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Best Pop Ads Spy Tools For Spying on Competitor Ads In 2023

In affiliate marketing, it is essential to be one step ahead of the competition. This implies that you must learn to work innovative, not hard, mainly while using one of the most prevalent sorts of traffic, pop traffic. This is where a popup ad spy tool may assist.

Popunders may be an effective method for affiliate marketers to get their message in front of prospective buyers.

They function by establishing a new browser window behind the present one so that the advertising is shown when the user closes the current window. You can run these ads with any pop ad network and scale up your campaign with the auto-optimization feature. But –

How do you determine which pop advertising copy will be compelling to your target demographic without spending a lot of money repeatedly testing landing pages? A spy tool is helpful.

The Best Pop Ads Spy Tools of 2023

1. AdPlexity

Adplexity website

AdPlexity is unquestionably among the most excellent popunder spy tools. Since 2008, the firm has developed numerous product variants tailored to certain traffic or offer verticals.

AdPlexity’s Main Features:

Download Landing Pages:

The user interface of AdPlexity enables you to download everything, including page dependencies (CSS and javascript scripts, graphics, etc.), in a file. No more tearing is required – click and go!

Detailed Analytics:

The reporting dashboard is another feature of this ad spying software that you will like. You may get reports on many data points, such as browser, operating system, and device type.

AdPlexity’s Ad Trend function is beneficial for identifying how long a campaign has been running and whether or not it is working well on a particular day of the week. The Devices and Browsers Targeted function may assist you in identifying which browsers and devices are targeted most by the campaign.

Extensive Filters: 

Affiliate marketers must always be on the lookout for successful initiatives they can copy; thus, employing filters is a fantastic technique to locate them quickly. 

Keyword filtering is an excellent starting point since it enables you to target advertising with a particular product name (such as “Garcinia”) on their landing page. 

You can also use this filter to locate all campaigns an individual advertiser performs or see all advertisements running on a specific website/publisher.

2. Anstrex Pop

Anstrex pop spy tool

Not only is Anstrex one of the newest ad intelligence products available today, but the company’s spy tool for pop advertising is its most recent product. The application is so young that it is presently in Beta. Moreover, it is now accessible for free.

Anstrex Pops is on its way to becoming the most incredible pop advertisements spy tool based on its affordability and usability, even though it is relatively new to the market. 

Anstrex Pops Features: 

Keyword and Boolean Search:

Using the Boolean And-Or method, you may refine the ad results based on keywords even more. The application can locate keywords in the landing page’s content, domain name, URL, and publisher’s domain. 

You may also store the search options so that you can conduct the exact search with a single click in the future. Edit and Publish Page:

Customizing ripped pages using our HTML editor makes it simple to match the offer page and enables you to delete any links and replace them with your own.

The LP Deployment function of Anstrex enables you to upload your customized lander straight to your server via FTP or an AWS S3 bucket. There is no need to download anything on your PC; everything is completed in minutes. 

Connecting your server to your Anstrex account is all you need to know to get started.

Instant Landing Page Scraping: 

Landing pages are essential for the effectiveness of popup advertisements. The spy tool provided by Anstrex enables you to see and download all of your competitors’ landing pages with a single click. Even veiled pages cannot escape capture!

You can then save them files for future examination, or you may use the advanced page editor to make more changes.

3. AdMobiSpy

admobispy pop ads spy tool

AdMobiSpy is a complete spy tool that lets you see your rivals’ popup advertising, where they purchase ads, and what landing sites they use. 

If you want to keep ahead of the competition, it has been available since 2014 and is a terrific resource.

AdMobiSpy Features:

Wide Coverage

This program gathers popup advertisements from the five largest popups and redirects ad networks, which run advertisements in 70 new countries. Each day, it retrieves at least 700 new landing pages.

Ad Analytics

AdMobiSpy also provides detailed statistics for apps and websites and a vast affiliate network database that enables users to locate the most lucrative offers for their particular interests.

Monitoring of Ad Changes

AdMobiSpy’s ability to follow real-time advertising campaign changes is one of its most outstanding capabilities, allowing users to easily remain ahead of the competition.

