🔥 Best Poll Pay Alternatives – Top Competitors of Poll Pay

It can be hard to find sites that pay well for surveys. It’s hard to know which paid survey sites are worth your time because some surveys promise big payouts but don’t deliver, and others take too much time.

What is Poll Pay?

Poll Pay doesn’t confuse you with points or a different currency. Your balance and incentives are shown with a prominent $ sign. Poll Pay provides frequent news updates, advice on how to work more effectively, and promotions and exclusive offers through our news page.

You’ll get 15% of your survey awards. Newcomers get a 0.25-dollar welcome bonus. If you’re seeking comparable applications, you’ve come to the correct place. These are the top 10 Poll Pay alternatives.

Best alternatives for Poll Pay

Pawns. app

pawns app by iproyal

Pawns. App is one of the best alternatives to Poll Pay. You can earn a passive income by completing surveys for money. Your benefits are determined by the number of the number of surveys you complete, and the length of time the Pawns.app network application is active.

Spending more time online will increase your earnings! On the other hand, Pawns app users can earn anywhere between $5 and $140 per month by simply keeping their app open on their smartphone. For each shared 1GB, they now pay 0.20 USD.

Make Money – Earn Easy Cash

Make Money AppStore app

Complete surveys and simple activities to earn money! Using the app, you may do easy activities to earn real money. Simple ways to get money include completing surveys, offering feedback, evaluating services, etc. You must adhere to the guidelines provided in each work if you want to earn money. Typically, this entails looking into a good or service, offering feedback, and responding to specific inquiries. The most significant part is that it’s a simple, fast, and enjoyable method to generate money that you can do whenever you want. You are paid in cash into your PayPal account; there are no discounts or gift cards!

InboxDollars Surveys

Inboxdollars surveys app

You may safely skip this entry if you’re not from the US, Canada, or the UK. But anybody from these nations may find success with Inbox Dollars. While Inbox Dollars experiments with various ways to make money, such as scanning barcodes or supermarket receipts, paid surveys to continue to be its primary emphasis. If your area is eligible, Inbox Dollars is a reliable option on our list, with a robust social media presence and a lucrative referral program where you may earn 30% of the benefits your invitees receive.


Toluna survey app for making money

Panels for various nations are available from Toluna influencers. The site is generally simple to use; there are plenty of surveys available in most of these nations, and qualifying for the surveys is simple. The platform and the surveys are both available in your native tongue. The payment options on Toluna are many. You must check on the platform for your particular nation using the link below to be sure since the procedures might vary from country to country. As a result, you may not be able to discover Amazon gift cards as an option in all countries. They will be for Amazon for your particular country in the nations where Amazon e-certificates are a choice, which is lovely.

Field Agent

FieldAgent make money surveys

Earn Cash While Shopping with Field Agent Our main goal is to identify ways for regular people to generate money. We are the app that pays you money. They are focused on identifying chances for ordinary people to gain money. The software that delivers you is called Field Agent. To collect data, take pictures, and express their ideas, they dispatch operatives all around the United States. Over $20 million has already been distributed to Agents just like you! You can try out new items and provide feedback on merchandise and merchants when you sign up for Field Agent. You must voice your opinions and impact how businesses treat customers like you.

Surveys On The Go

Surveys on the go

We’ll pay you for your thoughts, and Fortune 500 firms, the entertainment sector, and other businesses around the nation need them. Because it rewards cash instead of points, Surveys On The Go® differs from all other survey programs now available on the market. You’ll be paid in real money for surveys you can complete fast. When you register, accept alerts, and we’ll ask you to participate in paid surveys whenever they become available. Not points, but actual cash is paid to you. It’s quick and straightforward, and most polls pay between $1 and $5, with some earning as much as $10 if you meet the requirements. Enable alerts, digital surveys, and location services “AT ALL TIMES” in your settings to get high-paying surveys. This will guarantee that you get surveys that will pay you well. Once you have $10 or more in earnings, you may begin redeeming prizes.



With SurveyMini, you can express your opinions and earn fantastic incentives from the locations you visit. After visiting participating restaurants, shops, and activities, complete a brief survey on your phone. You’ll get free meals, discounts, and gift card points as compensation for your comments. Organizations will utilize your feedback to understand your preferences better and provide for consumers. Your device’s Location Services must capture location information to join the SurveyMini panel. Keep this service turned on to ensure you continue participating in the panel and get the most relevant surveys. MIT, Stanford, and Harvard scientists launched SurveyMini to utilize data to comprehend global business better. You benefit from incentives while also assisting in global customer experience improvement!


iPoll app

Anywhere, anytime rewards. In exchange for feedback on the goods and locations you use, iPoll will provide you with free prizes like gift cards and airline miles. Every iPoll task you complete will earn you prizes. These include enjoyable activities like shopping, photographing, and trying out things. You will get more rewards the more tasks you finish! It informs you of opportunities depending on your area and profile, including product evaluations, in-store shopping experiences, ad testing, and brand awareness. It also sends reminders when new missions become available. It can provide video, photos, and audio for entertaining and engaging reporting. To redeem gift cards, it also offers a great rewards catalog.


Swagbucks survey app

Swagbucks is one of the best sites for earning extra money online, despite the fact it is not an online survey panel by definition. It is possible to earn rewards from almost every online activity, including completing surveys, accessing websites, watching movies, and even purchasing. Here, you can earn money in a variety of ways. Installing their renowned Swagbucks search bar on your browser is free. Then use it to do daily searches and get points rather than visiting Google. From PayPal purchases to charitable contributions, gift cards are available from hundreds of retailers, including Amazon, Target, Macy’s, and others. No set amount must be paid. Even with only $1 in your account, you can cash out. Most importantly, you now get a free $5 sign-up bonus just for signing up.


Attapoll - Get paid for taking surveys on your phone

AttaPoll links you with a variety of businesses and organizations who are interested in hearing your ideas. Participating in these surveys will assist them in creating new goods and services or enhancing current ones. An internet application called AttaPoll rewards users for completing surveys on their cell phones. The user must be 13 years of age or older to join the account because of an age limitation on registration. Attapoll offers its services to consumers worldwide, and however, due to the effective survey rates in the US, UK, and Australia, users may get considerably better results from these locations.


Here is a list of the top 10 Poll Pay substitutes. You must have discovered the ideal product for you. Of course, we advise you to test many applications to pick the best one. If you pay close attention to our top 3 and follow a few fundamental guidelines, you can start earning money from surveys. We hope you found this helpful list!



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