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7 Best Native Ad Spy Tools To Track Competitor Ads In 2023

Digital marketing entails a high level of competitiveness. Social networking, search engine optimization, and an increasing number of firms are getting into the digital marketing game daily. Native ad spy tools are prominent for every company in the digital space.

The issue is not the number of organizations engaged in digital marketing but rather the strategies employed. It’s difficult to develop a competitive edge and even more difficult to keep it. It is crucial to understand what your competitors are doing and even more critical to outperforming them.

Competitive intelligence tools provide information about a competitor’s digital marketing plan, including how they approach SEO, their social media and advertising strategies, and more.

It will explain why they are succeeding and how you can benefit from their success. Additionally, they inform you about their failures so that you do not repeat them.

Additionally, they show you the locations that your competitors have not been to, allowing you to stake out your territory. This post will explore the best native ad spy tools and technologies for conducting this type of competitive intelligence.

7 Best Native Ad Spy Tools and Software 2023

The following is a list of the best native ad spy tools and software that may assist you in monitoring your competitor’s media buying techniques.

1. Anstrex: Top Native Ad Spying Software

anstrex ad spying tool

Anstrex is well-known for assisting marketers in increasing their ROI by decrypting their competitors’ marketing techniques. They also provide wonderful experiences that are tailored to their consumers’ demands.

Their products are always being improved to better serve their clients. Anstrex is used by all types of marketers to discover the secrets of world-class advertisers, enabling them to produce tremendous traffic and sales. Anstrex connects with various other useful platforms to help you maximize your productivity.


  • Numerous ad networks are included here, including all of the major worldwide companies and region-specific niche networks.
  • You get the most precise data possible by utilizing high-quality residential proxies.
  • Make millions of advertisements from hundreds of thousands of advertisers and publishers available to you.


They provide two pricing options. One is a standalone plan for native advertising that costs $69.99. The other option is a native and push plan for bundle and save at a monthly cost of $139.99.

2. Adplexity: All-in-one tool for spying on ads

adplexity push ad spy tools

Adplexity collects extensive data on mobile and desktop push campaigns running in over 82 countries, and it does it in real-time via the most prominent push ad networks. It displays precise publisher information and, with a single click, may display affiliate adverts from over 100 CPA networks.


  • The powerful search feature gives you unprecedented control.
  • Offers filters for keywords, advertiser and publisher URLs, and over 100 affiliate networks; hand-picking critical data has never been easier.
  • Quickly download each landing page as a .zip file.


AdPlexity Native is available for a flat monthly fee of $249.

3. Native Ad Buzz: The Best Native Ad Spying Program For Marketers

nativeadbuzz homepage

Native Ad Buzz, dubbed the most powerful native ad search engine, enables you to spy on competitors and filter advertiser adverts to stay five steps ahead of your competition. They enable you to strategically identify the finest business possibilities and models while avoiding costly errors.


  • Condenses hundreds of hours of tedious research and analysis into a few simple minutes.
  • Filter advertisements by advertisers to keep tabs on your competitors and stay five steps ahead.
  • Demonstrate how much other marketers pay to experiment and determine whether a strategy works or not.
  • Assist in identifying high-converting funnels, advertising, and landing pages, as well as determining where, and by which ad network they are published.


They provide three distinct price options. Standard is the first option, and it costs $47 per month. The Pro plan is $97 per month, while the Pro Annual plan is $575 per month.

4. Power Ad Spy: Native Ad Spy Software with Free Trial

poweradspy spying tool

Power Ad Spy identifies every profitable advertisement worldwide and enables you to earn significant revenues without wasting money experimenting with ineffective advertisements.

It operates in three simple steps. You must first identify your audience, then analyze the results, then copy and execute what you learned.

They have thousands of people worldwide who are viewing advertisements and reporting the finest ad copy to them to expand their database of advertisements.


  • Displays all current, live, and historical Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Display Network native advertisements that are working effectively in any niche.
  • You get the details of target countries, demographics, and age ranges.
  • Indicates the destination of ad traffic.
  • Assist you in replicating successful advertisements for your firm.


They offer a free plan and then charge $49 per month for their basic plan. Monthly fees for the Standard plan are $99, while the Premium plan is $149.

5. SpyOver: Improve Native Advertising ROI

spyover native ad spy tool

SpyOver is the ideal solution for monitoring native advertising. It enables you to study your competitors’ ads and stay one step ahead of the competition.

It is the most user-friendly tool for assessing native advertisements. They provide complete statistics for each advertisement in the form of diagrams and graphs, as well as the relationship between the site and network Widget ID in the form of a table.

They display the current trend in impressions for the specified time period for the specified countries and devices.


  • Facilitates the download of advertisements and landing pages with a single click.
  • Enables viewers to view the advertisements that result in a specific landing.
  • Assists in analyzing your niche’s competitors and their activity.
  • Assist in the discovery of new and trendy products and packages.


They provide two pricing options. Tariff Professional is priced at $149, while Tariff Corporate is priced at $299.

6. What Runs Where: The Best Software for Digital Ad Intelligence

whatrunswhere homepage

They give digital ad intelligence, eliminating the need for a costly trial. They simplify the process by providing the most comprehensive and accurate image of the digital advertising environment.

Their ad intelligence platform enables the discovery of winning methods, the identification of the most effective advertisements, and the development of more profitable campaigns.


  • Displays the most successful creatives in your market or niche
  • Quickly discover successful campaigns and incorporate them into your strategy.
  • Ad intelligence enables the discovery of new traffic sources and the targeting of larger audiences.
  • Provides access to best-in-class data from five of the most popular online markets.
  • Assist you in staying current on the ins and outs of your competitors’ display advertising strategy.
  • Gives insight into crucial trends affecting desktop, mobile, and native platforms.


Their most affordable option is $299 per month. Their Full Coverage plan is $399 per month, while their enterprise package is built to order.

7. Adbeat: The Best Competitor Intelligence Software for Native Advertisers

adbeat homepage

Adbeat was created with marketers in mind. It is well-known for assisting you in spying on your competitor’s advertising approach. It offers unmatched insight into the perplexing world of digital advertising.

It’s only natural that industry leaders like Box, Ancestry, and Lending Tree use Adbeat. It informs advertisers about their immediate competitors’ activities and how they conduct themselves.

They not only display advertisements and how they are displayed, but also the messaging utilized and the sources of traffic, including how the media was purchased and on which publishers the advertisements were displayed.


  • Have the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of advertiser data.
  • Displays the most profitable publishers, advertisements, and landing pages.
  • Displays advertisements, ad networks, publishers, and landing pages from competitors. Discover how the most effective advertisers in any market execute their approach.
  • Assists in identifying important distinctions within a competitive set through the use of side-by-side and overlay visualizations.

Why Do You Need a Native Ad Spy Tool?

Native Ad Spy Tools are critical for doing competitive analysis and deciphering the factors that contribute to the success of your competitors’ ad copies.

It will assist you in improving your landing pages and ad copy to create more effective designs. Consequently, you save time and money by not spending as much time testing your affiliate marketing efforts.

How to Do Native Ad Spying?

You may use various ad espionage tools to examine your competitors’ advertisements and evaluate which campaigns were successful.

These tools enable you to view your competitors’ advertising campaigns, and you may search for campaigns based on numerous criteria such as gender, age, area, and source.


Native advertising is gaining traction. They have evolved into the marketer’s preferred kind of advertising in the modern era. Apply these methods consistently, and you’ll be amazed at how much money you may save on your advertising campaigns.

Have fun eavesdropping.

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