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By choosing a Netherlands dedicated server, you obtain a full server for yourself. There is no pooling of CPU time, RAM, or bandwidth, which ensures that your website is always responsive.

Shared web hosting can appear to be an incredible value, with feature-rich plans available for as little as a few pounds per month. However, the truth is frequently quite different, and they are not always the deals they appear to be.

Very low costs, on the other hand, may indicate that the host is pushing more clients onto each server. The performance will suffer due to a lack of resources, and the increased load may result in additional server difficulties and outages.

Dedicated hosting also entails a greater degree of control over the server’s configuration. You can add and delete software, update existing software, and change any server parameters, allowing you to tailor the server to your specific requirements.

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The best part is that dedicated hosting contracts frequently include rapid and competent assistance. The finest providers will even monitor your server for issues such as failing services and can frequently resolve them before you are aware of them.

With that kind of investment, it’s critical to make the best decision possible. In this article, I’ll showcase 10 of the best dedicated hosting services in the Netherlands location you should check out first.

The Best Netherlands Dedicated Servers (Affordable & the Cheapest)

I’ve researched and ranked the finest dedicated servers Netherlands location for every skill level and type of website. Therefore, regardless of what you’re looking for, I’m convinced that the in-depth reviews in this book will help you locate it.


Redswitches bring the best Dedicated server hosting in Netherlands data centers. Bring your online applications and services closer to your Dutch users by hosting them on a dedicated server in the Netherlands. 30ms response times are available throughout Europe with them. 

Choose a dedicated server package in the Netherlands today from Redswitches and benefit from free setup and configuration, 100TB of bandwidth, and 5Gbps DDoS protection. Customize your dedicated server in the Netherlands at any moment. Although their servers in the Netherlands are lightning quick, don’t take our word for it.

Redswitches’ safe and responsive worldwide network, which includes servers on five continents, enables unparalleled connectivity throughout the world. Continuous monitoring, network optimization, and direct connections to the world’s largest carriers all contribute to the creation of an ultra-efficient and stable environment conducive to hosting projects of any scale.

HostPalace Premium Dedicated Server

HostPalace is a leading global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider, providing customers with on-demand, enterprise-class hosting solutions that enable them to grow their businesses, reduce IT costs, and achieve new goals. 

Some of the features of the dedicated servers from HostPalace are Full root access, a management panel containing functions such as rebooting, power cycling, reinstalling the operating system, DNS, bandwidth usage, and real-time bandwidth graphs, allowing you to monitor your VPS from the Dashboard at any time. 

All servers include a KVM console, allowing you to handle and fix any software issues yourself at any time. Real-time bandwidth graphs, consumption statistics, and an alert system make monitoring your usage simple.

Server Wala

Customizable and quick dedicated server in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. They host their servers at euNetworks’ Tier III Data Center. AMD EPYC / Ryzen / Intel CPUs of the highest quality, professional GPU servers, free DDoS protection, superb global connectivity, and 24/7 technical support. 

Their Amsterdam Netherlands bare metal Dedicated Server provides one IPv4 and one IPv6 address. Additional IPs are available at an additional cost. They pledge to supply you with a 100 percent uptime guarantee so that you can enjoy the highest possible network uptime and visitor ratio. 

Manage and administer your server’s functions easily with cPanel, the most popular and user-friendly control panel for the Windows Platform. Purchasing a cPanel license for Windows-based Dedicated Hosting enables you to easily add websites, install OS-compatible software, and handle email on your server.


Clouvider’s dedicated servers in the Netherlands benefit your organization in numerous ways. Their servers, which are located in their Amsterdam data center, provide dependable speed and performance, as well as full root access for complete management. No RAID or Software RAID was chosen to enable mirrored discs for added redundancy or striped discs to boost total disc I/O throughput. All services on their network include a complimentary DirectAdmin license; moreover, they provide cPanel/WHM licenses at a discounted rate. You can specify your favorite operating system throughout the order process. They provide Linux for free, or for an additional price, they may arrange for a Windows Server license.


EU-Dedicated is a full-service provider of digital infrastructure with a focus on the future. Their offer is geared toward both private and business users, with the goal of providing the highest-quality and most reliable dedicated servers. Along with dedicated server hosting, they also provide SSL certificates and cloud computing solutions.

Dedicated Servers are located in the EvoSwitch data center in Haarlem, Netherlands. With the latest generation of servers based on DELL, HP ProLiant TM Enterprise hardware, and the latest Intel® Xeon®, AMD EPYC CPUs, they deliver optimum performance. In all, you’ll receive strong dedicated servers with 99.9% uptime, 1G / 10G dedicated ports, KVM remote access, free DDOS protection, a hardware service level agreement, and an OS reinstall / recovery system.

