumers.

That is why Outbrain is frequently referred to as the ultimate native traffic ad network for advertisers seeking to connect with a highly engaged audience and publishers seeking to better manage, control, and monetize their ad space through consumer-oriented advertising content, also known as content discovery platform.

Outbrain in numbers:

  • The world’s top 3 native advertising platforms.
  • Experience in the advertising industry of more than 14 years.
  • 290 billion discoveries per month.
  • 55 GEOs and regions are available.
  • 14 languages supported.
  • 18 offices worldwide.
  • Present in 55 stations in 55 countries.
  • more than 800 advertising experts worldwide.
  • Daily page views of 1.8 billion.
  • Delivers 290 million native ads monthly.

Outbrain’s advertising and targeting options:

  • Available ad formats: content recommendations, content widgets, in-feed ads, and search and promoted listings
  • Ad inventory: MSN, El Pais, Elle, Wall Street Journal, Sports illustrated, The Guardian, Vox, SkyNews, Conde Nast,, Burda, BBC, WIRED, Time, El Mundo, Le Monde, Hearst, Le Parisien,
  • GEO targeting:: US, CA, AU, UK, DE, BR,  FR, ES, IT,RU, MX,JP, TR, IN.
  • Device: Desktop/Mobile
  • Traffic source: web
  • Top verticals: e-commerce, education,  technology and apps, health and beauty,  finance, automotive, and hobby.

#4. MGID

mgid advertising network

MGID is frequently regarded as a global innovator, a native advertising platform that provides income development for all stakeholders in the online advertising sector.

According to MGID, the secret to success is a blend of a human-like approach and powerful technology solutions that enable the delivery of an engaging experience that people simply cannot refuse.

MGID’s aim is to pioneer a new era of digital media by making advertising interactions as pleasant as engaging with organic content discovery and recommendation engines.

MGID in numbers:

  • Top 3 native ad platforms in the world.
  • Native advertising experience of 12 years.
  • More than 650 employees aka advertising experts around the world.
  • Support for more than 70 languages.
  • Over 200 geopolitical areas and regions to target.
  • More than 32,000 content websites.
  • 100,000 + new campaigns each year.
  • 850 + million unique visitors per month.
  • More than 185 billion content recommendations every month.

MGID’s advertising and targeting options:

  • Available ad formats: content recommendations
  • Ad inventory: IBT., Medical Daily, Tribunnews.com,  Metro, Insider Monkey, The Inquisitr, MSN, Investing.com,  HITC, Wowkeren.com, Vietnamnet.vn,, KontroKultura, Napoli Magazine, Bril!o.net.
  • GEO targeting:: US,, MX, IT, CA,UA, RO,RU, IN, PH, VN, TW, TH.
  • Device: Desktop/Mobile
  • Traffic source: web
  • Top verticals:, finance, dating, health and beauty, eCommerce,  technology and apps, binary, automotive, education, real estate, and travel.

#5. Revcontent

revcontent homepage

Revcontent is the following high-quality naΓ―ve traffic advertising network on our list. It links advertisers with engaged audiences.

Revcontent is one of those native advertising platforms that enables advertisers to tap into consumer demand at all stages of the customer journey, pique their interest, and drive desired conversions through advanced technological solutions and direct partnerships with premium digital publishers worldwide.

Revcontent’s targeting and advertising options:

  • Available ad formats: in-feed ads, recommended content
  • Ad inventory: History.com, Nasdaq, Sports Illustrated, Heavy.com, Boston.com, tribunemedia.com, breitbart.com, usatoday.com, facty.com, westernjournal.com, latimes.com, wayfair.com, and more.
  • GEO targeting: US, NZ, AU,CA,  UK, ZA, DE, BR, MX,PT,  IT, FR.
  • Device: Desktop/Mobile
  • Traffic source: web
  • Top verticals:, finance, health, and beauty, e-commerce, political content.