4. SpyPop

Spypop for pop ad spy

The next one we will examine is SpyPops. This is a newer ad intelligence product developed by the firm that produced SpyPush. It has accumulated more than 500,000 popup advertisements in 95 countries.

SpyPops Features:

Ad Details Page

The Ad Details Page is an excellent resource for analyzing the ad campaigns of your rivals. You can determine how long the campaign ran, which devices it targeted, and the existence of similar advertising initiatives.
This information will assist you in deciding what may and may not work for your advertising strategies.

Landing Pages Downloader

Using this tool, you can determine which landing pages are doing well for your competitors, allowing you to get an advantage over them by creating superior versions.Β 
Additionally, you may store these popup pages for later use or alter them as needed to ensure that everything matches what is offered for the offer.Β 

Narrow Down Advertisement Results in Numerous Ways

Input a term on the landing page, and SpyPops will display all advertising campaigns using that phrase. You may even utilize your competitor’s domain name or URL if you know it.
Additionally, you may filter by network, language, or nation. You may also use the operating systems and browser search options to determine the most effective campaigns based on this information.

What to Look for When Choosing a Spy Tool?

There are several spy tools on the market, and if you do not have the money to subscribe to them, you must choose them wisely. 

If you have prior experience, you may already know your preferred ad forms and where to run them. The more explicit your preferences, the simpler it will be to make an appropriate selection. 

Spy tool subscriptions are often segmented into several ad types. Therefore it is essential to have a particular money-making specialty.

A spy tool’s most crucial feature is its comprehensive network coverage and GEOs. Different spy tools have other inventories. Thus it is essential to verify that your preferred ad networks and exchanges are included in the list of the spy tool. 

The database of the ad spy tool should be as extensive as possible.

Once you have amassed a massive quantity of data, you must be able to browse the findings. Therefore, the next most crucial factor is clear sorting choices. The more granular the data, the better!

Finally, creatives must be simple to download. Whether you plan to try your luck with the landing page or utilize it as a starting point to create something fresh, spy tools should not make obtaining files more difficult. 

Researching and filtering are time-consuming processes; therefore, saving should not take more than one second.

What Are Pop Ads Spy Tools in Affiliate Marketing?

A spy tool is a database of landing pages and creatives used across several traffic sources, geographies, industries, and ad formats. 

Depending on the functionality of various spy tools, you may frequently see and download the β€˜highest-converting’, β€˜longest-running’, β€˜most clicked’, and β€˜most popular’ creatives and landing pages. 

They are updated regularly or hourly to provide current information on top performance. There are various types of spy tools, with some specialized on a single traffic source, such as Facebook or native adverts, and others giving bundled alternatives. 

Why Should You Use Pop Ads Spy Tools? 

Many ad forms, including landing page ads, domain ads, pop ads, push ads, native ads, and push ads, may be monitored by ad spy software. 

Spy tools are an integral component of the process of doing competitive research. In addition to advice from network and traffic source representatives, it is beneficial to examine the industry to get the most comprehensive view available. 

It is just traditional market research.  If you already have an offer, you may utilize a spy tool to find creatives that match it. You may also determine which GEOs this offer performs best in. 

You may see the angles employed by popular selections and design your landing pages accordingly. 

In reality, it works both ways. If you study before selecting an offer, you may adjust your campaigns to the market’s demands, which you can identify by perusing data collected by spy tools.

In general, espionage tools are required for idea generation. By subscribing to a spy tool for your selected ad format, you can choose which offer to run, what lander and creative to use, and what angle and approach to employ. 

Configure the search criteria to your liking and do research!

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These spy tools are ideal for monitoring the competition and improving internet advertising strategies. They all include various options that enable consumers to see where advertisements are running, how long they have been running, which devices they are aimed at, and more. 

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Some of these services might be extremely pricey, which is the sole disadvantage. Nevertheless, the price is worth it if you are serious about keeping ahead of the competition and optimizing your internet advertising strategies. 

When utilized properly, a pop advertising spy tool may be an affiliate marketer’s greatest friend.

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