They are located at one of the best Datacenters in the Netherlands, EvoSwitch – Haarlem, which has a 108000 square foot data floor. The datacenter is extremely secure, has robust networking capabilities, and is certified to SOC 1, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and ISO 14001 standards. The Netherlands dedicated server is designed to be resilient, efficient, connected, and environmentally friendly.


You obtain root access to a physically isolated computer system hosted on CtrlServers network when you purchase an Unmanaged Netherlands Dedicated Server from them. They will install the operating system and, if requested, the control panel of your choice, giving you complete control over your high-performance server.

Netherlands Dedicated Servers are located in the Amsterdam datacenter of EvoSwitch. EvoSwitch is a significant data center provider with numerous data centers located throughout the world. They provide a 99.98 percent uptime guarantee on average. Their data centers are connected via ultra-fast connections to AMS-IX, NL-IX, and others via a fully redundant architecture to ensure the highest possible bandwidth and low latency traffic circumstances.

CtrlServers has a substantial inventory of Dell, IBM, and HP Proliant servers ranging from Gen6 to Gen10, all of which are available for immediate provisioning to our customers. Dedicated Servers in the Netherlands are supported by a service level agreement and an in-house engineering/support team. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with network or hardware difficulties.


They offer their own hardware, and network infrastructure, and have their own Amsterdam-based AS. It’s difficult to compete with their server prices, and even more difficult to compete with their bandwidth prices – $100 per Gbps of limitless bandwidth! If you discover a better bargain, contact them and they will do their best to match it! 

Nonetheless, they believe that there is no such thing as a low-cost dedicated server in the Netherlands, as quality comes at a price. The in-house technical support team is practically available 24 hours a day; only highly skilled specialists are granted access to server hardware and network equipment. 

Their courteous and professional staff will assist you with any web hosting-related difficulties, with a maximum ticket response time of 15 minutes. Sales assistance is always available via live chat to address your queries immediately. Needless to say, their clients’ all-time favorite dedicated server is the Netherlands 1gbps.


Dedicated hosting is a sort of Internet hosting in which you lease a whole server exclusively for your use. This is more versatile than shared hosting, as your organization retains complete control over the server(s), including the operating system, hardware, and other configuration options.

While you are responsible for software administration, they provide 24/7 support for hardware-related activities. Netherlands Dedicated servers are stored in one of their redundant data centers located throughout the world.

OnePanelTM is a comprehensive management solution that enables you to monitor individual servers and ports, send support requests, manage staff accounts, check bandwidth and use information, and reboot servers at any time of day. They guarantee that managing your projects has never been easier than it is with OneProvider.


Worldstream is a provider of premium-brand dedicated servers. Completely customizable. Deployed at company-owned data facilities in the Netherlands or at a Frankfurt point-of-presence. These servers are backed up by Worldstream’s 10 Tbit/s worldwide backbone and technical engineering support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Guaranteed speeds and 40 Gbit/s anti-DDoS protection are included as standard. 

A single DDoS attack can bring your firm to a grinding halt for hours, if not days. Worldstream’s dedicated servers are protected with a scalable DDoS shield. Our huge 10 Tbit/s high-bandwidth network serves as a backbone.


With their Amsterdam-based Netherlands Dedicated Servers, GTHost is happy to serve the vibrant city of Amsterdam and the entire European continent. In a densely populated location like Amsterdam, with numerous enterprises and performing arts, it is critical to guarantee that your company’s website has every advantage possible in terms of speed and usability – here is where their dedicated servers shine. 

With GTHost’s Netherlands dedicated servers, you’ll receive a slew of perks that will improve the usability and cost-effectiveness of your website, including FREE setup within 5 to 15 minutes of initial payment. GTHost is devoted to providing the best service possible to all of its clients, which is why our Amsterdam servers are constructed to cover all of Europe and the Middle East. 

No matter how far you are from their Amsterdam headquarters, they promise your entire happiness without sacrificing quality, even in the most remote areas of their service region.

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Conclusion – Best Netherlands Dedicated Server?

If you’re stretching the limits of your existing hosting setup, you’ll welcome having your own server. Additionally, your site visitors will benefit from a fast, smooth experience.

Additionally, dedicated hosting in the Netherlands area gives you a great deal more control over the server. Therefore, you want to choose something that is compatible with your technical expertise and in-house IT resources.