#6. Admixer

admixer homepage

According to their website, Admixer is an independent adtech company that provides full-stack programmatic solutions to all parties involved in the online advertising sector.

They’ve been concentrating in developing a native advertising platform since 2008, bringing together all the items necessary to accelerate the online buying and selling of native ad inventory.

Admixer in numbers:

  • More than 10 years of experience in advertising technology.
  • More than 2000 publishers.
  • More than 3000 customers use Admixer’s technology.
  • A meticulous compliance process ensures a risk-free demand.
  • Over 100 world-class suppliers and demand generators.
  • More than 200 employees.

Admixer’s advertising and targeting options:

  • Available ad formats:, in-article,  in-stream, native display banners.
  • Ad inventory: Viber, SHAREit, Badoo, PicsArt Photo & Video Editor, TextNow, IMO, Tagged, WPS Office, Likee, LOVOO, Call Recorder, Essential Skeleton, CallApp, Audiomack, ASkfm, Plato, and more.
  • Available GEOs: US, CA, UK, AU, CN, DE, RU, FR, UA, BR.
  • Device: 99% mobile, 1& desktop.
  • Traffic source: in-app.
  • Top verticals: hobbies, art, business, news, entertainment, technology, sports, video games, fashion.

​​7. ​​TONIC.

tonic traffic monetization

TONIC. is a traffic exchange for advertisers and publishers with an average monthly traffic volume of more than 2 billion unique visitors.

It advertises via Zero-Click (PPR) and full-page Pop (PPV) advertisements. What does this imply? When a user inserts one of TONIC’s network domain addresses into the browser bar, they are sent to the offer you are advertising.

Pop traffic refers to a sort of traffic in which your advertisement shows above the publisher’s web page, typically in a separate window.

This platform is distinct from the others in this article. The platform delivers traffic directly to your website rather than first displaying an advertisement. You can expect low-cost traffic but low conversion rates with it.


  • In order to start a campaign, $100 in PayPal funding is required.
  • CPM offer lies between 1$ and $5. A CPM of $7-15 can be obtained if you use the Meditation of Tonic Ads ads network.
  • The CPM rate of your ads is fully under your control.
  • Global coverage.
  • Approval is easy.
  • Earnings are constant.

Targeting options:

  • Keywords
  • Categories
  • Location
  • Browser
  • Sources
  • Devices, and more

8.  Content.ad

contentad publishers

Content.ad is a reputable native advertising network that pays members on time as long as they meet the $50 minimum payout requirement. To be accepted into the net worth, you must have a significant amount of traffic.

Typically, the CPC rate is between $0.01 and $0.05. CPCs may vary depending on your niche, traffic source, and location. If you want to monetize your site just through content.ad, I believe you might reconsider it, as alternative ad networks such as media.net and Adsense pay significantly more.

Content.ad Features:

  • Reach: Not clear, but it appears to be “millions” according to their website.
  • Targeting Options: Device, Operating System, Browser Type, Whitelist, Blocklist.
  • Traffic: 67% from the US (based on SimilarWeb data)
  • Minimum Deposit: $500 (ugh)
  • Pricing: CPC

9. AdsKeeper

adskeeper homepage

AdsKeeper has an uncanny resemblance to MGID, which I find intriguing as if they are both built on the same platform or something. Spooky.

In any case, they are distinct native advertising networks with their own publishers and advertisers.

While AdsKeeper’s volume is lesser than that of MGID and other native ad networks, it offers reduced click fees and more lenient advertising regulations.

Give it a shot, especially if you’re engaged in CPA marketing with real products and seeking traffic from countries other than the United States.

AdsKeeper Details:

  • Reach More than 15 billion ad impressions daily.
  • Targeting Features: Device, OS, Location, Browser.
  • Traffic GEO: Mostly European & Asian.
  • Minimum Deposit: $100.
  • Pricing: CPC.

