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There seem to be more ways to make money from home now that there is the internet. But there are so many choices. How do you know which ones are worth your time? is one great option to earn passive income quickly. Let’s learn a little bit more about the

What is (previously known as IPRoyal Pawns), a proxy service provider, introduced a program in January 2020 that enables users to work from home and make money by renting out unused internet bandwidth. You only need a PC or Mac and a consistent internet connection to make money from your underutilized internet resources. IPRoyal Pawns pays substantially more than other businesses, and it just requires a little amount of work on your part. Sounds unbelievable? Let me explain it to you.


  • Title
  • Description

    Install the app/software on a PC or smartphone. By taking surveys, allows you to earn some extra cash
  • Becoming a user

    For all ages (Under 18, please do get permission from your parents/guardian before use)
  • Earning potential

    $0.20/GB (1 device per IP)
  • Ways to earn

    (1) Taking surveys, (2) Affiliate program & (3) 10% from every invited user (every time they withdraw their earnings)
  • Payout option

    PayPal or Bitcoin and Gift Cards (Surveys only)
  • Minimum payout

  • Payment duration

    Normally in a day or two

What is and How it Works? is a β€œGet-Paid To” service that allows anybody to make a passive income online by sharing oneβ€˜s unused bandwidth. clients utilize this bandwidth for various commercial activities, such as pricing research, trademark protection, and content distribution. Your residential IP address, which is helpful for this kind of use, is the key factor here. For instance, if Netflix discovers a person using a specific VPN to access Netflix material from a location other than their own, they may prohibit them. For these users (who have subscribed to services) to access foreign material on their Netflix account, utilizes your home IP and gives them your IP. 

Who can Join by IPRoyal?

Although is accessible internationally, you cannot register unless you are of legal age in the nation where your registered address is located.

Having said that, all it takes to sign up for is to fill out the form to begin earning.

Then, they will send you a confirmation email, and all you have to do to finish the registration is click the email’s verification link.

After that, you may visit its website and download and install its software on your computer, where it will operate and make money while taking up the least amount of in-tray space. 

Is it risky to join to make money?

Looking at the main page of could give you the impression that you might have a propensity to view risky, infected, or even illegal websites by sharing your IP address and bandwidth with others. But be rest assured.

The website claims they monitor the traffic for any nefarious or illegal activity. One of the staff members said, “Pawns traffic and IP are employed for our Residential proxies.

However, they retain track of client traffic where they use that and demand clients to identify using password and selfie images.” The truth is that offers services like sneaker proxies, which restrict proxy access to specific websites. They have tight control over the volume of customers who use the service.

How Much Can You Expect to Earn?

Your rewards depend on the amount of traffic (in GB) you share, how many surveys you complete, and how long you keep the application operating on the network. The more time you spend online, the more money you make! However, Pawns app users may make anywhere from $5 to $140 each month by having their app open on their smartphone. They now pay 0.20 USD for each shared 1GB.

Additional factors that affect your income include:

Location of your IP address

Since certain places are now more in demand than others, those locations will be more lucrative. We welcome anybody who wishes to share their internet, however.

Distinctive IP addresses

Additionally, you will make more money if you use more than one different home IP address to execute their program. In other words, you will make more money using more unique IP addresses.

Your connection speed

Customers must experience a strong ping from the network. You may share and earn more the quicker your internet connection is.

How Your Network is Used?

By sharing your internet connection through, business partners can access the web from your location. Doing this enables others to experience the internet as real people do, unrestricted by geography or censorship.

Corporate Intelligence and SEO

Companies may collect and evaluate market-related data without being hindered or deceived by unfettered internet access. This information is a priceless resource that gives companies a competitive advantage.

Brand Protection and Awareness

Companies may collect and evaluate market-related data without being hindered or deceived by unfettered internet access. This information is a priceless resource that gives companies a competitive advantage.

Computer testing

Testing apps across various operating systems, resolutions and connection kinds may be time-consuming. Global IP access enables developers to streamline their testing processes and guarantee that their program functions as intended.

Conveying Content

Their system allows clients to get around these restrictions and enjoy content without restrictions using someone else’s IP. We’ve all seen the infamous message saying, “This content is unavailable in your country.”

Market Analysis

A lot of times, the cost of goods, digital goods, and subscriptions varies from one nation to another. Their system allows clients to take advantage of the best product deals.

Finding and acquiring talent

Businesses rely more than ever on online recruiting as working from home becomes the new norm. Companies can save time and money by using web scraping and having unrestricted access to talent around the world.

Purchasing Special Edition Items

Special editions and exclusive merchandise are frequently challenging to find. Whether it’s the latest console or a brand-new pair of sneakers, our system can help you get to the front of the line.

Social Media Administration

Multiple accounts are frequently run by businesses to promote their brands. However, the majority of platforms disapprove of or outright forbid this behavior. Their system aids in getting around these limitations because it has an infinite number of IPs.

How do you earn money using Pawns App? was initially only compatible with desktop or laptop computers. has lately created an Android app, however. So, by installing the app from the Google Play Store, you can immediately enjoy earning money from your Android phone.

Unfortunately, as this post was written, it was still unavailable on iPhones and iOS devices.

  • As long as the connected devices are on different networks, there are limitations on the number of devices that may be used. The rule is one device on one network. Thus, you can run it on a laptop or a mobile.  
  • Your internet bandwidth speed is the primary factor affecting your income. Due to poor loading and high ping times, having a slow internet bandwidth won’t significantly increase your income. Additionally, internet bandwidthβ€”frequently utilized for streaming and online gamingβ€”is inefficient at peak hours.
  • Instead of having a super-fast wireless internet bandwidth speed that isn’t overly utilized most of the time. It is advised to install the software on a device with constant wired LAN-line internet speed.
  • In addition to selling your unutilized bandwidth, you may also desire to generate additional revenue by partaking in its affiliate program. 

You can make money by encouraging others to join a website through an affiliate program, also known as a referral program. You will be paid 10% of any profits a referral makes from the website (They will still receive full payment on their part).

Finally, you may generate cash by completing surveys available on your dashboard and receiving payment (launched in June 2021). Users in a few countries can now complete surveys to earn credits. Gift cards may then be purchased with the credits.

How to Withdraw your Earnings?

Like most of these comparable passive income solutions, your profits depend on your country, internet speed, and how long you keep the app/software running on your device.

You will get $0.20 for each gigabyte of bandwidth sold in addition to affiliate and survey payments. This will be credited to the balance of your IPRoyal account.

Once you’ve reached the $5 payout level, you can withdraw your money. 

Bitcoin or PayPal may be used for the payout.

You will be prompted to pick your country.

You may use various payment options in different countries (and also different virtual gift cards).

Once you’ve chosen a payment method, you may need to wait one or two days for clearing (typically, an email notifying you of a payout request will be delivered to your inbox; click on “VIEW REWARD” to continue). Then, click “REDEEM” to start the withdrawal process, and the cash-out amount will show up in your account.


  • Available anywhere
  • Regular Surveys
  • Premium and High-paying surveys
  • Low payout threshold
  • Pay with Bitcoin or PayPal
  • Every age group


  • Low introductory cash bonus
  • A limited number of units per network

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If you want to start making additional money on the side, I recommend giving this a try. It undoubtedly has several unique features with a bit of a drawback.



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