10 Best New Zealand Proxy Providers In 2023 (NZ Proxies)

A proxy service is a software or hardware-based solution that acts as an intermediary between an endpoint device and a client seeking the service. New Zealand proxy servers often hide IP, unblock geo-restricted content, and scrape the web.

The proxy service allows the client to connect to a separate server and provides easy access to services such as websites, connections, and files. The instrument may locate the proxy service on the same device or a separate server.

Proxy servers are valuable tools that provide great flexibility and power on the Internet. Proxy services in New Zealand are frequently used to conceal IP addresses, bypass geo-restricted material, and scrape the web, among other things.

Here are the top 10 Proxy Services in New Zealand that you need to know about if you want to purchase a Proxy Service.

Top 10 New Zealand Proxy Providers of 2023

Bright Data

bright data web data platform

Bright Data is a premium proxy service that ensures anonymity, security, and confidentiality. They provide a wide variety of residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies. Their proxies are ideal for site scraping, online research, marketing, etc.

Bright Data provides access to all proxy network types, whether rotational, residential, or private. Bright Data offers some of the top datacenter proxies in the industry.

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Their proxies are lightning-fast and compatible with all major web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Bright Data’s proxies are not only quick but also trustworthy.

Bright Data offers every conceivable proxy service feature but at a steep price. However, Bright Data should be considered by people needing the best proxy service. It is among the best in the industry.


smartproxy-residential proxy free trial

Smartproxy is an international provider of residential, datacenter, and mobile IP proxy services for circumventing geo-location restrictions. It’s a simple way to alter your location and have unrestricted access to any website or service.

Smartproxy is the finest tool for internet marketers, SEO professionals, web developers, and IT professionals who require reliable and quick proxies for web scraping, mining, etc.

Their proxy servers are situated in a datacenter. Datacenter proxy servers deploy a backconnect gateway server. Instead of IP lists, you will receive a single address. It will handle upgrading your proxy settings automatically.

It provides an additional anonymity tool known as X Browser. It is a sophisticated web browser that encrypts and sends your traffic over our proxy network.


Innovative Proxy Service to Gather Data at Scale Oxylabs review

Oxylabs is a provider of residential proxy, datacenter proxy, and mobile proxies based in Lithuania. The company’s network contains over 10,000 IP addresses and gives access to more than 40 countries globally.

Oxylabs has several features and services that make it an ideal alternative for proxy users. Oxylabs principally focuses on a leading technology-driven proxy service provider.

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Oxylabs has a long history of providing its customers with high-quality proxy services. Its primary product is the RealProxy platform, which provides customers various features and functions.

Oxylabs offers additional goods and services, such as the ProxyHub platform, which provides proxy users with a centralized area to access and administer their proxies.

The services provided by Oxylabs range from data scraping and cleaning to analysis and visualization. In addition, they provide a variety of tools to help you make the most of your data.


geosurf cheapest residential proxy provider

A desktop application by GeoSurf enables users to connect to a VPN network and access the internet anonymously. In addition to altering your IP address, encrypting your communication, and circumventing geo-restrictions, the software delivers many additional capabilities.

GeoSurf offers customized Instagram proxies and ad verification services. It is the ideal tool for everyone who wants to surf the Internet anonymously and without limits. With its extensive feature set, GeoSurf is the best VPN service.

GeoSurf provides monthly membership levels as well as a seven-day free trial. GeoSurf uses back connect proxies. Therefore, each subscription includes an unlimited number of IP addresses. GeoSurf additionally offers a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the service.


nordvpn proxy services in new zealand

NordVPN assists businesses with network security and employee connectivity. They provide a suite of technologies that lets businesses secure and protect their data while providing employees with the tools they need to remain connected and productive.

NordVPN is a good option for Netflix viewing. The service provides lightning-fast speeds and impeccable security and privacy protection. The stringent no-logging policy of NordVPN ensures that your data remains private.

The many protocols supported by NordVPN include OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, and L2TP/IPsec. The NordVPN app is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. The service has a strict no-logs policy and uses military-grade encryption to protect your data.

It is easy to see why NordVPN is one of the most popular VPN companies on the market. The service provides an excellent combination of security, anonymity, and usability at a very reasonable fee.


cyberghost homepage

You can unblock streaming services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video using CyberGhost VPN. You may also download torrents secretly and securely. CyberGhost VPN is compatible with all of your devices and all major operating systems, including router settings.