10. Dianomi

dianomi content

Dianomi is a relatively unique native advertising network that focuses exclusively on financial information.

Essentially, you’ll see Dianomi advertisements on publishers (websites) that specialize in business, financial, and personal finance.

HSBC, FT, Forbes, Reuters, Bloomberg, Fortune, Inc., MarketWatch, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, The Times, Kiplinger, and WSJ are just a few of the brands that have partnered with Dianomi.

In this case, Dianomi might be the best advertising platform for you if you sell products or services in these categories.

Dianomi Details:

  • Reach: 349 million monthly visitors
  • Targeting Features: Device, Location, Operation System, Browser
  • Traffic: About 50% of visitors come from the United States, 25% from Germany
  • Minimum Deposit: $0
  • Pricing: CPC

11. TripleLift

triplelift homepage

TripleLift has been in business since 2012 and has established itself as a leading programmatic native advertising startup, partnering with major companies such as Verizon, Microsoft, and Nestle.

BuzzFeed, BBC, eBay, The New York Times, and CNN are just a few of their premium publications.

They not only offer native advertising, but also offer a variety of other ad types such as display, video, and sponsored content.

TripleLift Details:

  • Reach: 35 billion impressions per week.
  • Targeting Features: Geolocation, Device, Exclusion Lists.
  • Traffic: 64% from the United States (Alexa data).
  • Minimum Deposit: no idea.
  • Pricing: CPC.

More mentions

Several ad networks and native advertising platforms are bringing new solutions to an already thriving but continually developing marketplace, especially given that the advertising technology sector is one of the fastest-growing branches of the digital ecosystem. 

Nevertheless, a few names deserve honorable mention right now.

Smaato is a mobile-only, in-app native advertising network that focuses on the health and beauty, banking, dating, and e-commerce areas. With over 14 years of industry experience, over 1 billion monthly unique visitors, and over 90,000 publishers, Smaato is unquestionably the place to go if you’re searching for native in-app traffic.

LiveIntent is a unique native traffic advertising network in that it is mostly focused on email traffic. Over 2000 exclusive relationships with companies enabling the monetization of native and display ads via email newsletters give up a slew of new opportunities for digital advertisers interested in native advertising.

LiveIntent allows marketers to consider novel ways to employ email to build businesses and leverage advertising campaigns, all while maximizing income across email and digital media channels.

Nativo is a leading advertising network, specializing in native advertising for large publishers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

The Nativo team is delighted to provide a media buying and selling platform that enables marketers and brands to develop meaningful interactions with their consumers through the use of a large reach scale, technology solutions, and traffic flow control. Nativo is mostly focused on web desktop traffic.

MoPub is another mobile-only advertising network that focuses on native in-app traffic. It is, in fact, a Twitter firm with a global reach of over 1.4 billion devices and an average monthly income of $100 million.

MoPub is unquestionably a top mobile programmatic ad exchange platform with extensive experience in mobile application advertising. Publishers and marketers alike can rely on MoPub to maximize their profitability while also providing high-quality content and consumers.

PubNative is a self-service solution for mobile native in-app traffic that is focused on some of the most valuable areas in the ad-tech world, namely the US, AU, RU, FR, and SA. Another distinguishing feature would be access to fully configurable ad units that can be tailored to the app’s UI, enhancing the user experience while increasing ad revenue.


There are numerous choices accessible to individuals interested in monetizing their web or in-app traffic with native ads, as well as those interested in promoting brands, products, and services through the use of native traffic and advertising technologies.

Through a DSP self-service platform that aggregates traffic from multiple native ad networks, one can choose the most optimal solution or utilize multiple tools simultaneously.

What’s also intriguing is that other sources of traffic offer solutions comparable to native traffic that undoubtedly assist in accomplishing the same aims through somewhat different approaches.

And no marketer in the field of media buying should limit their opportunities for profit maximization through digital marketing.



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