With 256-bit AES encryption and a no-logging policy, CyberGhost VPN offers a high level of security. Your information is safeguarded from hackers, identity theft, and internet monitoring.

Additionally, CyberGhost VPN has a 45-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to use it risk-free. CyberGhost VPN is compatible with nearly all Internet-accessible applications, securing your online identity and data.

You can use it to surf the web anonymously, access prohibited websites, encrypt your Wi-Fi connection, and safeguard your online privacy.


ipvanish homepage

IPVanish VPN secures your Internet traffic from eavesdropping. It is the greatest solution to conceal your IP address and maintain the privacy of your browser history.

IPVanish facilitates online security. Simply launch the application, select a location, and connect. Your internet traffic will be encrypted and concealed from your ISP, the authorities, and cyber criminals.

In addition, IPVanish provides several storage features to assist you to safeguard your data. With these tools, you may store and access your data from any location effortlessly.

IPVanish supports up to five devices concurrently, making it ideal for families and small companies. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.

It is also compatible with routers, smart televisions, and game consoles. IPVanish provides a 7-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it without risk.


torguard homepage

TorGuard delivers a quick, dependable, and reasonably-priced VPN service that encrypts your internet connection and provides an anonymous IP address for secure browsing.

TorGuard’s mission is to deliver easy-to-use identity protection services. Their anonymous VPN service offers surveillance-free Internet access. The traffic between your devices is encrypted.

The TorGuard software is preconfigured to safeguard your data using 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPV6/WebRTC leak filtering, a kill switch, and more. These advanced security mechanisms ensure that TorGuard users are always safe.

TorGuard provides a vast network of over 3000 worldwide VPN servers in over 50+ countries and customer service around the clock.


expressvpn homepage

ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN service providers for a reason. It is quick, secure, and simple to use.

ExpressVPN is a fantastic option for anyone seeking a VPN service. It is quick, secure, and simple to use. You can connect to any of their servers in more than 90 countries, and they have a strict no-logging policy.

Their customer service is outstanding, and they give a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their service.

ExpressVPN conceals your IP address and encrypts your network traffic so nobody can see what you’re doing online. This effectively prevents hackers from stealing your data or spying on your web activity.

Additionally, ExpressVPN delivers multiple security protections to keep you safe online. These include a kill switch, which prevents your computer from connecting to the internet if the VPN connection drops, and DNS leak protection, redirecting your DNS searches through the VPN server so that no one can determine your IP address.


atlasvpn homepage

Atlas VPN is a competent VPN service provider that offers a substantial amount of internet security and anonymity. It is simple to switch virtual places, making it a viable option for those who wish to maintain their anonymity online. Additionally, the speeds are remarkable, making it an excellent option for streaming and gaming.

However, the free version provides only 500MB of data daily, which may be insufficient for some users. However, the paid options are highly affordable, beginning at just $4 per month.

Atlas VPN is a sensible option for people seeking a dependable and inexpensive VPN service. It delivers fast speeds and many functions, making it an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of users. Nevertheless, the free version may not suffice for some people.

What Is A Proxy Service?

A proxy server functions as an intermediary between your computer and the internet. They can ensure online anonymity and safety by sending your Internet traffic through a proxy server.

In addition, proxies can circumvent limits and filters, making them a valuable tool for personal and professional use.

Using a proxy server, you may conceal your actual IP address and prevent your Internet service provider from monitoring your online activity. They provide you with an IP address to access websites and material that have been restricted.

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Where can you find the best New Zealand Proxy List?

Here, at Macpost, I have compiled a list of only verified New Zealand proxies.

Which is the best New Zealand Proxy Server?

Bright Data is a highly rated New Zealand proxy server with a pool of IPs having unlimited bandwidth restrictions.

Can you get a New Zealand Proxy Free?

You can find many proxy servers offering New Zealand proxies for free. But, you can’t rely on free proxies as they are not real device IPs.


Numerous proxy providers are available, each offering a unique selection of proxies. Each may assist you in carrying out your specific responsibilities.

Everyone doesn’t require private proxies. Public ones may occasionally suffice. Consider your objectives before selecting the proxy type and service provider. It will assist you in identifying the optimal option.

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